Creating Audio

ariestess: Creating Audio panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

ariestess: First the ground rules. You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep track of the questions for everyone.

ariestess: Panelists, please introduce yourselves. I’ll go first. I’m AJ, aka ariestess, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter. I am your moderator for this panel.

AllaineF4F: I am Allaine, host of Femslash4Fans Radio on

ariestess: Welcome!

AllaineF4F: I see a few people here who have been on the show

ariestess: We were supposed to have another panelist/moderator, but it appears the technical issues of the day may have overwhelmed her, too.

AllaineF4F: Um, Ariestess, Docwho, Shaych, Dhamphir, Ralst (sort of)

AllaineF4F: quiethearted

ariestess: So, Allaine, why don’t we start with how you got the idea to do F4F in the first place?

AllaineF4F: Okay, well, this is ironic considering the circumstances

ariestess: Oh?

AllaineF4F: but I felt like I was surrounded by all these great fanfic authors who would probably never be interviewed about their work, since we’re operating in the shadowy world of "not our copyright"

AllaineF4F: certainly I always fantasized about being interviewed about my stories, as I’d been writing fanfic for years

AllaineF4F: and about 3 years ago, GlassofWin did a radio show on the BTR site about Batman villains, which I am of course very familiar with

ariestess: Right. I think that might be a wish for most fanfic authors.

AllaineF4F: so I called in, and in doing so, I found out about how simple it was to set up a radio show of your own

shaych03: i have been interviewed by a local paper about fanfiction and writing it. wasn’t the same, though. was more, "look at this strange, crazy geek cult thing"

AllaineF4F: And sadly, I am a boring enough person that this felt like the only subject I could speak about with knowledge (for more than one day)

ariestess: LOL!

ariestess: And an icon was born.

AllaineF4F: And so, after a few "call-in" sessions of practicing, I did my first interview in – June 2009, I think, with Somniesperus and Grdnofevrythng about Devil Wears Prada

AllaineF4F: and I’ve been doing it every week, or two weeks, with a couple hiatuses, ever since

ariestess: *nods* And that leads into my next question. How do you determine your topics and guests?

AllaineF4F: and now here I am in a kind of interview setting

AllaineF4F: oh, ooh, that is a very complicated process with no one answer

ariestess: LOL!

AllaineF4F: A lot of shows, especially the earlier ones, were on topics that I was personally familiar with. Either I wrote for them, or I read in them. So like DWP, I had read a ton of Mirandy fic at the time.

ariestess: *nod* That makes sense to go with what you know.

AllaineF4F: So it was easy for me to think, "Who are some really good authors in this fandom?"

AllaineF4F: Then I contacted a few of them, told them about the show, and when I got a couple yesses, I moved forward.

AllaineF4F: More often than not, however, I have to do some research. I’ll go to places like or some of the LJ-communities like Femslash-Today or Passion Perfection

ariestess: Anyone with a question, just raise your hand.

AllaineF4F: I’ll look and see what fandoms have the largest followings, see which authors seem to be the most popular, see for myself if I like their work

ariestess: And I know you’ve gone back and looked at some fandoms and/or pairings a second time. Do you think you’ll do that a lot? Or are there still a lot of fandoms out there to explore?

AllaineF4F: One thing I’ll tell you – no matter how popular an author is, it’s less likely I’ll interview them if I don’t like their work, because I’m the one who has to read it all

AllaineF4F: It depends.

ariestess: *n ods*

shaych03: so your choices are subjective

AllaineF4F: Some fandoms, like Xena and Glee, I go back because of the popularity.

AllaineF4F: one sec, Shaych

AllaineF4F: Um, Xena has about three million authors, so you can’t pick JUST two, I’ve interviewed like 12-15 by now

AllaineF4F: Glee, I focused on Faberry, the first time. The second time, I moved on to Brittana, and the last show was on Pezberry.

ariestess: Right. That makes sense.

AllaineF4F: I will do that also if someone recommends it, like Grdn recommended the Pezberry show. Or if someone who I trust says, "Hey, you should REALLY speak to this person".

AllaineF4F: Shaych, yes, my choices ARE subjective. As some of you may have noticed, I like having certain people back for a second or third time, usually authors whose work I find the most compelling.

AllaineF4F: Also, if my schedule is really slammed

ariestess: Or authors who are willing to come ramble at you multiple times. LOL!

ariestess: @wolfie_dk, you have the next question.

AllaineF4F: it requires less time preparing if I return to a fandom I already explored once. Because I’ve done MANY shows where I knew NOTHING about the pairings until I asked someone.

ariestess: Right.

AllaineF4F: Ariestess here, her first show was CSI Miami, which I had never watched

AllaineF4F: that was during my "crime drama" series

AllaineF4F: sorry, question?

wolvie_dk: Allaine, what has been the reaction to your show both within the community and from outsiders? And has it changed over the years? Or has your approach to doing it changed?

ariestess: The radio show that nearly wasn’t…

ariestess: Fond memories there.

AllaineF4F: lol

AllaineF4F: okay, Wolvie, um

AllaineF4F: not many outsiders know. Not many relatives even know. Like my wife, my mother, and my aunt know, and that’s about it. I don’t know how my family, or my wife’s family, would react in general

AllaineF4F: as for within the community

AllaineF4F: mostly positive. I’ve had a lot of guests who really enjoyed the experience and who really "got into it". I did have one which didn’t really work out, unfortunately.

AllaineF4F: And I’ve heard from some people with one of two comments…

AllaineF4F: 1. "Why are you doing this? You’re a guy? That is so weird and creepy."

AllaineF4F: Or 2. "Why are you doing this? You’re not a lesbian? This is our community, and you should just find a real lesbian and have her do it instead."

AllaineF4F: Oh, and 3. "You sound like a total amateur on the air."

shaych03: i suppose male slash stuff should only be done by gay men, then? oy. you have an opinion, a voice, and a desire to express that side of your nature. do so.

AllaineF4F: Which, okay, I am. I’m not trained for this. In fact, I’m pretty introverted in RL.

ariestess: Right. I can understand people having those first 2 reactions, but don’t agree with them. *says the girl who’s been on your show 4 times now*

ariestess: Exactly, shay!

AllaineF4F: Shaych – I think I was part of a panel at the last Femslashcon that got into a lot of baggage on that topic

AlexReading: Sorry but the "you

wolvie_dk: being a guy, i’ve had that experience as an author

shaych03: it’s not as if you’re telling the world that lesbians are evil

AllaineF4F: AJ – wow, really? Let’s see, CSI Miami, Women’s Murder Club? That "other show" relatively recently.

shaych03: that’s like saying that i, as a gay woman, cannot write a straight person’s story

ariestess: CSI: Miami, archival sites, B5, and that "other show" relatively recently. Did I do WMC?

AlexReading: "you’re not a lesbian" is totally bully!

AllaineF4F: I think it’s more like, "This is our world, we fought against oppression to be free to do this, and now some hetero guy is horning in on us".

shaych03: there may be some nuances that aren’t right, but there’s always going to be trouble with nuances, no matter what

AllaineF4F: Ariestess – that’s right, there was the Shatterstorm show. B5, yes, that show also had technical issues.

AllaineF4F: I thought you were involved in some kind of virtual season show or something, but I could be wrong, there have been a hundred or so

Otakugamer01: why can’t they be like, oh look here’s a guy that gets us, writes and promotes awesome femslash…geez this dude is enlightened…

ariestess: I agree, Otaku!

ariestess: Michelle, yu have the next question.

wolvie_dk: being "whatever" doen’t automatically make you better at writing that

michelle_2011: how am I creating audio?

AllaineF4F: but, you know, I move on. I do work within the lesbian community here in Philly too, and occasionally I get people who aren’t pleased with it

AllaineF4F: but I move on

AllaineF4F: Michelle…

ariestess: @Michelle, I’m not sure I understand your question.

AllaineF4F: The technical aspect?

AlexReading: like hardware involved? software?

michelle_2011: i was wondering how this helps me creat audio?

AllaineF4F: well, I can tell you how I created the show, and what the process has been in terms of technical stuff, advertising, etc

michelle_2011: okay

ariestess: @Michelle :: One of our panelistss that has worked with a lot of the creating audio software is not here today, unfortunately, so we’re going with the strengths of our panelist.

AllaineF4F: okay, first of all, allows you to create your own podcast/radio show, even if you are not technologically savvy at ALL

AllaineF4F: A child could probably run my show

michelle_2011: thanks

AllaineF4F: I just created an account, then created the show. I log in before every broadcast, I use my regular ol’ landline to call in, my guests call in too from a second phone line

AllaineF4F: I have a switchboard in front of me on the computer that lets me see who is calling, and whether or not the audience can hear them speaking

AllaineF4F: BTR broadcasts the whole thing live THROUGH the site, and then automatically records every word so that people can download the .mp3 file THROUGH the site afterwards

AllaineF4F: So if you’re a nitwit like me that doesn’t know how to edit audio files, or splice things, or make clips, or whatever, BTR is a good option. Granted, they’ve been total dicks too

ariestess: And I LOVE that BTR does that download option. I always want to go back and listen to what kind of idiot I sounded like in the panels.

wolvie_dk: Have you thought about Skype or something similar?

michelle_2011: thanks for that info.

AllaineF4F: BTR used to give me a "Revenue sharing option" where they’d put commercials on the radio program, and I’d get a piece of the money. I said no, I don’t do it for money, the audience shouldn’t have to listen to it

AllaineF4F: a year or so ago, they started doing it anyway, and they keep all the money. So now I’m doubly screwed

ariestess: OH, that’s awful!

AllaineF4F: THey also used to be a free site if you didn’t want all the bells and whistles, but now you need to pay $40/month or more if you want to have a show that is A. more than 30 minutes, and B. airing after 5 PM local time on a weeknight

AllaineF4F: otherwise, I’d be hosting the show at 1 PM on a Tuesday or something

shaych03: popularity breeds asshattery?

AllaineF4F: I guess.

AllaineF4F: Michelle, no problem. Then you’ve got to worry about promoting it.

ariestess: Alex, you have the next question.

AllaineF4F: sorry, question?

AlexReading: thanks. Allaine, the BTR is all broswer based and u still need a landline? can u call in via internet?

AllaineF4F: Alex…

AllaineF4F: I’ve never used Skype myself, but I’ve had guests, esp. international callers, who used Skype to call in via the computer, and they report no issues

AllaineF4F: I use a landline because I don’t pay for calls that late in the evening, and it’s convenient

AllaineF4F: but I do need a computer with Internet access to host the show

AlexReading: ah, that is good. thanks.

AllaineF4F: can I go back to Michelle for a second?

ariestess: Go head

ariestess: ahead

michelle_2011: yes

AllaineF4F: the other trick to the radio show is getting the word out. Like I said, I don’t have any revenue, so I stick to free advertising. So, I’ll post things on my Facebook page and Twitter page. Then I’ll also seek out the communities on FB, LJ, message boards, etc, that "ship" the particular fandom of the week

AllaineF4F: The ladies at are pretty good about it too.

michelle_2011: okay, i like that too

AllaineF4F: But that requires additional work if you want to create a radio show. It’s not easy getting large groups of people to know about it. And I don’t have a large "consistent" audience.

AllaineF4F: Even now, I find that the download numbers for a show are heavily dependent on the subject matter.

ariestess: And that makes sense, I think.

AllaineF4F: I had a show recently on Mass Effect that got over 1,000 downloads in a month, and then the next show got only 400-500.

michelle_2011: this sounds easier than making a podcast and uploading it to a site.

AllaineF4F: Some shows have been downloaded 4,000-7,000 times. Others? 600-700.

AllaineF4F: yeah, it’s not like I need to sit at my computer with a headset and use audio recording software to edit things. And I can have my guests call in from anywhere.

AllaineF4F: I’ve had guests from the UK, Germany, Finland, Australia, Canada, etc

michelle_2011: i believe coast to coast am may run like this

AllaineF4F: prolly

AllaineF4F: it’s a labor of love, that’s for sure

ariestess: Isn’t it great how a labor of love is worth doing, even with the issues inherent to them?

AllaineF4F: yes

michelle_2011: they have been at it for awhile. but it sounds like people call in to the show like you described

AllaineF4F: yes. Except they have producers and interns sharing the load. I have me, and sometimes a cohost

AllaineF4F: I burned out once

michelle_2011: i see

ariestess: *nods*

AllaineF4F: I did a show, let’s see

AllaineF4F: two years ago, I did my first XWP show, and the guests were Melissa Good, KG McGregor, and Linda Crist

michelle_2011: okay i got my question answered very well thank you. i may have to log off because of coming thunder storm.

AllaineF4F: I spent about six months getting ready for that interview. I read probably 90% of their uberfic. And they wrote a LOT. All the Dar/Kerry stories. All of it

ariestess: Right

AllaineF4F: After that show, I stopped for a month, because I was reading too much, too quickly, I was doing three guests a show, one show a week. I stopped

AllaineF4F: it might have been two months, I forget. I burned out

ariestess: Wow! That could definitely cause burnout!

AllaineF4F: Now I normally do shows every two weeks, I try to have two guests tops, I try to have cohosts to divide the reading, I try to choose topics that won’t require a ton of preparation

AllaineF4F: so it’s a good thing there are as many benefits as there are

ariestess: That’s true!

AllaineF4F: question?

ariestess: And quite informative.

ariestess: Do we have any other questions for Allaine?

ariestess: I have one, but I’m waiting to see if anyone else does.

ariestess: And I’ll take that as a no and step in.

ariestess: What shows do you have coming up for us to look forward to?

AllaineF4F: hm

AllaineF4F: well, the next three months are scheduled in theory, although not with many hard dates yet

AllaineF4F: I can tell you about the next show, although this is unofficial, so don’t go telling everyone about it yet

ariestess: *nods* I’m game.

AllaineF4F: July 26th, 9-11 PM EST. Two shows, because I had to take six weeks off. My wife and I moved, so I haven’t had a lot of free time.

ariestess: Wow1

AllaineF4F: 9-10 PM, she’s in Room One actually, I’m interviewing Christin Mell and Nancylee Myatt about Cowgirl Up! Since they’re going to start shooting Season 2 later this year

AllaineF4F: maybe a third guest too, don’t know for sure

ariestess: Nice!

AllaineF4F: And Kim Pritekel is cohosting with me again for that

docwho2100: yay CU

AllaineF4F: 10-11 PM, I don’t normally do PUBLISHED authors, but my cohost set it up for me.

AllaineF4F: 10-11 PM, the author Julie Anne Peters, who wrote "Keeping You a Secret", "Luna", "Far From Xanadu", "Between Mom and Jo", etc

ariestess: Very nice

AllaineF4F: She does LGBT-themed stories for young adult audiences

AllaineF4F: and BurningEden from the Grey’s Anatomy fandom will be my cohost

AllaineF4F: So that’s two completely separate shows. CHristin and NL go off at 10, Julie comes on.

AllaineF4F: "Official" announcement and links to be posted this week

AllaineF4F: Speaking of some of those names…

ariestess: Oh how neat! Thanks for the unofficial heads up…

AllaineF4F: I did want to say what I’ve found the benefits of the radio show are

AllaineF4F: since it’s not just "a lot of unpaid work"

ariestess: right

AllaineF4F: 1. I’ve been introduced to some fandoms that I fell HARD for, and even occasionally started watching the show. I became a big Sarah/Cameron shipper from Terminator SCC…

AllaineF4F: Glee…

AllaineF4F: I read all of the Women’s Murder Club virtual seasons. Three times.

AllaineF4F: I started watching Warehouse 13 last season and I am hooked so completely

ariestess: Wow!

AllaineF4F: 2. The authors themselves. Some extremely talented people. And of those, some have become good friends, some have been extra super nice.

AllaineF4F: I can’t list them all, but I love Dreiser. BurningEden. Milk_and_glass. Kim Pritekel. Nancylee is pretty awesome.

ariestess: *nods*

AllaineF4F: Heartsways.

AllaineF4F: AJ and Jenn

AlexReading: and thank you forinviting the authors, I’d never hear them, otherwise.

ariestess: *g* Jenn and I love doing your show

shaych03: i know i had fun on the svu panel

AllaineF4F: if I bring people back as cohosts, it’s partly because I am very fond of them. Grdn.

AllaineF4F: that was fun, Shaych

ariestess: I actually have fond memories of all of my shows that I’ve done with you. The show that almost wasn’t is my favorite though.

AllaineF4F: 3. I feel like, in my own very small way, I am giving these extremely talented people more exposure.

AllaineF4F: such good authors

ariestess: And we have about 8 more minutes on this panel. Any last questions for our fantastic panelist, Allaine?

AllaineF4F: ask me anything!

ariestess: Actually, I just thought of something.

ariestess: Are there any panels or panelists on your dream list still?

AllaineF4F: ooooh

AllaineF4F: there are some shows which would be obvious fits for the program, but since I don’t watch the shows, I am completely clueless about the fandoms

AllaineF4F: so A. I don’t know who the good authors are, and B. there are so damn many of them

ariestess: *nods* Which shows? *is curious*

AllaineF4F: The L Word and CSI come to mind.

ariestess: So if someone were willing to help with the research, legwork, etc, would you consider doing those shows?

AllaineF4F: Pretty Little Liars

AllaineF4F: oh, in a heartbeat

AllaineF4F: it seems like most of my friends and past guests weren’t big fans of those fandoms either

ariestess: Nice! I will see if I know of anyone who can help out with some of those.

AllaineF4F: cool

AllaineF4F: actually, um, Chris Dee was my dream guest, even though she doesn’t write femslash, and I finally got her last year

ariestess: And as we wind down to the final minutes of this panel, I’d like to thank Allaine and all of our attendees for a really fascinating panel.

AllaineF4F: thank you for having me, thanks to all of you for, you know, giving a shit

michelle_2011: good panel, thanks for the very helpful information.

Shatterpath: Hi Al!

AllaineF4F: jenn

AllaineF4F: *hugs*

wolvie_dk: Thank you. Looking forward to all the future shows

AllaineF4F: a show on Dana Scully would be awesome too

shesgottaread: ty, Allaine and ari

AllaineF4F: thanks

docwho2100: yes on the scully show

AllaineF4F: oh, and I can tell you there will be another XWP show and another Swan Queen show later this summer

Shatterpath: whoo hoo!

ariestess: Sweet!

AllaineF4F: to finish shows I did earlier this season that were too long for a single time slot

AlexReading: oooh, Swan Queen!

AllaineF4F: my biggest dream would be to meet all of my past guests in person one day

shesgottaread: *rubs hands in anticipation*

AllaineF4F: awesome!

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