Legend of the Seeker

the_dhamphir: Hello, this the Legend of the Seeker panel

synergyfox: Oh and Raritys

eclecticfan: can we combine it with the last panel – since that would be very hot? ;P

the_dhamphir: Would our panelists please change their font to bold red, like mine, and everyone else to black.

DanieXJ: oops, am I just following you around D?

eclecticfan: switched

synergyfox: Well Legend of the Seeker has all the sex appeal… for all eyes… 😛

seriousfic: I feel like I’m grading a paper now.

the_dhamphir: Ground rules; you MUST raise your hand to ask questions. The mods will keep track of them for everyone

Stacicle: yes it does

Stacicle: oops sorry

the_dhamphir: Why don’t you introduce yourselves, Seriousfic and synergyfox?

the_dhamphir: well don’t jump over each other to be the first to answer. lol

the_dhamphir: Synergy, you first.

synergyfox: I’m trying to think of what to say other than, "Hi! I’m synergyfox and I like femslash!"

the_dhamphir: Tell us about your involvement in the LoTS fandom

Liberty Stewart: time to save the seeker

seriousfic: It’s harder than you’d think introducing yourself. Then I remembered that I wrote the story where Cara DPed Kahlan with Agiels so, everyone, that was me!

Liberty Stewart: @d: fembucks LJ introduced me to the series.

synergyfox: I run the lots_femslash community on Livejournal, I write lots of fic (crack and serious stuff). I didn’t have much involvement in the SOS campaign other than donation of money. I ship everything from Cara’s Leather’s/Kahlan’s Ninja Dress to Darken/Richard… multishipper here. Oh. And I like Denna. A lot.

Alsike: @seriousfic – you write all the best porn.

seriousfic: Thank you!

seriousfic: That’s what people wrote in my high school yearbook too.

the_dhamphir: Tell us, what drew you to writing for LoTS

Alsike: It must be true then!

the_dhamphir: Synergy?

Alsike: Agiels?

seriousfic: I think definitely Cara/Kahlan. I always enjoyed the show, but I don’t think I did much Richard/Kahlan. It’s a perfectly fine ship, only C/K’s a yacht and R/K’s more of a dinghy.

synergyfox: Well, I’d been writing in the Power Ranger’s fandom for a while and the Harry Potter fandom and then I saw a LotS commercial on TV and had to look into it. Then I saw femslash for it and was all, "people of my own kind!!!"

synergyfox: Thus the crack began.

seriousfic: And the Cara/Kahlan relationship evolved a lot over the season, so depending on the episode, you could have rivalslash, BFFslash, even enemyslash.

the_dhamphir: Even with the show over, do you see this fandom staying around for a long time?

synergyfox: Only if the fans don’t kill each other first

the_dhamphir: What do you mean, synergy?

seriousfic: Well, until there’s another genre show with two female leads whose relationship is the core "bromance" of the show. I think that’ll take quite some time.

the_dhamphir: What’s the most intriguing aspect of the show to you?

synergyfox: I’m rather active in the fandom still and I’ve noticed that many are getting extremely clique-ish and hostile towards people who don’t ship what they ship sadly. Once upon a time it was potentially the most loving and accepting fandom out there, but I think if we can manage to get over the clique-ish-ness… yeah.

yurianimeotaku: @serious Isn’t that what Rizzoli & Isles is?

synergyfox: Is everything a suitable answer for the most intriguing aspect of the show?

the_dhamphir: remember to raiser your hands to ask the panists questions. : )

grumpybear1031: I think that’s the case with fandom in general. A lot of people end up feeling alienated

seriousfic: Rizzoli & Isles and Warehouse 13 are kinda gay, but I don’t think they’re as openly, canonically GAY as LotS.

synergyfox: Agiels, leather, hair!porn, characters have depth, there’s constant eye!sex

ivanolix: Totally have to disagree, serious

Alsike: I always found the concept of the Mord’Sith to be incredibly intriguing.

Liberty Stewart: @syn: Seeker is one of those rare shows that finds a way to balance things very well.

Alsike: I wanted to know how it worked.

ivanolix: I like how many different groups of women there are in LotS, from the Cofessors to the Mord’Sith to the Sisters of the Light/Dark, and all of them have such interesting individuals

synergyfox: @Liberty and there’s lots of eyecandy for everyone around which is awesome. But ivanolix put it more… eloquantly… if that’s spelled right.

synergyfox: I have a question for the room if that’s allowed!

the_dhamphir: yep

the_dhamphir: go ahead syn

synergyfox: Do you prefer the books or the show?

synergyfox: And why.

ivanolix: Show is more femslashy. Hands down.

Alsike: The fic.

the_dhamphir: I never read the books, so… it would be the show. ; )

Stacicle: I never read the books, so it’s show!canon all the way for me.

synergyfox: Lol @alsike!

Alsike: I like the show. The books are way too rapey. But the fic is great!

synergyfox: I’m personally a fan of the show rather than the book series… it’s like… ABC was all, "oh let’s take this book series… and make it good!" But that’s just me…

seriousfic: @Ivanolix: Well, both R&I and LotS I see as a bit in the same realm as far as trying to depict sisterhood more than f/f romance, but I don’t think R&I would ever have Maura turn out bisexual. W13 is, like, almost-canon f/f, but then they have this weird plausible deniability.

Stacicle: Heh, but agree with Alsike, the fic is often the canon, with the show as pseudosource material.

seriousfic: LoTS wasn’t trying to portray their heroines as a couple, but W13 was, so it’s more jarring that MYka and HG can never be seen kissing or going on a date.

Alsike: It’s why I had to steal Berdine and Raina and write fic about them. I needed to save them from the books.

synergyfox: @stacicle Eh. Sometimes you just have to screw canon and make your own.

Liberty Stewart: never read the books, so show for me

seriousfic: I’m trying to be all thoughtful here and I end up "Well, if you’re still wondering about that question ten minutes later…"

Stacicle: True, syn!

the_dhamphir: question michelle?

Alsike: no thought necessary, serious!

michelle_2011: What would you say about LotS to someone who is new to the series or fanfic? Like me. . .

synergyfox: I would show them one of the videos ivanolix made… to get them hooked on the show.

seriousfic: Imagine if Lord of the Rings were about lesbian dominatrixes instead of gay hobbits.

Alsike: lol

Liberty Stewart: @michelle: ask if there’s anything that person is interested in, and answer truthfully

the_dhamphir: lol

Alsike: but accurate

synergyfox: @seriousfic lol XD

michelle_2011: okay

Alsike: I would just jump into the longfic

Stacicle: Serious, that’s a good point – R&I certainly puts the female "couple" front and center, but with LotS, it’s a lot of us shipping the two females of a group.

Alsike: it gives you enough background to put things together.

Alsike: and then watch Princess.

the_dhamphir: question ivanolix?

ivanolix: How do you deal with the "love triangle" of Cara/Kahlan and Cara/Dahlia (and Kahlan/Richard) without dismissing the canonical emotions involved in each relationship?

Stacicle: good question

synergyfox: I have them grow into a polyamorous relationship if I’m in the mood to write it.

seriousfic: Well, canon’s made it pretty easy to remove or reintroduce Cara/Dahlia.

Liberty Stewart: @serious: if that’s true about W13, then that’s even sadder

seriousfic: And of course, there’s some precedent for just a morgy.

synergyfox: Like… I can see Cara/Kahlan/Dahlia working, or I can see Kahlan/Cara/Dahlia working. You just have to get them all to the point where they’re willing to communicate their feels.

synergyfox: Even if that means someone making Cara communicate her feels because she can be quite stubborn.

ivanolix: Kahlan in the middle of a Mord’Sith sandwich, hngh

olli01a: I like this pairing if it is well written

seriousfic: But I think having Richard/Kahlan be a factor is a nice challenge. You can deal with their relationship fallign apart and where that leaves Kahlan or how the Cara/Kahlan relationship develops in opposition to R/K.

the_dhamphir: I think that was well done in the Virtual Season 3

seriousfic: It gives the pairing some edge and something to work with, just like Kahlan being able to kill Cara with a touch or the two of them being raised to hate each other. It’s just fun to think of ways around it.

Liberty Stewart: @ivan: simple, ship Cara with Dahlia and have Nicci confess Kahlan all over again. Problem solved.

ivanolix: I was just about to say that, dhamphir, though lol I’m biased since I was part of that

ivanolix: Nicci/Kahlan is not written enough

the_dhamphir: Biased or not, a lot thought went into how to handle that in the VS. ; )

seriousfic: @Liberty Stewart: To be fair, I think Myka/HG was more the actresses’ idea, and to their credit the writers saw the chemistry and ran with it, but it is just SO WEIRD that we can make HG a canon bisexual and Steve canonically gay, but we can’t say "Yeah, Myka’s not so straight either."

the_dhamphir: If you could meet any of the characters in person, not the actor, the character, which would it be and why?

synergyfox: Denna, and then I would hug her until she agiel’d me into unconsciousness… and then I would do it again.

synergyfox: I have a lot of Denna feels.

the_dhamphir: LOL

seriousfic: Probably Kahlan. I’d love to sit down for a long chat with her and find out what makes her tick.

Ceridwyn2: I’m only just getting into LotS – yeah, otherwise occupied but I kept having friends who loved the show, so, now that OVS is starting to wind down, I figured I’m due some newish (to me anyway) fandoms

Liberty Stewart: @ivan: Nicci/Kahlan is the only lesbian Kahlan ship I could see happening

the_dhamphir: What’s your favorite pairing and why? Syn?

Alsike: @serious – that would be cool, and you’d be less likely to die than with many of the others.

olli01a: Berdine. She’s a killer bookworm.

ivanolix: I actually see Kalan as very bisexual. More so than Cara

Alsike: Kahlan’s one of those ‘all about the person’ types.

synergyfox: I actually don’t ship any pairings above any other pairings due to being a multishipper. I have equal feels about all my ships that I’m into. Like… I love Cara/Kahlan but I also love Cara/Dahlia and Dahlia/Denna and so on and so forth.

the_dhamphir: okay.

the_dhamphir: What’s your favorite pairing and why? Serious?

ivanolix: Kahlan’s very repressed sexually, so she focuses on romance a lot…but I think deep down there’s a whole twisted mess of "just sex" feelings waiting to burst out

seriousfic: @the_dhamphir: Yeah, I’m too much of a multishipper to ever have a favorite. I think every pairing has one "this episode reveals that these two are destined to be together and have a million kids".


olli01a: Cara/Kahlan. They are like fire and water but neither drowns the other

the_dhamphir: What’s your personal fanfic favorite story in LoTS?

Liberty Stewart: @d: top of the list would be Cara and Dhalia cause it’s canon

Alsike: See, if someone wrote the -this pairing has a million kids – story for each one, I would love each one equally.

seriousfic: @ivanolix: Yeah, even when you split Kahlan into two halves, they’re both horny as hell.


Alsike: but there’s only Cara/Kahlan kidfic as far as I know – so I ship that.

seriousfic: "Well, can’t Confess Richard, better have sex."

ivanolix: ack my kitty keeps typing things *pushes him off the keyboard*

seriousfic: "Well, not in love with Richard, better have sex."

the_dhamphir: LOL

Liberty Stewart: @ivan: All confessors are repressed for an obvious reason

synergyfox: Also – for the new people to Legend of the Seeker, http://lots-femslash.livejournal.com/ is one of those epic hubs of femslashy goodness for LotS.

synergyfox: Then of course there’s the video set I throw at newbies that tends to get them hooked. Part 1 is posted here http://ivanolix.livejournal.com/135643.html.

Stacicle: @ivanolix – I think you’re right about Kahlan’s focus on romance, and that’s where Richard fit so neatly, but then Cara came along and blew all that storybook stuff right out of the water for Kahlan, and she had to acknowledge some deeper feeleings and desires

the_dhamphir: yes, thanks for the link

synergyfox: part two is http://ivanolix.livejournal.com/136876.html there and part three is http://ivanolix.livejournal.com/139130.html.

synergyfox: Sorry Ivanolix, I’m shamelessly fangirlishly promoting your stuff.

*** Alkmaion has left the room ***

ivanolix: I have a hard time seeing Dahlia being maternal, unless she’s been out of the sisterhood for a while

ivanolix: but yeah, more kidfic in this fandom would be fun

synergyfox: They’re basically every scene Cara’s ever had in Legend of the Seeker – usually that gets people going "oh, more!"

ivanolix: @syn You have permission, you’re my wife 😛

Alsike: I have a hard time figuring out what to do with Dahlia in general. I don’t really understand her as a character.

the_dhamphir: If you could have any writer in history write a story for LoTS who would it be and why?

seriousfic: I think Kahlan would like the romance of having kids, but if she actually had one, there’d be a bit of "I am the leader of the free world, why are you still crying?"

ivanolix: Dahlia’s almost my favorite character now. I guess I wrote her in the background of enough fics to "get" her

seriousfic: Whereas Cara I could see as being able to tell when to be maternal and when to be a disciplinarian.

Alsike: @serious – which would be awesome.

Liberty Stewart: Dahlia pretty much got her life rewritten after Zed’s spell, so you can basically do whatever you want with her.

ivanolix: @serious Yes, Kahlan would have to deal with dirty diapers and she would be all "WTF is this, why are you not as cute as my imaginary baby?"

synergyfox: Oh, that’s a really, really hard question… I don’t have an answer to that. I don’t think the authors I read could do more justice than the fanfic authors I read.

seriousfic: @Liberty Stewart: But it is fun to try and "keep" bits of Dahlia’s characterization, so people can see she’s the same person.

Liberty Stewart: No kidfics for Cara. Remember she rather be dead.

synergyfox: @Liberty but I adore writing kidfics with Cara.

seriousfic: @Ivanolix: I see Richard changing a lot of diapers. He’d be a house husband.

ivanolix: Cara has changeable opinions, though. She’s going through a lot of identity crises

Alsike: In my Berdine/Raina fic I was trying to figure out how Dahlia worked into the whole society. She didn’t make sense as a Mord’Sith for me.

seriousfic: Dahlia was kind of Cara’s sidekick, wasn’t she?

ivanolix: Dahlia, I think, only got trained because of Cara. Because yeah on her own she doesn’t fit as a Mord’Sith.

the_dhamphir: What would be the ultimate crossover for you? This fandom and what other?

synergyfox: In my honest opinion I don’t think Dahlia was completely broken because Cara protected her throughout their training.

Liberty Stewart: @serious: Dahlia’s life would be different, but doesn’t mean her personality will

synergyfox: Legend of the Seeker/Game of Thrones(A Song of Ice and Fire) – Biased since I’m writing bastard!Cara

the_dhamphir: ooh, sounds interesting, syn!

ivanolix: Cara/Cersei *flails*

the_dhamphir: lol @ ivanolix

seriousfic: I was going to say Fourth World, but I would actually love Legend of the Seeker/Once Upon A Time.

seriousfic: Since all our heroes have had experience having their memories erased and being put into new circumstances.

the_dhamphir: Cara would get all up in the queen face. lol

seriousfic: It’d be fun to see where they all landed once their "fairy tales" were stripped away.

synergyfox: Cara Lannister has been popping up a lot in the LotS fandom and I couldn’t resist making her a Bastard. But hnghn.. Cara/Cersei… they’d constantly be trying to top each other.

seriousfic: Like, what if Richard and Kahlan weren’t together anymore, but Cara and Kahlan had a thing (obvs)

Alsike: It’s almost a post boxes of Orden fic, right?

Alsike: Strip magic from the universe and what happens?

synergyfox: @seriousfic I like LotS/OUAT, I’ve seen a few where D’Hara and what not are all apart of fairytale land as well as ones where the LotS world was basically the prequel to FTL

seriousfic: Yes. Plus, I can’t help but think Regina would have a thing for *someone*

seriousfic: Cara is Emma’s new deputy.

seriousfic: Kahlan is a maternity doctor?

ivanolix: Cara would kick Emma’s ass, though

seriousfic: Richard is Ranger Rick.

Liberty Stewart: More like Cara’s the sheriff of the town

synergyfox: Lol, Cara would not like being deputy. She’s too "in charge."

seriousfic: It’d end up a Longmire situation.

seriousfic: Am I the only one watching that?

seriousfic: Kara Thrace and Tess Mercer?

Alsike: I’m thinking Emma’s still the deputy – we can just bump Graham

Gin Akasarahsmom: I like Longmire

synergyfox: I’ve yet to see that show.

synergyfox: @Alsike Cara could be the huntsman

seriousfic: It’s a fun companion piece to Justified.

synergyfox: ala Graham. Minus death.

Alsike: with the affair with the mayor?

seriousfic: @Synergyfox Richard would be so pressed if Cara got to be the huntsman.

Alsike: That could work.

seriousfic: "But, Cara, nature loves *me*."

the_dhamphir: LOL

Liberty Stewart: Anyone see Cara and Emma having a bit of Cara/Triana minus the backstabbing on Emma’s part?

synergyfox: @serious he would but she’d be the one who has that whole change of heart thing, just like… "I’m supposed to kill you… >_< *rage… rage rage… beat things into a pulp*"

Alsike: lol – and I have to keep reminding myself that my name isn’t Cara here, or I get confused.

the_dhamphir: What’s your personal favorite story in LoTS? Share some of your rec with the audience.

synergyfox: @liberty Yes…

synergyfox: Again with shameless promotion! My favorite would have to be… No Fate But What We Make by Ivanolix. It had a really well thought out and really well written Seeker!Cara

synergyfox: I loved the relationship development.

synergyfox: And just the development in general.

Alsike: I’ve read that 3… 4 times?

synergyfox: @Alsike XD

Alsike: it’s brilliant.

synergyfox: It soooo is. I have it on PDF on my computer.

synergyfox: It’s one of my "go to read" fics.

seriousfic: I was just about to say that. It’s a bit kill-happy at first, but there’s a fun… Swiss Family Robinson aspect to Cara and Kahlan traveling together with all the kids. Just this nice light in the darkness.

Alsike: Who’s reading Destiny Does Not Send Us Heralds?

Alsike: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6789351/1/Destiny_Does_Not_Send_Us_Heralds

Meneldur: I think I am

the_dhamphir: who wrote that seeker fic, alsike?

Alsike: AsianScaper

synergyfox: Ah, I wait until fics are finished before I jump in.

seriousfic: I’m not reading much fics at the moment. I plan on getting back into the fandom at a later date to coincide with a project I’m doing.

Liberty Stewart: What do people think of the character of Nicci? I think she doesn’t get enough attention even though I really liked her development

seriousfic: Well, in the books she was going to end up one of the Seekerettes, so there were some seeds for that.

Meneldur: Nicci was interesting

synergyfox: @liberty I really rather love Nicci.

Meneldur: The books were all around with her

Meneldur: Especially regarding Jagang.

Meneldur: But I like her

ivanolix: Niccccccci <3

seriousfic: I could see her ending up as this totally revenge-driven maniac who happens to fall in with Richard. Waaaaaay more interesting than Zedd.

seriousfic: Like, just 100% Kill Rahl.

Alsike: I think read Nicci/Zedd. Is that a thing?

synergyfox: I don’t… think that’s a thing. I know that Denna/Zedd is a thing.

seriousfic: Zedd/No One is a thing.

Meneldur: I don’t see why not

Meneldur: Nicci is a sister.

seriousfic: I don’t know what he did, but he’s the one place where fandom puts its foot down.

Liberty Stewart: Agree zedd/no one

synergyfox: I think it’s a small group of fans.

Meneldur: In the books, all kinds of Sisters of the Light/Dark get involved with Wizards who are a lot like Zedd

ivanolix: Zedd has a small group of shippers who all scare me

seriousfic: In the books, he was more comic relief, but in the show, he’s just kinda angsty and… there.

the_dhamphir: the only zedd ship i can see is zedd/shota

synergyfox: I ship him with Shota and his prositute girlfriend… *nods* but not actively… just in a "oh that’s there" kind of way.

olli01a: agreed

Alsike: I like Shota too much for that

Alsike: but clearly they had a thing.

ivanolix: I feel like Zedd/Shota was a highschool fling

Liberty Stewart: @serious: I think Nicci was more interested in Richard for his power. after she got what she wanted from ric and have a talking to with him, she went independent

seriousfic: I was thinking more after Darken Rahl was done with her.

synergyfox: Shota/Zedd kind of came off to me as Shota wanting a bit more power, and would use her feminine wiles to get it.

Alsike: @ivan – this must be true

synergyfox: And she kinda fell along the way… but not hard.

Liberty Stewart: young zed could be fun and is a womanizer IIRC

the_dhamphir: To what do you owe this fandom’s continued level of activity even though the show is done airing?

Meneldur: The pure awesomeness of it?

Meneldur: Women in red leather?

ivanolix: I think it’s the only gay-friendly fetishy show out there

seriousfic: It ended both on too satisfying a note to leave bitterness like Lost or BSG, but also left enough loose ends that you want to play around with it.

olli01a: good fanfiction authors

Meneldur: An entire order of cool women warriors who have strong sexual undertones with one another, including sexuala nd dominant/submissive undertones?

synergyfox: The question confuses me. Dumb it down for non-caffeinated folks.

Liberty Stewart: what serious said

Ceridwyn2: lol

the_dhamphir: Why do you think the LoTS fandom is still going so strong?

synergyfox: OH!

the_dhamphir: ; )

Alsike: I wish it was going stronger.

Meneldur: Hear hear

Alsike: I miss the heyday.

seriousfic: Also, so many pretty people and you can plausibly imagine all of them having sex with each other in various configurations.

Stacicle: Me too, Alsike, there’s been a slowdown of fic lately.

synergyfox: Because of what Serious said, lol. The open endedness of the series left everyone with enough to play around with ideas.

Meneldur: Also, there’s too little crossover between the books and show

Ceridwyn2: @serious – LOL

seriousfic: Like, Cara/Denna/Garren/Dahlia? Would it surprise anyone if that turned out to be canon?

Alsike: no

Meneldur: The only Mord’Sith in the show are Cara, Denna, Trianna and Dahloa, and maybe Garren

synergyfox: @serious… What do you mean that isn’t canon?

synergyfox: I thought that was canon!

Meneldur: Cara/Dahlia is totally canon

ivanolix: Garen is my favorite sometimes

seriousfic: I meant, you know, at once.

Meneldur: And after the end of the show, they hooked up again.

ivanolix: I prefer the show’s Mord’Sith, though. In the books they all end up as Richard’s groupies

Alsike: They’re Mord’Sith. Orgies are important.

Meneldur: But there were so many fun Mord’Sith in the books, like Hally and Raina and Berdine (oh, Berdine!)

ivanolix: in the show they’re individuals

synergyfox: Orgies are hela important, But after the show I could see that working as well.

seriousfic: I think there should’ve been an Animal House style freeze frame. "After defeating the Keeper, Cara ended up leading the Mord’Sith and sat on a throne of naked women."

ivanolix: Berdine is the only Mord’Sith from the books I want to see on the show. She was geeky AND kickass

Meneldur: Yes

Alsike: Berdine is awesome.

seriousfic: That’s the difference between LotS and Game of Thrones. They have sword-throne, we have naked-lady throne.

synergyfox: Ahaha, yes. A throne of naked women. I like this.

Meneldur: But it was also awesome how interesting her relationship with Raina was

ivanolix: Sword thrones hurt. Naked women thrones hurt goooooood

Meneldur: (props to Alsike for seeing this)

synergyfox: Ahaha, people would come visit from Westeros and be all confused. Poor folks.

Meneldur: Who needs a sword when you have an agiel?

ivanolix: Trufax

Alsike: Well, they’re Mord’Sith. How on earth do you have a functional relationship and be Mord’Sith?

the_dhamphir: Only 10 minutes left. Are there any other questions for our panelists?

synergyfox: @Alsike… it’s a long… hard process.

ivanolix: I don’t know if Mord’Sith ever can have functional relationships

Meneldur: For that matter, as was said in Epic Rap Battles of D’Hara: "One agiel, two agiels, who needs a dick?"

Meneldur: Mord’Sith cna have semi-functional relationships

synergyfox: Ah.. yes… one agiel two agiel

ivanolix: Agiels are a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to weapons and ~weapons

Meneldur: See Berdine and Raina, Cara and Dahlia.

olli01a: ROLF

synergyfox: @ivanolix XDDDDDDDDD

seriousfic: I feel LotS fandom should have a disclaimer: "We unanimously decided Agiels are really just vibrators."

ivanolix: Dildos

Ceridwyn2: LOL

ivanolix: Pain dildos

synergyfox: @seriousfic well… we kinda did. I mean they funtion as weapons, strapon placements… tools to burn wounds closed…

ivanolix: I know lots of people in the BDSM community would appreciate RL agiels

synergyfox: They’re the swiss army life of weapons.

seriousfic: Richard picks up an Agiel. "It’s only through intensive training that I’m able to hold this."

Meneldur: No doubt

seriousfic: Meanwhile, Cara’s looking at it like "Man, that’s been in my vagina."

synergyfox: @ivanolix ohhhhhhh yes… they… woulllddd… hnghn

the_dhamphir: lmao

ivanolix: Richard isn’t meant for pain *pats him*

Meneldur: too true

Meneldur: Yeah, he’s kind of… I don’t know, too wholesome?

synergyfox: ahahahahhaha XD Well it’s true… and she’d probably go on about how she hadn’t even had time to clean it before getting carted off to town hall

seriousfic: I thought in the books, Richard was some kind of rough sex fella.

ivanolix: Richard doesn’t embrace his darker side enough. It makes him boring.

Alsike: everyone in the book is into rough sex

ivanolix: I mean, he HAS a darker side…he’s just in total denial

synergyfox: I kind of glaze over when it comes to bok!richard

synergyfox: Oh! YAY! SVU. I mean. LotS. Yes. LotS. Ahem.

Liberty Stewart: Richard is the square one of the show

synergyfox: *book… not bok

seriousfic: @Ivanolix He’s kinda like the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. He just seems kinda mangsty when he tries to be dark.

ivanolix: Book Richard, though, is just Terry Goodkind’s avatar

Meneldur: Richard is just too good to be really interesting

Meneldur: With Denna it was cool, but then she had to go and die and all

Alsike: I always like Richard as the comic relief.

ivanolix: Richard needs to be high on Orden to be interesting

synergyfox: He’s a DnD Character who starts off at level 2 and then keeps getting leveled up throughout the series while everyone around him doesn.t

Meneldur: Yeah, that’s about it

synergyfox: *doesn’t

seriousfic: He’s Superman. There’s a place for Superman, but no one writes Batman: Year One about him.

synergyfox: @seriousfic true

seriousfic: I think a lot of the fic has carved out a good place for Richard and not just ignored him.

Meneldur: Especially since that year one includes him being totally broken by Denna

Liberty Stewart: @ivan yup Odren power Richard was when he was interesting

seriousfic: I think LotS is too light a show to have Richard all dark all the time.

synergyfox: I’d totally read a Richard centric fic in which Denna broke him just sayin’

Meneldur: I totally want more fics to combine the books with the show.

seriousfic: There’d be no contrast between him and Cara (and Kahlan)

synergyfox: Denna is involved. I’ll read it. *biased*

Meneldur: Maybe if we brought some of dark richard from the books, he’d be more interesting on the show

Liberty Stewart: @synergy: on the show Nicci is the D&D character

Meneldur: Synergyfox – just read the first book

seriousfic: I remember people being plenty invested in Richard/Kahlan back in season one.

Meneldur: Or maybe second, I forget by now

seriousfic: Season two, maybe they just gave him too much experience.

synergyfox: I’ve read book one and book four… that’s it. I kind of gave up.

Alsike: of course TG is not so happy about people ficcing his books

synergyfox: I don’t know. I kinda of like show Richard a lot more than book Richard simply because he’s a puppy…

the_dhamphir: @ serious… yeah i shipped kahlan/richard in the first season

seriousfic: Terry Goodkind isn’t happy about the South losing the Civil War.

Meneldur: Yeah, that’s why we talk abotu the show

michelle_2011: good panel, thanks.

the_dhamphir: but in season 2 it was kahlan/cara all the way

synergyfox: Eh, we get around that by writing it on the show and pulling in background characters like Berdine and Raina and then don’t make it toally about them.

synergyfox: @dhamphir it so was

Alsike: or we make it totally about them

synergyfox: I didn’t even need femslash goggles for that

Meneldur: Yeah

Meneldur: Although I still want to find a fic where Richard walks in on some Mord’Sith doing it

the_dhamphir: Alright. I’d like to give a big thanks to both Synergyfox and Seriousfic for being our panelists today!

Meneldur: Haven’t found one yet

synergyfox: XD I may have to write that…

Stacicle: Thanks!

Meneldur: Indeed, thanks for their great work

synergyfox: Spastic panel was spastic! <3

Alsike: Thanks!

Meneldur: Even more thanks if you do, synergyfox

Alkmaion: heh

the_dhamphir: remember when you read their stories to feed their muses with feedback!

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