ariestess: ebooks panelists, on deck!

ariestess: ebooks panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

quietheartedfsc: Welcome to ebooks

quietheartedfsc: WE’ve had some issues with this morning with panelists not having internet access suddenly

ariestess: First the ground rules. You MUST raise your hand for questions. The mods [those of us with an @ in front of our names] will keep track of the questions for everyone.

ariestess: I hate to think what kind of message teh universe is sending us by the issues with panelists and connectivity.

docwho2100: Tech is a blessed curse

quietheartedfsc: We’re going to get a bit creative here to compensate

ariestess: And being creative is what we do best!

quietheartedfsc: So let’s talk about ebooks themselves.

quietheartedfsc: There’s a lot of good ones coming out.

quietheartedfsc: more and more folks are switching to ebooks as opposed to paper copies

quietheartedfsc: so tell us what you’re reading right now

ariestess: I have a lot of ebooks saved on my hard drive for when I get an e-reader.

olli01a: I read the Under the Gun series by Lori L. lake

docwho2100: I am reading a few postapocalyptic novels for story research, Shiva’s Mother by Andrea Phillips and a few on transmedia

quietheartedfsc: do you find you download more than used to…

Kaqlittle: Radclyffe

quietheartedfsc: jae told us yesterday she has one coming out in November

ariestess: If my iPod had more space [ie. not as much music] & I knew I could dl ebooks from Amazon on it, I’d be reading on my iPod more.

quietheartedfsc: and Gun Brooke just released a new one

docwho2100: @Ari – I do more and more reading on my mobile device or on my laptop than using an ereader

ariestess: @doc :: I"m always doing other things on my computer, so don’t think to read. Though maybe I should start doing that with the netbook…

quietheartedfsc: I got a Kindle for christmas so it’s my new main companion

quietheartedfsc: once I figured out I could email it .docs, I went nuts loading it with fanfic..*G*

AlexReading: easier on the eyes reading off ebook devices than mobile or netbooks.

ariestess: LOL @ QH

Kaqlittle: I download my books to my iPhone and iPad

ariestess: @alex :: I bet it is. I just don’t have the money for an ereader, and no one in my family would buy such a thing for a gift for me.

olli01a: I read in my tablet and have no problems

quietheartedfsc: aj, blame D…she gave it to me

Alsike: I was traveling a lot this summer, but I realized AO3 lets you download fic as ebooks, so I could have fic w/o internet.

ariestess: @QH :: LOL! I’ll do that!

quietheartedfsc: mobi downloads to crackberries and such as well

docwho2100: I also started doing more as services have come out that send me links – for the postapocalyptic, the service sends me everyday any ebook tagged as postapocalyptic that is free from amazon

docwho2100: I also follow twitter accounts out there that are nothing but ebook lists

AlexReading: @AJ I waited a long time to get a backlit eink, so thats saving over time.

ariestess: I have a "cheap" phone w/o internet, so no ebooks there.

ariestess: @alex :: that would require having a job that pays more than I’m getting from doing childcare for my nephew

quietheartedfsc: I carried around fanfic and ebooks on my crackberry all the time…waiting in lines was a snap after that.

quietheartedfsc: still working out how to do that on the "droid from hell"

olli01a: I like it to have my whole library with me and can chose wich book to read

Kaqlittle: I dislike droid. sometimes so complicated

quietheartedfsc: Kaq, I’m agreeing…but i’ve only had it a month and I hated the crackberry for 2 months when I first got it

olli01a: I use my iPad as ebook reader works very well

quietheartedfsc: Do you think that more archives should go to ebook formats? Offer the stories there for download?

shesgottaread: @QH: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Android_e-book_reader_software

Kaqlittle: I disliked apple when I had a blackberry but them I got the iPhone and love it.

shesgottaread: although I think there are a couple missing from that list

AlexReading: iPad seems to be the champion device, I got told just to get one, and stop hunting for others lol

Kaqlittle: yes. I love ebooks

docwho2100: thank you @sgr for the link

ariestess: @QH :: I’ve considered the ebook options for SSP, but don’t know how feasible it is.

shesgottaread: yw

quietheartedfsc: ty sgr…

docwho2100: and it looks like Michelle has a question?

michelle_2011: I use a Kindle app on my PC. Is there a place to find websites with ebooks?

Kaqlittle: I use Bella Books

AlexReading: @AJ, as in making ebooks out of the stories? I gv up on my sites.

olli01a: @michelle_2011: bean books offers DRM free ebooks

ariestess: @alex :: Yes, that’s what I mean.

quietheartedfsc: sgr, you had a question?

michelle_2011: thanks

Library_Rio: for Xena fic, there is the AusXIP’s Rocket EBook Corner, PDA Fiction and eBooks by Lida

shesgottaread: My question is how many of ya’ll are using Calibre and the Fanfiction Downloader plugin for creating/reading fanfic?

shesgottaread: or just using Calibre for ebooks purchased?

AlexReading: I do. need them for my ebook sites.

Library_Rio: I use Calibre and Sigil for creating ebooks for the Xena Library

Library_Rio: I hadn’t heard of the Fanfictin Downloader plugin before

quietheartedfsc: is there even a reader for Rocket ebooks anymore?

ariestess: When I start downloading fanfic, I’ll probably use Calibre. Or the AO3 option.

AlexReading: the plug-in is nifty to get chapters.

docwho2100: http://calibre-ebook.com/ is the basic site

AlexReading: Rocket ebooks died a couple of yrs ago.

olli01a: I use Calibre and the jutoh epublishing software to convert fanfiction into ebooks to sync with my iPad

quietheartedfsc: that’s what I’ve found Alex, and so far no luck in converting them to readable coding

AlexReading: or if Calibre is too much, skip them all and use www.flagfic.com/

AlexReading: works for ff.net stuff and a few other major achives.

AlexReading: @QH, I had to manually recode most of the books.

quietheartedfsc: @ Alex, ty…if I had again enough and time…*G*

quietheartedfsc: some of the archivists have talked about converting to offering ebooks as well, but it’s a huge undertaking.

ariestess: @QH :: I’ve considered that, but you’re right, it’s a HUGE undertaking to consider.

AlexReading: @QH, it’s a thankless task, gave up.

quietheartedfsc: but don’t you think a lot of what we do is a "thankless task"

quietheartedfsc: what the femslash world needs is more minions…lol

ariestess: @QH :: good point!

Shatterpath: ah lot of waht y’all do IS a thankless task

Shatterpath: and we thank you for it

AlexReading: lol. not quite so much

docwho2100: And last year more ebooks were bought that physical books from some vendors

docwho2100: *then

quietheartedfsc: and there’s more ways to buy them than ever

ariestess: I have a minion. She just doesn’t remember how to do most ofthe stuff I need her to do.

Shatterpath: ‘fraid so

quietheartedfsc: but she’s a good doggie otherwise

quietheartedfsc: I wouldn’t even want to begin to be an archivist….that’s enormous…

docwho2100: Alex has a question

Shatterpath: woof!

quietheartedfsc: go ahead Alex

ariestess: Take it away, Alex!

ariestess: @QH :: I’m working on ways to get better at my archiving. I’m half-wondering if our discussion last night about WP wouldn’t help.

AlexReading: yes, thank u doc. With majpr publishers going ebooks, how many bought paperback then got ebooks copies after.

olli01a: I do

quietheartedfsc: I only buy the paperback if the ebook isn’t available, which strangely does still happen now and then.

AlexReading: I refused to get Harry Potter in paperback.

ariestess: @alex :: Why refusing with HP? *is curious*

docwho2100: Well, I am finding, I am migrating more to them by choice from the getgo, rather than double purchase, although it is oddly like DVD to digital/streaming migration that is happening now as well

quietheartedfsc: holding books can be physically uncomfortable for me, so I’m not the best means of judging on that one.

docwho2100: Also, some publishers now offer perks with the ebook and other digital connections through the book

AlexReading: I figured sooner or later the lady is gonna epublish, and she kept writing…

olli01a: I simply like having all my books with me every time

ariestess: LOL

docwho2100: I’ve been actually "buying" a lot of my books through Kickstarter (a whole other topic) – but most of those authors now offer the choice as a given, and some only offer ebook

AlexReading: @doc, at one pt in time, there were discussion of multi-media ebooks…

quietheartedfsc: I ahve about 60ft of wall space with floor to ceiling books…ebooks are a necessity.

ariestess: There are certain books that I will always have a hard copy of. But a lot of the others I’d gladly buy again in ebook format to have them all together in an easier to carry format

docwho2100: @Alex – they are still there – although most have very limited resources because people are not "upgrading" the tech, so the engagement tends to be linking to other resources, maybe some music, etc

quietheartedfsc: text books I buy in paper copy because I find them easier to flip, skim and research…but pleasure reading is all ebook now

AlexReading: but really with removable storage, do we need to carry 36GB worth of ebooks.

quietheartedfsc: <===deos

quietheartedfsc: does

docwho2100: @Alex – that is actally the toe dip into the next big "revolution" coming down the media pike – cloud based services

ariestess: 36GB? *stares*

docwho2100: MOre and more people do not own dvds

AlexReading: the size of the micro-SD card on my mobile, and my math is bad lol

docwho2100: They would rather stream it than own it

docwho2100: especially the under 30 demographics

quietheartedfsc: if it streams…*hates buffering*

olli01a: Movies probably. ebooks no!

olli01a: I want to own my ebooks

docwho2100: How many times do most people "reread" a book?

quietheartedfsc: let me ask a little theoretical question here

ariestess: I don’t mind streaming stuff, but I’d rather just own the DVD.

quietheartedfsc: for me, dozens of times, doc

quietheartedfsc: if I like it I read and read again.

ariestess: @doc :: Depending on the book, more times than I can count.

AlexReading: me too, own is good. cloud get deleted ala amazon!

ariestess: @QH :: What’s your theoretical question?

psychotic-cat17: I actually reread books more often now that I have ebooks than I did when they were in hardcopy

olli01a: I re-read books i like a lot

quietheartedfsc: ok…you buy a paperback, read it, love it and lend it to a friend…we’ve all done it for years.

olli01a: @psychotic: exactly

quietheartedfsc: so why is it considered piracy to do the same with an ebook?

olli01a: I don’t know

AlexReading: eh, I got someone wanted to pirate my site…

ariestess: I wish I had an answer to that question, QH.

docwho2100: because lending was piracy too

AlexReading: lol

docwho2100: that’s a cultural POV not a legal one ; )

ariestess: Because it’s easier to keep track of the piracy online?

Kaqlittle: I think that with the Internet things get complicated

quietheartedfsc: ah, when was the last time you saw a print author yelling piracy at a lending library?

docwho2100: Copyright is sooo cutthroat these days as media engagement and access is changing

docwho2100: when some first started, they did not like it

docwho2100: but over time, they realized more eyes often means better returns

AlexReading: ridculous I can get paperbk sent from US to Aus, but not ebooks!!

docwho2100: also, digital travels further than physical lending

AlexReading: not like I am not paying for them *rolleyes*

quietheartedfsc: My point is I think it’s all become a bit overblown…

Kaqlittle: with a library u loan things out to a number of people but someone bought the book in the first place. the Internet is different. u get the book… bought or otherwise and then put it on a website and hundreds of thousands of people can get it for free.

quietheartedfsc: Now I may change my mind when I get to be a pub’d writer, but I’m doubting it.

olli01a: the publishers can not control where a hradcopy goes after it left their warehouse. A digital file can be traced

AlexReading: @kaqlittle not everyone will do that… who can’t photocopy a book? or scan?

Kaqlittle: u can. but it does take alot of time and effort

quietheartedfsc: anyone own any paperbacks that already had the cover torn off when they got them?

michelle_2011: yes

olli01a: no

ariestess: I don’t, but Shatterpath does, as she got them when she worked at a bookstore.

quietheartedfsc: those are considered pirated copies

shaych03: yeah. got at yard sales/thrift stores

shesgottaread: not anymore, but back in 70s, yes

AlexReading: garage sale?

Kaqlittle: it’s easier to pirate audio books

docwho2100: If you want more worms, what about used book sales : )

AlexReading: lol

quietheartedfsc: bookstores tore the covers off and sent them back for credit to distributors..the books were then supposed to be trashed…

AlexReading: used book booksstores

shaych03: yeah – can’t sell a used digital file as easily as you can a physical book

docwho2100: What is I want to seel my ereader with my library on it to someone

docwho2100: *if

quietheartedfsc: bad, doc…the pirating police will get ya

AlexReading: errrr doc.

AlexReading: lets quit with the P! might get shut down lol

olli01a: as long as the books are DRM free. And you can legally buy DRM free books

quietheartedfsc: it’s all become a huge gray area…

quietheartedfsc: the internet has blurred the boundaries on so many things

olli01a: sooner or later the DRM for ebooks will come to an end like with digital music

ariestess: 15 minute warning to the end of the panel.

AlexReading: not after facebook. there are still boundries?

shesgottaread: in the meantime, Adobe’s raking in huge $$ for their DRM service/software.

shaych03: or they’ll go the way some game companies are – all ebooks stored in the cloud, accessable only when you access the cloud

docwho2100: Media companies are trying to preserve the boundaries

quietheartedfsc: Alex, at this point, I honestly thing that sometimes the boundaries only exist in someones head for a second at a time.

docwho2100: And some places, like Apple just got "smacked" regarding ebooks

ariestess: Media companies need to realize that a lot of their business models are outdated.

docwho2100: yes @ari, the so

docwho2100: do

Shatterpath: understatement

quietheartedfsc: when has business ever been on the forefront of technology if that wasn’t they way they made their money in the first place.

ariestess: Good point, QH.

shesgottaread: and the pubs need to get the public (and themselves) to understand that Amazon is bad for the industry

AlexReading: .yap QH

shaych03: it’s not their place to be on the forefront, it’s their place to make money for shareholders

quietheartedfsc: exactly

ariestess: *nods*

Kaqlittle: why is amazon bad?

docwho2100: which is where self publishing comes into play, if you have time and resources

shesgottaread: but if they aren’t toward the front, sticking to old models, the shareholders won’t have anything after a while

ariestess: Very true, SGR

docwho2100: I am not sure what sgr was referencing, but I know many authors who have to sign agreements to let Amazon "set" their ebook prices, to some degree

quietheartedfsc: but by the time the shareholders realize, they rush to catch up to last year…lol

shesgottaread: when Amazon is willing to take losses, undercutting what even the publishers can sell for, then pubs can’t meet it,

shaych03: they’ll change only when it looks like they’re about to drown and die

docwho2100: in exchange they get the Amazon marketing powerhouse, sort of…

shesgottaread: Amazon & B&N and Apple, have terms: can’t sell for less anywhere else

quietheartedfsc: when it’s the only game in town…game owner rules

shesgottaread: so if Amazon cuts the price, then the others have to have the price cut as well

ariestess: *nods*

AlexReading: which actually translate good for us readers, but bad for authors.

docwho2100: yes

ariestess: Very true.

shesgottaread: bad for authors, bad for publishers, eventually bad for readers when Amazon becomes the only game in town

AlexReading: so newbie authors, think before signing.

ariestess: Yeah…

docwho2100: Amazon, for instance, decided to put this one author’s book on their "free deal" of the day, cutting the price to zero. They explained that it gave the author all these eyes, but realize, the author made no money for those 5000+ eyes but Amazon still made out

AlexReading: apart from the fact I ahve to buy a newer gadget every now and then from amazon…

ariestess: Oh, I hadn’t thought about that, doc. And that’s how I got a bunch of the ebooks on my computer right now.

shaych03: how did amazon make out? it was free. both amazon and the author got the benefit of the "eyes"

shesgottaread: and Amazon doesn’t share w/authors or pubs any demographics about their sales

docwho2100: Amazon got money from ads on those pages

ariestess: Crossovers panel starts in 5 minutes.

docwho2100: the author got 5000 people who now do not need to buy the book

AlexReading: and readers well, they might buy other books, or those in a series.

shaych03: but of those 5000, how many would have bought it to begin with, and how many might then go on to buy a sequel or another by the same author?

shesgottaread: of your free books from Amazon, B&N, etc, how many have you actually read? I’ve got 700+ but only read 3

AlexReading: oh, u never know. it’s addictive.

docwho2100: That is the hope

docwho2100: as long as the author writes more

shaych03: i see those "free" book offers all the time for kindle and nook – there is rarely something i would notice to begin with, but for free, i peruse and might download

docwho2100: and yes, I like to store free stuff for later

shesgottaread: most of mine free are busines/tech though, so perhaps that’s diff

AlexReading: bec. u just need to read the rest of the R&I!

AlexReading: lol @doc.

docwho2100: An ebook hoarder

olli01a: even with free ebooks I read an excerpt first before I decide to download or not

AlexReading: lol!

ariestess: Thank you to all of the panelists and attendees for making this such a great panel!

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