Lost Girl

the_dhamphir: Greetings everyone!

the_dhamphir: This is the Lost Girl panel

the_dhamphir: Will all panelist change their font to bold red

the_dhamphir: and all others to black, please.

cameron_sarah: Yay

the_dhamphir: I’m Dhamphir, or D, and I’m your friend mod today.

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the_dhamphir: Will each person on the panel please introduce themselves and tell us a little about yourself.

the_dhamphir: lonejaguar? you want to go first?

hbomba-lonejaguar: sure

hbomba-lonejaguar: I’m Nic… been writing fanfic for an obscenely long time.

hbomba-lonejaguar: Just started watching Lost Girl in January and was in love immediately.

the_dhamphir: willow? next?

WillowPowered: Sure, hi everyone

alannasky: hi all

WillowPowered: I’m WillowPowered or WP or Jill lol – I’m from Australia and I’ve been writing fanfiction for about 10 years.

cameron_sarah: Yay aust.

WillowPowered: I’ve been a Lost Girl fan since December and I’ve been writing LG fanfiction since then

the_dhamphir: rainbow? next?

rainbowwriters: Hi, we are Kath and Beth, the Rainbowwriters or for ease RW.

the_dhamphir: ah, so there’s 2 of you. LOL

rainbowwriters: We’ve been watching Lost Girl since Showcase starting teasing us with Anna Silk trailers, been writing fic a long long time

rainbowwriters: yes there is officially two of us… smile

the_dhamphir: is heathers here?

hbomba-lonejaguar: Yes, I’m here

hbomba-lonejaguar: sharing a computer with lonejaguar

the_dhamphir: then it’s your turn to introduce yourself. : )

Alkmaion: hm

the_dhamphir: Heathers?

hbomba-lonejaguar: I’m Heather. Heathers. Hbomba. I am a professional chef and have been writing fanfic for close to 15 years

the_dhamphir: Okay. Let’s start off with… Tell us what exactly got you interested in the Lost Girl?

the_dhamphir: each of you can answer that question. : )

the_dhamphir: Lonejaguar?

the_dhamphir: Come on folks, you’re not on the panel to by shy. Speak up. *G*

WillowPowered: I saw a post about LG by Dorothy Snarker on after ellen so I checked out some clips on youtube – I was a goner as soon as I saw Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: Strong female lead and the open sexuality of Bo. And then I fell in love with Lauren

rainbowwriters: We became interested in Lost Girl after watching the first few episodes and realizing the characters weren’t going to be cookie cut outs. They were going to have depth and wisdom, even in a supernatrual setting.

hbomba-lonejaguar: lonejaguar: Loved the relationships immediately. I love that it’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously

rainbowwriters: … and who can resist girl on girl action

hbomba-lonejaguar: amen to that

WillowPowered: Totally agree with H – I fell in love with Doctor Hotpants and Zoie Palmer

the_dhamphir: Especially whe they look like Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer

WillowPowered: I hear ya sisters

AlexReading: anyone here got started at season2? or everyone right at teh begining?

hbomba-lonejaguar: And everyone has a moment…

rainbowwriters: Then add to that Kenzi

Aquila1nz: beginning

fsc_ralst: love Kenzi

the_dhamphir: Okay when asking questions, let’s please raise our hands.

hbomba-lonejaguar: H and I were midway through S2 when we started watching

WillowPowered: I don’t actually watch it on TV so I brought the season 1 dvd in December, some of season 2 I’ve seen online

hbomba-lonejaguar: New Year’s Day marathon!

rainbowwriters: watching since day one, lucky for us we’re in canada

the_dhamphir: you are lucky!

WillowPowered: @rainbow lucky buggers

the_dhamphir: Giftofamber, your question?

AlexReading: lucky u.

hbomba-lonejaguar: I was the dense Canadian who’d never heard of it

giftofamber: Do you prefer to set your fic pre-Nadia or post-Nadia, or do you just ignore her altogether?

the_dhamphir: ooh, good question.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I like to play with every aspect, but she’s usually just referenced for me.

WillowPowered: I don’t ignore her and I’ll do pre and post

WillowPowered: I’ve actually got a Lauren/Nadia fic half written

rainbowwriters: Anything we’ve posted is post-Nadia, as we like to write with what we are given from the show as a starting point. But we have written pre-nadia just for the ease of not having to deal with her

WillowPowered: But my true love is Doccubus

rainbowwriters: so true WP, everyone has a past but Lauren is meant for Bo

the_dhamphir: How many of you were upset when they introduced Nadia?

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I tend to write stories framed in S2 episodes or themes so she’s referenced but not really the focus

giftofamber: *raises hand*

rainbowwriters: both raise their hands

hbomba-lonejaguar: both raise our hands too haha

rainbowwriters: but Beth was even more upset how the show dealt with her

the_dhamphir: She was a complication, wasn’t she?

WillowPowered: I wasn’t upset by it, it had so much protential but I think she was under utilised

fsc_ralst: At least they didn’t introduce a comatose male love interest

cameron_sarah: Oath

the_dhamphir: Very true, ralst

the_dhamphir: how much potential to do you see in the growth of this fandom?

WillowPowered: She was just there to complicate things but then I wonder if they then didn’t know what exactly to do with her

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: She felt like an afterthought. An unwanted agitator for a situation without a terrible amount of drama

rainbowwriters: no ralst, thank god the show has been willing to admit a lesbian can be a card carrying lesbian, as we believe Lauren is

WillowPowered: I think it could be huge

rainbowwriters: *yes ralst

WillowPowered: oh yes, Lauren is a card carrying member alright, love the stuff in her apartment

rainbowwriters: the fandom is going to explode

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I see a huge amount of potential

WillowPowered: It will be huge because once Lesbians grasp something they grasp the hell out of it

hbomba-lonejaguar: lol

the_dhamphir: I sure hope so!

fsc_ralst: If the Lauren and Lauren/Bo quota continues to rise, the fandom will grow and grow

the_dhamphir: Ivy, your question?

cameron_sarah: "nce Lesbians grasp something they grasp the hell out of it" Best point ever!

IvyMars: Have any of you been tempted to write a Lauren/ Kenzi or Bo/ Kenzi fic after the fever induced makeout between Kenzi and the Doc?

WillowPowered: exactly ralst

WillowPowered: No Lauren/Kenzi or Bo/Kenzi don’t interest me at all, I don’t think they would "fit"

WillowPowered: That is one of my favourite scenes though

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I… sort of have. I tend to challenge myself with weird stuff like that, but it takes me a LONG time to come to grips with the idea.

the_dhamphir: I tend to think of Kenzi as straight

rainbowwriters: Ivy… no… Bo and Kenzi are family to us, and your sister and your girlfriend making out is just wrong

WillowPowered: I agree D Kenzi is straight

the_dhamphir: What i love about Kenzi and Bo is that sisterly/bff bond

IvyMars: oh I know she’s straight lol

rainbowwriters: we have written ‘lesbian’ Kenzi but we choose to put her with an original character rather than muddy the waters

IvyMars: I just think a fic where Bo has to tell Kenzi about what she saw would be funny

fsc_ralst: Not romantically, but I love reading Lauren and Kenzi bonding and snark

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I’m a canon girl. I find it more challenging to play within the perimeters. But I also agree, Kenzi and Bo are like sisters and Kenzi is straight.

the_dhamphir: Yes, I agree, ralst

the_dhamphir: bonding and snark are good. *S*

IvyMars: yes they are

giftofamber: @Ivy You mean the scene in the Spider episode? Where Bo saw Kenzi/Lauren kissing? I was hoping to see Bo confront her about it lol

cameron_sarah: would anyone write ‘accidental sex’ with Bo/Kenzi? Bo needs to heal/magic made them?

fsc_ralst: It’s something I hope we see more of next season

IvyMars: yeah that one gift

the_dhamphir: If you could meet any of the characters in person, not the actor, the character, which would it be and why?

rainbowwriters: Kath: Bo… I hope I taste like candy *G*

the_dhamphir: LOL

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: Bo because she’s so chill. And everyone needs a little supernatural drama in their life.

IvyMars: hahah

the_dhamphir: What would be the ultimate crossover for you? This fandom and what other?

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I’m Bo too. The only friend I might not mind being taken advantage of by

the_dhamphir: darn, didn’t mean to scare WP off

IvyMars: lol

the_dhamphir: wb Willow

WillowPowered: Sorry guys dodgy internet connect

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: Lost Girl/Haven would be really cool.

the_dhamphir: was afraid my crossover question scared you off

WillowPowered: Did I miss anything

the_dhamphir: nope

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I’d say Lost Girl/Fringe if I didn’t think it would end up in a blood bath.

giftofamber: I would love a Lost Girl/OUAT crossover…

WillowPowered: From a writing viewpoint I’m not reallly a crossover girl

WillowPowered: I don’t mind reading them

rainbowwriters: Beth: I agree, most crossovers I can think of come out blood bath

rainbowwriters: Beth:… or sex orgies

WillowPowered: I did toy with the idea of doing a Lost Girl/CSI one – but I don’t think it will happen

rainbowwriters: taht would be so intense to write WP

the_dhamphir: I did a really short one shot with Bo and Dana Scully. lol

WillowPowered: I know right!!

IvyMars: I wonder how a LG/ Buffy xover would do

the_dhamphir: Bo would kill all the vampires. *G*

hbomba-lonejaguar: lol Bo/Scully, how did that end up?

rainbowwriters: Kath: I do think it would be fun to see how Buffy would deal with finding out the ‘baddies’ she thought were unorganized have the whole fae underbelly

IvyMars: Lauren Faith could be interesting

WillowPowered: I often say that Anna Silk got me to watch LG, but Zoie Palmer got me to stay…

cameron_sarah: LG/Veronica Mars, since they are both PI’s

the_dhamphir: pretty well since Scully is immortal. *G*

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Of course!

JoL_SG: I’d be interested to read a X/G uber cross with LG

fsc_ralst: Willow and Lauren geeking it out would be fun, especially with Kenzi and Anya as observers

IvyMars: oh that could be awesome

the_dhamphir: so who’s gonna write it? any volunteers? lol

WillowPowered: Oh yes ralst my two great loves Willow and Lauren

fsc_ralst: I think WP just volunteered

IvyMars: woot!

the_dhamphir: sounds like it to me!

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I was just going to say that!

WillowPowered: lol you never know I might just do that…..

WillowPowered: Just for you guys

the_dhamphir: I think a lot of people would read it.

fsc_ralst: I’d read it

IvyMars: I know I would

WillowPowered: Ok well done then, I’ll do one – don’t know when it will be ready but I’ll do it

the_dhamphir: YAY!

IvyMars: yay! <3


fsc_ralst: the power of the Con!

IvyMars: haha ikr

WillowPowered: Yes I think I just got conned lol

IvyMars: lol

fsc_ralst: lol

the_dhamphir: LOL

hbomba-lonejaguar: LOL

the_dhamphir: Since Bo is a succubus, do you think she’d ever be able to be monogomous?

IvyMars: ooooo nice one

JoL_SG: emo sex yes.

WillowPowered: You know what, I think so

WillowPowered: They seem to have established that she doesn’t need to have sex with people to heal

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I don’t think so. But I think she’s able to separate the emotional from the physical.

IvyMars: I think she can since she was raised in the human world.

fsc_ralst: Can she take enough chi from a human without killing them?

rainbowwriters: we think monogomous for Bo comes with the appendix that she still must feed and heal, so pure monogomy no but we do think she can commit to just being in love with lauren

the_dhamphir: *nods* I agree, RW

WillowPowered: But obviously she would need to bonk Lauren’s brains out regularly to stay "healthy"

the_dhamphir: well, yeah!

IvyMars: I’m not gonna complain if they have to show that XD

fsc_ralst: you make it sound like going to the gym

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I go back and forth about this all the time. I think Bo could strike a deal with Lauren to feed/heal with others

rainbowwriters: to us that Bo never feeds from Lauren is the true expression of her monogamy, Lauren is a lover not food

hbomba-lonejaguar: Totally agree RW

WillowPowered: Yeah Bo’s own personal gym

IvyMars: idk if lauren would let her use others for healing since she offered herself last time

hbomba-lonejaguar: lol

fsc_ralst: we’ve seen her feed without sex, just a kiss or even less

the_dhamphir: I could see Bo getting her neede chi elsewhere, but staying true in her heart to Lauren

IvyMars: only person she hasn’t fed off of during sex is Lauren

rainbowwriters: D I think that is the balancing act for Bo, being the fae she is but being true to Lauren

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: To me, this is the difference between Dyson and Lauren.

IvyMars: it’ll be interesting to see how the series handles it

the_dhamphir: *nods* and I like reading stories that explore that.

WillowPowered: Exactly

IvyMars: yeah

JoL_SG: especially now that Bo’s powers are increasing and she’d need to feed more?

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Dyson doesn’t want to share and Lauren, well she doesn’t want to share either, but she understands why she has to.

WillowPowered: Exactly

IvyMars: I don’t think dyson can handle seeing her with anyone else

the_dhamphir: RIght LJ

fsc_ralst: when Bo went all super-scary-fae last time, she sucked the chi out of people without touching them, maybe she’s headed in that direction?

the_dhamphir: Dyson is too possessive, even he tries to act like he isn’t

WillowPowered: Right ralst

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Man, ralst, then she’d never have to leave home lol

the_dhamphir: She chi-sucked an entire room of people

WillowPowered: I know that in season 3 Bo chooses I just hope it’s Lauren because if they put her with Dyson all hell is going to break loose in the fandom

IvyMars: only person she’s done that type of thing for was lauren and I think that says alot

the_dhamphir: I know!

JoL_SG: yes!

the_dhamphir: According to the polls on the offical website, there is a HUGE preference for Bo/Lauren over Bo/Dyson

WillowPowered: And from a queer community view if they put her with Dyson after being so great about the lady loving it will feel like a kick in the guts

IvyMars: true

the_dhamphir: like 80 to 20 percent

IvyMars: it could be they bring in another woman for Bo as well

rainbowwriters: if the show was smart they would listen to those polls… but its TV so I dread to think

fsc_ralst: Bo/Lauren are definitely the more vocal supporters

WillowPowered: Lauren consistantly wins every poll they put her in and not just win, she kills it

IvyMars: lol


the_dhamphir: Yes, she does, WP

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: And the cool thing about that is that isn’t just the lesbians. Straights embrace the Bo/Lauren too

fsc_ralst: Lauren is the official websites fave

the_dhamphir: Yes!

WillowPowered: exactly

IvyMars: if they brought in another love interest it would make lauren and dyson team up and that could be fun to watch

the_dhamphir: question, giftofamber?

WillowPowered: And given that she is a "minor" character who really hasn’t had that much screen time, that is massive

Alert: giftofamber hand was lowered by the_dhamphir

fsc_ralst: Dyson is actually tollerable when he’s not with Bo – in scenes

giftofamber: What was your favorite female/female succubus kiss that wasn’t Bo/Lauren?

IvyMars: very true wp

the_dhamphir: good question

rainbowwriters: we don’t think that the creators realized what they were going to have with Zoe playing Lauren, minor character became major player

WillowPowered: I don’t have one Amber – I’m kinda prejudiced for Dr Hotpants lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: The trailer park chick hahahaha

IvyMars: she was kinda hot with the morrigan

rainbowwriters: Beth: Was there any others then lauren?

JoL_SG: I know which one I don’t like — the one Bo had with her mum. Ew

the_dhamphir: what about the couple she had a threesome with?

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: the Morrigan, definitely.

WillowPowered: For me the big score for this show was casting Zoie – brilliance that I hope the show realise

WillowPowered: The threesome was ok

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: took me a while to think of one, Beth!

giftofamber: which threesome?

IvyMars: it wasn’t the best threesome

giftofamber: there were two..

the_dhamphir: Bo picked up a married fae couple in the bar

JoL_SG: episode 1×04?

IvyMars: the fury sister one

giftofamber: oh ok. season one threesome. way better than season two threesome.

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure if there was a kiss but her scene with the Principal was good

rainbowwriters: kath: sorry I hated Ryan… so that he brought another girl to play with just screamed cheezy to me

WillowPowered: I hated the threesome with the blond in season 2 icky

WillowPowered: Actually ralst yes that was good

hbomba-lonejaguar: Neither of us liked Ryan much, either.

IvyMars: I didn’t like ryan but the character did what it was suppose to

WillowPowered: Ryan was a knob – hated him although the actor did quite well with what he had

rainbowwriters: yes the actor did his best… and the character filled the vaccum

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: My favourite Bo/other girl was that dress fitting girl

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: cracks me up every time.

IvyMars: he was necessary to show where some of Bo’s limits were morally

IvyMars: that was funny LJ

the_dhamphir: *nods* yes, ivy

WillowPowered: Yeah don’t do the douche

IvyMars: hahaha new slogan XD

the_dhamphir: lol

the_dhamphir: What’s your personal favorite story in your fandom? Just to rec for the audience.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: sounds like a cola slogan lol

WillowPowered: douche light, diet douche

eizzy rico: hi

IvyMars: I’m gonna end up photoshopping that onto a Mtn Dew can lol

the_dhamphir: amber?

Alert: giftofamber hand was lowered by the_dhamphir

giftofamber: Where do you think Bo’s SuperSuccubus powers come from?

WillowPowered: Do you mean what’s our favourite fanfic story?

the_dhamphir: Yeah, that’s what I meant WP.

the_dhamphir: but amber’s question is a good one. *S*

WillowPowered: Like Lauren said, it comes from what they feel for each other – someone hurts the Doc you’re ass will be Bo’s

WillowPowered: Wow that’s tough D there are sooo many

the_dhamphir: So do you think their relationship will make Bo stronger?

WillowPowered: I think it already has and I think it will continue to

hbomba-lonejaguar: We’re having a tough time, too!

rainbowwriters: Supersuccubus powers come from her heritage… her unusual mix of succubus, royal blood and whatever her father was… makes her able to go nuclear

IvyMars: I think her powers come from her emotions on a primal level

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I think it has to do with a strong emotional bond.

WillowPowered: Yeah

WillowPowered: And no I can’t think of an absolute favourite fic

the_dhamphir: Have any of you speculated about what her father could be? And if so, what did you come up with?

WillowPowered: I haven’t thought about her father yet, I may do at some point…

rainbowwriters: sorry, no fav fic here either… as there are two of us doubly hard

the_dhamphir: lol

rainbowwriters: WP: the concept of who Bo’s father is can lead to so many roads… and fics

WillowPowered: I do love your stories though rainbowwriters – awesome stuff

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I haven’t thought about Bo’s father much, either. I guess I’ll have to some time!

rainbowwriters: thank you… we also love yours

IvyMars: is it wrong that I keep hoping for an AU fic with lauren as a cop?

WillowPowered: My fics always start with Bo/Lauren and then I develop the story from there…

IvyMars: sorry random

WillowPowered: lol Ivy very good idea

Meneldur: Do we even know if Bo’s fatehr was Dark Fae?

fsc_ralst: Bo’s father dark fae?

the_dhamphir: ‘sokay ivy. random can lead to some good discussion and stories.

WillowPowered: Zoie in cop uniform – yummy (can’t wait to see Cold Blooded)

IvyMars: me too

rainbowwriters: we agree with WP, a fic needs to have the core relationship goal and then build around that

WillowPowered: I always thought of him as being dark fae

IvyMars: they haven’t really said much about her father

Meneldur: I mean, we can assume her father was the Dark Fae King keeping Aoife prisoner

rainbowwriters: (we’re hoping to see Cold Blooded at the Mississauga Independant Film Festival)

Meneldur: But what do we really know about Aoife’s escape?

hbomba-lonejaguar: RW: We are going to MIFF!

the_dhamphir: well, Aoife was batshit crazy… lol

Meneldur: Also, it’s interesting to note that Lachlynn apparently worked with Aoife.

WillowPowered: For example Destiny started as that one small scene at the beginning……

Meneldur: And that Aoife was a radical Light Fae.

IvyMars: they won’t be showing it around here :’-(

WillowPowered: ohhhh you’ll have to give us a full report – it looks awesome

rainbowwriters: it’s like the show is holding the ‘father’ card back

Meneldur: And being imprisoned has unhinged her even worse

WillowPowered: Apparantly that gets explored in season 3

Meneldur: Well, it’s holding the Aoife card backa s well

IvyMars: would make sense

rainbowwriters: HL: Awesome! hopefully we’ll see you there

fsc_ralst: they like to have surprises held in reserve, like the mother and Nadia

the_dhamphir: does it? i didn’t know that

Meneldur: Remember? Carried away by someone at the end of the first season, and totally gone for all the second

WillowPowered: Yeah apparantly they explore the darker Bo, including her father

IvyMars: I liked Nadia better when she was in the coma lol

Meneldur: I hope we’ll be seeing both of them in season 3

the_dhamphir: what went thru your mind when you saw Bo’s eyes at the end of the 2nd season final episode?

WillowPowered: Some serious shit is going to go down

Meneldur: Heck, I’d like for the guy who carried Aoife away to be the Dark Fae King who had imprisoned/used her for thousands of years, and is also Bo’s father.

rainbowwriters: Beth: "FUN!

IvyMars: they left a lot of things open for next season

WillowPowered: Good idea meneldur

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I was excited. I am so looking forward to exploring that alter ego if you will

rainbowwriters: Kath: I thought she’d better get a hold of herself quick before her blue banshee takes over the city

Meneldur: BTW, can I just say I don’t really like that name ‘Bo’? I much prefer Ysabeau.

IvyMars: I like Bo

giftofamber: Do you prefer to write angst, fluff, romance, or smut?

the_dhamphir: I like Bo too

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I’m also excited. Can’t wait to see how badass she gets!

IvyMars: it’s very descriptive of her character

WillowPowered: I like what ever Lauren calls her lol

Meneldur: ‘Bo’? How?

Meneldur: Only bo I know is a type of staff

WillowPowered: Amber I don’t really have a preference I don’t think although smut is fun to write

IvyMars: Shortened names usually give the idea of closeness

the_dhamphir: familiarity, yes

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I try to get all of that in each story, actually.

rainbowwriters: No matter what genre we start writing it usually comes back to the angst… though WP is right, smut is the most fun to write

Meneldur: Ysabeau gives a French touch, a mysteriosu touch, and of course it means ‘God’s Promise’

WillowPowered: I do like to put some humour in

Meneldur: Which makes yuo wonder why Aoife chose it.

IvyMars: that could also be the reason she doesn’t go by it M

Meneldur: Maybe

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Smut makes me pull my hair out, but I end up liking it in the end. Usually.

IvyMars: she thought she was evil

IvyMars: so why keep a name like that?

IvyMars: lol LJ

the_dhamphir: well we know Bo was found as a baby in a blanket that Bo on it.

WillowPowered: I used to be fairly graphic with my sex sceens, not I like to leave something to the readers imagination

the_dhamphir: and was then adopted by her human parents

Meneldur: Yeah, I really wanted to see mroe of Bo’s human family

IvyMars: I don’t know if we will ever see the human family

Meneldur: I found it annoying we only got a touch of it in that episode with the brother of the first guy she drained

rainbowwriters: sometimes the art is setting up the sex scene and then indeed leaving the actual sex to the imagination of the reader

Liberty Stewart: just came from AR/AUs, what’s happening here on the LG panel?

Meneldur: Probably not

IvyMars: sex lol

Meneldur: @RW True words

WillowPowered: Right rainbow

IvyMars: I’ve always hated the fade to black fics for some reason rain

Meneldur: What Jacqueline Carey did sometime in the Kushiel Legacy

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: It’s changed as I’ve gotten older. I used to write straight up smut stories when I was younger, then I’ve moved into more subtle avenues as I’ve aged. I write more angst now but its usually a kernel of the whole story.

Meneldur: Worked better, no doubt; I don’t think anyone can really write a great Melisande sex scene

Beagmactire: hi! may i join the party! How goes the world of lost girl?

the_dhamphir: Any ideas on what you expect to see in the 3rd season?

IvyMars: hi

WillowPowered: Do you guys have an all time favourite episode or scene?

rainbowwriters: Ivy: I think sometimes the fade to black does seem wrong, you need the intimacy of the sex but sometimes if you don’t fade to black it derails the tempo of the rest of the story in preference for focusing on the sex… it’s a balancing act at best

Liberty Stewart: body swap episode is the best so far for me

WillowPowered: I think Bo is going to be badass in season 3

IvyMars: well yeah in some stories it is actually better, but alot of people use it as a crutch

hbomba-lonejaguar: Agree, RW, the balance is key

rainbowwriters: Agreed… Bo getting a hold on her new bigger powers is going to be the crux of 3… her learning who she is , what she can do, and more importantly what she wants to do with that

Meneldur: And I want the love triangle to be resolved

WillowPowered: I hope there is more Doc Hotpants and more doccubus

IvyMars: I’m looking forward to the Kenzi line with the Norn

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I agree with Ivy, too though, sometimes it’s frustrating. Just depends on how much satisfaction I get from the rest of the story.

Alsike: I agree too. If you keep the sex it needs to be relevant to the story.

Beagmactire: I agree with RW and WP, I think no is going to had to change her game plan as this new side of her is coming out .

Liberty Stewart: who here preferred it when both Lauren and Dyson actually had girlfriends of their own?

Meneldur: Though really, I’d be just as happy if Bo gets more succubus-y and does everybody in sight

Meneldur: How hasn’t she had an orgy yet?

slave2free: WP: Fav episode: When Lauren has sex with Bo and then Bo finds out she was "ordered" to distract her.

Beagmactire: bo not no! (facepalms at autocorrect)

the_dhamphir: Okay folks, remember to raise your hands to ask the panelists questions.

Meneldur: Liberty: Me. I liked Dyson’d girlfriend, she was great

WillowPowered: That’s mine too slave

IvyMars: body swap is still the best episode overall

Meneldur: I liked Ryan as well, was sad to see him go

IvyMars: hated ryan

WillowPowered: My all time favourite scene is after Bo and Lauren sleep together and Vex – the scene when Bo finds out the Ash sent Lauren

Meneldur: Why?

Meneldur: He was so much fun!

Meneldur: Also, The Morrigan!

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I have high hopes for doccubus in season three. If I only get one episode where they are happy together, I’ll be happy.

Meneldur: How is nobody shipping Bo/Morrigan?

IvyMars: because he caused Bo too much trouble and he seemd like an arrogant prick Men

the_dhamphir: Raise hand people to ask questions.

giftofamber: I like Bo/Morrigan and Lauren/Morrigan

Liberty Stewart: @mene: I like it solely because the characters can now have another focus beside the silly who can win the main character’s heart nonsense that we see too much of

Meneldur: I literally shouted at the screen when it turned out Bo was just tricking her and wasn’t having sex

WillowPowered: Anna and Zoie just acted their asses of in that scene and it broke this little lesbians heart – that’s when I fell in love with Zoie, she blew me away

rainbowwriters: Kath: if S3 doesn’t have more doccubus then some people in TVLand need to be blackjacked in a dark parking lot

Meneldur: @dhampir: Sorry, was meant as rhetoricla question

IvyMars: lol rain

slave2free: WP: Heartbreaking -yes.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I agree with Kath!

the_dhamphir: LOL@ kath

WillowPowered: Agreed Kath

rainbowwriters: WP: I swear you can see Bo’s heart breatk in that scene… truly kudos to the two actresses

the_dhamphir: I completely agree, RW

IvyMars: yeah it was great acting

WillowPowered: That scene sealed the deal for me – that’s when I went fangirl

Beagmactire: it was an amazing scene, the emotions between the two.. simply breathtaking. a Stirling piece of acting

WillowPowered: And to think it was the pilot episode, they already had all that chemistry from the start

rainbowwriters: you cannot buy that kind of chemistry

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I could just have them on my TV 24/7 and I’d be happy.

the_dhamphir: Huge credit to both Anna and Zoie for that

WillowPowered: hell no you can’t and they need to embrace it

WillowPowered: They can drive us crazy with a little eye sex lol

the_dhamphir: Out of your own stories that you’ve written, which one is your favorite and why?

Beagmactire: exactly! I always thought bo and dyson had to work a for theirs but between bo and Lauren it seems effortless

the_dhamphir: and what is it about?

Liberty Stewart: who here prefers for there to be no love triangle this season? it’s like there’s not a single supernatural franchise without one

WillowPowered: I don’t really see any chemistry between bo and dyson

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Would we be cheating to pick the one we just wrote together?

the_dhamphir: not at all

the_dhamphir: tell us about it

WillowPowered: I think they have to have the triangle a little in season 3 to resolve it but I don’t think the fans will buy it for much longer

the_dhamphir: Question, Liberty?

WillowPowered: Tough questions D

the_dhamphir: LOL that’s my job.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Hmm… I’m not sure how to talk about it without spoiling it!

Liberty Stewart: @my question was in the sentence i wrote

rainbowwriters: mmmmm.. picking isn’t going well for us either

Liberty Stewart: @d that is

WillowPowered: I do love Destiny because it was just going to be this little scene and it grew into this huge thing

the_dhamphir: @lib okay

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: it’s a general fic with Bo/Lauren and a bit of internal group struggles and explores a couple major dropped plots points from the show

the_dhamphir: Where do you post your stories, so that the fans here can find and read them?

rainbowwriters: Beth: can I favourite a fic we haven’t posted yet? *g*

the_dhamphir: yes, RW you can

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: For some reason I love The First Five times which is an account of Bo/Lauren’s first five times together. There are 5 separate stories so you get a bit of everything in it.

WillowPowered: I really like Sacrifice and Safe Word too because the ideas for them just popped into my head and I wrote them really quick

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I post to my tumblr and fanfiction.net and livejournal

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I post to fanfiction.net, tumblr, and LJ, too when I remember!

rainbowwriters: Beth: we are working on one that begins when Lauren goes away with Nadia for the ‘trip’… we introduce another wolf character named Katarina and I’ve fallen in love with her as a fae

WillowPowered: There’s here http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1219207/ and here http://wpfanfiction.blogspot.com

rainbowwriters: at the moment fanfiction.net is where we post

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: If i was to choose one of my own, then I’d go with Human Nature. It explored a lot of the Lauren vs. Dyson which I really wanted to write.

WillowPowered: and on http://www.ralst.com/index.html

the_dhamphir: all of these stories sound so good! *S*

rainbowwriters: Kath: I’d have to say Faethful… it was nice to start writing a fic on the premise foundation that Bo has picked Lauren, no more triangle… she’s made the choice

WillowPowered: Actually I think I post them on wayyy to many places lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: H is hbomba on ff.net and I’m lonejaguar on ff.net

the_dhamphir: good to know!

WillowPowered: I also blame Lost Girl for my twitter obsession lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Alas, I cannot blame Lost Girl for that!

the_dhamphir: you mean following anna and zoie on twitter?

rainbowwriters: who doesn’t love cloverblob!

WillowPowered: being on twitter in general

giftofamber: I love cloverblob!

hbomba-lonejaguar: Our cat has a crush on cloverblob

WillowPowered: cloverblog is legend lol

the_dhamphir: Do you have any new stories in the works and if so care to share a bit?

WillowPowered: before I discovered LG I’d posted about 900 tweets in a couple of years

WillowPowered: since I discovered LG and signed up for twitter again in January I’ve got about 9000 tweets lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: We’re actually in the planning stages of a new one, yes…..

WillowPowered: I’ve got about 3 new stories floating around in my head

hbomba-lonejaguar: We’re researching the fae we’re hoping to use still, so very early.

the_dhamphir: care to give us a sneak peek?

the_dhamphir: what kind of fae?

rainbowwriters: must admit we are always writing… stories get started, put aside, others get picked up… but the one Beth mentioned above is probably the biggest one. It takes the gang out of their home city and moves them temporarily to a new locale while they deal with some angst

WillowPowered: I will tell you that in one of my current ones What Price Love, Lauren is going to be kick ass….

hbomba-lonejaguar: Oh I don’t know if I want to tell you that yet But I’m pretty sure it’s an African one

hbomba-lonejaguar: (again)

the_dhamphir: @wp kickass Lauren sounds good.

rainbowwriters: researching fae is half the fun sometimes

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: which is weird because I’ve never found myself interested in the mythology.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: All I can tell you is Bo’ll be in danger and I think we’re teaming Lauren and Kenzi up.

WillowPowered: I am thinking of trying to write Lauren with someone else after Bo break her poor little heart – don’t worry doccubus will win out, it always does

the_dhamphir: that’s good to know, WP

the_dhamphir: and that sounds interesting, LJ

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I really really really want to see Lauren just lay someone out some time.

WillowPowered: Geeky, kick ass Lauren is very appealing

the_dhamphir: Okay, there’s about 30 minutes left, so let’s open this up for everyone to ask questions

IvyMars: I wonder what would happen if the Morrigan became interested in Lauren

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I think that might be a way she gets back at Bo, Ivy

the_dhamphir: I don’t see that ending well for the Morrigan. *S*

WillowPowered: That opens up a heap of avenues for very awesome fanfiction lol

rainbowwriters: Ivy: we’ve actually toyed with that idea…after all don’t the dark fae need a doc too?

IvyMars: exactly

WillowPowered: I think we’ve all toyed with that idea

IvyMars: well stop toying and someone write the damn thing lol

Liberty Stewart: @Ivy: Lauren + Morrigan will be the most awesome thing I’ve seen

WillowPowered: lol yes ma’am

giftofamber: I have one started w/Lauren & the Morrigan

synergyfox: My friend is writing that, though it’s a crossover.

giftofamber: but it’s on the backburner right now (2 parts are up)

rainbowwriters: the morrigan is a fun character… she has the unique perspective of being in a place of power where she is expected to abuse it

WillowPowered: I hope that if they don’t have Bo with Lauren in season 3 that they bring someone in for Lauren – jealous Bo would be awesome

IvyMars: we haven’t really seen too much of jealous Bo

hbomba-lonejaguar: Lj: I don’t know, all the eyerolling around Nadia was pretty funny1

the_dhamphir: yes it was.

WillowPowered: I also hope they write Lauren and Dyson better in season 3 – emo Dyson was aweful

rainbowwriters: Beth: the morrigan can’t play more of a role in Lauren’s life until she’s free of the light fae in our fae series… but then be prepared of the seeds sown in ep1

WillowPowered: When Bo walked in on Nadia and Lauren kissing it broke my heart

IvyMars: yes but the light could trade lauren to the dark for something

IvyMars: that could be fun

rainbowwriters: wp: The way Bo grabs the doorframe on the way out was brilliant

WillowPowered: Anna and Zoie are amazing at saying so much without talking, their expressions are unbelievable

WillowPowered: Exactly RW you could feel her pain

hbomba-lonejaguar: RW/WP yes!

IvyMars: they do that sooo well

WillowPowered: After some of their eye sex scenes I feel like I need a cigarette

hbomba-lonejaguar: Anyone else have any ideas on Lachlan’s letter from 2.20?

the_dhamphir: LOL.. IKR

Liberty Stewart: @rainbow: isn’t most of the light fae that controls lauren life dead though?

rainbowwriters: that’s why for us it’s hard to diminish the value of doccubus to the show… those little moments convery so much emotion and internal dialogue

WillowPowered: Exactly RW and there is none of that between Bo and Dyson

WillowPowered: No idea re letter

rainbowwriters: Liberty: yes, but her service is to the light fae as a whole, to the Ash, who holds the title is of little concequence

the_dhamphir: Dyson just represents sex… Lauren is love.

WillowPowered: Exactly D

IvyMars: exactly d

hbomba-lonejaguar: exactly

rainbowwriters: LibertyL: at least in our world

rainbowwriters: Dyson is a fourth of july in her mouth… a one hit wonder… no depth

the_dhamphir: lmao.

the_dhamphir: great way to put it

the_dhamphir: *G*

IvyMars: that was a horrible mental image >.<

WillowPowered: He’s a pinch hitter where as Lauren is the whole batting order

the_dhamphir: Bo and Lauren are simply meant for each other.

WillowPowered: Exactly D

IvyMars: that they are d

rainbowwriters: agreed D

hbomba-lonejaguar: exactly

WillowPowered: Anyone else got a question

hbomba-lonejaguar: I’d like to ask one

WillowPowered: Shoot

IvyMars: bang XD

WillowPowered: lol

the_dhamphir: lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: Why do you folk write? Is it to fulfill something not on the show or to exercise creative muscles, etc?

the_dhamphir: So far I think LG is giving us pretty great stuff. So for this show, I’d say to excersize creative muscle.

WillowPowered: I started writing fanfiction as a way to practice writing for my "serious" stuff but then it turned out I love playing with characters from the shows I love

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I write to fill in some blanks, mostly. Things that don’t get talked about or dealt with on the show. But creative muscle does play a big part.

Liberty Stewart: Here’s a question, do you think the series will explore their world better this season? I hate supernatural shows where the supernatural element is mostly brushed to the side.

WillowPowered: For me I think it’s both – I get to create and I also get to do stuff that isn’t happening on the show(s)

rainbowwriters: good question… we write lost girl because of what isn’t given to us on the show, what it can’t explore or simply other options it didn’t…. especially with it being in between seasons at the moment… and we write because we can do anything in a scene regardless of the CGI/Makeup/Special effects budget

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: I was a film student and I just love telling stories. Fanfiction has always been a safe place to do this for me.

WillowPowered: While the show is a supernatural show I think it will keep on doing what it has been in that respect

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: the fact that Lost Girl gives us so much has also made it very easy or very difficult to write for me, too

rainbowwriters: Liberty: I hope the S3 will give us more fae folklore, more background and more fae discriptions. it’s the supernatural element that is the canvas for the characters stories

IvyMars: they are very generous with fandoms

WillowPowered: I don’t see it digging deeper into the supernatural world

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I think it’s done well so far with the supernatural aspect, but I hope it doesn’t get lost. it’s one of the reasons I loved it in the first place.

WillowPowered: but I do hope they go deeper and give us more of the whole fae world

the_dhamphir: I completely agree

WillowPowered: I just hope they listen to what the fans are telling them – I see potential for them to really stuff the show up if they aren’t careful

rainbowwriters: We also hope they keep drawing their folklore from real legends and history… Beth has a bookcase of books on legends and mythology and it’s always cool to crossreference the elements of the fae they have created with the real legend

WillowPowered: Agreed RW

IvyMars: well there is the advantage of the show not being an american show

WillowPowered: True Ivy

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Yes, RW, we do that too!

IvyMars: so there is a better change of the Bo/ Lauren thing actually working out

IvyMars: chance*

rainbowwriters: we can only hope that the show being focused on my an american channel doesn’t put pressure on showcase to change things

WillowPowered: Yeah I hope so and if it does I think it will be huge

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: what RW said.

the_dhamphir: We’re 2 season in and with a canonical bi main character in love with a canonical lesbian, do you think that increases or hurts the amount of fic we’ll see in the fandom?

rainbowwriters: unfortunately we all know the effect of ‘tv money’ on a shows creativity… it’s never good

WillowPowered: Exactly RW

IvyMars: my cable network refused to put 2X06 on ondemand

the_dhamphir: what?!

IvyMars: yep

IvyMars: it was too "controversial"

hbomba-lonejaguar: H: For me, I understand if it’s not all doccubus all the time and there has to be some sort of conflict so it will never be like it is in fic, I think

WillowPowered: I think Bo and Lauren being together will make the fandom explode with fics galore

rainbowwriters: kath: if the show had remained purely canadian I think we’d have had a better chance of doccubus playing out more truthfully

WillowPowered: I think so too H, it won’t be smooth sailing

IvyMars: hopefully Syfy doesn’t sell the show out

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: Having written lesbians in fic where it’s subtext, once people realize this is canon, I think the fandom will explode.

WillowPowered: I think that if the USA market does influence the show then doccubus won’t be end game which really sucks

the_dhamphir: god I hope not

WillowPowered: Oh yeah canon will make the world go BANG

hbomba-lonejaguar: LJ: I just hope Showcase/Shaw have the balls to say no if that ever becomes an issue.

rainbowwriters: the quality of Bo and lauren’s relationship will make the fic numbers explode, even if the show screws us over, they can’t change that love, what fic writers can create with it

slave2free: I think that having the couple in cannon will only increase the amount of fan fiction. I hope

the_dhamphir: agreed @ lj

WillowPowered: Exactly RW

rainbowwriters: like with willow/tara… even killing Tara didn’t stop the fic writers or the fans… hell we wrote more than one fic just to bring hr back

WillowPowered: And personally I’ll write doccubus until my last breath lol

IvyMars: idk if the canadian company will change the essence of the show’s chemestry for the american market

rainbowwriters: here here WP

WillowPowered: I hope not Ivy

Liberty Stewart: @Ivy: I don’t think syfy has that much say in what showcase puts on the show. i’m sure they’re oversea channels picking up the show too.

IvyMars: yeah I think so too Lib

the_dhamphir: Speaking of canon couples… How would you compaire Bo/Lauren to Callie/Arizona? Do you see parallels?

the_dhamphir: Especially in regards to their acceptance by the audience at large.

WillowPowered: Bo/Lauren wipe the floor with them, but then I’m not a Grey’s fan (although Callie/Arizona are good)

hbomba-lonejaguar: Bo/Lauren are our only canon experience, so we can’t say.

rainbowwriters: not a Grey’s fan so can’t say much

IvyMars: not a fan of grey’s either

Liberty Stewart: @ivy: showcase was the canadian channel that took pride for being uncensored, unedited and aired lots of gay material back in the 90s

WillowPowered: It’s like comparing a fake orgasm with a real one lol

the_dhamphir: I asked because the general audience has, for the most part, been behind Callie/Arizona. And it seems to hold true for Bo and Lauren as well.

hbomba-lonejaguar: LOL WP

IvyMars: hopefully they keep that reputaion up Lib

IvyMars: haha wp

slave2free: WP: And as long as you write it, I’ll be reading it!!

WillowPowered: Thanks slave

rainbowwriters: Kath: I hope that what it shows is that the ‘genera’ audience is ready for gay/lesbian couples to be part of a show as a couple… not the gay couple there for the gay market… just a couple on the show

the_dhamphir: 7 minutes until the Web Series panel begins.

hbomba-lonejaguar: how prevalent are Calle/Arizona though, D? Maybe people are okay with it because it’s more of an ensemble?

Liberty Stewart: @ivy: showcase has been more mainstream since than, but they still seem to stick by the guns

IvyMars: the way the sexuality is such a non issue is great

hbomba-lonejaguar: Lost Girls’ pretty unapologetic

WillowPowered: As a writer there’s one thing I’ll tell you guys – I’m a feedback ho – always feel free to tell me what you think good or back

hbomba-lonejaguar: We’re both with WP there!

the_dhamphir: I concur

rainbowwriters: what writer doesn’t like feedback?

WillowPowered: LG got me because of the non-issue about the whole "gay think" I’ll always love the show for that

Meneldur: The bad kind

WillowPowered: exactly right guys lol

Meneldur: I also enjoy the fact that the sexuality is open

hbomba-lonejaguar: It’s always nice to know what people think about what we write

WillowPowered: even if it’s bad tell me because unless you tells us we don’t know where we can improve

Meneldur: It’s not just about gay characters

Meneldur: It’s the fact that there’s no criticism of people for having alternate lifestyles

yurianimeotaku: @willow I wish P&P had a "review" option, because I feel weird sending direct email to an author.

the_dhamphir: It’s kind of hard to be uptight about sex when your main character is succubus!

Meneldur: Whether those involve drainign sex energy or threesomes.

IvyMars: very true

WillowPowered: True Yuri but you have my permission to email the heck out of me lol

Meneldur: They could have made her fear of draining make her into a prude

hbomba-lonejaguar: LOL us too!

IvyMars: I read an interview with the creator and she said they toned down the show because of True Blood lol

yurianimeotaku: @willow Okay. I just feel like I’m invading an author’s privacy when I do.

WillowPowered: heck and while you’re at it follow me on twitter @WP_writer lol

IvyMars: could you imagine?

Meneldur: True Blood… eh. I do feel the sex is just gratutious/ too casual there

WillowPowered: Go for it yuri like I said I’m a feedback ho lol

hbomba-lonejaguar: You find us on the Twitter, too! @chefheathers & @lonejaguar

the_dhamphir: as a writer, i have to supply our email to ralst for her to post it. so believe me, we don’t mind getting emails. if we did, we wouldn’t have them on the stories!

WillowPowered: Exactly H

the_dhamphir: Okay, I’d like to thank our panelists and our guests for a wonderful time discussing Lost Girl!

yurianimeotaku: ty panelists

rainbowwriters: clap… clap… clap

the_dhamphir: Make sure you read their stories and feed them with feedback! *G*

IvyMars: woo! it was fun <3

hbomba-lonejaguar: Thank YOU! It’s been awesome! Hope we’ll see you all over the internet!

Liberty Stewart: @meneld: true blood is clearly made by a horny gay man, so that’s no surprise

WillowPowered: Thanks everyone I’ve had a blast

rainbowwriters: Thank you… it has been great discussing our fav show

WillowPowered: and thanks to the mods for all of your hard work

WillowPowered: and to ralst, you’re a legend

the_dhamphir: Thanks.

michelle_2011: good panel. i enjoyed it.

slave2free: thanks panelists

fsc_ralst: I’ve just arrived and already I’m a legend, that’s good going

christintello: hi all

WillowPowered: lol you do a lot of hard work for us so yeah you are

wolvie_dk: you’ve been a legend for quite a long while already ralst

wolvie_dk: hi christin

Breaking Point Caryn: yo!

slave2free: That’s how it is with legends

hbomba-lonejaguar: you deserve it, ralst!

wolvie_dk: good evening everyone

christintello: hey ralst and wolvie

Breaking Point Caryn: so paltalk hates me and I can’t change my font color FYI

fsc_ralst: Evening all

quietheartedfsc: *bowing to ralst the legend*

fsc_ralst: Stop or you’ll have me blushing

WillowPowered: A blushing legend – cute

Meneldur: Your font is already blushing, ralst, it’s not that far

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