Warehouse 13

fsc_ralst: If able, could all the Warehouse 13 panellists change their text to bold red and introduce themselves?

racethewind10: Hi Ralst, thanks for having us again. Race here.

Redlance: Hey Ralst, thanks for organising this!

Athena-Mou: Hello everyone, Athena here. So excited to be here!

Beagmactire: Hey! I’m beagmactire, call me Kat!! Nice to meet you all!

KFink: thanks, guys!

fsc_ralst: Thanks to you all for coming

fsc_ralst: Any questions, just raise you hands and I’ll try to get to them all in a timely fashion

fsc_ralst: Okay guys, an easy one, what first got you interested in Warehouse 13 and its femslash potential?

samandjanetfan: Comment and Question for redlance: First, loved “Dark Desires” and especially the audio version that gainesm did on Tumblr – (unf). My question is: Will we be seeing any more of Recall and the Artificer?

Athena-Mou: Helena the Goddess Wells

fsc_ralst: raise hands for questions

racethewind10: Did *anyone* get into Warehouse femslash because of ANYTHING other than HG?

Beagmactire: Well… I would be lying to say she wasnt the main reason!

xraex21: I did….but i’m a scifi junkie

Redlance: Endless prompting by Boomwizard. I’d seen bits and pieces of Bering and Wells floating about on LJ, then finally made it to tumblr, got a GOOD look at Jaime Murray and Jo Kelly and… well. Lost.

fsc_ralst: the HG effect

niftybottle: I’d heard there was femslash, and my little brother wanted to watch

Beagmactire: First thing that got me into the myka/HG femslash was the pure chemistry between them when I first saw "For the team"

Redlance: ha! yeah. Can level fangirls and buildings in a single hair-flip

racethewind10: I loved her damage though.

Beagmactire: Breaking the internet foums with a glance

racethewind10: I mean yes, Jaime Murray is sex on a stick,

Beagmactire: forums… sorry!

Athena-Mou: I just don’t understand the people who "can’t see anything there" in For the Team

Beagmactire: Exactly

Redlance: obviously blind and deaf?

racethewind10: But HG was so complicated, and she brought out this delightfully conflicted side of Myka.

Athena-Mou: I think we could have a separate panel for "Jaime and her Hair"

Beagmactire: Well hello Myka’s personal space, I’m just gonna go ignore you there…

racethewind10: Or her tongue

racethewind10: Jaime’s tongue needs its own tumblr

Beagmactire: Or her voice… melts

Athena-Mou: true, true

Redlance: i can’t understand my obsession with her voice

fsc_ralst: she has a great accent

Redlance: i don’t understand how she does it. I’m from the UK. I get to hear people like her all the time.

fsc_ralst: me too red

Redlance: it’s like magic!

Beagmactire: Ditto, how does she do it to fellow brits? we should be ammune! ha ha!

fsc_ralst: Allaine, your question?

Beagmactire: I call shenannigans! ha ha!

Redlance: we totally should!

Athena-Mou: I’m European so I was taught British. Spent a lot of time in the UK and love a British accent. Jaime is a different story though and I think that she poured out all she had for HG (which I love her for)

AllaineF4F: I haven’t really been following SDCC much, but I heard that Jaime is doing some new show in April? And I was wondering what you all thought that meant for ever seeing Myka and HG together again in S4

Beagmactire: Yeah, epic fantabulous with an extra helping of awesomesauce.

slave2free: @Red can "yall" imagine what the accent does to we southern girls.

racethewind10: @ Alliane, do you want the optimist answer? or the pesimist answer?

Redlance: I don’t like to think about what the new show means. It hurts my heart.

Athena-Mou: Hair porn, bedroom voice, tongue teasing… all right, I’ll stop Jaime gushing right now

AllaineF4F: maybe you can split them between you 😛

Redlance: @slave Oh i definitely can.

Athena-Mou: Jaime just said in an interview that she would be able to do both since they are both Syfy shows shot in Toronto

racethewind10: Because I don’t think we’ve seen teh last of HG, and we know that SyFy shows tend to do crossovers (meaning that schedules are not incompatible)

Redlance: I like to live in my own happy, lala world and am of the firm opinion that it wont make a difference Myka/HG can totally still happen.

Beagmactire: I don’t think WH13 would get rid of HG

Athena-Mou: WH12 spinoff is still being considered (not yet in the pipeline as far as I know)

DanieXJ: course, defiance could get cancelled too… SyFy does that….. a lot

Athena-Mou: If they are considering a spinoff based on HG I think it would be ill advised to have her dead

Beagmactire: shes too popular and not to mention it would hurt the fanbase lke hell

Redlance: She has SUCH a strong fanbase… I honestly think it would be detrimental to completely get rid of the character. I’d still watch the show if she didn’t come back, because I fell in love with ALL of the characters, but it would be missing something.

AllaineF4F: totally agree with all of you

huskyblue: See, I didn’t fall in love with the show until she showed up in season 2…

Redlance: Except Sykes. I didn’t fall in love with him.

Beagmactire: Warehouse was good before HG, but afterwards it had an extra wham, that wasnt there in season 1

racethewind10: @ Huskyblue I think you’re in good company

Redlance: Exactly!

Stacicle: Just looking at the titles for the first 6 episodes of Season 4 – a sense of forboding yes, but they also make me believe HG will be back.

fsc_ralst: I’m sure she’ll be back

Beagmactire: was I the only one who wanted to push him down a set of steep stairs…

Athena-Mou: I would be fine if they moved her and all her trinkets to a secure location for her to work on her Time Machine or something (secret weekends away with Myka included)

AllaineF4F: just wish they’d say less about Brent Spiner and more about Jamie

Redlance: Haha, nope. Into a pit of wooden spikes.

fsc_ralst: Keeping her as a surprise, Allaine

Athena-Mou: Just remember how secretive they were about Jo last year…

Redlance: Same! I love me some Brent Spiner but… come on… feed the rabid fangirls.

AllaineF4F: *fingers crossed*

Athena-Mou: Brent Spiner is a big name. I think they hope to bring in new viewers, possible Alphas ones

Beagmactire: ha ha, the best thing is that jaime knows exactly how to tease her fans! she knows us too well!

fsc_ralst: They like to play things close to their chests

Stacicle: "secretive about Jo"??

melodia-armonia: when Myka quit

Athena-Mou: If she was coming back or not

wolvie_dk: with 20 episodes in s4 she gotta show up sometime… right?

Stacicle: ah, thanks, that seems like ages ago

AllaineF4F: the show knows too. I mean, hello, tying them together with magic rope?

melodia-armonia: *finally showing up… fashionably late right?*

Redlance: @wolvie that’s what I’m hoping for!

Athena-Mou: lol Allaine you crack me up, my friend

Beagmactire: I think the entire web crashed with fan fics when that happened!

fsc_ralst: the producers aren’t silly, they play to their fanbase with Myka/HG

Redlance: I can’t discuss the rope scene witout getting lost in my brain for about a half hour

AllaineF4F: and then the photo that Eddie leaked on Twitter

melodia-armonia: it’s not like the producers have been secretive about it, anyway

Athena-Mou: Why exactly has no one photoshopped the picture of the SyFy dude being kissed by Jaime and Julie???

Redlance: dear jesus

vdpro: hello everyone (a bit late, i know)

Redlance: Eddie is almost as big a troll as Jaime.

racethewind10: @Athena they have

Athena-Mou: where?

Beagmactire: Somewhere Athena, someone is doing just that!

racethewind10: I saw it go around tumblr

Redlance: god bless tumblr

Athena-Mou: thanks. will check later

melodia-armonia: which i appreciate

fsc_ralst: Danie, your question?

Beagmactire: Oh tumblr my tumblr, "hand over heart."

Athena-Mou: I thought Eddie would do it, add himself in the middle

Redlance: we need a pledge

racethewind10: I made the prayer

racethewind10: I think we might have to change it to "Our Jo/Eddie/Jaime" tho

melodia-armonia: the prayer is on my blog somewhere

racethewind10: because they ship it as much as we do

Redlance: Laminated at my alter of Bering and Wells, race.

DanieXJ: I wondered fanfic wise, whether the writers would prefer HG stayed dead or came back. Which they would prefer to write.

Athena-Mou: Mm or just Jo/Jaime

racethewind10: Yes, shrine is complete now

melodia-armonia: eddie’s the one posting all the jo/jaime pics, though

DanieXJ: *the fanfic writers…. not the real show writers. Sorry…

Athena-Mou: Alive. definitly having HG alive

racethewind10: @ Daniex I prefer alive so that I don’t lose my shit.

vdpro: @daniel i’d prefer if she came back

DanieXJ: lol @race

Redlance: I’ve realised that I literally cannot handle angst when it comes to Bering and Wells, reading it, but i CAN still write it on occasion. And I like making people cry and scream at me….

racethewind10: There are only so many times I can write "fix it" fic before its too damn depressing

fsc_ralst: It’s hard to romance a dead person

huskyblue: Alive… if for nothing else, dead characters tend to kill the fandom faster

olli01a: H.G. being alive and living happily ever after with Myka

Redlance: but as much as i love that, no. You take my HG away from me, i’ll punch you in your heart.

huskyblue: Or at least that’s been my experience

Beagmactire: @danie, I’d prefer her alive, anything else would be so angsty! it may destroy the writers! (Well me)

Athena-Mou: It is hard writing angst unless you’re "in the zone" kind of. I prefer not to

Redlance: @olli with babies

Beagmactire: I agree red, love HG too much not to have her live!

Athena-Mou: I have been playing with HG back in time stories (not publ yet)

melodia-armonia: they’ve messed with her character so much anyway… bad guy, good guy, limbo prison, hologram, good guy, dead

vdpro: plus, it’s always good to have Jaime on our screens

Beagmactire: Oh most definatly

melodia-armonia: she needs to come back and actually STAY back

MuppetManda: hi *waves at room*

Athena-Mou: and not being bronzed

racethewind10: Hey Manda, you’re here

fsc_ralst: Hi Manda

Redlance: hi Manda!

Athena-Mou: welcome Manda

fsc_ralst: Yes, no more bronzing

Redlance: I don’t think I can handle seeing Jo cry any more.

Redlance: A little piece of my soul breaks off each time

melodia-armonia: :[

racethewind10: I highly doubt they would bronze her. If only because its been *done*

racethewind10: The regents might threaten

racethewind10: and actually I would like to see that happen

MuppetManda: I actually managed to make it back from out of town although I can’t stay for long. Wanted to jump on and say hi to all my fellow Myka/HG shippers

Beagmactire: I think Myka would stage a coup before she let that happen! Though that would make an awesome ep, Myka and HG vs the world!

Redlance: Myka would flip her shit

racethewind10: I’d REALLY like to see some some tension between Myka and the Regents

wolvie_dk: also, all shows have to have some kind of romance plot and eddie and jo seem more like brother and sister

fsc_ralst: I think Jane might be a hardass and threaten to have HG coined again

racethewind10: I’d like to see Claudia take Jane down a few notches

lovesthesoundof: I think Jane lost her teeth with the team around the time that Steve died.

Redlance: @Wolvie I’m pretty sure the only thing that ould make me stop watching the show would be if they decided to do the whole Pete/Myka thing.

melodia-armonia: i think they’ll have a lot of Claudia/Regents tension

Beagmactire: @ralst, really? I always thought Jane might be the one to support HG.

Redlance: My poor Janeway….

Stacicle: Oh that would put some real tension between Myka and Pete

melodia-armonia: more than Myka/regents

racethewind10: It would be interesting to see teh Claudia/Regents conflict

Athena-Mou: I was very surprised by the non PC-ness of the end of S3. Hmm let’s see who we can kill off to make it interesting… oh, the gay dude, and the black powerful woman, oh and the bi-sexual/old foreign woman ::eye roll::

Beagmactire: Red, you love her too? I actually squealed when I found out Janeway was called JANE! ha ha

racethewind10: because I’m not sure where Artie would stand

racethewind10: and that would be cool

fsc_ralst: @Beag I dislike Jane, so I’m biased, but I see her being all ‘we know best’

melodia-armonia: Claudia was beyond pissed at Jane & it would be lovely if she and Myka teamed up against her :3

Redlance: @Beag are you kidding? I am a Voyager freak.

Stacicle: Yes, it looks like Clausia might get ‘dark’ for a while, so can’t wait for the new season

wolvie_dk: love claudia!

MuppetManda: I don’t think it had anything to do with non-PCness on the writers part

Redlance: Dark Willow Claudia! Am actually excited to see that

MuppetManda: oops thjat was @athena

racethewind10: I think they just need to kill off a ifferent person every season finale

racethewind10: they’ve "killed" Artie

racethewind10: then Myka "left"

vdpro: do we know anything about mrs. frederic? will she stay dead or is there any chance she might come back?

racethewind10: so now its everyone else’s turn 😛

Beagmactire: @ralst, I suppose I’m a tad biased, I love kate Mulgrew! But I think Claudia tore enough chunks out of her to remove her claws

slave2free: Dark Willow Claudia! Yes.

Stacicle: @Red, Willow! just what I was thinking!

Athena-Mou: perhaps not intentionally, but it kind of looks that way in retrospect

fsc_ralst: I say Mrs F comes back if the warehouse comes back, and it must

melodia-armonia: i adore mrs. frederic, but i think it’d be cool to see Caretaker!Claudia

Redlance: @VD I assume if the Warehouse is back so is Mrs F

Beagmactire: ‘vdpro my theory is that she won’t come back. The claudia will be the next caretaker, like the end of S2 it nearly happened.

racethewind10: @ Ralst *Claudia snap*

fsc_ralst: @red oh yeah

vdpro: i hope so, i would miss her scaring the s**t out of everyone with her sudden appereances

Redlance: me too!

melodia-armonia: Claudia’s going to have to come to the conclusion that she can’t bring Steve back

Beagmactire: I do hope she comes back.

MuppetManda: @athena Scifi shows in general are ahead of mainstream for including POC and LBGT. Take away those traits and Steve/Mrs F still would have died.

smileysierra: I adore Claudia but I don’t know if she quite ready to be the caretaker yet.

fsc_ralst: Or we have Franken-Steve for a while

Redlance: @melodia i am preparing for heartbreak over that

Athena-Mou: I think if HG does come back that she has redeemed herself. Myka’s words to her when they are alone in China sort of indicates that

h1bernate: IDK, since Mrs. F was in the trailer (albeit as a ghost/in a dream/in Artie’s head) I assume she’ll be back… and I really, really want her to.

Beagmactire: @smiley I agree, she has a lot of growing up to so.

wolvie_dk: @smiley that could be the whole point

wolvie_dk: her learning and growing up

*** MsBellic has joined the room ***

fsc_ralst: pbandfluff, your question?

Beagmactire: If claudia is kicking off with the regents, that is going to cause some friction if they want her as the caretaker. It would make an interesting plot.

pbandfluff: Oh! Ok, lemme type it out

Stacicle: I want Mrs. F back too; not sure Claudiaa is ready to be Caretaker, especially not with her anger/sadness over Steve’s death right now. Too much temptation to use the Warehoue artifacts to bring him back.

melodia-armonia: (I’m Hailey by the way, since i don’t think anyone knows me)

Redlance: Hi Hailey!

melodia-armonia: Hi(:

Beagmactire: Is anyone else seeing a bit of a mirror of what HG’s reaction to Christina in Claudia, she is wanting to use artefacts… just sayin!

smileysierra: @wolvie

Redlance: Yes!

Redlance: Yes yes yes!

melodia-armonia: i’m keeping my fingers crossed for a scene like that

vdpro: totally

smileysierra: You may totally be right.

fsc_ralst: See it now, thanks B

Redlance: More HG/Claudia bonding please

Athena-Mou: I assume if and when Claudia becomes the new Caretaker that she will change to some degree. She’s "bonding" with the Warehouse. It has to mean some mega change

pbandfluff: As writers, with the character of HG, since we know a portion of her backstory (ie. her relationship with her brother, part of the Christina storyline, etc.) but we don’t *really* know her backstory, is it easier or harder for you to write HG’s character in stories?

Stacicle: Yes, and what an opportunity to have HG still alive, and talk Claudia down off the ledge, so to speak.

Beagmactire: they are so cute, Claudia is a bit like a younger/modern HGin their techiness!

Beagmactire: Yes!!!!!!!!!! staicle!!! Yes!

racethewind10: @ Fluff you know it honestly depends on the context that I am writing her in.

racethewind10: I find "modern" Helena much easier to write than Victorian Helena,

Stacicle: Thanks, Kat

h1bernate: I don’t feel like I have to know more about HG’s backstory to write her, but there’s a pretty big risk that we’ll all be jossed at some point. 😛

Redlance: I think it’s kind of easier to an extent, because it can just be made up as it goes along. But there are definitely times that I wish I knew more about her backstory.

Athena-Mou: I think for me not knowing everything about HG’s live makes it imore interesting to write. I’m currently playing with a WH12 story

racethewind10: I feel like its less about specific timeline/plot points and more about WHO she is

Beagmactire: I agree with you Athena, the fact we don’t know so much about her leaves us room to play.

racethewind10: Although I really would like to know how Christina came to be.

Athena-Mou: exactly

Redlance: @Race Word

melodia-armonia: yes!!

smileysierra: Definitely.

MuppetManda: The essence of HG’s character hasn’t really changed – it’s all about who she is, not the time frame

racethewind10: That for me is a huge part of her character, and I think changing that dynamic can really influence her "voice" if you are writing AUs or alternate timelines

Redlance: @Race I’m sorry, is the accepted canon not that she’s Myka’s child?

Beagmactire: Racethe wind, I agree, I’d love to know whether she was married or what. Because a kid out of wedlock would have been Majourly frowned on.

Athena-Mou: Perhaps Helen Magnus "assisted" with that little project (Christina Project)

melodia-armonia: 😛

pbandfluff: @Race That’s a big one that’s loomed over my head for a while

fsc_ralst: I’ve read Manda’s story, I know where Christina came from

vdpro: oh, i’m totally living in belief that she is Myka’s

h1bernate: Heee, Redlance!

MuppetManda: @redlance LOL

racethewind10: No that’s MY canon in the Rewrite 😛

racethewind10: And Manda’s too

MuppetManda: @ralst thank you

racethewind10: except in Manda’s Myka is the father

Redlance: Yes, so, the accepted canon

Redlance: by at LEAST all of tumblr…

displacedwarrior: umm we’ve seen Christina’s hair…she’s Myka’s lol

fsc_ralst: @ Manda thank you

MuppetManda: that child’s casting was *perfect*

melodia-armonia: has anyone else read the Wish You Were Here fic?

Redlance: beyond perfect

MuppetManda: the casting director is probably the biggest troll on the show when you think about it?

Redlance: OH MY GOD, reading it right now

vdpro: what are other accepted canons, while at it?

MuppetManda: Hmmm how do I kill fangirls? I will give Myka a fabulous British love interest… Jaime Murray. Check.

racethewind10: @ vd pro there are a lot of headcanons

melodia-armonia: @red what chapter are you on?

fsc_ralst: The casting director needs to win an award, pronto!

racethewind10: Few had a really great one where Christina was actually adopted

Redlance: Myka = big spoon?

Stacicle: As far as HG’s character though, isn’t it a case of not who she is, or thte timeframe, but rather pre-Christina’s death vs. post-Christina’s death?

racethewind10: it was implied that she was Charles’ bastard with a maid

h1bernate: @redlance: YES.

Redlance: @Hailey I just finished weeping over chapter 4

racethewind10: left on teh doorstep, and Helena couldn’t let her just be put in an orphanage.

Redlance: @race I really liked thhat one too

Beagmactire: I did quite like that cannon, about her being charles’ bastard. it made sense that HG had her from birth

vdpro: o, yeah read a few fics about that

Athena-Mou: @Race I played around with that thought (Christina being Charles’ child)

melodia-armonia: @Red i was a mess through that entire thing… you’ll be laughing through your tears by the end

slave2free: Stacicle: As with Claudia, pre steve and post steve?

vdpro: thanks

Redlance: @Hailey I don’t believe you. Yet.

fsc_ralst: samandjanetfan, your question?

samandjanetfan: Sorry for the premature send last time. Having spazzy dog issues today. Anyway, different question for all panelists: Besides ralst.com, what are some of the other websites where we can find your awesome fics?

Beagmactire: I hope they go through the whole Christina affair in the spin off. It will be heartbreaking, but it will make fantastic episodes. particularly when HG goes psyco killer on her daughter’s murdereds.

racethewind10: And Ralst, if we are giving out awards, I nominate the wardrobe dept for season 2

Alert: samandjanetfan hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

Stacicle: @Slave2free, yes, that, exactly. Helena all techie inventor genius in the past or present, but her daughter is the turning point for any madneww or change of feeleings about the Warehouse.

racethewind10: @ samandjanet, I actually (cringe) archive over at Ff . net but I *post* a ton to tumblr

fsc_ralst: @race oh, yeah

Beagmactire: I post on fan fiction. net.

Redlance: AO3 and ff.net. Also my LJ. And tumblr.

Athena-Mou: I think that unless HG was married (which we have heard nothing about) she would’ve been rejected by her society for having a child. Still, perhaps that’s why she finally joined WH12 fulltime

Redlance: everywhere! ha.

fsc_ralst: meetatgunpoint on LJ

MuppetManda: Gotta run guys but a huge fandom hug to Myka/HG shippers thanks to Ralst for putting this all together!

Three Of Eight: *don’t mind me. I’m just lurking in the shadows. Please do continue*


Athena-Mou: fanfic .net, my LJ, Dreamwidth, AO3, MAG, P&P

Three Of Eight: Evil… is a very strong word =p I’d say more you evil idea inducing fanfic writer.

racethewind10: You started it

racethewind10: (I think)

melodia-armonia: i reeeally shouldn’t stay much longer because i need to be productive, but idk if i can drag myself away from this.

racethewind10: Actually Cha started it

Three Of Eight: That is entirely beside the point =p

Redlance: Don’t! stay!

Three Of Eight: Stay foreverrrrrrrr

fsc_ralst: I think most of the big fanfic sites and femslash sites have W13 by now

Beagmactire: I would hope so ralst! ha ha!

racethewind10: I like to send stuff to ralst though, just becasue Passion perfection was the first major femslash archive i ever found

vdpro: ok, how difficult is for writers to write HG’s way of speaking. I assume it is quite difficult, especially if u’re not from UK?

racethewind10: back in the days when I was young and innocent

Redlance: Mine too!

Athena-Mou: I actually had someone contacting me asking my permission to translate my stories to Chinese! So who knows, my stories might be on a chinese website by now

Redlance: I don’t believe you were ever innocent, Raace

fsc_ralst: @race you’re an angel for it, too

racethewind10: @Vdpro I don’t think its difficult. I think people tend to overuse her endearments

Beagmactire: Athena, that’s awesome!

samandjanetfan: @athena that would be so cool! a whole new group to kill

racethewind10: (And I owe you some more too Ralst)

Athena-Mou: I feel that I connect with HG. I have no trouble writing her.

racethewind10: (And I say that as someone who loves her "darling)

fsc_ralst: @race lookin’ forward to them

Redlance: I have some other fandom stuff at P&P but not my W13 yet because I suck.

melodia-armonia: it bugs me when i’m reading a fic and there’s literally a ‘darling’ at the end of EVERY sentence

fsc_ralst: You do not suck… P&P *looks pleading*

h1bernate: I don’t think HG’s voice is that hard, but English isn’t my first language, so I tend to struggle more with people like Claudia… who I find VERY difficult.

vdpro: @race maybe it might seem a bit complicated to me since i’m not a native english speaker

Athena-Mou: @Red you’re just a prolific writer who needs a sidekick to do all that tedious archiving stuff

samandjanetfan: @red BS – You Rock the WH13 fic hard!

Beagmactire: With regards to her enderments, I am murder for them in real life. I constantly end up calling women darling, dear or love. Men however get mate at best ha ha!

lovesthesoundof: Correct me if I’m wrong, but canon has HG calling exactly one person "darling", and that’s Claudia.

Redlance: Haha, I just mean I need to get my ass in gear and send them over to Ralst .

melodia-armonia: that sounds about right

racethewind10: And yes I think Lovesthesoundof is right

fsc_ralst: @Red yes, that’s the ticket!

racethewind10: if you watch carefully, she only refers to Claudia that way.

Redlance: it was so terribly endearing to hear her say it though…

Beagmactire: "Do I make you nervous darling?" (Melts)

fsc_ralst: It needs to be used sparingly

samandjanetfan: Yes, cuz she makes Claud nervous

Three Of Eight: It is terribly endearing to hear her say anything =p

smileysierra: And "A ping darling"

Redlance: @beag are you TRYING to send me into a fangirl coma?

Redlance: @Three You speak the truth.

fsc_ralst: displacedwarrior, your question?

Athena-Mou: If HG called you darling you might be a bit "nervous" too

lovesthesoundof: She never uses it for anyone her – ha, "her own age", but you know what I’m getting at.

Beagmactire: maybe… "I smell apples…" (Bursts into tears!)

displacedwarrior: I was wondering what you guys think the chances are of the writers [of the show] actually exploring the moral grey [more like black at times] of the Regents this season? I think it could be really amazing ground to cover.

Beagmactire: athena, i wouldn’t be nervous, I’d be in love!

Redlance: How DARE you!

samandjanetfan: @smiley LOL, that’s my message tone


melodia-armonia: i was going to point out that Claudia’s considerably younger than HG

Redlance: I really hope they explore it more. I think it would only make sense for the characters t start question things, especial Claudia after Steve.

fsc_ralst: I’d like the Regents as the next big bad

Redlance: Oh, good idea!

Beagmactire: oh yeah!

Three Of Eight: I do apologise in advance if I miss anything. I am in photoshop. Just an FYI that I’m not being ignorant =p

racethewind10: If I remember the spoilers the next "big bad" will be a nameless evil possibly unleashed when they try to save the Warehouse

smileysierra: @sam That is probably the best message tone I have ever heard. 😛

racethewind10: Three you’re a fucking tease

Redlance: @three don’t tease!

Athena-Mou: I think the Regents are going to be scruitinized more in S4. I’d like to see the WH people take HG’s side and question the Regents on their treatment of her, kind of putting them on trial

Three Of Eight: Lmao I am not!

racethewind10: Well only because you deliver

Beagmactire: I always thought what would happen if the peeps in the bronze sector got loose… just a thought.

melodia-armonia: if anyone will, it’ll be Claudia and Myka

Redlance: Pretty sure Artie’s eyebrows would implode

melodia-armonia: and Pete would be caught in between his friends and his mom

vdpro: lol

fsc_ralst: The bronze section de-bronzing as a result of the fix-it would be interesting

Athena-Mou: What if the "spirits" of the Bronze sector were set free to capture "new bodies"?

smileysierra: Yeah definitely.

melodia-armonia: *coughcoughSteve*

vdpro: do we know who else is in bronze sector?

Beagmactire: Athena, now thats just straight up frightening!

fsc_ralst: Do we know if Aaron Ashmore is coming back?

Beagmactire: vdpro, I know there is a gangster with one arm.

Stacicle: Has anyone been able to identfy the bronze statues shown in the eps?

Athena-Mou: there’s a small statue that I’m very curious about. the one some people think is Christina

Beagmactire: ooh, I hadnt seen that one!

vdpro: oh, that’s head canon too? …right?

Stacicle: Yes, Athena! I’ve seen that little girl statue.

melodia-armonia: napoleon, maybe?

wolvie_dk: hitler?

racethewind10: Nah Napoleon is too mainstream

melodia-armonia: oh is it definitely a girl?

racethewind10: Same with Hitler

Athena-Mou: I believe it’s a girl. Has a dress

racethewind10: besides they ROSE to power

wolvie_dk: genhgis khan?

Beagmactire: Garibaldi would be awesome!

Redlance: the lucky charms leprechaun?

Stacicle: I think so.

fsc_ralst: Lizzy Borden

racethewind10: REmember the Bronze sector is to keep people away from the world who WOULD be evil.

huskyblue: Napoleon was actually average height, and was just portrayed as shorter by British media

Beagmactire: Robspierre? He was a bit of a crazy bastard as I recall. whole head choppy thing. Warehouse might have gotten rid of him.

melodia-armonia: there’s been a Lizzie Borden artifact already though, so i don’t know if they’d bring her up again.

lovesthesoundof: It has been explicitly stated that the people in the Bronze sector were *potential* disasters; Robespierre was a fairly actual disaster.

Redlance: @wolvie HA!

racethewind10: @Wolvie too late

vdpro: eh, i guess since HG is a woman, Nicola Tesla was a vampire… absolutely anyone is possible.

Beagmactire: Yeah, suppsed!

melodia-armonia: right next to Santorum (:

Athena-Mou: perhaps the Bronze peeps are "normal" people who haven’t gone bad yet

Redlance: Tinker Bell. Bitch is evil.

Stacicle: lol

racethewind10: Santorum was never powerful enough to be Bronzed

melodia-armonia: XD

Beagmactire: the writer that decided to kill off HG? mayhaps… myka may have bronzed him!

smileysierra: He should be though…

lovesthesoundof: Like how the Borg ignored the Ferengi.

fsc_ralst: girlwithuglyshoes, your question?

vdpro: Blue Fairy from OUAT. now that is one evil bitch

girlwithuglyshoes: Hi everyone, I was wondering, in your opinions, who wears the pants in this relationship? Wells and Bering or Bering and Wells?

mynameisme91: I think had they realised how affected Sykes was by the bracelet, he would have been a candidate for bronzing.

Redlance: I think they both do.

racethewind10: But Sykes just wanted to take down the Warehouse

racethewind10: not the entire world

Redlance: But Myka tips the scales. Unless it’s in the bedroom.

racethewind10: And @girlswithuglyshoes I think its much more fluid than that

mynameisme91: who is to say he would have stopped after the Warehouse was gone?

Beagmactire: I imagine it would be something they would have to work through. HG being the more exprienced and kinda wily one of the two, but also Myka doesn’t like to be out of control. saying that… HG may change that…

racethewind10: But then, I have never been particularly interested in rigid gender dynamics

Athena-Mou: HG was bronzed for being an assasine and reckless with artifacts, not for Yellowstone

Three Of Eight: *is drawn back to the word Borg as she lurks cough*

racethewind10: YOu have a one track mind

wolvie_dk: depends on the situation – HG is still very new to our time, but Myka seems very innocent at times

racethewind10: I see HG and Myka as complimentary, not opposing

girlwithuglyshoes: i mean like with Brittana, Santana is so whipped, but with Myka and HG it wasn’t so clear

Redlance: The word Borg makes me want to seak out a bomb shelter.

Beagmactire: wolvie, but if you see Myka for example when she is with (shudder) Sam, she isn’t so innocent, so the scale could tip wither way.

racethewind10: @ Red why? They’d just assimilate that too

Three Of Eight: Hey Borg are awesome. D=

vdpro: who would be you dream guest star and who would he/she play? i’d totally love if Amanda Tapping made an appereance as Helen Magnus. (another head canon, her and HG knew eachother before and were involved, of course).

Beagmactire: Amen three!

racethewind10: @ Beag lol you call Myka innocent with Sam?

Redlance: Oh dear god, no one is safe!

Redlance: awesome and scary as shit

niftybottle: I see HG being more dominant pre-reset, but post-, I think her guilt would tip the scales the other way

Three Of Eight: And we don’t assimilate everything

racethewind10: She’s fucking a married man and doesn’t care. I mean I applaud, but I don’t think she’s *innocent*

racethewind10: Adventurous certainly

Athena-Mou: I’d love to see Dr Magnus on WH

racethewind10: Daring

Beagmactire: no, I was talking sarcastically.


racethewind10: Ahh ok lol.

Three Of Eight: sometimes we use tubules for borgasms. Just saying.

wolvie_dk: oh i know. i just meant that they would take charge dependent of the situation but would still be complimentary to one another

huskyblue: I think they should have retconned Sam as a woman after HG was introduced

racethewind10: @ Huskyblue taht’s what photoshop is for

racethewind10: Quick, someone do a manip of Myka/Sam Carter

fsc_ralst: huskyblue, your question?

racethewind10: I’ll write the crossover

racethewind10: Actually…damn that’s a good crossover idea.

Redlance: I’ve had Janeway AND Seven on W13… maybe someone from Buffy. I’d be set then.

racethewind10: And Sam has to "die" because she’s going to Atlantis

huskyblue: Well, Race just transitioned perfectly into my question… What other canon would you love to see W13 crossover with?


Redlance: YES

Redlance: THIS

Beagmactire: OMG where Red??? how do I find this?

racethewind10: Erm. Sorry, I like crossovers.

Three Of Eight: Yeah its very awkward for me… what with Janeway being Sevens ex mum in law on the show 0_o

pbandfluff: Pirates *cough cough*

huskyblue: Hee @ Race – me too! Crossovers and AUS

Athena-Mou: i’m working on a WH/Sanctuary crossover with Magnus and HG

Redlance: @Beag how do you find what? Ah!

racethewind10: To go back to the question though

racethewind10: or the comment

racethewind10: I LIKE that Sam was a man

wolvie_dk: the nature of the show (ie artifacts) lends itself to just about any xover you could think of imo

fsc_ralst: Wild west?

vdpro: @athena COOL!

racethewind10: Look I love that Myka and HG are gayer than a fruitbasket

Beagmactire: well, three, they probably snuck out during the after party ha ha!

Otakugamer01: just for kicks i’d like to see Felicia Day as Myka’s cousin who visits and comes VERY close to discovering the Warehouse or an artifact…in an actual episode

racethewind10: but love and sexuality CAN be fluid

Athena-Mou: I’d like to see HG going up against Maura Isles

racethewind10: and I liked that about how they treated Myka’s character

Beagmactire: raace, definatly!

vdpro: i would also LOVE WH13/OUAT crossover

racethewind10: I want another Castle crossover

racethewind10: HG and Castle out on the town

samandjanetfan: I approve all of these crossovers. Yes. Now please…

racethewind10: getting into trouble

racethewind10: Myka and Kate just going "….again?"

vdpro: i mean, what if Henry’s book was an artifact

Redlance: I actually would muder someone for a W13/Voyager crossover.

Otakugamer01: I still want my WH13/OUaT crossover dammit!!

Beagmactire: A valentine cross over would be awesome, jaime murray as Grace valentine (aphrodite) trying to push Myka nad HG into getting together!

samandjanetfan: @race fruitbasket… nicely done!

lovesthesoundof: Writers – can’t live with ’em, don’t want to sleep without ’em…

vdpro: and they actually only *think* they are fairy tales characters

smileysierra: All of these are awesome.

Athena-Mou: Valentine… that’s a thought!

racethewind10: I think Lovesthesoundof actually plotted that one Beag

fsc_ralst: @Beag she does have a fondness for the lesbians

Three Of Eight: And someone said Voyager crossover. Just going to go die. Brb.

Beagmactire: Oh most definatly!

Redlance: @Three IKR?

Redlance: There would be mass death.

lovesthesoundof: @Race You think correctly; I did.

samandjanetfan: @beag PLEASE! YES… This

wolvie_dk: the doctor’s mobile emitter + HG…

Beagmactire: I’ll get on it! sam! need a new project

Beagmactire: wolvie… oh dear god!

Three Of Eight: Omg yes the mobile emitter.

samandjanetfan: @beag You are now my new favorite

Redlance: @wolvie stop stealing my ideas! I can’t write the fic if it’s all said outloud. Haha

Athena-Mou: considering adding Becket & Castle to my Metropolitan Ghost storie

pbandfluff: Hologram Bonding 101 featuring pokeball!HG and the Doctor.

Beagmactire: god help the universe if the bord get their hands on HG!

Three Of Eight: She would be lucky to have sevens hands on her. Just saying.

racethewind10: Well thanks to Threeof Eight

racethewind10: they did

Athena-Mou: the would kill each other in cyber space or where ever they are as holos

Beagmactire: Or if claudia got let loose in a cube… sweet mother of god!

lovesthesoundof: @Race And *you*.

Three Of Eight: Lmao do not blame me =p well it is my fault but still.

wolvie_dk: is the xena panel going on now?

Gin Akasarahsmom: Yes… in room 2

fsc_ralst: Xena in room 2

Three Of Eight: She is very happy with her borg hand. They vibrate you know. Myka is happy kay. No harm done.

fsc_ralst: samandjanetfan, you question?

melodia-armonia: XD this is the most fantastic fandom

Beagmactire: Mrs Frederic vs Janeway in a glare off… planets may shatter!

samandjanetfan: Comment and Question for redlance: First, loved “Dark Desires” and especially the audio version that gainesm did on Tumblr – (unf). My question is: Will we be seeing any more of Recall and the Artificer?

Redlance: I’m of the firm belief that HG and B’Elana would butt head like no one business

racethewind10: Oh i disagree Red

Beagmactire: oh god yes, hg trying to look around enjineering. i think tom and pete would get on like a house on fire!

Athena-Mou: holodeck fight between HG and B’Elanna? I’d buy a ticket for that!

wolvie_dk: or i could try to do both

racethewind10: I think HG and B’Ellanna would get along like b lazes

racethewind10: They’d have the engines in pieces in NO time

racethewind10: stuff everywhere

racethewind10: Janeway walks in "what the HELL is going on"

Redlance: aw, thank you! Um, yes, actually. I have a couple more idea for the superhero AU (including big bad skyes) so they’ll be back.

Beagmactire: They would either hit it off great or become worst enemies. ha ha!

Athena-Mou: not if HG messes with Lana’s stuff…

fsc_ralst: HG and B’Elanna would geek out together

racethewind10: and taht is when they actually realize they have just dismantled the entire dilithium drive chamber

racethewind10: to "improve" it

Redlance: I just feel like B’Elanna would blow a gasket at first with HG down there poke around and taking apart the warp core insides

racethewind10: No, HG would never "mess" with another engineer’s tools.

Three Of Eight: Myka would sit and chill with Janeway talking about books and HG would try making Seven blush to no end.

Athena-Mou: @Red I’m with you on that

Redlance: @Three YES.

fsc_ralst: HG has manners, unlike Seven, so that would stop the catfight

slave2free: Since the actresses playing Janeway and Seven have both appeared on WH13, can B’Elanna not be far behind?

Redlance: @Race Interesting point.

racethewind10: But B’Elanna respects intelligence

Beagmactire: Naomi and claudia would drive Artie mental!

racethewind10: which HG has in spades

racethewind10: there might be friction at first,

vdpro: *suddenly feels inadequate since never watched any of Star Trek, BSG…or Xena for that matter*

racethewind10: But I think the appeal of another engineering mind that could keep pace with her own? B and HG would get along fine

pbandfluff: Why do I feel like B’Elanna and Claudia would more butt heads than HG?

racethewind10: besides they both have a penchant for…bending the rules

Athena-Mou: perhaps when the Warehouse went ‘poof’ that HG materialized in a Holodeck on Voyager?

racethewind10: Nah, Claudia would crush on her

smileysierra: @vdpro

Three Of Eight: Can we have myka/Hg and J/7 double date? On ds9. Like just once. Cause you know there would be trouble and Kira would be so pissed.

pbandfluff: YES

smileysierra: It’s okay. We can be lost together. (Except I’ve watched Xena)

racethewind10: @ 2of8

Redlance: Haha

racethewind10: someone requested that in the Trek AU

racethewind10: Or at least a discussion betwen them

racethewind10: I said I’d write it

Otakugamer01: I posted an Prompts for WH13/OUaT…sorry took my a while to dig them up… http://gamergirloracle.tumblr.com/post/22080067206/3-xover-prompts-warehouse-13-ouat

Three Of Eight: Oh nice =p I approve. Quite a bit. Also Promts!

Three Of Eight: and prompts* >.>

Athena-Mou: since Voyager is set in the future I guess that the Warehouses and HG could be a Holodeck program that they could play

vdpro: @smiley whew. good. i though i was the only one

Redlance: I didn’t realise there were so many Voyager fans in the fandom… I know where to go if I have questions about my fic. Heh.

huskyblue: My headcanon has Marina Sirtis as a desperately needed Warehouse psychiatrist

Beagmactire: a dresden files cross over would also be cool.

Redlance: Excellent!

racethewind10: @Huskyblue now THAT would be fun

fsc_ralst: Have Pete be an ensign who wakes up, having dreamt W13

Three Of Eight: Nah Janeway is like the queen of time travel. Bet shes managed to go back in time at least once to south dakota =p

racethewind10: And I’d love to see Marina in a scene with Vanessa

pbandfluff: @Race ohmygod yes

racethewind10: Marina’s character and Vanessa went to med school together.

Beagmactire: there is the "janeway factor" she does like to muddle with the ‘ol timeline!

smileysierra: @vdpro Nope. I guess we’ll just have to sit and wait for it to come back to things we’ve watched. 😛

Athena-Mou: Troi trying to get inside HG’s head…

racethewind10: Before Vanessa joined the Warehouse

lovesthesoundof: @Beagmactire I crossed Valentine with Dresden Files once; does that count?

racethewind10: She did and its GORGEOUS

Beagmactire: that is cool!

vdpro: @smiley lol true

Beagmactire: where is it? I must read it!"

Three Of Eight: Loool Troi. Captain stating the obvious <3 ILU.

lovesthesoundof: Sorry, touch offtopic – go look up fallon_ash’s "Blood Magic" on Ao3; I’m writing the sequel.

Beagmactire: cool, thanks!

vdpro: *whispers* and i’m also on Buffy S3…never had chance to watch it before… *hides*

fsc_ralst: I know we’re all on the HG/Myka bandwagon, but are there any other pairings on the show that pique your curiosity?

racethewind10: I feel like Leena doesn’t get enough love.

samandjanetfan: Question for racethewind10: With all the manips fly about Tumblr lately, I was wondering if there’s anything in the works for new Pirate!HG adventures?

Redlance: @vd.. i don’t know what to say to you right now

Beagmactire: I reckon Pete is going to get back together with his ex wife.

wolvie_dk: claudia/someone not myka or hg

racethewind10: But I’ve toyed with teh idea of Claudia/HG/Myka threesome

melodia-armonia: Claudia/Leena and Pete/Myka

Athena-Mou: HG/Claudia mentor relatinoship

racethewind10: @SamandJanet re: pirates yes and no

Three Of Eight: Well thanks to tumblr Cleena.

Athena-Mou: HG/Pete gro-bonding

vdpro: @redlance hey, not my fault i grew up where i grew up…

Athena-Mou: bro-bonding

Beagmactire: I must adimt, I am now aboard the cleena band wagon’

Redlance: HG/Claudia as bestest inventor friends

racethewind10: I have another whole chapter but its not really going anywhere.

Redlance: @vd Fine. I’ll let it go this one time.

Three Of Eight: Who was it who said Mrs F and Vanessa? Cause lol It’s been stuck in my head since I read it.

fsc_ralst: What if we expanded things to include Alphas and Eureka? and anything else in that combined universe?

racethewind10: I think Vanessa and Artie are adorable.

huskyblue: @Race How many times did you watch Pirates of the Caribbean when thinking about/writing Pirates?

smileysierra: @vdpro It’s still okay. I’m behind in most of these things too.

vdpro: oh my god that is crack!ship of all crack!ships ever

melodia-armonia: miekhead on ff.net has some great claudia/leena stuff with underlying myka/hg

melodia-armonia: it’s lovey

racethewind10: @huskyblue not once

pbandfluff: HG and Artie moments of who can out-snark the other?

racethewind10: Well ok, one scene because I needed some terminology

Redlance: Artie/Vanessa! Yes!

fsc_ralst: Vanessa is good for Artie

wolvie_dk: can’t get into alphas or eureka to´ho i did see the xover eureka

melodia-armonia: *facepalm* how did i forget Artie/Vanessa?

Beagmactire: they are soo cute together watching artie go all teenage!

smileysierra: They are adorable.

huskyblue: @Race Just wondering, because I have a pirates AU in another fandom, the inspiration of which was numerous POTC watching on painkillers

Athena-Mou: I like to write Artie/Vaness as long as they have their clothes on. I do not ever want to try to envision Artie without clothes :hudders::

Beagmactire: He’s so shy bless his little cotton socks!

racethewind10: LOL watch out for those painkillers

Beagmactire: I’lll join you in a shudder there!

racethewind10: Actually Pirates was a COMPLETE accident.

vdpro: @smiley good .)

melodia-armonia: for a crack!ship… artie/macpherson

racethewind10: Ivanolix was doing a three sentence fic meme

racethewind10: and I said pirates

lovesthesoundof: Fifty-some thousand words later…whoops, wrote an epic?

fsc_ralst: lovethesoundof, your question?

Beagmactire: I see where your coming from mel, it did have that potential in the set up.

racethewind10: and she wrote it, and it was cute, but it wasn’t what I had in my head, and so I started writing what WAS in my head…and it became Pirates

huskyblue: Awesome

racethewind10: And I am not sure Artie/MacPherson qualifies as Crack ship

smileysierra: And it is amazing Race.

racethewind10: i can see shipping that pretty easily actually

displacedwarrior: I don’t ship it persay but I don’t think Artie/Macpherson is a crack!ship there was some subtext there lol

Redlance: yeah for sure

pbandfluff: It ain’t that cracky

Beagmactire: "This was to be our house james"

Beagmactire: not cracky at all.

melodia-armonia: idk i can’t see anything but angst coming out of it, but i still kinda love it

racethewind10: yeah but angst isn’t really cracky 😛

racethewind10: or 90% of my fics would be crack fics 😛

pbandfluff: ^This

Redlance: haha

lovesthesoundof: Question for all the panelists: Forgive me for not knowing exactly who you all are, what sort of fanworks you create and so forth, but hopefully this should suit all of you – what do you seek to add to your corner of the fandom when you create, and what would you like to see more of in your field?

racethewind10: Ooh good question ursula

Beagmactire: it is!

racethewind10: Give me a moment to ponder hmm? Because its not something I actually think about a lot

Redlance: Same, haha

racethewind10: Probably becasue I never think of my fic as "adding" anything.

h1bernate: (I do fic sometimes (rarely)). I don’t exactly think about what I’m adding to the fandom… I just want to wallow in feelings when I write.

racethewind10: I just write teh pictures in my head.

Athena-Mou: Good one. I want to create more depth to the character of Helena Wells. i think she is a very complex and interesting person to write and I find it rewarding to explore her and to develop her with the support of the people closest to her

racethewind10: I think for me its less about what I want to see in a fandom and more exploring spaces for challenges.

Redlance: I don’t know that I actually ‘seek’ to add anything. The fandom is already so incredible and is FILLED with amazing fanfic, that I don’t really see myself as adding anything… I write because I get idea that won’t leave me alone. And I thought a superhero AU, or a vamp AU, would be kind of cool. So I wrote them.

Beagmactire: I don’t think I add anything. But I enjoy exploring the dymanic between characters and looking into the relationships between them.

h1bernate: As for what I would like to see more of, I LOVE long, plotty things.

racethewind10: I tend to get very bored with established pairings and really large fandoms, so for me, the fun is in taking a character and putting them in new situations.

racethewind10: Its probably why I can’t write canon pairs. Its been done.

Redlance: And see, I suck at long plotty things. I don’t have the stamina.

Beagmactire: I adore cross overs and AUs, I don’t think there could ber enough of them!

wolvie_dk: as a prolific reader: you DO add something, all of you

Redlance: Totally agree with you Race

Athena-Mou: I’ve been watching a lot of period dramas lately and find myself drawn to the historical aspect of HG Wells. I’d like to see more stories set in that timeframe

fsc_ralst: samandjanetfan, your question?

vdpro: and I am one happy reader here because all of you write great fics for my enjoyment

h1bernate: @redlance I’m not particularly good at writing them, but I love reading them!

Redlance: Same!

samandjanetfan: LAST ONE from me: Comment and Question for Athena-mou: Love your WH13 work, esp. your WH13/L-Word Xover piece. I know you’ve been writing a lot of Downton Abbey lately. Are you planning any more WH13 fic in the future?

Stacicle: Hear, hear! I’ve missed Athena Mou WH13 fic.

niftybottle: Ditto

smileysierra: Same!

slave2free: ditto the ditto

Beagmactire: same here, missing your wh13 stuff!

Athena-Mou: Aww, thank you After they killed off HG I needed a break from WH. I also wanted to challenge myself as a writer and see if I could do a decent job with DA fics at all levels. I do have several HG/Myka stories sitting on my hard drive at the moment that I hope to work on this summer.

Athena-Mou: thank you guys

vdpro: @redlance How is "Darling" coming along?

vdpro: btw, still blaming you for my obsession with that fanmix

Athena-Mou: There will be bro-bonding (HG/Pete), Myka/HG face-off, cuddles, hair porn, HG getting introduced to Harry Potter…

Redlance: @vdpro Slowly. You know, since it was supposed to be finished before S4 started. But it’s coming. I have the doc open right now.

melodia-armonia: okay guys i’m out of here. it’s been fun. (:

Redlance: and you’re welcome

samandjanetfan: @athena *clapping like an idiot*

Athena-Mou: I’m also working on a Sanctuary crossover (working title ‘Sanctuary for All’) where HG and Magnus face off

Stacicle: bye mel!

Redlance: bye!

Beagmactire: By mel! nice speaking to you!

Athena-Mou: bye

vdpro: bye bye

melodia-armonia: *waves*

racethewind10: Ta!

fsc_ralst: pbandfluff, your question?

smileysierra: Bye!

Athena-Mou: @samandjanetfan I’m glad you like

racethewind10: There needs to be more Sanctuary/Warehouse. Mostly because I think Helen and Helena are beautiful together and give new meaning to the word "complicated" relationship

racethewind10: I’d love to see more of that.

racethewind10: It was my only real problem with Sanctuary

racethewind10: Helen had no female peers

Athena-Mou: @Race I second that

samandjanetfan: @race I totally second that emotions !

racethewind10: and Helena would have been that and more

slave2free: another ditto

vdpro: @redlance

Redlance: Same, and I don’t even watch Sanctuary. Not sure how that happened.

pbandfluff: Ok, so from a bunch of writers to a introductory one, what are some… let’s call them ‘nitpicks’ you have about writing HG/Myka?

samandjanetfan: @red you must watch it!

vdpro: oh yes, those two are my guilty pleasure

racethewind10: I think they would have inspired the best in each other, but once Helena lost Christina, I can see Helen watching her downward slide

racethewind10: And hating that she can’t seem to help.

racethewind10: @ PBandfluff. Never underestimate subtley.

lovesthesoundof: Could you clarify "nitpicks" for me please pbandfluff?

racethewind10: HG and Myka are all about what is *not* said.

vdpro: ok guys, it’s been fun talking to you all. thanks for answering my questions

racethewind10: Go forth and watch Xena

vdpro: and i bid you good night

Redlance: you’re welcome vd!

smileysierra: Bye!

pbandfluff: Hmm, like… what are some of the things that you think are a definite part of their character and how they interact with each other

Beagmactire: ta ta!

lovesthesoundof: Thank you; that helps.

Redlance: eye sex

Beagmactire: hair flips

Athena-Mou: Nitpicks, hmm… bad grammar, incorporating too much of yourself into one/both of the characters, if the ‘voices’ sound off ex. Myka talking like Claudia without a reason for why

Redlance: though, hard to translate that in writing…

Athena-Mou: sorry, I misunderstood you there

lovesthesoundof: @Redlance Eye sex, you mean?

racethewind10: Just watch teh show over and over, and when you can’t get them out of your head, just write.

pbandfluff: @Athena It’s ok, those work too!

Athena-Mou: HG drinking tea, not coffee

lovesthesoundof: And it has to be *good* tea.

Redlance: @lovesthesoundof yes

Athena-Mou: Is there any other kind in HG’s world?

Beagmactire: definatly, imported!

huskyblue: See, I’m frustrated by the assumption that HG ALWAYS has to be tea, tea, tea

Athena-Mou: HG is not a cat person

lovesthesoundof: @huskyblue I apologise; I was making a little bit of a joke at my own expense there.

lovesthesoundof: I’m British; people *do* assume tea.

wolvie_dk: how would HG react to like Red Bull or something similar?

Redlance: I can see Claudia forcibly dragging her into a Starbucks

racethewind10: I’m not sure its a MUSt so much as a reflex.

sarahdude: Butting in- Nitpicks for when I’m reading someone elses in when HG come across American, says American phrases. UGHH

racethewind10: I think HG would read teh ingredients and go "you’ve got to be joking"

racethewind10: and toss the can away

huskyblue: @lovesthesoundof That’s okay – I’m British too, and live in the US, so I get so much grief for drinking coffee!

Redlance: @lovesthesoudof Same! But i totally fit the stereotype

Beagmactire: I’m british, but I just take any source of caffine I can get!

Beagmactire: though tea does solve all of life’s problems

pbandfluff: I’ve always thought that sanitation in Victorian England made HG wary of picking up a glass of water from the tap

Redlance: I tend to turn my nose up at anything that isn’t PGtips.. but that’s about it.

huskyblue: True. I do love tea

pbandfluff: But that’s just me

Athena-Mou: I just assume that HG might not have had any really good coffee back in Victorian England, but definitly good tea. If introduced to a really good coffee she might have a small orgasm (Valentine crossover image here)

Beagmactire: twinings darling.

Three Of Eight: I’m British and I can’t drink Tea or Coffee >.>

Redlance: If i can’t get PGtips


huskyblue: I see HG as a hot chocolate lover… but only Cadbury’s, and god-forbid anyone tries to feed her Hershey’s

Redlance: Although, I’ll push over a small child to get my hands on a frappuchino…

Athena-Mou: Amazon has PG Tips for those of us who have trouble finding it in the US

sarahdude: Twinings the whole way. English Breakfast.

lovesthesoundof: You see, these are *brands*, ladies, not blends. The kind of tea HG would probably be *familiar* with would most likely be Assam or English Breakfast; sometimes the two are labelled interchangeably.

Redlance: @athena-mou I might actually be in love with you for telling me that.

Beagmactire: sarah, SNAP! I’m drinking one now actually!

fsc_ralst: Willing to send PG Tips goodie bags for fics

pbandfluff: I’m with Ralst. And not kidding.

Redlance: @ralst that is a binding contract!

fsc_ralst: @Red deal!

Athena-Mou: @Red just bought a six-pack so I’m stocked

Redlance: @raslt DONE.

Redlance: I’m so happy right now i could cry

sarahdude: @Beagmactire- simply the best is it not? None of that Earl Grey nonsense

Athena-Mou: I guess this is the WH13, Voyager and PG Tips room from now on, hmm

Redlance: Bit of a bitch to get ahold of in Canda.

Beagmactire: sarah, definatly, bloody stuff tastes like perfume!

racethewind10: Hey now, lets not insult the drink of choice of Captain Picard

Redlance: oh my god can this be a weekly thing? Where we all sit around and talk W13 and trek and drink tea?

Beagmactire: but it tastes like flowers!

fsc_ralst: Earl Grey is just , no

racethewind10: (Says the coffee addict who couldn’t care less)

Athena-Mou: Um, Picard was French, even if PS is British, just saying…

Beagmactire: red, should def set something up!

pbandfluff: I’ve tried Earl Grey. Just. No.

Redlance: flowers! ha!

sarahdude: English breakfast, hands dow, tea of Gods. Helen Magnus swears by it, so does HG

fsc_ralst: Wolvie, your question?

Beagmactire: picard was french with a british accent, (Buries head and cries)

wolvie_dk: If HG and Myka got together, on the show or in fic, would they have children, given what happened with Christina?

Athena-Mou: @Red that sounds like a brilliant idea, darling!

Redlance: @beag Definitely!

Beagmactire: sarah, most definatly. I am not human in the morning until I have at least two cups!

wolvie_dk: and i’m all for making this a weekly event

racethewind10: @Wolvie well I don’t think they will get together on the show, but in fic, I see them eventually having a family.

racethewind10: But it depends on how fluffy I’m feeling.

Redlance: I like to think that they would… I have my own headcanon revoling around the idea that they would have kids though, so..

huskyblue: Someone suggested that Picard’s accent occured because the British had to save France from another war, and just never bothered giving it back

Athena-Mou: If only to keep Artie on his toes – YES! Little mini-HG and curly haired mini-Mykes

wolvie_dk: @husky LOL

Kayryn: @Wolvie, I think they’d have kids… Or they’d change the rules and get Christina back.

Redlance: Change the rules!!!!

Stacicle: Can you imagine the fits they would give "Grandpa Artie"??

Beagmactire: Red, I think it is possible to set up rooms on here!

Beagmactire: :O

racethewind10: Or Christina never died because Myka took her to the future so HG only *thought* she died… Oops Spoilers

Redlance: As Myka urges them to call him ‘Grumps’

fsc_ralst: was going to organise a post season opener W13 chat – day or two after – if anyone’s interested?

sarahdude: @wolvie I love me some fic with children, but I couldn’t see it working with the dynamic in the show. I adore the idea of mini HG and Mykas running round a bookshop though

Redlance: @beag DO EEET

Beagmactire: ralst, totes interested!

Redlance: @ralst YES.

Athena-Mou: Yes Rachel! Please do

wolvie_dk: i’m in!

huskyblue: Definitely interested!

Athena-Mou: unless I’m balling my eyes out and can’t type

racethewind10: No thanks, I’ll probably still be dead.

fsc_ralst: We either commiserate or congratulate – if that was a word

Kayryn: @ralst, I’d love it, but I think I’m w/o a puter around that time

Beagmactire: Red, I shall darling! if you guys email me (flyleafwildkat@hotmail.co.uk), I’ll try to work out how to set up a room!

racethewind10: If I can type from beyond the grave sure.

slave2free: I’ll be there.

Redlance: I’m stealing dealing with the knowledge that I won’t get to see it the night it airs, so i might actually be dead a day or two after

Beagmactire: but a post season 4 opener is a must raslt darling!

Stacicle: I’d wondered why Helena didn’t use her time machine to go back and keep Christina from being sent to Paris in the first place. Problem solved.

fsc_ralst: mynameisme91, your question?

samandjanetfan: @ralst HELL YES on the season opener

mynameisme91: Why is Helena the only one who smells apples? I mean, Myka and Pete and Claudia have all saved the Warehouse numerous times…so why doesn’t the Warehouse like them? Or, can they in fact smell apples, and just haven’t mentioned it?

racethewind10: @ Stacicle

racethewind10: She did I woudl imagine

Stacicle: Ralst-Yes! Post WH13 opener chat!

racethewind10: but remember, the ink in which our lives are inscribed is indelible

racethewind10: the past cannot be changed.

Redlance: Because the Warehouse loves her the most. That’s also why it WILL bring her back.

mysensitiveside: good answer, Red

mynameisme91: Do you think it has something to do with HG’s time in bronze and subsquently a bond she may have with the Warehouse?

Beagmactire: I think that Helena has a special relationship with the Warehouse, it liked her from the off. it isn’t so much as it doesn’t like the others, but it sees something in her that is yet to be explored perhaps?

Athena-Mou: I would assume that unless you knew what the smell of apples meant, you wouldn’t really think of it as important (unlike the smell of fudge)

Redlance: Maybe it was just W12 that had the apples smell? Maybe that means something about the ‘new’ warehouse that will be built? Channeling W12. Maybe that’s how they get HG back.

Stacicle: @Race evil quoter.

Redlance: @mysensitiveside Why thank you.


wolvie_dk: HG was stored there for a long while. maybe it gave her a special connection to the warehouse?

Beagmactire: Sorry, off topic, but a moment of hilarity at work. the boss brought in fudge, I dived on my friend yelling, Chamelon mines! unfortunatly, only she and I had watched warehouse…

Kayryn: @Race, wasn’t it so that the past can’t be changed but the perception of it can?

Athena-Mou: I’d love to learn more about HG’s original mentor, Caturanga

Athena-Mou: in S4

racethewind10: @Kayryn yes

Redlance: @beag I literally just snorteed.

racethewind10: and taht’s basically what the rewrite revolves around

Beagmactire: athena, I agree, he does seem an intruiging individual

fsc_ralst: pbandfluff, your question?

Kayryn: Ugh, the new season is gonna kill me

Beagmactire: red, in the middle of a cafe… boss wasnt too pleased! but after we explained she wrote it off to us just being weird.

Athena-Mou: fudged up at work

racethewind10: @Kayryn yes

racethewind10: dead

Redlance: already dead

racethewind10: this whole show is killing me

Beagmactire: athena, lol! boss alread thinks Im weird!

Redlance: daily reminder people: Myka will always love HG.

Kayryn: I can’t believe I managed to avoid this show all the way until last fall. Then damn lysachan had to stick her nose in it and talk me into ruining my life

racethewind10: Captain Joanne Kelly of the SS Bering and Wells

Beagmactire: red, one may say she will love her… forrrrrevvverrrr!

racethewind10: LOL Lysachan is a life ruiner

samandjanetfan: @red Now who’s being trolly…

Redlance: and ever and ever and ever

h1bernate: @Redlance just when I think I’m over that.

Redlance: Never be over it!!!!

pbandfluff: Ok this is jumping back a smidge and diving back into fandom, but do any of you see Myka and HG exposing any hypothetical children to the Warehouse, or would they try to divert them away, knowing what they know about what lies therein?

Kayryn: she is

huskyblue: This is going to be ANOTHER fandom that ruins the word "always" now

Redlance: I’m going to rent out a plane and fly that shit on a banner across the sky

racethewind10: Ooh PBandfluff good question

smileysierra: We will never escape "Always"

mynameisme91: I think that Myka and HG would agree with the "knowledge is power" way of thinking.

racethewind10: i think it depends on their lives after teh Warehouse is restored

Kayryn: @pbandfluff, I don’t think they could avoid it really. WH is such a huge part of their lives.

Athena-Mou: I like the idea of children in fanfics, but I’m hesitant to add a child to the show. I just don’t know if it would work out, or if it would be ‘jumping the shark’

racethewind10: I think it depends on how scarred they are and what their relationship is to the WH

Beagmactire: I think if Myka and HG had kids the warehouse would be an unavoidable part of their lives. Whether they would encourage them to work for the warehouse or not, I’m not sure, but they sure as heck wouldn’t be able to hide it.

Redlance: I can see them using up their ‘one’ to tell their children. Not to ‘expose’ them to the Warehouse, but to avoid having to keep secrets. We saw how that went over with Pete and Jane.

Kayryn: I think they could protect the hypothetical kids better if the kids knew

racethewind10: yeah i’m with kayryn there

Beagmactire: with both parents in the warhouse i think it would be harder to hide

racethewind10: but no i don’t see kids happening in the show

Redlance: for sure

Redlance: in my head though

racethewind10: (Spoilers from taht idiot TV guide article aside)

*** darandkerry_1 has left the room ***

Kayryn: not on the show, now. But in fanfic.

Athena-Mou: I wouldn’t mind if Dickens ended up on the show

Beagmactire: sadly, race, I agree. although they have said that Myka feels that her clock is ticking…

racethewind10: Yeah in fic totally.

wolvie_dk: maybe they’d quit and live "normal lives"? or maybe take over for Leena?

Redlance: open up a second hand book shop. that they argue over the name of

racethewind10: Hmm I think if the girls quit the warehouse, they will QUIT it

Redlance: "Well and Bering Books"

mynameisme91: Plus, I think we have all seen how many avoidable artifact incidences have occured simply due to the fact that the person had no idea that such things even existed.

Redlance: "We talked about this. Bering and Wells."

lovesthesoundof: @Redlance Bering and Wells.

Redlance: Ha!

racethewind10: Bering and Wells

h1bernate: Heee, you guys!

racethewind10: 😛

Beagmactire: red, that would be awesome, the pair of them changing the sign constantly!

Redlance: hahaha

Kayryn: Oh I could totally see a bookstore in their future

pbandfluff: Dual sided sign?

Redlance: exactly.

Athena-Mou: so will it be Mrs. Bering-Wells, or Mrs. Wells-Bering when they get married?

mysensitiveside: quick, someone write a fic!

samandjanetfan: I smell a sitcom spin-off

Redlance: Customers spend the first year totally confused

lovesthesoundof: I can’t see either changing their name, to be frank.

Kayryn: One where they find a copy of an old book called "Once Upon a Time"

Kayryn: then all hell breaks loose

Redlance: @mysensitiveside Oh, it’s written.

mysensitiveside: heh

racethewind10: No i can’t see them changing their names either

fsc_ralst: sazmojo, your question?

racethewind10: They know they’re together. that’s enough.

Alert: sazmojo hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

Redlance: Agreed

huskyblue: My sim!HG & Myka had Bering-Wells when they got married. I died of laughter when I saw that

lovesthesoundof: Helena has too much of her ego tied into her work and her name, and while Myka wouldn’t be silly enough to try to press her to change, nor would it be like her to symbolically submit herself to Helena by giving up her name.

sarahdude: I think the subject of changing names would be comically, but I dont think they would

Redlance: So what name would their kids take?

sarahdude: child born of awesome

smileysierra: Me neither.

Redlance: hahaha

racethewind10: I’m with Lovesthesoundof that they have too much invested in their names to do that, but tease each other? Oh yeah. Constantly.

lovesthesoundof: @Redlance That would probably depend on who was the physical mother, because anything else would be harder to explain.

sarahdude: or just ‘awwww’ for short

racethewind10: Simple, they have two. One is Bering, one is Wells

Redlance: Oh, I like that.

Redlance: Sod the explinations.

Athena-Mou: I could see them referring to each other as Mrs. Bering (Myka calling HG that) and Mrs. Wells just for fun, or when someone is in trouble

samandjanetfan: Is that last of first names? Like Cher or Madonna

mynameisme91: Tiny child, Meet At Gunpoint.

racethewind10: And when you consider that their "Family" is the Warehouse, there really doesn’t need to be any explanation

sarahdude: Oh my goodness I love that @athena

wolvie_dk: would they use the name christina if one was a girl?

lovesthesoundof: Well, not to the Warehouse, no, but children tend to have birth certificates.

Redlance: I’ve always thought they’d have that as a middle name

mynameisme91: No. I don’t think they would.

sarahdude: I don’t think so

fsc_ralst: @wolvie no

Kayryn: @Wolvie, I don’t think so

pbandfluff: Christina as a middle name. Maybe.

racethewind10: @Wolvie I think they might use it as a middle name, but no

sarahdude: Too many feels

Redlance: That Myka would suggest it.

Beagmactire: I don’t think so, It might be too painful for hG. it might be the name of a grandchild.

Athena-Mou: I think perhaps Christina as a middle name

racethewind10: Too much of the past.

Redlance: and then HG might cry a little.

Beagmactire: I think they’d probably choose charles for a boy?

sarahdude: Yes- could see the suggesting and the crying happen

mynameisme91: a little?

fsc_ralst: sazmogo?

racethewind10: Actually when I ficced the "Happily Ever After" universe, one of teh girls had "Christina" as a middle name

Athena-Mou: Thanks @Sarah

smileysierra: I could see Charles but not Christina.

sarahdude: same

racethewind10: I know biology happens, but I don’t see them having a boy

racethewind10: Pete has the son.

Beagmactire: of course yes.

mynameisme91: Omg. Charles Bering. Little Charlie B.

Redlance: @Beag I toyed with the idea of William because I really wanted to have Pete running around calling him ‘Little Willy’ and HG just being completely horrified by that.

racethewind10: And he’s as much of a goof as his father, but can be much more serious (Like his mother)

sarahdude: I can see them naming children after fictional characters, both from HG’s books, but also other famous authors.

Kayryn: @Red LOL

Beagmactire: red, thats awesome!

fsc_ralst: Within the constrains of a TV show, what would be your ideal end to the season opener?

sarahdude: HUGGING

Kayryn: @Ralst – hope

wolvie_dk: hope…

Athena-Mou: HG/Myka eye shagging

Beagmactire: HG walking in, and Myka just smiling…

sarahdude: oh goodness with the feels

Redlance: @Beag My heart just exploded

Beagmactire: mine too… what the hell just happened…

samandjanetfan: @beag ded now…

racethewind10: Given the spoilers Ralst, I think hope is as much as we can ask for. Hope that they can bring the Warehouse back

mynameisme91: HG swooping in on the grappler to grab Myka. Them landing and sharing a look of pure joy.

Beagmactire: "And it was on that day, Katie’s heart grew three sizes"

racethewind10: And, you know, since the episode is titled "A New Hope….

smileysierra: I would absolutely love having HG be brought back but just the idea that she could be would be enough for me

Athena-Mou: HG whispering ‘Myka’, then zoom in on Myka’s face as her eyes widen and she slowly turns to face a very alive HG

huskyblue: Myka offering HG her hand to go back to the B&B after they’ve saved the warehouse, and HG taking it with blinding smiels from both of them

huskyblue: ^smiles

Redlance: I just want an on-screen hug

Redlance: I just want one so bad

sarahdude: @Red same

fsc_ralst: wants hug too

wolvie_dk: "a new hope"… a lightsaber artifact?

smileysierra: Ditto

sarahdude: first thing. Hug. Second. Save the world

Beagmactire: next episode begins with them spooning and talking?

Athena-Mou: @Red without the ropes. not that ropes aren’t good, but you know…

samandjanetfan: Why aren’t you guys writing the show?

Redlance: @beag Stop it. You’re kill me.

Beagmactire: sam, I don’t know!

Beagmactire: ha ha!

Redlance: @athena Dittio.

quietheartedfsc: 4 minutes

Beagmactire: I’m normally stoic as hell!

Redlance: I’m open to job offers

Athena-Mou: becasue we’ll write the spin-off ‘Bering & Wells’

Redlance: Detective Agency.

slave2free: Wells and Bering

samandjanetfan: All fine answers! But seriously, why not…

Redlance: and i’ve just lost myself in anamatic’s fic.

mynameisme91: the Name Pending Detective Agency.

wolvie_dk: LOL

Athena-Mou: I want to write for the HG spin-off (for reals)

Redlance: haha

Otakugamer01: "Bering and Wells: Antiquities

Redlance: yes!

racethewind10: ha! 91 I like that

Beagmactire: YES! deffos athena!

Athena-Mou: I actually have two spec scripts almost done for it

samandjanetfan: Artifacts Road Show with … (swapping name order weekly)

Athena-Mou: HG, Tesla, Caturanga, Woolly, and more

Alkmaion: well…

mynameisme91: I think Claud would suggest the name after having to listen to the argue too many times

wolvie_dk: "Claud’s stuff"

Beagmactire: sam, it would sure as hell be more interesting than antiques roadshow!

Redlance: I love that showw….

Shatterpath: HI RACE!

Redlance: ugh, god, does that make me the lamest person alive?

samandjanetfan: @beag indeed! and I would so watch the hell outta that show

fsc_ralst: Thank you to everyone for a fantastic panel – hopefully, we’ll all be doing it again soon – and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves at this year’s FemSlashCon

racethewind10: Thanks Ralst

Beagmactire: maybe a little, red, but still love ya!

racethewind10: you rock for putting this all on

Redlance: It’s been two hours already?!

Kayryn: Thank you, Ralst!

yurianimeotaku: Thank you Ralst

Redlance: thank you so much ralst!

racethewind10: SHATTERPATH!!!

Athena-Mou: thanks for making it happen Rachel

Beagmactire: Thanks Ralst! Its been a blast!

lovesthesoundof: Indeed.

huskyblue: Thank you Ralst!

darandkerry_1: Way to go, Queenie!

smileysierra: Thanks Ralst!

Redlance: This was awesome.

mysensitiveside: thanks, everyone!

samandjanetfan: Thank Ralst – You’re the best!

shesgottaread: thank you everyone for a great con!

mynameisme91: This was so much fun! Thanks Ralst!

slave2free: Thanks Ralst

displacedwarrior: Thank you Ralst! Everyone! xD

wolvie_dk: Thank you so much, Ralst

ariestess: *sniffs* Race didn’t hell at me!

Shatterpath: *Giggles at Race*

geekgrrllurking: thanks all, this was a lot of fun

Athena-Mou: thank you everyone – this was a lot of fun and very creative

racethewind10: YOU WERE HIDING dork

Beagmactire: Twas fabulous darlings!

ariestess: *yell

racethewind10: Hi Ariestess

ariestess: Kat, you made it!

darandkerry_1: Race!

Beagmactire: yo aj!

Redlance: You were all lovely and wonderful

Beagmactire: yeah! I managed to hijack a computer from my gran. Ran five miles for it!

Beagmactire: dead now!

Redlance: haha

ariestess: @race :: I can’t help that I’m popular and must be working in other rooms during your panel.

Beagmactire: mine still smells like a toaster and smokes like a sailor!

Athena-Mou: you nicked a computer from your nan? Goodness, darling…

Shatterpath: well, here comes the Party Canon (TM) again!

olli01a: Thank you very much to everyone involved

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