the_dhamphir: Okay, Sgr is supposed to be the mod, but is having some technical difficulties

the_dhamphir: So I’ll help out

the_dhamphir: Will the panelists please make sure your font is bold red. and everyone else black.

RaeDMagdon: So… should we wait a minute, or get started?

the_dhamphir: We’ll get started.

blackgrl71: i figure we can at least introduce ourselves?

the_dhamphir: Panelist please introduce yourselves. I’ll start by saying i’m Dhamphir or D.

jazwriter: I’m Jazzy and I’ve written a HP/DWP crossover

blackgrl71: blackgrl and i only tend to do crossovers.

Alsike: Hi, I’m Alsike. I originated the Emily Prentiss/Emma Frost Criminal Minds/X-Men crossovers. But I’ve also written a couple other crossovers and mergers.

DanieXJ: I’m Danie, or DanieXJ, I’ve written too many crossovers

RaeDMagdon: I’m Rae. I mostly dabble in Law & Order: SVU land with occasional day trips to Rizzoli & Isles nation. And those are the two genres I’ve done crossovers with. I’ve been getting in to Mass Effect lately.

D_a_valiant_heart: I’m also D…

D_a_valiant_heart: My crossovers tend to be very multi-fandom

the_dhamphir: Ground rules: You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep trakc of the questions for everyone.

Liberty Stewart: Mass effect seems to be a popular fandom and i haven’t even played the games yet

the_dhamphir: who else do we have on the panel?

blackgrl71: me neither.

psychotic-cat17: Rae made me play

RaeDMagdon: …… Okay, I know that I haven’t done any ME crossovers, but I have to say that Mass Effect is an AWESOME series of games and totally worth investing time and money in. And the fanfic writing for it is tremendous on the Mass Effect kink meme

RaeDMagdon: OMG HI!!!

psychotic-cat17: hello

the_dhamphir: Question mayI?

mayIreadtoday: I’d love if the panelists could share where i can read their fics at

the_dhamphir: we’ll definitely ask that. *G*

mayIreadtoday: Thanks

Liberty Stewart: @rae: good to know. i believe my brother owns them.

the_dhamphir: First off, what inspired you to write Xovers? and what were the fandoms you wrote about?

the_dhamphir: Jazzy? you want to go first?

jazwriter: Sure

Liberty Stewart: I started writing x-overs if I feel the source material is too limited

jazwriter: I was happily writing DWP when some of my writer friends (read: Gin and QH) made me read HP

Liberty Stewart: or if a like certain characters/actors and want to put them together

blackgrl71: i’d have to say i started writing crossovers because the original fandoms often left me feeling… unsatisfied and i always think it’s more interesting to intro one verse to another

jazwriter: I wrote a Minerva/Hermione HP and then I was given a prompt to write a HP/DWP crossover called The Cerulean Dragon

jazwriter: Miranda as a witch–hell ya! So, I went for ut

jazwriter: *it

DanieXJ: I started because I sorta thought I had run out of things to do with Kerry/Kim (ER fandom) and so I wanted to give them a richer world to play in

DanieXJ: in retrospect, I hadn’t run out, but, then I just couldn’t stop doing the crossovers…

RaeDMagdon: I wrote my first Rizzoli & Izles/Law & Order: SVU crossover because the Angie Harmon plays both Abbie Carmichael on Law & Order and Jane Rizzoli on Rizzoli & Isles.

RaeDMagdon: I wanted to see what would happen if two identical looking (but very different) characters were mistaken for each other in a gay bar. It was only meant to be one or two chapters, but people kept reviewing, so I kept writing. That spawned ‘What Happens In Provincetown’.

blackgrl71: for me it was also a way to really create more complex, compelling storylines. my 1st x-over was DWP and Anita Blake/Merry Gentry

D_a_valiant_heart: The WW/XWP was just a perfect fit for me. The multi – I looked at all the fandoms listed at P&P and realized how much they had in common. I used 29 fandoms in ADD.

the_dhamphir: 29?!

D_a_valiant_heart: yes ma’am

blackgrl71: i loved the thought of Miranda a powerful, sexy-w/-a-side-of-kink Vampire

RaeDMagdon: … I suddenly know where I know D’s writing from… I’m thinking of a specific, older fic that I stayed up all freaking night reading.

the_dhamphir: What’s your favorite pairing and why?

alannasky: wait jazz u wrote that…im actually reading it right now

DanieXJ: crossover or general?

the_dhamphir: crossover

alannasky: u did a great job

RaeDMagdon: I actually have never written a crossover where the pairings from different shows overlapped. All my crossovers involved a couple from one show meeting a couple from another show.

blackgrl71: i don’t actually have a favorite pairing, i have lots of favorite pairings, but i have favorite fandoms to x-over

DanieXJ: I think for me it’s a tie between Kathryn Janeway/Kerry Weaver and Seven of Nine/Vicki Nelson

DanieXJ: sgr!

jazwriter: thanks alannasky!

the_dhamphir: okay. what are your favorite fandoms to crossover, blackgrl

shesgottaread: *grabs onto Danie*

the_dhamphir: you here for good, sgr?

D_a_valiant_heart: I don’t have a favorite crossover pairing – too many to choose from

blackgrl71: btvs/harry potter at the moment

DanieXJ: someone duct tape sgr so she won’t drift again…

the_dhamphir: someone needs to, danie?

blackgrl71: DWP w/ Anita Blake is cool too

DanieXJ: blue or yellow fake duct tape?

RaeDMagdon: I didn’t know FSC was this kinky with duct tape and all…

alannasky: black, do u have the fics in ffnet

the_dhamphir: heh, we have ropes too. LOL

the_dhamphir: What would be the ultimate crossover for you?

DanieXJ: @alannasky, yep, same nick over on

jazwriter: we were just talking in the last session about a Damages/TGW crossover–Patty Hughes and Kalinda Sharma– I may write it

DanieXJ: Ultimate crossover. Hmm….

blackgrl71: i do. but i put most of my stuff on AO3 because of all the ratings nonsense

RaeDMagdon: Me? Oh goodness. I see no realistic way of writing this or having it make any kind of sense, which is why I would never encourage anyone to write it… but in my head… Law & Order: SVU/Law & Order/Rizzoli & Isles/Devil Wears Prada/ SOMEHOW adding Mass Effect.

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, it wouldn’t work.

RaeDMagdon: It’s a good representation of my brain though

blackgrl71: Jazzy: i can’t wait to read it

blackgrl71: Rae:… uh, wow!

the_dhamphir: that does sound interesting, jazzy

RaeDMagdon: I also prefer AO3 at the moment, fanfiction is being stupid and all that…

RaeDMagdon: *

jazwriter: it’s now on the list of "to be written"

the_dhamphir: I usally ask this near the end, but where do each of you post your stories?

alannasky: ok thanks i might have run into ur fic then…found something that i like but couldnt find it after i came back again

jazwriter: livejournal and fanfiction

blackgrl71: Jazzy: i think we both have a similar kind of list.


the_dhamphir: yeah. links are great. *G*

jazwriter: that’s a good thing, bg!

RaeDMagdon:,, archive on Passion & Perfection, and my personal website ( All of it’s under Rae D. Magdon or RaeDMagdon.


D_a_valiant_heart: my stuff is at P&P, the Academy and my site


Liberty Stewart: livejournal and mainly

jazwriter: and

RaeDMagdon: I keep meaning to send ralst my Mass Effect fanfics, but then I feel bad because there are like 20 of them now, and she can’t handle more than three or so at a time (or I can’t without feeling guilty)

the_dhamphir: you have a question blackgrl?

Alert: blackgrl71 hand was lowered by the_dhamphir

Alsike: Hey! Sorry I dropped out!

blackgrl71: aside from Rae’s very interesting crossover idea, anyone else have crossovers you’d like to see?

the_dhamphir: wb alsike…

mayIreadtoday: I wondered what happened to Alsike…

RaeDMagdon: ….. my crossover idea is psychotic, not interesting.

the_dhamphir: we’re letting everyone know where you post your fics

blackgrl71: LOL

jazwriter: lol

Alsike: (f*ing town internet only lets you on for 15 minutes – then ran home just as the thunder and lighting started)

Alsike: any interesting questions I missed?

Liberty Stewart: @rae: my xovers ideas are psychotic, but somehow organized

the_dhamphir: where do you post your fics, alsike?


Alsike: at P&P and I have a couple up on AO3 and FFN

the_dhamphir: and what would be your ideal cross over?

blackgrl71: but aren’t all crossover ideas initially kinda nuts? i mean Alsike writes the best White Queen/Emily Prentiss fics ever, who’d thunk those 2 would have worked?

Alsike: I write all my own ideal crossovers

DanieXJ: They are sorta by their nature nuts (I mean, Santa Clause II/ER… weird…. )

jazwriter: true, bg…I had a lot of sceptic for the HP/DWP crossover

Alsike: once I did the X-men/Criminal Minds/Aladdin fusion, I couldn’t turn back

the_dhamphir: Yet you wrote it so well, Jazzy!

jazwriter: skeptics

jazwriter: lol

RaeDMagdon: I think a crossover is as good as its writer. A talented writer can sell just about anything.

jazwriter: thanks D

Alsike: though I really want more of thegirl20’s Lots/GoT x-over

DanieXJ: it only gets a bit hard when you’re crossing a fantastical world with a ‘real’ world

shaych03: i guess it depends on what you mean by xover to be nuts – i crossed over a dracula movie with the buffy/angel universe… didn’t seem so nuts

blackgrl71: that’s what makes writing them so fascinating – they’re not really supposed to work (and some don’t) but they do, and it makes them awesome. it has everythign to do w/ the writere

Liberty Stewart: gossip gir/dc comics will make sense as will horror/disney fusion

jazwriter: true…time lines and canon always slow me down

mayIreadtoday: Are there any fandoms that you can’t see yourself doing a crossover with?

Alsike: After I saw Gilmore Girls/L&O done incredibly well, I just wanted more.

RaeDMagdon: Mass Effect, sadly. The world is so intricate and specific that I can’t see it crossing with any of my other fandoms.

blackgrl71: i’m actually looking into trying to x-over a fantasy world/ ‘real’ world fandoms: i.e. NCIS/Harry Potter for example

Liberty Stewart: @danie: i have a AU specifically design to handle ‘real’ world and clearly fictional world fusions

Alsike: I don’t want to crossover any of my anime fandoms

DanieXJ: I’ve done a couple, buffy/ER, OUaT/Eureka/R&I/Xena

alannasky: abby and minerva

the_dhamphir: That sounds interesting blackgrl

blackgrl71: shay: i read that and it was really enjoyable

shaych03: thank you

Alsike: There are so many bad Anime crossovers, I don’t want to add to them

blackgrl71: cartoons w/ almost anythign

DanieXJ: all fandoms are meant to be crossed…

RaeDMagdon: I feel like my crossovers take the easy way out – they’re all taking place in the modern-day world, in the United States, and both are even in Law Enforcement, so they’re totally plausible. My hats go off to those who did much more difficult Xovers

RaeDMagdon: *hat goes off

RaeDMagdon: If I were wearing a stylish hat.

blackgrl71: very true Dani

the_dhamphir: If you could meet any of the characters in person, not the actor, the character, which would it be and why?

Alsike: well, I thought X-Men and CM were really easy too, because the X-Men are already in a universe with the FBI – and Garcia was so obviously a cyberpath

RaeDMagdon: Aria T’Loak from Mass Effect. So she would fuck me. Or Olivia Benson, for the same reason. But then I’d feel guilty, because she’d be cheating on Alex, and it would cause a mess.

Alsike: You know, meeting a character would actually be even more embarrassing than meeting an actor.

DanieXJ: characters. Definitely Regina Mills, get her to give me tips on taking names and kickin’ butt…

the_dhamphir: @alsike: why?

D_a_valiant_heart: I would like to meet my version of X/G. They are Bacchae, so they’ve been around forver and seen everything

blackgrl71: Alsike: actually i politiely disagree. because CM characters are VERY much process, real-world, what-they-can-prove oriented. i doubt, aside fr Garcia that any of them believe in ghosts. so for them to believe in superheroes would be a big leap… at least i think

alannasky: meow good choice valiant

blackgrl71: which is why you’re fics are so awesome

RaeDMagdon: …… Am I the only one who has purely sexual motives for wanting to meet characters I admire?

Alsike: I think the relationship is too intimate.

RaeDMagdon: I feel like more of a pervert than usual.

blackgrl71: you’ve created an entirely new world that is totally believeable

the_dhamphir: @rae.. NO. lol

Liberty Stewart: I don’t know why, but i’ll love to meet a character from an obscure movie called out cold

DanieXJ: quick, to room 2 with Rae….

the_dhamphir: How do you handle timelines that don’t match up for the fandoms you’re crossingover?

RaeDMagdon: ….. Yeah…. I probably belong there.

Alsike: @ blackgrl – you’re totally right

Alsike: I really don’t see the original worlds anymore, which is a little awkward

Alsike: I don’t think of myself as writing crossovers

blackgrl71: exactly. it’s like both fandoms did a spin-off and your ‘world’ is the end-result

RaeDMagdon: …. I’m not qualified to answer that question. I crossed Law & Order, Rizzoli & Isles, and Devil Wears Prada precisely because they were in the same time, even the same city occasionally

DanieXJ: oh, timelines. I obsess over them, and make them frickin’ work…

Alsike: yep My fandom lives in my head.

the_dhamphir: How, Danie?

jazwriter: well, I am hardly an expert on writing crossovers, but I think the most important aspect is bridging the gap fr the readers so they can believe it to some extent

Liberty Stewart: @d: i’ll make it match either by altering one timeline or having one transfer over to another world through convenient portals

DanieXJ: a lot of math, some fudging….

blackgrl71: well, i’m totally diggin’ your head… that didn’t sound right… but you get my point, hopefully

RaeDMagdon: Ah, the old portal trick. ;D

D_a_valiant_heart: I lie to myself

Alsike: I love the math. I have charts!

blackgrl71: jazzy: you’re absolutely right

DanieXJ: yes, charts help a lot… and family trees…

Alsike: I only have the portals to interact between my own alternate universes

Alsike: all Phoenix run, of course

DanieXJ: it does help if the show has contridicted itself too… *cough* ER and death of Kerry’s parents *cough*

RaeDMagdon: Am I the ONLY one in here who wrote an "easy" (read: EASY, not better) crossover?

blackgrl71: yeah, it requires a lot of research to do it right, particuarly if it’s a long fic — which most of mine are

jazwriter: I had pages of timelines, character backgrounds and plotlines for The Cerulean Dragon so I could make it work

D_a_valiant_heart: @jaz – so glad I wasn’t the only one with a white board

Alsike: Though once I crossed over my own crossover world with the canon X-Men world though a telepathic accident

RaeDMagdon: …. I didn’t have to do any research or fudging or, well… anything. The two universes were just so closely aligned all I had to do was plop both sets of characters in a gay bar on vacation.

Liberty Stewart: @alsike: i love the math too. the timeline can actually affect the story in more interesting ways

DanieXJ: @rae, there’s nothing wrong with that at all either. You’re probably the smartest one of us… not doin’ all that fudging and hard stuff

Alsike: @Lib – I think it’s why I write a lot of age-regression fics, because I’m always like – oh, oh, what if they met at That point in the timeline.

the_dhamphir: That can be helpful, Rae

Liberty Stewart: @rea: what do you mean by easy?

jazwriter: @D_a_valiant_heart I even do some research for shorter stories

blackgrl71: for example Harry Potter happened in the 80s or 90s, so trying to pair it w/ fandoms that are current or were recent is tricky

Alsike: Well – where did Alex go for witness protection? To Stars Hollow, obviously.

Alsike: that’s easy, right?

DanieXJ: or perhaps to Chicago…

jazwriter: yes, bl—it was a pain in the ass to link with DWP which was in the 2006

Alsike: Or to Springfield

RaeDMagdon: Yes, lots of L&O crossovers I’ve seen use Alex leaving as the catalyst

jazwriter: I mean bg–lol

Alsike: It’s a great opportunity

Liberty Stewart: don’t forget if years or ages are left ambiguous, fair game

DanieXJ: but, that was just when the movie was done, were there specific dates in the movie. That’s what I do sometimes, that’s what I call the fudging

blackgrl71: i just moved up the dates of HP.

RaeDMagdon: All of us fudge canon to some extent. There’s no reason to quip about it just because you’re doing it to create a crossover.

jazwriter: yeah–the movie and the story were the same since they used fashion and cars from that time

the_dhamphir: LOL. so true, Rae

DanieXJ: also, if I do a crossover with something like superman, I mean…. do ya know how many times they’ve retconned all that stuff…. yikes

Alsike: Maybe we just like to make things hard for ourselves. )

RaeDMagdon: Very possible.

Alsike: I actually had to write out Emma Frost’s backstory for myself, just to make sense of it, because it’s been retconned like 6 times.

jazwriter: I think it just depends how comfortable you are with merging the worlds…I know some HP people are very picky

Alsike: HP is tough because the world is so small.

DanieXJ: also means that you really have to know your worlds when you start a crossover

the_dhamphir: If you could see one of your stories made into a film or series which would it be?

Alsike: Though the HP/SPN crossover was the BEST.

Alsike: Oh wow, talk about pie in the sky

the_dhamphir: *G*

RaeDMagdon: ……. One of my Crossover stories? Because What Happened In Provincetown would make a terrible movie. It’s all snarky dialogue.

DanieXJ: Fish, Swords and Love!

Alsike: i love snarky dialogue in movies!

Alsike: This is hard

the_dhamphir: @alsike so do i

jazwriter: well, I only have one…lol

DanieXJ: snarky is good, as long as it’s not mean

RaeDMagdon: If it’s any ol’ fanfic… I’d have to go with Magnetic Resistance. Just because it was my first major fanfic…. and actually has a plot and not just sex.

the_dhamphir: @danie. what was that story about?

D_a_valiant_heart: Crossover – definitely ADD.

blackgrl71: Ooohh, except Supernatural tends to kill off ALL of the female characters! although that might work since you can use magic to have them show up in HP world

Alsike: the line between snarky and bitchy is hard to find

Alsike: (It was a Sam/Dean fic. I am so guilty.)

DanieXJ: it’s a stargate sg-1/Xena-ish crossover. A FIN fix and a Heroes Fix

RaeDMagdon: Of course, I just got some really awesome art for Match Made In Purgatory… my latest Mass Effect fic. And that was the best feeling in the world. That one would make a fun movie.

the_dhamphir: hey I’m all for heroes fixes!

Alsike: I’m worried all my stories are too porny to make into movies.

Alsike: Anyone want to give suggestions?

DanieXJ: hey, they’re gonna make 50 shades into one… sooooooo

DanieXJ: I think you’re good Alsike

the_dhamphir: that already was a movie… twilight

RaeDMagdon: …….. I don’t care. "movie" is an ambiguous title. It could be porn!

blackgrl71: Alsike: you do porn so very well

Liberty Stewart: by heroes do you mean general heroes or the TV show?

RaeDMagdon: I’m such a pervert that I get bored with most stories that DON’T have porn. It’s very sad.

Alsike: why thank you! I try.

the_dhamphir: The SG1 Heroes episode fix

RaeDMagdon: … We should combine rooms 2 and 3.

DanieXJ: Actually I mean the TV episode of SG-1 that is titled Heroes. Dr. Janet Fraiser died in it…. I brought her back in the story….

blackgrl71: yeah, i ususally don’t read anything w/ less than a M rating… i’m so jaded. lol

DanieXJ: lol rae

the_dhamphir: Janet Fraiser is NOT dead. *crossed arms*

blackgrl71: LOL

RaeDMagdon: Like I said – canon sucks, we fix it.

DanieXJ: I know… I brought her back *cheeky grin*

Alsike: Oh Oh! I know! I want Emily’s Notebooks: The Christmas Revolution to be made into a movie!

the_dhamphir: I write a lot of SG1 with Janet alive post heroes. *G*

Alsike: It totally has a lovely balance of both plot and porn.

Liberty Stewart: @danie: Oh it see. if it was the tv series, then you won’t have a problem since that series seems to rely on the audience having short term memory loss.

RaeDMagdon: I try to balance… and then just write porn.

DanieXJ: oh, don’t get me started on Heroes the TV series… ack….

Alsike: I want Danny Zuko to be a YA novel – but it’s kind of got an excess of underage porn

blackgrl71: i always feel like i need a cigerette or a joint after writing a sex scene. and w/ HP porn and magic – anything can happen

the_dhamphir: LOL

DanieXJ: *glances around nervously* am I the only ftb one in here… I think I am…. oops

RaeDMagdon: …. I know, right? Mass Effect is like that too… biotics (blue wizard lightning + telepathy) and advanced technology make the possibilities endless.

Alsike: Yep – once I read a fic where there was a lube spell, I was like oh. Okay.

DanieXJ: :O

Alsike: I could do that.

jazwriter: lol

RaeDMagdon: Well, seems like a useful spell to have.

DanieXJ: it does though

Alsike: especially for gay guys

RaeDMagdon: If I was in HPverse, I’d learn the shit out of all the sex spells there were.

blackgrl71: so neither really work for me, chocolate works just as fine. yeah, i’ve read the lube spell too.

blackgrl71: Alsike: LOL

Alsike: i think it may be a trope now

jazwriter: I made up a sex book for HP lore

Alsike: did you share?

the_dhamphir: and I’d like to read that book, Jazzy!

Liberty Stewart: @rea: you make me want to play mass effect after this

Alsike: I think you need to share.

RaeDMagdon: You got nothin’ on me. I made up an entire Sex Toy company for Mass Effect. *Giggles*

RaeDMagdon: It’s called Pandora’s Toybox

jazwriter: some of the spells show up in the story–haha

jazwriter: LOL Rae!

Alsike: So going to find them!

blackgrl71: oooh, i remember ‘those’ spells

Alsike: My favorite D&D manual was the sex manual

RaeDMagdon: I wish Pandora’s Toybox was real so bad.

Alert: An admin left the room: shesgottaread

Alsike: they had dice rolls for whether you would get a magical std after banging a prostitute

RaeDMagdon: Oh… you reminded me of high school when I played D&D with a bunch of male nerds

RaeDMagdon: It was kind of awesome.

blackgrl71: i think i’m going ot have to check out this story of yours Rae — even if i’ve never played Mass Effect

RaeDMagdon: …. a magical STD? I’m stealing that for Dragon Age.

Alsike: somehow, I could never get my group to play it!

blackgrl71: Question: What kinds of crossover fics are people currently working on?

shaych03: i played D&D for years.

blackgrl71: If you are

RaeDMagdon: Aww. That’s sweet. Just google ‘asari’ for the visual and start reading. Most of it’s porn anyway.

*** Athena-Mou has left the room ***

DanieXJ: *sigh* trying to actually finish Promise the Stars… and also starting work on a Birds of Prey/L&C:TNAS one

Alsike: Well, aside from stealing mayI’s idea about having Emma Frost be an expensive DC prostitute that is hired by Emily’s mother…

RaeDMagdon: Not working on any right now, sadly. But I am kind of inspired now.

the_dhamphir: Inspiration is good! *S*

Liberty Stewart: @black: Smallville/Playboy Club and one I’m trying to get off the shelf that is Mean Girls and two obscure Canadian series

Alsike: I was working on this crazy one which was basically a WMC/SPN crossover, with extra Buffy/CM/Doctor Who

RaeDMagdon: Part of me wants to see to an NCIS/Rizzoli & Isles crossover because I love things that have the same actresses in crossovers.

DanieXJ: gonna have 100 on soon, very excited…

Alsike: It may have gotten a little out of control

the_dhamphir: wow @ danie

blackgrl71: OMG, Alsike: you just keep ‘bringin’ it! Liberty you mentioned that before & i plan to read the Smallville/Playboy fic

blackgrl71: danie — what’s the link?

RaeDMagdon: Ooh, congrats on 100!

blackgrl71: i’m finishing up a Hollows/BTVS/SPN fic

Alsike: Awesome!

RaeDMagdon: Oh! I know what I want to do! Watch out, child nerd alert… Batman: The Animated Series (with Harley/Ivy) Xover’d with Kim Possible

DanieXJ: (still uploading some of the old ones, which is why it says 95 instead of 99 or so)

Alsike: (I actually follow all those fandoms. This is good.)

the_dhamphir: Are there any other pairings that interest you?

DanieXJ: ooh, @rae, that sounds interesting. I loved Batman Animated when I was a kid

RaeDMagdon: Oh wow, I’m about to hit 50 on (46 now). I didn’t even realize.

Liberty Stewart: @black: keep an eye out on passion perfect community. one betas finished, the other one is almost finished.

blackgrl71: I’m also working on a Legend of the Seeker/Anita Blake fic, Harry Potter/SPN, SPN/BTVS… yeah, i have a few in the que

Alsike: I should really update my ffn

RaeDMagdon: Hmm… no. I mostly just stay in happy Olivia Benson/Alex Cabot land with a side of Shepard/Liara T’Soni and Rizzoli/Isles smut.

DanieXJ: I should probably find another place to post too huh… (though I have ’em all on my computer)

blackgrl71: will do LIb

RaeDMagdon: Although I have a weakness for Star Trek: Voyager fic

blackgrl71: i’d recommend AO3

Alsike: don’t we all?

blackgrl71: me too Rae

Liberty Stewart: @black: what’s you LJ username BTW? is it the same as here?

DanieXJ: I love all pairings. I try not to get too stuck. And let some pairings (like the Janeway/Weaver one) surprise me

RaeDMagdon: Seven of Nine/Janeway. I’m boring like that.

the_dhamphir: yeah, AO3 doesn’t care what your stories are rated

Alsike: AO3 is great – and they let you tag your porn

RaeDMagdon: I’m just as monogamous about my pairings as I am about my sex life.

DanieXJ: @bg, I am on the waiting list for that

RaeDMagdon: It’s kind of limiting.


Alsike: @Rae – see, once I started reading Alex/Lorelai, I couldn’t go back to Alex/Olivia

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, yeah. Like I said – boring old me.

ariestess: Creating Audio panel coming up in this room in 5 minutes.

Alsike: I may actually update my Alex/Olivia fic though!

blackgrl71: i’d like to do a VOY x-over, i just have to think of w/ who. although there’s a really neat one w/ VOY/BTVS by gypsydruid

DanieXJ: ayup… purple this time….

RaeDMagdon: Please do. That fandom needs some love lately.

DanieXJ: @bg, I did Voy/ER, but it was weird.

RaeDMagdon: Now… Voyager and Mass Effect MIGHT be feasible somehow.

RaeDMagdon: I shall think on this. It would be interesting to see the Klingons and the krogan get in a pissing contest… and I’m sure the asari would love new species to meld with.

Liberty Stewart: @black: oh yay now i remember you

Alsike: It has slowed down a lot.

the_dhamphir: I’d like to thank our panelists today for a fun panel!

shesgottaread: there was a really good Voy/ER a while back. Blone/Redhead?

blackgrl71: Dani: whatever i did, i was drunk

RaeDMagdon: Yeah, it’s depressing. And I’m as guilty as the rest.

shesgottaread: thank you all very much, and to D for filling in for me

jazwriter: thanks!

DanieXJ: blonde/redhead wasn’t mine. Mine was Baby Blue

RaeDMagdon: Thanks everyone!

D_a_valiant_heart: Thanks, ya’ll

blackgrl71: opps that last msg was for Lib

RaeDMagdon: Enjoy the rest of the panels.

michelle_2011: good panel, thanks.

the_dhamphir: Everyone remember to feed these writers with feedback when you read their stories!

DanieXJ: thank you everybody!!

Alsike: Thanks you guys!

blackgrl71: and Thank you everyone. it was an enlightening panel.

AllaineF4F: looks like I am right on time?

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