Shared Story Worlds

ariestess: And now it’s Shared Story World Time@!

ariestess: Panelists, please change your font to bold red [like mine]. Everyone else, please use black text…

Liberty Stewart: So what’s Shared Story World time? is it code for crossover?

docwho2100: Nope, something a little different

Alkmaion: Well…we all ‘share’ a world *yawns* Nothing new on that, tee-hee *g*

Gin Akasarahsmom: this is one WE made though

the_dhamphir: Is everyone on the panel here?

docwho2100: Hi I’m Doc (aka jojo) and I am here

quietheartedfsc: here

ariestess: I’m here

ariestess: [and in room 2]

quietheartedfsc: and welcome to Shared Story Worlds

quietheartedfsc: if the panelists would like to intro themselves.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Hi… I’m Gin.. I’m here because QH told me to be.

the_dhamphir: I’m Dhamphir, or D.

docwho2100: Howdy everyone, I’m doc (aka jojo)

shesgottaread: I’m sgr, also a volun-told… *g*

shesgottaread: *hopes that went thru*

ariestess: I"m AJ. I have to be here. *veg* But I’m also thrilled to be part of this team.

quietheartedfsc: and I’m QH. part of the SSW but I’ll also be moderating this panel

quietheartedfsc: Doc, why don’t you explain what an SSW is

docwho2100: sure

docwho2100: A shared story world, in the context of our project, is a storyworld created in a way that, from the very beginning, fans are encouraged to contribute and add to the storyworld

docwho2100: what also makes this different from other projects is not just content is shared

docwho2100: by so are profits – creator and contributor both can profit from the content

docwho2100: This does mean, from the getgo, sharing of ideas is part of this type of storytelling

docwho2100: good?

quietheartedfsc: yep

shesgottaread: to clarify, a storyworld is the orig. universe created for telling stories… that took me a bit to understand

ariestess: That sounds good to me.

quietheartedfsc: fanfiction that you can get paid for in other words?

the_dhamphir: yep

docwho2100: in a way, yes

Gin Akasarahsmom: I don’t think it’s actually fanfiction QH… I think they’re original stories

quietheartedfsc: are there other SSW’s out there?

Liberty Stewart: How do you get paid. I think a lot of struggling authors here would like to here more about this

docwho2100: It is also not just about profits, but creating canon and yes there are

quietheartedfsc: so what makes this one unique?

docwho2100: Although not too many, as there are a lot of differences to writing in this model

ariestess: Everyone please remember to raise your hands to ask a question so everyone gets an equal shot.

docwho2100: This is the first femslash oriented SSW

docwho2100: and @liberty we will share how that workd

docwho2100: works

quietheartedfsc: well, to take Liberty’s question….how do you get paid?

docwho2100: In a SSW, you submit content (graphics, stories, videos, etc.). It is then evaluated by the SSW team

docwho2100: and if accepted as canon, or part of the SSW, you, the contributor would sign an agreement. Your work becomes part of the SSW and you can then share in profits if that content is used by yourself or by others

quietheartedfsc: you mentioned Canon. So you’re created a storyline and universe?

docwho2100: Well the "universe" has already been created. You are creating content for the universe

docwho2100: it can be more than just a storyline

Whispering quietheartedfsc…

Alert: Whisper sent.

quietheartedfsc: Alex, go ahead

AlexReading: thanks. Not to be confused with fanfic, as it is not collaboration for fanfic, but if some writers "re-brand" it as AU world of some fanfic, does that work too?

AlexReading: in term of canon and originality of universe?

docwho2100: ok – there are a couple ways to answer that

docwho2100: For our project – we have the universe set and the content created does have to fall into that universe in some fashion, how is what is determined by the contributor and by our SSW team

docwho2100: for the general ssw concept

docwho2100: you can not use someone else’s copyrighted work, but, if you create your own original SSW, that is similar, well, that’s a question of copyright, not how the ssw is structured

docwho2100: not sure if that makes sense

Gin Akasarahsmom: Alex…. do you mean… like… Taking Miranda and Andy and inserting them into the SSW?

shesgottaread: so placing characters such as Kerry Weaver into the SSW universe, is okay or not?

quietheartedfsc: sgr, not okay…

shesgottaread: that would presumably be acceptable, but cou;dn’t become part of canon.

the_dhamphir: it would then be fanfic, rather than canon

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think that is what Alex was asking though

AlexReading: @Gin,yes.

quietheartedfsc: you wouldn’t bring characters from other fandoms in, but us the characters already present in the SSW along with any you created origianlly

quietheartedfsc: This SSW, Tales of Ryh’na, is a fandom of it’s own.

the_dhamphir: exactly

quietheartedfsc: TofR did not come from one mind, but from many. It’s the first SSW created entirely by committee.

the_dhamphir: Why don’t we tell them the general story idea for TofR?

quietheartedfsc: works

docwho2100: go for it D

Liberty Stewart: So SSW is a collaboration

quietheartedfsc: yes

ariestess: A HUGE collaboration

shesgottaread: *someone sit on me pls*

the_dhamphir: The Earth is dying.

Mankind is on the brink of extinction.

Amidst the fear and desperation a single idea captures the hopes and dreams of an entire population: to colonize a new planet and call it home. The entire world bands together to build ships capable of traveling to the far reaches of the universe.

ariestess: *sits on sgr*

quietheartedfsc: sgr is also on the committee and having trouble staying in today.

the_dhamphir: The Earth is dying.

Mankind is on the brink of extinction.

Amidst the fear and desperation a single idea captures the hopes and dreams of an entire population: to colonize a new planet and call it home. The entire world bands together to build ships capable of traveling to the far reaches of the universe.

shesgottaread: ty

the_dhamphir: Fleets spread out across the universe like pollen on the wind.

As the years pass and new generations are born the hope of finding a suitable planet dwindles until they are nothing but a distant dream.

Until they discover Ryh’na.

the_dhamphir: Ryh’na is abundant with life.

It’s people are in harmony with their planet.

They appear to be a less evolved civilization.

But the Ryh are an enigma with skills that negate technology.

the_dhamphir: Bonded to a living stone, they wield magic as simply as humans breathe.

And they don’t welcome the magic-challenged humans that explode into their lives.

Colonization or invasion? Can the people of Earth and Ryh’na ever coexist or will they destroy each other trying?

the_dhamphir: That is the set up for Tales of Ryh’na

quietheartedfsc: TofR is a blending of sci-fi and fantasy

quietheartedfsc: with Ryh’nan clans and human populated ships already created.

the_dhamphir: What we’ve done is creat the world. A framework have you. And contributors, anyone like you, can come in and add to the canon of this universe.

the_dhamphir: With in that framework

quietheartedfsc: We’ve already created a wiki that covers the content of the canon

the_dhamphir: You can write about the Humans. The Ryh’nans. How they interact. Do a character study. anything you can think of to contribute to the story world

jazwriter: And there are so many possibilities for exploring this realm…

Gin Akasarahsmom: I wrote a short story… that I’m now working on a sequel to

ariestess: It’s been a fascinating journey to start the exploration, and we’ve barely hit the tip of hte iceberg

quietheartedfsc: I’ll be adding fiction to it along with graphics

the_dhamphir: Once you submit a story, a vid, a graphic, or what-have-you, the canon committee will check it out and determine if it become canon

ariestess: I’ll be adding fiction, possibly even poetry.

the_dhamphir: I’ve written a couple of short stories, and have made graphics for it.

shesgottaread: and if it’s not part of canon, then it is fanfic to the world, (and for me, would still be welcome)

the_dhamphir: exactly, sgr.

jazwriter: I have enjoyed what I have seen so far, and the possibility of adding so many different writing styles, graphics, and literary mediums is exciting

the_dhamphir: THink of us as the producers of a show. We’re allowing anyone to come in and write for the show and the chance of making what they write canon!

the_dhamphir: and we encourage fanfic too

the_dhamphir: we built the world, for people to come play in

quietheartedfsc: to start simply it’s free and open to everyone.

quietheartedfsc: as it builds parts of it will be come paid access…

quietheartedfsc: and that’s where the earnign potential begins

docwho2100: @liberty has a question

shesgottaread: from subscriptions, to publishing to merchandise eventually

Liberty Stewart: what sort of SSW are out there?

quietheartedfsc: doc you can answer that one best

docwho2100: Right now, true SSW that have this content/profit sharing model are few, although more are coming online.

docwho2100: A great resource, curated and maintained by Scott Walker is

docwho2100: I currently play in a few others in addition to TofR

quietheartedfsc: Scott keeps up with what’s happening in the realm of SSWS

the_dhamphir: Question Shaych?

shesgottaread: I’d seen one a while back that was in development and it was SteamPunk

docwho2100: Many of the existing SSWs have a sci fi/fantasy slant

shaych03: yeah, if you contribute, do you still have to pay?

quietheartedfsc: no, as a canon contributor, you wouldn’t

shaych03: okay

quietheartedfsc: that’s part of why the free opening….to build a core of canon contributors to grow the project

docwho2100: You do have to look into how a SSW works with a contributor, they are different

docwho2100: @yuri has a question

quietheartedfsc: Shaych, that’s just for TofR. other SSWs work differently

grumpybear1031: some of us are barely getting by and while we’d possibly like to contribute there’s no extra cash lying around

yurianimeotaku: Silly question, but is yours an all-female world?

quietheartedfsc: depends on the ship, the clan and the area

Gin Akasarahsmom: Not all female.. but all gender pairings are welcome.. there is not really a stigma attached to any pairing

yurianimeotaku: So no "Daughters of a Coral Dawn" type of world?

quietheartedfsc: and content is tagged carefully so no surprises as you read

the_dhamphir: For the Ryh’nans, there’s no concept of gay vs straight, vs bi.

Gin Akasarahsmom: the stories I write are f/f slanted… because that is what I write

the_dhamphir: They just pair up with whom they pair up with

docwho2100: Every SSW has it’s ratings system and what it will and will not allow

ariestess: I can write a litlte of everything, but focus on the f/f

the_dhamphir: and our is the first femslash focused ssw

quietheartedfsc: yuri, if you wrote in a particular clan, it could possible be all female

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think Rhyna is a fairly matriarchal society if I’m remembering correctly.. females are stronger magic users than the males are.. more often than not?

the_dhamphir: yep. you could create your clan and do with it whatever you wanted.

the_dhamphir: correct gin

quietheartedfsc: grumpy…to go back to your commment…no cash is needed….that’s a bit down the road anyway…and then it’s nominal

docwho2100: and @grumpybear is right, cash is a very valuable, and limited resource, so like fanfic, sometimes what you create, you create because you love, not to make money – however, with a SSW you do leave that possibility open

Gin Akasarahsmom: contributions at this point are of the creative variety

ariestess: Right, Gin. Matrilineally focused for the most part.

quietheartedfsc: None of us are looking to make money any time soon. We’ve laid the groundwork to start to build something that could see a return in the future.

the_dhamphir: So if you want to create some graphics, or write a story, do so, and you could see it become part of canon

ariestess: brb house emergency

quietheartedfsc: it works under a creative commons license

quietheartedfsc: that allows for each of us to interuse each other’s ideas and give attribution for what we borrowed.

quietheartedfsc: go ahead CAryn

docwho2100: another aspect of this project is learning how to set something like this up, learning how to use different programs and media. This is an added bonus to this project.

quietheartedfsc: Caryn, had a question

Breaking Point Caryn: Very cool idea- the community and the world. Is anything online now to read/see? Do you have a website?

quietheartedfsc: the wiki is up

quietheartedfsc: Doc, you have a link to that

ariestess: back

grumpybear1031: oh yeah I know I was just thinking down the line…if someone were to become a contributor creatively to cannon would they then be locked out becasue they can’t afford to pay thus leaving them swinging in the wind was all… becasue for me some nominal can be a lot. When you’ve got six bucks in an account and a week until you get paid again even a dollar can be a hardship.

quietheartedfsc: the site will be open soon. There was a connectivity issue that kept it from going up today as planned.

docwho2100: The wiki is located at –

quietheartedfsc: no, grumpy….you wouldn’t get locked out

grumpybear1031: but since the answer was no it doesn’t matter anyway

docwho2100: Once you arrive at the wiki – on the left side are links

ariestess: Yay! Wiki!

ariestess: *hides*

docwho2100: to other places within the TofR world

docwho2100: The wiki is one of the cool pieces of this project

quietheartedfsc: the idea to do a SSW came out of last year’s con….

docwho2100: it is also the place always under construction as that is by definition what a wiki is and does for a storyworld

quietheartedfsc: we’ve worked on it for a year to get this far. learning the necessary software as we went

ariestess: Jumping into jobs we’ve never done before in some cases.

shesgottaread: working out details of how the parts of the story universe work

Gin Akasarahsmom: not me… I just write

quietheartedfsc: a few of us invested in it to get the web host, etc. but that’s a love gift at this point.

ariestess: It’s definitely a labor of love, that’s for sure.

shesgottaread: true, ari.

jazwriter: yeah, I just beat…lol

the_dhamphir: trying to get the techie Human side to understand the Magical Ryh’nans side, and vice versa, was quite an experience.

jazwriter: I mean beta!!

shesgottaread: *snickers*

quietheartedfsc: jazzy is the head of our beta team

ariestess: LOL @ Jazzy

Gin Akasarahsmom: hehehe

quietheartedfsc: dhamphir heads the graphics team

jazwriter: okay, sometimes I beat the writers…

quietheartedfsc: ariestess head the wiki team

the_dhamphir: only with your red pen, jazzy. lol

Shatterpath: why would you beat them?

quietheartedfsc: sgr head business and finance

ariestess: LOL

jazwriter: absolutely, D

shesgottaread: too many commas, Doggie

ariestess: Yes, I head up the wiki team and get occasionally terrified by the enormity of it all.

quietheartedfsc: Doc keeps it all from exploding

the_dhamphir: and all of us are on other committees besides the ones we head.

quietheartedfsc: and I keep it all from imploding

Gin Akasarahsmom: not me… I just write.

jazwriter: although I’l get to writing stories at some point, I am sure

the_dhamphir: ralst if head of PR

Shatterpath: true, caommas are evil

quietheartedfsc: and we can give a preview of the site itself

Shatterpath: see! I can’t even spell them right!

ariestess: Commas are not evil.

Shatterpath: AJ , you only like commas because they are your evil minions

quietheartedfsc: paste that into your browser and the preliminary work on the site will appear

Gin Akasarahsmom: Nine minutes

ariestess: And there will be more content on the wiki as time goes on. In fact, in the next couple of days, there’s going to be a bunch more.

the_dhamphir: We’ll also plan to have an active forum on the site.

ariestess: Timing, she is not my friend lately.

quietheartedfsc: also there’s more content going into the site this week

the_dhamphir: any questions?

quietheartedfsc: any questions?

ariestess: What flavor was the koolaid we drank to get into this project? *veg*

the_dhamphir: I blame it all on QH

shesgottaread: LOL

docwho2100: I love talking about SSW models and such, please feel free to email me – I’m docwho2100 at gmail

quietheartedfsc: must of been grape…the only flavor I drink

quietheartedfsc: or

the_dhamphir: and any graphics artists intersted in contributing,

ariestess: And if you’re coding-minded, we’d certainly love help in the wiki team ..

quietheartedfsc: Also it doesn’t stop there….there are plans for graphic novels, webseries and even published fiction from this.

quietheartedfsc: We appreciate your time.

the_dhamphir: video, audio… the ways to add to TofR is practically limitless

shesgottaread: we were even debating live-action vs. animated the other day.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I vote animated

Liberty Stewart: In regards to publish fiction, just say to yourselves, if twilight and twilight fanfic can become hits, then so can i

docwho2100: @liberty : )

shesgottaread: exactly, Liberty

ariestess: exactly!

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

quietheartedfsc: every year something different grows out of con and we bring it back to show folks what it is….wonder what next year’s will be? lol

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