All the Rest

the_dhamphir: All the Rest… this is where you get to discuss your favorite small and obsure fandoms!

ariestess: *bats eyelashes at D* So I can talk about PtL?

the_dhamphir: Yes, AJ *G*

Jaely: Mass Effect!

yurianimeotaku: PtL?

Jaely: sorry I’m like in love with that game and fandom

ariestess: @yuri :: Poltergeist: the Legacy

Alkmaion: PtL? please enlighten me, Buddh-aries?

Kaqlittle: Sanctuary

Alkmaion: Ah, now I feel stupido

Shatterpath: No, it’s the Goddess Ari

ariestess: LOL!

docwho2100: must put in a Nikki and Nora mention : )

ariestess: Oh, and bedtime!

the_dhamphir: Sanctuary is a good show. I don’t really think of it as small though since I see so much fanfic being posted.

ariestess: *waits for crickets on that one*

Shatterpath: no, it’s not late enogh yet

the_dhamphir: Definitely Nikki and Nora

ariestess: Please excuse my other half. She’s lost her damned mind.

yurianimeotaku: @Jaely I’ve just gotten into ME. I bought my gamer gf all three games to play and tell me about, since I’m not into those types of games.

yurianimeotaku: LOL

Liberty Stewart: Since this show didn’t get mentioned yet to my knowledge, what are people’s thoughts on Pretty Little Liars?

docwho2100: Cowgirl Up as well

Kaqlittle: not enough femslash that I can find. I don’t like the male characters enough to read the fics that have been written

ariestess: I never got into Pretty Little Liars

Jaely: yuri LOL it’s an awesome fandom and game I love it

the_dhamphir: I watched PLL, but just got frustrated since there’s never any resolution tot he story line

yurianimeotaku: @Jaely I’m in lust with Specialist Samantha Traynor in ME3. She’s even my wallpaper.

Alkmaion: *tea-induced coffeine starts to kick in*

Shatterpath: I haen’t lost my mind, I’m just loopy tired, cold and wired on caffine. The constant storms aren’t helping

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Feel the same way about PLL. Just thought to give that show a mentioned.

the_dhamphir: I did like Maya and her coming out story line

the_dhamphir: wait, it was Maya, right?

yurianimeotaku: @aries Which number is PtL? I saw the first one.

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: I believe so. The character later committed suicide IIRC.

the_dhamphir: I do think it’s cool to see a canon lesbian in the teen show though!

ariestess: @yuri :: PtL is a series, not one of hte movies.

Jaely: I do too I wish they were around when I was a kid

the_dhamphir: Ah, no, I meant Emily. Maya was her girlfriend.

yurianimeotaku: @d I’m seeing it more and more. South of Nowhere, Buffy, etc…

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Glee fans praise PLL because the canon lesbians actual kiss.

the_dhamphir: yes, they do

ariestess: Well, that’s a good thing.

Liberty Stewart: Anyone here watches Smallville? No lesbians to my knowledge, just wondering.

ariestess: *shakes head*

Jaely: nope

mandygirl78: Used to

the_dhamphir: I did watch smallville, but didn’t get into the fandom.

Kaqlittle: yes used to

yurianimeotaku: Hey Mandy! I was wondering when I’d see you.

mandygirl78: hi, i was busy the entire day.

yurianimeotaku: Of course you made it back for small fandoms…your favorite.

ariestess: Fresh me– Oops! sorry…

ariestess: *cheeky grin*

Liberty Stewart: I mainly watched Smallville for the Cassidy Freeman years because I miss Playboy Club that much. The Cassidy Freeman/Erica Durance years were awesome btw.

mandygirl78: @yuri – who are you talking to?

yurianimeotaku: @mandy You

mandygirl78: oh

mandygirl78: actually i wanted to also attend the non-US fandom one

Shatterpath: Ha! I have a good one. Some of my best work is in a epic fic I wrote based in the RPG, Earthdawn. Beat THAT for small fandom!

the_dhamphir: What specifically draws you to a small or obsure fandom?

mandygirl78: but i missed it

ariestess: *waves the bedtime card in Doggie’s face*

yurianimeotaku: @Shatterpath THAT’S small.

mandygirl78: becuase it’s not bloated, clustered, saturated.

Shatterpath: *wistful* Such a great game….

Alkmaion: the terra incognita factor

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Actors and lesbians draw me to a obscure fandom.

yurianimeotaku: @mandy The Non-English Lang one was better.

the_dhamphir: do you have some examples, Lib?

docwho2100: Sometimes it’s the limited amount of canon content that draws me as I am looking for more story

Jaely: Ok I’m off to bed I had fun see you all in a few hours for the next set of panels!

mandygirl78: oh ok. because one of my favorite fandoms is a non-us one.

mandygirl78: @doc – ditto

ariestess: Susan Gibney and Felicity Huffman as lesbians… And I’m the only one who’s ever written fic for them.

Shatterpath: No one’s taking that bait? Dang

the_dhamphir: did you write it for Felicity? or a character she played?

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Moviewise a heard of a movie called Kiss Me Again cause it has one of my fave actors in it. Turns out said actor played a lesbian in it and it was heavy on lesbianism.

ariestess: Character she played. They played a pair of lesbians on the series, bedtime [and IMDB capitalizes it incorrectly, the bastards]

yurianimeotaku: Bedtime? US show?


ariestess: It was on Showtime in 1996. Ran for like 10 eps or something like that.

ariestess: The whole show took place in the bedrooms of 6 couples. They were the only lesbian couple.

yurianimeotaku: No wonder I never saw it…no Showtime.

the_dhamphir: Do you ever try to expand the visibility of your small fandoms? Recruit other writers into them?

docwho2100: yes

docwho2100: it means more story if you succeed : )

yurianimeotaku: I brought my gf into FoL and she wrote for it. Does that count?

ariestess: *shamelessly raises hand for PtL*

the_dhamphir: of course it does, yuri. *G*

Liberty Stewart: I’m okay with people not knowing any of the actors/movies/shows that I like. I know I like obscure things.

mandygirl78: I haven’t, but I seemed to insipre someone to write an FoL fanifc.

Liberty Stewart: What does PtL stand for?

ariestess: Not that I get a lot of people for it, but I keep trying.

docwho2100: Sending people interesting articles of crimes to get them thinking about a possible fic

ariestess: @lib :: Poltergeist: the Legacy

docwho2100: Starting a round robin and poking them into joining

ariestess: @doc :: That’s always fun

docwho2100: trading a story for a story

ariestess: That, too

the_dhamphir: Those are all good ideas, doc

Liberty Stewart: If my upcoming Smallville/Playboy Club fic doesn’t get people interested, well I tried.

docwho2100: They have all worked too ; )

mandygirl78: And it seems that I have inspired quite a few people to write differently for one fandom. but no.

ariestess: LOL

the_dhamphir: which fandom, mandy?

mandygirl78: It’s a yuri fanfic. Kannazuki no Miko.

yurianimeotaku: @aries I just looked up PtL…I actually saw a couple of episodes.

the_dhamphir: I admit to no familiarity with yuri/anime

yurianimeotaku: @d Yuri is a completely different world.

Shatterpath: I only know anime only from the early 90s

ariestess: @yuri :: It’s a wonderful show. I just wish they’d release teh whole series on DVD, but I’m not holding my breath.

mandygirl78: @yuri – It is…

the_dhamphir: what other favorite small fandoms do you ladies have?

ariestess: I have one, but it’s not one I write femslash in.

Liberty Stewart: Only animes that play here in Canada are 3rd rate crap like Pokemon whatever generation and yu-gu-oh whatever gneration.

yurianimeotaku: @d Facts of Life…although on P&P it seems rather popular. Not as popular as Rizzoli & Isles.

Alkmaion: uhm…why is it? Actually, i´ve done Sailor Moon, Vampire Miyu, Mean Girls and Buffy and it is all about ladies loving ladies. Where´s the difference?

Liberty Stewart: @arietess: name that fandom.

ariestess: @Lib :: Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni universe

mandygirl78: @Alk – Difference is that it’s drawn and that it’s Japanese, thus it follows more Japanese culture

Liberty Stewart: never heard of it. Is it a book series or something?

Alkmaion: @yuri: This difference

yurianimeotaku: @Liberty There is actually a slashy couple in Pokemon.

ariestess: Yep, book series. Fantastically written. Incredible characters. There’s just really no one to do femslash for.

Liberty Stewart: @yuri: show’s too awful for me to notice anything else.

Alkmaion: @yuri: I now see what you mean

mandygirl78: Small fanfics – Facts of Life, Once and Again.

yurianimeotaku: @Alk I’ve written Yuri and Femslash. There are several Yuri authors who have no idea about Femslash.

Liberty Stewart: Speaking of book series, anyone heard of a book series where Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty are rewritten and one of them is a canon lesbian?

Alkmaion: @aries: What about that one time fiance to Kelson that was impregnated by his traitorous cousin?

mandygirl78: A few others that I’ve haven’t written yet, such as Little Darlins, Kate and Allie, Annie on My Mind, etc.

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Kate and Allie? Really?

yurianimeotaku: I can see Cagney and Lacey before Kate and Allie.

ariestess: @alk :: You know the books! *claps happily* I could probably put Rothana [that’s her name] with Morgan’s wife [whose name I’m totally blanking on atm], but they’re related, os maybe not.

Alkmaion: @yuri I see. Well, I played both sides of the fence, so to say, and didn´t thought others were that different

mandygirl78: remember that one episode of K&A?

ariestess: But the Princess that Rothana was companion to? Yeah….

mandygirl78: Cagney & Lacey – not really, because of Lacey

the_dhamphir: I didn’t watch K&A with my femslash glasses on at the time, but looking back? Oh Yeah, definitely slashable. *G*

yurianimeotaku: @Alk There aren’t a lot of authors who play on both sides of the fence like us.

ariestess: Richenda! That was her name.

ariestess: *is proud to remember that*

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Lacey was WAY more "dykey" than Cagney.

mandygirl78: oh sorry, I mixed them up

yurianimeotaku: Even if she was married

mandygirl78: it’s been a while

Alkmaion: @mandy If you ever write the Kate and Allie story, please tell me where to find it. A friend of mine would squee in joy *g*

the_dhamphir: maybe, but it was Cagney that grabbed my attention. *G*

WillowPowered: oh Cagney & Lacey both delightful

Liberty Stewart: @mandy: I adore Once and Again. One half of the lesbian couples became a vampire while the other became a druggy from the OC.

yurianimeotaku: Cagney and Lacey is another small fandom.

WillowPowered: I had a thing for Lacey

mandygirl78: Lacey was cute.

mandygirl78: @Lib – yeah, interesting isn’t it?

Alkmaion: @aries it was in the 90s I read that, with one follow up meeting in…2005…i think. Considering the plitical intrigue and that, I´d consider it a ‘nice’ Game of Thrones *g*

Liberty Stewart: I preferred the adults from Once and Again over the kids tbh.

the_dhamphir: Would you consider Charlie’s Angels a small fandom?

mandygirl78: Not really.

Alkmaion: Question: Is there ‘Princes of Amber’ femslash out there?

yurianimeotaku: What about Family? I’m surprised there wasn’t an influx of fan fics after Meredith came out.

yurianimeotaku: @d I do.

Liberty Stewart: @mandy: One thing to say for sure about O&A’s lesbian couple, it wasn’t their last lesbo encounter.

mandygirl78: @Lib – true

yurianimeotaku: @d I’d like to see more Sabrina/Kelly fics.

Liberty Stewart: Anyone seen those cruel intentions movies?

mandygirl78: @yuri – I don’t know how that would work with the character in Family. Buddy? Absolutely

ariestess: @alk :: I love all of the books in the Deryni series. I’ve written stories in the "current" era, but really need to do a proper reread of the whole thing.

the_dhamphir: @yuri, agreed.

michelle_2011: i watched the c i movies

yurianimeotaku: @d I’d also like to see more "adult oriented" Sabrina/Kelly fics.

mandygirl78: @yuri – I second on the sabrina/kelly fic. Also kris/kelly isn’t bad either.

yurianimeotaku: There’s only one on P7P.

yurianimeotaku: Oops…P&P

Liberty Stewart: @michelle: which was your fave?

the_dhamphir: What your thoughts about reading or writing femslash about shows you loved as kid?

michelle_2011: the first movie

Alkmaion: @aries: it was a very intersting setting. I read that, Earthsea…

mandygirl78: Here’s another one that should have more, though I only read one at AO3 – Designing Women.

ariestess: @alk :: Haven’t actually read Earthsea yet

Alkmaion: A bunch

yurianimeotaku: @d I’m doing that now with FoL.

Liberty Stewart: @michelle: what did you think of Amy Adams in the 2nd movie?

ariestess: @alk :: I also love the First People series by the Gears, but no femslash potential there.

the_dhamphir: I didn’t even know there awas Designing Women fic. LOL

mandygirl78: yes there is

yurianimeotaku: @d There’s Golden Girls fics too.

ariestess: Oh, there’s some good Designing Women fic out there.

ariestess: I haven’t read teh Golden Girls stuff much.

yurianimeotaku: @d Mary Tyler Moore fics.

the_dhamphir: Somehow I’m not at all surprised about the Golden Girls. LOL

mandygirl78: Golden girls? *cringe*

WillowPowered: I’ve never thought of writing a fic about a show I loved when I was younger – maybe one day!

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Agiest…LOL.

the_dhamphir: LOL

Alkmaion: @I recently got my hands on the Sword Dancer series by Jennifer Roberson. No sure if that has potential though. Don´t know ‘First People’ though

mandygirl78: Mary Tyler Moore. Never thought of that.

Liberty Stewart: Most people would be turned off about have to write sex scenes for clear senior folks.

Alkmaion: Though I love some of te older settings and the unexplored territories there-in

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Mary and Rhoda. At first, I thought I wouldn’t like the pairing, but it works.

ariestess: @alk :: First People is a bunch of Native American tribe stories. Fascinating stuff!

mandygirl78: @yuri – Hmm… It cold work

yurianimeotaku: @Lib Yes, it was a bit odd to read about Blanche and Rose.

the_dhamphir: what current/new show/movies would you all like to see grow from small fandom to larger?

Alkmaion: @aries: there legends, gods and heroes?

Alkmaion: their

the_dhamphir: anyone?

mandygirl78: @d – I’m writing a fanfic of a show that I like as a kid

the_dhamphir: What fandom, Mandy?

mandygirl78: Facts of Life

Liberty Stewart: I’m thinking

ariestess: @alk :: basically and also weaves a story about the cultures

mandygirl78: can’t think of any D

WillowPowered: Now you’ve got me thinking about writing Wonder Woman fics lol

ariestess: @d :: Hmm… I’d say MLP, but I’m not 100% sure how big that femslash fandom is atm.

yurianimeotaku: @d I don’t watch series television, so I can’t answer.

the_dhamphir: MLP?

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: Does Playboy Club counts. Yes I’m kind of obsess with that show. I mean 3 lesbians, come on.

ariestess: @d :: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

yurianimeotaku: @d No…please. I’ll start laughing again.

the_dhamphir: @aj: ah

the_dhamphir: @ liberty, yes, I would say that would be one. *G*

yurianimeotaku: @d I’d like to see lesser-known characters within current small fandoms get some exposure.

mandygirl78: MLP has a HUGE following in deviantarts. There are lots of drawings of them on that site. I do watch MLP – FIM but I don’t have any idea in writing one.

the_dhamphir: Like who, yuri?

Liberty Stewart: Yes Playboy Club needs a bigger fandom. Nikki and Nora has a bigger fandom than it for crying out loud.

mandygirl78: @yuri – same here. Of course you know I already am doing that.

Alkmaion: I love such stuff. My latest acquisition was Le morte d´arthur of Thomas Mallory. Sounds cool.

ariestess: I haven’t read Le Morte in years…

ariestess: *adds it to long list of rereads*

Alkmaion: @aries sorry forgot

the_dhamphir: I think Playboy Club got beat before it ever aired.

yurianimeotaku: @d Birds of Prey (tv): Black Canary and Barbara Gordon. There are plenty for the comicverse.

mandygirl78: @alk – if i ever get around writing a K&A story. I’m still backed up writing my Once and Again and Mai-Hime story (Yes Mai-Hime is an anime).

mandygirl78: I liked Playboy Club

the_dhamphir: I’ve just started exploring Bird of Prey (tv) writing wise

Liberty Stewart: @dhamphir: I just hate TV more than.

ariestess: I miss BoP…. I should do that rewatch and write for it again

yurianimeotaku: @mandy ShizNat?

the_dhamphir: I’ve started rewatching BoP, aj

Alkmaion: @aries there is a hawaiian goddess, hiiaka, that has a girlfriend, but i haven´t found a good story idea to use that yet

mandygirl78: @yuri – HELL NO!

ariestess: @alk :: kewl!

mandygirl78: @NatNao and Harukino

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Shhh…don’t say that too loud.

Liberty Stewart: How about this? Anything with Amber Heard? Poor girl is nonexistant in fanfic circles.

ariestess: @D :: Are you watching that travesty of a box set they put out?

yurianimeotaku: @mandy NATNAO?? Really??

yurianimeotaku: @mandy I prefer NaoKoto.

the_dhamphir: I have the BoP dcd box set, but also have downloads of the originally aired episodes.

Alkmaion: @mandy I know M-H, if only by name I mostly read the mangas these days

yurianimeotaku: @d I heard the DVDs have different music.

yurianimeotaku: Than the tv

ariestess: We have the originally aired burned on DVDs and the box set. I won’t touch the box set. The music is all changed…

the_dhamphir: @yuri, some of it yeah, because of licensing issues

ariestess: And I’m sorry, but the big fight scene in the finale needs "All the Things She Said"

mandygirl78: @Yeah, I think Natsuki and Nao are more suited for each other than Ms. Tea Drinker.

ariestess: And it needs Aimee Allen for the theme song.

the_dhamphir: TBH, if i haven’t seen them both within a certain time frame, i really don’t notice the different music.

Alkmaion: @ aries don´t remind me of the german dvd edition of Charlie´s Angel´s…first season…only in German!!

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Meh…I like Shizuru. She’s ‘devoted.’

the_dhamphir: but then i’m not "into" music per se

mandygirl78: @yuri – I used to, but I can’t stnad her.

yurianimeotaku: I love that. The host leaves.

quietheartedfsc: aj and I got her back…*G}

yurianimeotaku: @mandy I think Nao is better suited for Mikoto.

ariestess: LOL! There’s multiples of us.

mandygirl78: @Alk – The anime is WAY better than the manga of M-H.

ariestess: I’m totally into music, so if it changes, it throws me off.

Alkmaion: So we mouses can´t dance on the table? *pouts*

mandygirl78: @aries – diddo.

yurianimeotaku: Oh…*waves to other hosts*

Alkmaion: @qh

mandygirl78: @yuri – Mai/Mikoto all the way

quietheartedfsc: nope, no table dancing…you’ll fall and get hurt

quietheartedfsc: *waves back*

ariestess: Chair dancing?

quietheartedfsc: only with seat belt

ariestess: *whines* But it chafes my neck!

Alkmaion: My, aren´t we on the secure side…

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Mai? That flake? She can’t decide if she’s into men or Mikoto.

mandygirl78: @yuri – An idea came to me about a Family fanfic. I’ll tell you privately

mandygirl78: @mandy – Maybe, but I make damn sure she’s not with Tate!

yurianimeotaku: @mandy Okay.

mandygirl78: I mean @yuri

Alkmaion: @mandy I only know it from hear-say. haven´t read or watched M-H, only read some of Shane´s stories some years ago…

michelle_2011: okay, i enjoy the conversation. good night or good day to all

yurianimeotaku: @Alk I agree with Mandy. The anime is WAY better than the manga.

yurianimeotaku: Shane?

the_dhamphir: @aj ty

Alkmaion: i like red…so…socialdemocratic *g*

WillowPowered: There’s nothing worse than reading crap fanfiction

yurianimeotaku: @willow I agree!

yurianimeotaku: @willow Or poorly edited fan fiction.

WillowPowered: But when it’s crap fanfiction and people seem to LOVE it, I’m like WTF lol

ariestess: I agree!

Liberty Stewart: @Willow: You’re forgetting, this is Twilight and 50 shades of grey era.

WillowPowered: @Liberty sadly that’s very true

ariestess: @D :: Okay, but I’m probably gonna bail. I need to finish the SSW Wiki edits in the morning before the panels start. Want it to be as ready as possible for the panel.

mandygirl78: Twilight…

WillowPowered: I’m morified when I find a typo or spelling mistake in my fics so I can’t understand what these people are thinking lol

Liberty Stewart: What’s SSW stand for?

yurianimeotaku: @willow Or worse…continuity problems.

WillowPowered: oh exactly

yurianimeotaku: @d What’s that?

yurianimeotaku: @willow I read one written entirely in text language.

yurianimeotaku: @willow There are A LOT on FFN. Less on P&P

WillowPowered: @yuri oh yeah especially on FFN I’ve always found P&P to have quality stories

WillowPowered: but then I only read a few fandoms

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