Law & Order: SVU

ariestess: Panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

RaeDMagdon: Hello everyone. =D

psychotic-cat17: hello

hbomba-lonejaguar: Hi gang!

D_a_valiant_heart: Hey, ya’ll

synergyfox: Hi people who are awesome and red.

Ceridwyn2: Hey all!

ariestess: Okay, first the ground rules. You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep track of the questions for everyone.

ariestess: Panelists, please introduce yourselves. I’ll go first. I’m AJ, aka ariestess, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter. I"m your moderator for this panel. I’ve written in the SVU ‘verse before.

D_a_valiant_heart: I’m D

Ceridwyn2: Hiya all!

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I’m Heathers aka hbomba. I was active and wrote SVU fic for seasons 1-6. I will be sharing this handle with lonejaguar aka Nic.

Ceridwyn2: I haven’t written SVU fic, but I’ve read quite a bit of it

RaeDMagdon: I’m Rae. I started writing for SVU about 2010, and it’s my first love… kind of like the high school girlfriend you never forget. I’m probably best known for my Magnetic Resistance universe.

ariestess: So you’re a 2fer. Nice!

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: hey all! this is lonejaguar (Nic from way back). Wrote SVU fic through S1-6 as well and wrote the crap out of it!

ariestess: I remember your fic, LJ

ariestess: Actually, I think I’ve read something by all of you, now that I think of it.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Aw

RaeDMagdon: I love the older SVU fic (when I can find it). A lot of it has been lost over the years, sadly.

ariestess: So let’s start this off by asking all of our panelists what their favorite tropes are for this fandom.

Ceridwyn2: I loved DAx’s SVU stuff

RaeDMagdon: … Me too. I’m heartbroken that her last fic never got past the first part.

RaeDMagdon: xD

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: My SVU hat’s not on yet, hang on.

ariestess: So what kind of storylines do you like to write?

ariestess: LOL

RaeDMagdon: I’m probably best known for porn and "fix it" moments from various seasons (most notably season 11)

hbomba-lonejaguar: I loved a good angsty Alex/Olivia with a dash of sex for flavor.

hbomba-lonejaguar: forgot my H!

hbomba-lonejaguar: lol

RaeDMagdon: But honestly, I like all SVU fic as long as it’s Alex/Olivia. I’m very, very boring about my pairings, sadly.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I was all about the sex, too. And no matter how hard I tried, angst always crept in there

ariestess: LOL @ RaeD :: I’m the same way.

Ceridwyn2: I like some fix-it stuff, but I prefer the angsty stuff more

RaeDMagdon: Lately I’ve been depressed because the fandom is, y’know… slowing down. A lot. I was hoping the changes in the latest season would revitalize things, but it didn’t quite work out the way I hoped.

RaeDMagdon: I’m guilty of it, too. Which is why after this panel, I’m going to write the heck out of some of my SVU stories. c_c /off-topic rant

ariestess: I’ve noticed that, too.

ariestess: Ceridwyn2, you have the first question.

Ceridwyn2: @Rae, what in particular were you hoping would work out in the latest season?

Ceridwyn2: with regards to FF

RaeDMagdon: Well, I wasn’t banking specifically on Alex/Olivia together, but they haven’t even had as much platonic interaction as I hoped… and Olivia’s "let’s get a boyfriend" plotline irritated the shit out of me. I think they should just leave her single, because that pissed off the E/O fans as well.

Ceridwyn2: Well, yes. the get Olivia a boyfriend patently annoying

RaeDMagdon: I was hoping there’d be enough episodes with Alex/Olivia banter to inspire some fresh fanfic. Didn’t happen as much as I expected/hoped.

Ceridwyn2: Particularly as I didn’t care at all for Harry Connick Jr

psychotic-cat17: They should know by now that she’s just not made out to have a boyfriend.

ariestess: Is that who they paired her up with?

Ceridwyn2: She needs to get her swagger back

RaeDMagdon: They can’t really do anything without pissing some group off. Which is why I advocate for leaving her single and let the fanfic community take over instead.

Ceridwyn2: yeah

ariestess: I admit I haven’t watched the show in years now.

RaeDMagdon: I’ve stopped watching lately. Got too pissed off.

RaeDMagdon: I retreat to fanfic – but there’s less and less now. I’m going to try and keep writing… especially from the good ol’ seasons before WPP. There’s a bunch of material there.

Ceridwyn2: i did love that one brief moment they had of Olivia & Alex skating at (I think) Rockefeller Center

Ceridwyn2: Or rather it was just post-skating talk bit tht I saw

ariestess: I have missed Butchy McFabulous.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: That sounds like a fic I read once.

ariestess: cabenson, you have the next question

cabenson: How do you think they can revive the fandom, if indeed they can?

RaeDMagdon: Me too! *Sigh* The jacket…

Ceridwyn2: but it was brief because they ended off going to a crime scene

RaeDMagdon: Fandoms need three things to survive: Good material, fresh blood, and inspiration.

RaeDMagdon: SVU has(had) good material.

RaeDMagdon: Inspiration can come in the form of fanfic. I know reading good SVU fanfic has inspired me to write my own.

Ceridwyn2: Good source material, from any season.

RaeDMagdon: But the fresh blood… there’s an issue. I also think part of it is that games/movies/TV shows are getting more LGBT inclusive.

ariestess: *nodes*

RaeDMagdon: Us lesbians just aren’t satisfied with subtext anymore.

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I think that ship may have sailed. All the L&O’s hit the wall eventually and the fandoms peter out. It’s sad.

Ceridwyn2: I wish they could have played up more of the bit with Olivia and her half sister

RaeDMagdon: I mean… I admit to being stolen away by Mass Effect somewhat because they have a full blown lesbian romance in that game for me to enjoy.

D_a_valiant_heart: Consistency in the characters would help immensely, but that is almost impossible to find

RaeDMagdon: It’s incredibly depressing. I’m saving all the Alex/Olivia fics I enjoy so that I don’t lose them.

ariestess: We go where the hoyay is.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I absolutely agree, Rae. When there are shows that have legitimate canon lesbian relationships, it’s not enough.

Ceridwyn2: I’ve done that with some of my favourites and put them into ePub format if they’re not already in that format

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Liara has my heart too, Rae

RaeDMagdon: I know that L&O:SVU will always be my first love, though. I’ll probably come back to it years after everyone else has stopped writing… I’ll be that one weird person.

Alsike: I don’t know. It also seems like the subtext isn’t there anymore.

RaeDMagdon: It isn’t.

RaeDMagdon: That’s the sad thing.

RaeDMagdon: It’d be different if it ended well, like Xena, but this is just a slow zombification

Ceridwyn2: XWP i smy first love

tuesfork: I’ll be the one weird person reading it , Rae

cabenson: Olivia isn’t there anymore. I don’t know who MH is portraying

ariestess: Certain shows that had a HUGE fan following/good ratings for a long time do tend to do the zombification death rather than going out while they’re still good.

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: Body snatchers

RaeDMagdon: I do know that I probably won’t be writing any up-to-date SVU fics in the future. I’ll do spin-offs of canon after Season 5, most likely.

eclecticfan: MH portrays MH as she thinks a cop should be – CB

Alsike: Maybe something that could be good is if people who know the fandom well have a big recs post – like the Xena one on P&P

ariestess: @eclecticfan :: SO DAMNED TRUE!

RaeDMagdon: There’s an idea.

Alsike: It might help people get into the fandom, and cement the characters the way they ought to be.

eclecticfan: Olivia/Alex peaked in Season 3 and Olivia has been slowly dying ever since

RaeDMagdon: I’d also encourage SVU writers to do more collabs. I’m admittedly a collab whore, but it helps to have someone else to jump off of.

Ceridwyn2: Like Rysler has this amazing Thematic Index of Otalia fic that archives it by story points. That would be awesome if someone had done that with SVU storyline

ariestess: I pretty much stopped writing anything after "Ghost" [wasn’t that the one where she came out of WITSEC to testify?]

Ceridwyn2: I think so

eclecticfan: I believe so

RaeDMagdon: Yep.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: eventually, I fell more in love with my AU Alex/Olivia lol

ariestess: Yeah, I stopped there. Though I’ve written a couple of strange little fics since Alex came back "for good".

ariestess: But I primarily play with them in my AU-verse.

cabenson: I’ve wanted to update "The Case of the Butch and the Blonde" for forever, but I ccan’t make myself sit and watch the eps anymore.

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: my swan song was my WPP epic.

RaeDMagdon: So, I’d suggest writing together, archiving better, and ignoring almost everything in the later seasons, including MH’s hair.

tuesfork: and clothes

RaeDMagdon: If the show isn’t going to inspire us, we have to inspire each other.

eclecticfan: and attitude

Ceridwyn2: LOL

Ceridwyn2: And swagger

ariestess: That’s true.

psychotic-cat17: The only thing I like from the new season is Rollins, but I wouldn’t pair her in femslash

RaeDMagdon: Yeah… don’t read ‘lesbian’ there.

RaeDMagdon: Don’t mind her character, but hate everything else about this season.

Ceridwyn2: no, even tho Munch suggested it – for a case

RaeDMagdon: Nice eye candy, I suppose.

psychotic-cat17: Agreed

tuesfork: I do read insightful for rollins though

RaeDMagdon: Anyway, I know I’m going to try and boost my SVU time. Mass Effect universe will just have to learn to share.

RaeDMagdon: *SVU writing time.

psychotic-cat17: Yes, boost it Rae

ariestess: LOL!

RaeDMagdon: But yeah, I think (sadly) that SVU is a dying fandom. I honestly believe that it’s partially because lesbians are finally starting to see themselves represented in actual characters.

RaeDMagdon: Which is a good thing.

ariestess: So here’s something I asked in the Guiding Light panel, but I think will be applicable here, too. If you had the opportunity to change ANYTHING in the SVU universe, what would it be?

psychotic-cat17: Absolutely a good thing

Ceridwyn2: I once had a Sociology prof that was scarily alike to Munch, even physical appearance

cabenson: Alex wouldn’t have left after GHOST

RaeDMagdon: @cabenson Exactly.

Ceridwyn2: @cabenson – yes

ariestess: LOL @ cabenson :: I KNEW you’d say that first.

Ceridwyn2: And they wouldn’t have upped Benson’s het cred

RaeDMagdon: Also… ditch all the male love interests for Olivia. They’re fucking annoying.

AlexReading: lol@ cabenson. and @AJ, coz she types first.

ariestess: LOL @ alex

psychotic-cat17: And they never stick, so what’s the use

Alkmaion: ‘het cred’…sounds evil

RaeDMagdon: I think MH has a bit to do with it.

ariestess: exactly!

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Agree CB

Ceridwyn2: yes, unfortunatley

cabenson: Also, and I can’t believe I am typing this, Casey wouldn’t have been so annoying. And clumsy…

ariestess: *stares at cabenson* Wasn’t expecting that. *g*

Ceridwyn2: Casey had her good points but sometimes rather annoying, too

RaeDMagdon: I liked Casey. I didn’t see her as a threat to Alex. Of course, I prefer Alex… I saw Elliot, bad writing, and the idiot producers as the threat.

AlexReading: but casey is endearing in her own ways. The parade of ADAs after her, are just forgettable.

ariestess: I don’t think early Elliot was a threat, but later years? Yes.

Ceridwyn2: oh definitely

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, later Elliot. Not early Elliot.

Ceridwyn2: Casey and her softball playing ways

eclecticfan: Casey = perfectly good actor, ruined by awful writing

psychotic-cat17: I liked when Elliot was a family man, but then he changed and I didn’t like it.

cabenson: Diane Neal is kinda cool, and while I prefered Alex, I think they could have written Casey better. Preferably by writing for her LESS, lol

AlexReading: @eclecticfan totally!

RaeDMagdon: I wrote Casey as straight in my Magnetic Resistance universe, but I headcanon her as a lesbian… that just isn’t interested in Olivia.

eclecticfan: for me, basically long about season 6 – the writers forgot who their characters were and made pod perople out of them

RaeDMagdon: Yep. Pod people.

Ceridwyn2: sounds about right

ariestess: I preferred Alex to Casey, but DN was kind of saddled with some crap writing.

RaeDMagdon: I’m going to keep writing for the SVU fandom because I still love the old episodes and characters A LOT. But I’ll probably veer towards AUs and early season spinoffs

RaeDMagdon: Or smutty oneshots where I don’t have to worry about canon.

ariestess: LOL

ariestess: Anyone else have a question?

eclecticfan: DN seems to be a kick IRL – but, admittedly Casey was leaps better than anyone else recent (Alex notwithstanding)

cabenson: Also, more ORDER side of the show. Especially utilizing Liz Donelly and the judeges more.

RaeDMagdon: ….. Since when have we been answering questions? I thought this was just a bitch session about how L&O has gone down the tubes?

RaeDMagdon: Heh

Ceridwyn2: Definitely using Donnelly more.

ariestess: Is it just me, or is Liz Donelly kinda sex on a stick?

RaeDMagdon: Agreed.

RaeDMagdon: Don’t normally go for older women, but… mrrrow

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Definitely Team Donnelly over here.

Ceridwyn2: I also liked Patricia Kalember (sp?) as one of the justices. She used to be on Sisters.

AlexReading: lol@rae.

Ceridwyn2: Judith Light = amazing

ariestess: Okay, good. It’s not just me. I just can’t find anyone to slash Donnelly with.

cabenson: Judge Petrovsky and Alex scenes=gold!

RaeDMagdon: Yep, wish there were more of those.

Ceridwyn2: They were awesome

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I think I might have written a Liz/Alex once. I don’t remember! LOL

RaeDMagdon: Gosh, I miss the old seasons. I’m all nostalgic and sad now.

ariestess: Oh, Judge Petrovsky! She was awesome!

eclecticfan: yeah, since Donnelly/Cabot is kinda creeps me out

ariestess: Donnelly/Cabot is kinda creepy to me, too.

RaeDMagdon: It’s kind of sad that I have to go to my favorite SVU fanfics to get inspired instead of the show. Says a lot.

Ceridwyn2: Petrovsky when Alex came back was great

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: that’s probably why I wrote it, actually.

RaeDMagdon: Petrovsky in general amused me.

ariestess: So where do you find the femslash to help inspire you?

RaeDMagdon: Whenever I see a good Alex/Olivia on an older archiving site, I save it now. Because it’s ancient most of the time and I’m afraid it’ll be lost forever

Ceridwyn2: AJ – cabenson or Daxilla inspires.

eclecticfan: kinda like even as crack!fic I just can’t so Prentiss/Strauss in Criminal Minds – no matter how much cabenson screams for it ;P

RaeDMagdon: DAxilla always inspires.

RaeDMagdon: Heh.

eclecticfan: do* not so

Ceridwyn2: LOL

ariestess: LOL! Do we even want to know what cabenson will scream for?

RaeDMagdon: Oh dear.

eclecticfan: prentiss/strauss, I’ll telling ya

cabenson: Aw thanks Ceri, too bad I am retired, lol

cabenson: I saw that Kim!

ariestess: LMAO!

eclecticfan: **scampers away – far away**

RaeDMagdon: The few Criminal Minds fics I’ve read have been with JJ

Ceridwyn2: my current writings are GL’s Otalia Virtual season and Hospital Central’s Maca/Esther and Maca/Claudia

eclecticfan: now se crossing Cagot with Prentiss – now that would be hot

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Definitely CB for inspiration!

eclecticfan: see* i REALLY NEED TO LEARN TO TYPE

eclecticfan: damn

ariestess: Cabot and Prentiss? Oh… Ohmy…

Ceridwyn2: oh, now that sounds hot Cabot & Prentiss

RaeDMagdon: Oh… one thing, guys. I’ve never mastered LJ, really. I’m lame, I know.

cabenson: WANT!!!!

RaeDMagdon: Is there something besides passion & perfection that I can use to find the older Alex/Olivia stuff?

RaeDMagdon: Or is it just that?

cabenson: Nic, you are too sweet

eclecticfan: even Prentiss with Sarena Southerlyn from TOS – all’s good

RaeDMagdon: …. Serena is all kinds of delicious.

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I love you too CB

Ceridwyn2: There was the Abby Carmichael/Jill Kirkendall (L&O/NYPDB xover)

eclecticfan: and – any reason to make Paget Brewster (or her character) gay is all a win

cabenson: Hbomb and Nic got me into this fandom so they get ALL my loes!

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I used to write Abbie/Olivia and Abbie/Alex

AlexReading: @rae s authors are retro-actively posting on, P&P is pretty much it.

RaeDMagdon: ‘Kay, just checking.

ariestess: Is there a bit SVU following over on AO3?

hbomba-lonejaguar: something happened to svufiction?

eclecticfan: I have no idea who got me into SVU – but CB, Nic and Hbomb were already there

Alsike: I wrote one Prentiss/Cabot

cabenson: I am starting to post all my stuff at AO3

AlexReading: AO3 after the mess delete.

eclecticfan: where @Alsike?

RaeDMagdon: I’m not sure, but I do post on AO3. The tagging system is weird over there. I usually use AO3 for Mass Effect… the few times I checked AO3 for Alex/Olivia, it was… um. There was some weird shit on there.

ariestess: @rae :: weird how?

Alsike: – it’s pretty weird though.

Ceridwyn2: My stuff is either on my own website, LJ, some at P&P, and a few of the FSAC

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Well I certainly have a wealth of fic I could collect somewhere, is AO3 the place to go over

Alsike: um, well, Emily’s the perp

ariestess: brb house emergency

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, I’d say so.

RaeDMagdon: AO3 is pretty awesome. If anyone’s considering cross-posting fics in any fandom there, I’d recommend.

Alsike: And it was too dub-cony to post at P&P

RaeDMagdon: The only flaw, besides not being open to the public yet… the tagging system for couples. Good: you can type in any couple or name

RaeDMagdon: Bad: multiple spellings of the same pairing

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I did have a lot at, too

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, didn’t the E/O shippers take over svufiction?

RaeDMagdon: I went there a few times and was like, "um, where can I find the Alex/Olivia?

cabenson: oh,! Good times!!

RaeDMagdon: Didn’t work out.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: well the fic should still be there even if it’s old, right?

RaeDMagdon: Is anyone else feeling kind of old talking about all this?

cabenson: no!…yes

Ceridwyn2: LOL

Ceridwyn2: Even more so for the next panel of XWP

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: lol I feel old every day these days!

psychotic-cat17: LIke you should feel old, Rae.

ariestess: back

Alsike: This fandom was dying when I joined it

RaeDMagdon: I came into SVU later than most because I was too young to watch it or read/write lesbian porn at the very beginning.

RaeDMagdon: Same here

Alsike: but I wrote!

cabenson: I will say, for as much as the fandom has declined, I made a shot ton of friends from my A/O obsession

AlexReading: lol. shh.

ariestess: I crosspost all of my fic to AO3 now. Working on getting the oder stuff there.

hbomba-lonejaguar: is a link to H’s stuff

eclecticfan: too true, CB

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Amen, CB!

cabenson: Amen Eclecticfan although that was a freaking blast!


Ceridwyn2: It’s like in Oct 2009 for the GL fanclub weekend, we had some 250+ women from the Big Purple Dreams forum in NYC

RaeDMagdon: Oh dear.

Ceridwyn2: I think so

cabenson: Yep! Drunken Elders FTW!

ariestess: LOL!

Ceridwyn2: That was a fun time

hbomba-lonejaguar: lol

RaeDMagdon: …. I feel very young now.

RaeDMagdon: *Coughcough* I am hoping some people will post SVU fic for it… or at least fill some of my Mass Effect prompts on the Kink Meme.

RaeDMagdon: Oh! I have a question for you older peole…

RaeDMagdon: *people

Athena28: Getting older can be tough so I did thingsto mak it easier.

RaeDMagdon: Was there anything like the kink meme back in the first couple years? I was too young to be there.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Are you asking if people wrote kinky fic?

RaeDMagdon: For those who don’t know what the Kink Meme is… it’s this awesome LJ thread (for various fandoms… each one has their own) where people could post ‘prompts

RaeDMagdon: No

Ceridwyn2: Not that I remember, but I do remember those ol’ "Purity Tests"

RaeDMagdon: Prompts… usually sexual, but occasionally gen. And then someone would come along an anonymously fill the prompt.

eclecticfan: don’t remember them back in the days of Xena, Buffy and early SVU

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: we didn’t usually need prompting

Ceridwyn2: LJ – LMAO

eclecticfan: too true JL

RaeDMagdon: Okay… that’s sad. I wish I could have seen an SVU kink meme. Mass Effect has a great one.

ariestess: An SVU kink meme? what a fascinating idea…

cabenson: I miss the old drabble challenges

AlexReading: @rae have you searchedhe Alex/Olivia lj comm?

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: we had drabble contests–yes!

RaeDMagdon: Well… it’s very simple. *Shrug* All it takes is an LJ thread. Someone posts a prompt: "Alex/Olivia – the night before Ghost" (although that’s been written to death) for example.

RaeDMagdon: Then someone fills it.

RaeDMagdon: The prompts can be like 5 words, or hundreds.

ariestess: Oh, the drabble challenges. I miss a good drabble challenge.

AlexReading: make it a rule – no Ghost.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: we did that kind of thing, it just wasn’t called a meme

Ceridwyn2: The only thing I wish was that LJ made it easier to search for fic. You can occasionally do it by tag lines but that’s only if the author tagged it by fandom

RaeDMagdon: Well, I assumed it had a different name. But a thread where someone posts a prompt and someone else fills it… or multiple people fill it.

RaeDMagdon: That sounded dirty

ariestess: LOL

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, I find LJ very hard to navigate.

RaeDMagdon: But it seems like that’s where the majority of SVU fic was back in the day.

psychotic-cat17: Me too. I don’t like Live Journal

RaeDMagdon: Or on archive sites/private sites.

RaeDMagdon: I’ll save my hatred of livejournal for another time. XD

RaeDMagdon: I wish I could, like, send a message out to all the people who used to like A/O and still want to write it so we could start something like the Kink Meme up. Hard for a dying fandom, though.

Ceridwyn2: I do like LJ for quite a bit, often where I find new fic to read, but if you want to search a particular story or author sometimes it takes a lot of work

RaeDMagdon: If it was still in its heyday, I’d offer to moderate something like that.

eclecticfan: a few of the most prolific have just seemingly vanished

ariestess: Did they stop in the fandom or move to other fandoms?

cabenson: LJ and SVU introduced me to theholyinnocent, heathers, nic, kimly, few, ann dunn and somany important peeps in my life, so I gotta thank it for something

Ceridwyn2: vanished or moved to other fandoms

ariestess: And we have about 5 minutes left in this panel. Any final questions for our panelist?

AlexReading: migrated to tumblr.

ariestess: panelists

RaeDMagdon: Yeah… it makes me sad. Although I’ve been guilty of it as well… *cough*Liara T’Soni*cough*

eclecticfan: right with ya CB

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I feel like I wrote everything I could for the fandom, honestly.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I don’t like repeating myself unless I can think of another way to do it.

cabenson: I moved to vidding. Would like to get back to writing someday

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Which is sad, I guess, because SVU was a big part of my life for a number of years.

Alsike: Kink-meme’s are awesome. I support it!

RaeDMagdon: The defining moment when I realized I wasn’t primarily an SVU writer came when I changed my desktop screensaver.

Ceridwyn2: Oh, and Ship Manifestos, cabenson

RaeDMagdon: A few months ago.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ Absolutely, CB! I love all the great people this fandom introduced me to!

RaeDMagdon: I may or may not have teared up a little.

cabenson: I’m retired from those to, Ceri. I think

Ceridwyn2: lol

RaeDMagdon: Well, I guess I’m gonna leave this and go write some fresh SVU… or at least finish the stories I have left open. Not quite ready to let go yet.

ariestess: There you go.

ariestess: For fic posted may inspire someone else.

RaeDMagdon: I really, really hope so.

ariestess: Xena panel begins in 3 minutes.

eclecticfan: @Alsike – that was very provocative, but extremely well done – and hell, anytime crawfish bites it, I’m a fan

ariestess: Thank you to all of the panelists and attendees for making this such a great panel!

ariestess: Transcripts will be available after the con is over. Give us a couple of weeks ot recover and get them all ready for you, then they’ll be on the site.

RaeDMagdon: Thanks for the chat everybody, even if it was kinda depressing. Heh.

cabenson: Thanks everyone! So glad I got home in time to join in. Always my fave panel!

Alsike: Thanks!

hbomba-lonejaguar: Thanks everybody!

RaeDMagdon: And made me feel old. And then not old enough.

D_a_valiant_heart: thanks, ya’ll

Ceridwyn2: this was fun.

AlexReading: thank you old friends.

ariestess: This was fun to wander back and reminisce.

Alsike: @ eclectic – I’m glad you liked it! it was pretty odd to write, but interesting.

hbomba-lonejaguar: Twitter shoutout: @chefheathers & @lonejaguar Hope we’ll see you guys around the internet!

RaeDMagdon: All right. Bye everybody!

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