The Good Wife

fsc_ralst: Welcome to the Good Wife panel, I’m ralst and I’ll be moderating this one.

fsc_ralst: Please could the panellists please change their font to bold red and introduce themselves.

chilly-flame: bye folks! thanks!

damelola: Hey everyone, I’m Lola aka fictorium, and I’m a quietly fervent Kalicia shipper

jazwriter: hey! I’m Jazzy. It’s great to be here…

jazwriter: we have a small but dedicated group of shippers for TGW

fsc_ralst: Hey, damelola, you kinda beat me to my first question, what’s everyone’s favourite pairing? Unusually, we actually have a choice in this fandom

damelola: Whoops, jumping the gun on my part

fsc_ralst: lol

jazwriter: I like Kalinda/Alicia (or as lola said Kalicia)

fsc_ralst: What is it about them that draws you?

blackgrl71: hello!

jazwriter: they reflect a strong bond and lots of delicious subtext

blackgrl71: i’d have to say Kalinda/Alicia hands down

damelola: their twistiness? I think Alicia still has a way to go in getting out of her suburban mom trap and Kalinda is just intriguing in every way

jazwriter: hi blackgrl

damelola: plus their relationship, friends or otherwise, is the core of the show to me.

fsc_ralst: I like twistiness, hey bg

blackgrl71: i think it’s becaues they’re both so… constrained… well obviously Alicia a little more so.

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I think Alicia and Will were meant to be the core, but right from the start it was Alicia and Kalinda and not just for femslashers

jazwriter: hey lola–if I can be a fangirl for a moment–I loved In on the Secret

damelola: I know a lot of Will/Alicia shippers who are super invested in the Alicia/Kalinda dynamic, yup. Like more people got upset about their friendship breaking up than Will and Alicia cooling off in s3

damelola: Aw, thank you Jazzy!

blackgrl71: i mean i know, Alicia did Will and Kalinda did… what she needed, around each other there was this tension, (sexual) in my mind.

fsc_ralst: Do you think the subtext was hurt or helped by the K/A breakup at the end of season two?

jazwriter: I’ve seen that, too–I was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly for shipping Kalicia, and the questions were geared toward their friendship

jazwriter: and the subtext

damelola: I think the breakup helped! It proved beyond doubt how invested Kalinda was

damelola: like actually seeing Kalinda lose her cool was horrible to watch.

fsc_ralst: Alicia is the chink in Kalinda’s armour

jazwriter: and the season ender was a wonderful testament to how much Kalinda cares about Alicia, even though she just wants to run away

blackgrl71: depends on one’s imagination. but it adds to the angst and the tension — and it’d be about both of them losing their cool w/ ea other

damelola: oh, that was a doozy!

fsc_ralst: Any questions, raise you hands, comments jump on in

damelola: Kalinda changing her plan and staying was huge.

fsc_ralst: @dame yes, I get the feeling that running, in one way or another, is her standard approach

fsc_ralst: blackgrl71?

jazwriter: *waves at Tamoline and points* here’s another great Kalicia writer

Tamoline: (Blushes)

blackgrl71: is it possible to drop either of our fav characters into an AU? if so which one would work, particuarly if it’d help loosen their control a bit?

Tamoline: Technically I just wrote one

damelola: I read a zombie AU last week (alas not finished) and it was amazing

damelola: and I do *not* do zombies, but wow.

fsc_ralst: Kalinda would be an amazin zombie killer

blackgrl71: hmm, i’ll have to check that out.

fsc_ralst: dame, any idea where you read it or by whom?

damelola: I’ll find the link if LJ starts behaving for me

blackgrl71: *snort* good luck w/ that.

jazwriter: right! Tamoline is writing The Lies We Tell Ourselves (and Others) which is Kalinda and Alicia meeting in college (law school?)

Tamoline: Mine was a fairly close AU, where they meet in college

Tamoline: Alicia is in law school, Kalinda is in college

fsc_ralst: I can see Kalinda as a security type, assigned to protect the Senator and his wife, Alicia

damelola: ooh, that’s intriguing on both counts.

blackgrl71: either of those would be really interesting.

damelola: I’m kind of writing a Once Upon a Time crossover, but Kalinda and Alicia stay in their own world/timeline essentially. It’s AU for the other characters

Tamoline: One of the most interesting parts for me about that was trying to find a reason *why* Kalinda would go to college. It seemed very much off type for her

jazwriter: I read that zombie fic…where is it? *taps head*

blackgrl71: ALicia playing a Senator would totally work – more so than her current kind-of-husband

fsc_ralst: Business course?

fsc_ralst: I think Alicia’s too sane a person to be a politician

fsc_ralst: Tamoline, your question?

Alert: Tamoline hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

jazwriter: Kalinda could take criminal justice or criminal psychology courses

Tamoline: What do you see as the core attributes of Kalinda and Alicia

blackgrl71: wait a minute, Alicia/Kalinda in Once Upon a Time? and Kalinda would take criminal psych course definitely

fsc_ralst: K’s boots

jazwriter: LOL ralst

Tamoline: Kalinda taking criminal psychology could be *hilarious* given how much she despises all the psychologu experts on the show

damelola: Regina and Emma come to Chicago to hide out – Emma and Kalinda are ‘friends’

jazwriter: They are both observers–they gather knowledge and use it

blackgrl71: awesome!

fsc_ralst: They also get people to talk – totally different methods, but smilar results

damelola: core attributes for me are loyalty, discretion, a need for someone who ‘gets it’, I think

damelola: and they’re both remarkably strong

blackgrl71: damelola: please let me know when you post it!

damelola: I will do @blackgrl, a couple of chapters are up on but I’m going to finish off the story and post the rest later in the summer

fsc_ralst: They’re both vulnerable too, but try desperately to hide it

jazwriter: strong and vulnerable

damelola: Ooh, the zombie AU (and other snippets, e.g. Alicia is the SA) was threeguesses:

Tamoline: @ralst – though Alicia hides it with ice, and Kalinda with fog

fsc_ralst: Yeah, they have different coping mechanisms but there is a similarity too

fsc_ralst: @dame thanks for the link

fsc_ralst: Other than Alicia/Kalinda, what are your thoughts on the other pairing possibilities? Kalinda/Dana, Kalinda/Lana, Kalinda/Sofia etc.

damelola: I like K/Sofia and K/Lana for the most part, but I didn’t take to K/Dana, despite loving Monica Raymund

fsc_ralst: I tried to think of another Alicia pairing possibility but came up blank

damelola: I think I’m just weary of the few ‘lesbian/bi’ storylines on TV always involving a straight-identified woman

damelola: ALicia/Diane?

fsc_ralst: I thought Kalinda/Dana were good at flirting but the agenda behind it made it not work for me

jazwriter: I could see Alicia and Diane could work

jazwriter: *it could work

writetherest: I like Alicia/Diane possibilities

damelola: Hey @writetherest!

fsc_ralst: Poor Diane, she great, but she seem to miss out on all the femslash, at least that I’ve seen

damelola: I have a prompt I’m working on for A/D

writetherest: Hi. I just texted you that I forgot. Oops.

damelola: but it’s slowgoing.

damelola: @ralst yes, she does. I suppose because CB made such good work of seducing those manly men

jazwriter: lol lola!

blackgrl71: i’d like to see Kalinda/Dana Lodge

fsc_ralst: @dame I kinda like Diane and her men

jazwriter: She is a driven, powerful woman–I can see her mentoring Alicia (she did offer friendship) and it becoming more

damelola: @ralst: me too. It really works

writetherest: I am just for all forms of Baranski, however we can get her

damelola: As for A/D I’d love to read an AU where Diane is the partner who does Alicia a favour and gives her the job. Maybe they have history where Diane was her law school prof instead of fellow student

fsc_ralst: @dame works better for me than Will/Alicia backstory

blackgrl71: me too. but not enough to really read about it. UNLESS, like the whole Minerva/Hermione her character becomes femslash sexiness due to some awesome writers

fsc_ralst: Another thing I love about Diane is that she can even make Will’s scenes good (the same with Kalinda and Will)

damelola: I *love* Kalinda and Will’s friendship

writetherest: @damelola ME TOO. I love those dynamics.

damelola: I also love fics where he competes for Alicia against K and Kalinda wins

fsc_ralst: a foregone conclusion, really

damelola: nobody picks anybody over Kalinda, right?

fsc_ralst: no-one who’s sane

blackgrl71: lol.

fsc_ralst: I do worry that they’ll try and drop Kalinda/Carey on us

damelola: With Alicia/Will and Alicia/Peter having both been canon – how do we feel when the writing nudges towards e.g. Cary/Kalinda?

damelola: oops, great minds @ralst

fsc_ralst: great minds indeed

damelola: Because Kalinda is… flexible and I selfishly want to keep her for the ladies

writetherest: I like the Cary/Kalinda dynamic as friends, but not as a romantic thing

Tamoline: I can’t really see it when he’s at Lockhart Gardner – she’s been very good about keeping away from employees

damelola: I find them kinda fraternal, so it squicks me a bit

fsc_ralst: I think Kalind and Cary work, as friends, because there’s not more, if they made it canon it would warp it

blackgrl71: i agree

writetherest: I agree with those points a lot

fsc_ralst: He’s always had a crush, but she’s been amused by him more than anything, although there was an iffy shift in attitude towards the middle of the last season

jazwriter: I was rather squicked out when they shared a kiss–I always thought they were more like siblings

fsc_ralst: Hopefully, the writers realised that and that’s why we got Dana and Lana

fsc_ralst: writetherest, your question?

Alert: writetherest hand was lowered by fsc_ralst

jazwriter: Dana and Lana–did they have to have two women with rhyming names?

fsc_ralst: lol someone lost their little book of names

Tamoline: Dana and Donna, for that matter

blackgrl71: lol

writetherest: Oh, my question is, I know on some other procedural shows (ie SVU) that the judges have found their way into slash pairings, so I was wondering if anyone saw any potential there with any of the female judges we’ve been introduced to so far?

Tamoline: And *they* both worked at te SA’s office

damelola: I now immediately ship Diane and the judge played by Bebe Neuwirth

jazwriter: good point Tamoline…

jazwriter: nice thought, lola! LOL

writetherest: @lola ME TOO. Which is kinda why I asked.

blackgrl71: there actually haven’t been enough female judges to slash w/… at least none i can think of off the top of my head

fsc_ralst: Diane and Lillith!

damelola: I love Ana Gasteyer (was that in your opinion) but more comedically than romantically

writetherest: Yeah, I was more on the Bebe end. But I do love Ana.

damelola: Judge Lillith is what I called her all episode!

fsc_ralst: she will always be Lillith

fsc_ralst: Maybe not romantically, but who know, I’d love to see Kalinda and, erm, redheaded lawyer of Alicia’s scenes

Tamoline: Elspeth Tascioni

fsc_ralst: that’s it, cheers

jazwriter: the red head that seems flighty but knows her stuff? I love that character!

damelola: Carrie Preston is amazing at that part.

fsc_ralst: Yes, I love it when they bring her back

fsc_ralst: They have so many good female characters, main cast and recurring, on this show, it puts others to shame

fsc_ralst: blackgrl71, your question?

blackgrl71: speaking of other procedural shows, are there other characters from other fandoms that could provide some interesting pairings?

fsc_ralst: Ooh crossovers

writetherest: CJ Cregg/Diane and go.

blackgrl71: i.e. Olivia/Kalinda or Kalinda/Jessica (Suits)

blackgrl71: CJ Cregg would be pretty fabulous

fsc_ralst: Kalinda and Emily Prentiss?

Tamoline: @ralst – the potential repression in that pairing would certainly be – interesting

blackgrl71: no kidding

ariestess: 15 m inute warning to the end of the panel.

fsc_ralst: yeah, two closed books

blackgrl71: i acutally did one pairing Kalinda/Teresa Colvin from Chicago Code

jazwriter: Kalinda and Patty Hughes…lol

writetherest: oh mannnnnn @jaz

blackgrl71: OMG! That would be pretty awesome!

jazwriter: yeah–hmmmm

damelola: Patty! Oh wow

jazwriter: (like I don’t have enough to write)

fsc_ralst: @jaz now one more *g*

jazwriter: lol ralst

blackgrl71: shucks, i might have to give that one a stab too

jazwriter: please do, bg–I love reading your stories

fsc_ralst: between the two of you, you can create a mini fandom world

blackgrl71: awww shucks — LOL. i’ll add it to my que — thanks a lot

jazwriter: lol!

fsc_ralst: What is everybody’s favourite TGW story? Or favourites

jazwriter: (I’m having lots of fangirl moments today) *blushes*

fsc_ralst: No favourites?

damelola: A Glacier’s Pace by abvj

Tamoline: ‘A mile for the journey’ by sweetjamielee is the first one that spings to mind

damelola: and threeguesses ‘The Dice Were Loaded Fomr the Start’

blackgrl71: Possession by A1066

fsc_ralst: are they all on LJ?

jazwriter: well, I already mentioned a few: In on the Secret by damelola and Tamoline’s current WIP The Lies We tell Ourselves (and Others)

Tamoline: Not WIP any more

damelola: And Mosca’s ‘How To Fall in Love Completely’

blackgrl71: The Date; my selections are on

jazwriter: sweetjamielee does a great job

fsc_ralst: So, what are you all working on right now, anything for us to get super excited over?

damelola: I’m playing with some Ficathon prompts. And there’s the Alicia/Diane one, too. I want to write a longer K/A but haven’t settled on which story yet

ariestess: Sex panel starts in 5 minutes.

blackgrl71: i’m planning on doing a Kalinda/Jessica (Suits) fic and now i’ll be adding that Patty Hewes/Kalinda fic too… because how i can i NOT wanna read that?!

blackgrl71: that panel almost needs no introduction

fsc_ralst: lol

damelola: Kalinda/Jessica? SWOON.

fsc_ralst: Very quickly then, wishes for the next season?

blackgrl71: yeah… i gotta.

damelola: some quality K/A bonding time, tequila optional. And

blackgrl71: that Kalinda/Alicia bond even more

damelola: hopefully admitting some level of caring about each other. That would be swell

jazwriter: darn–Paltalk hates me

damelola: I’d love one of those episodes where it’s the two of them stuck in some cut-off place and it’s like a two-handed play for television

blackgrl71: well i’m off to my crossover panel. thanks for putting this together!

fsc_ralst: Thank you to everyone for a great panel, it’s been fun, and now I MUST have a TGW section for P&P

damelola: thanks for a lovely chat!

Tamoline: Thanks

jazwriter: thanks!

damelola: yay @ralst!

writetherest: thanks!

Tamoline: If you want to grab any of my fic, please feel free

damelola: ditto for me

fsc_ralst: @Tamolin thank you @dame ditto

michelle_2011: thanks for the good apnel.

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