Criminal Minds

fsc_ralst: Yes, welcome to the Criminal Minds panels… panellists, please sign in

fsc_ralst: Unfortunately, lysachan is experiencing computer problems and won’t be able to join us


Ceridwyn2: she needs a new computer

Ceridwyn2: I’m in Atlantic Canada

Alsike: Hi, I’m Alsike. I write, um, the Criminal Minds subfandom, which is Criminal Minds/X-Men fic. I think I get to call it a subfandom since I’m no longer the only person writing it.

Ceridwyn2: I will admit to probably only seeing a few eps of the most recent season.

Kaqlittle: I just read a really good Emma/Emily fic

fsc_ralst: So, what first got you interested in this fandom?

Ceridwyn2: Emily Prentiss

Alsike: Indeed.

sunsetwriter: Emily Prentiss

Kaqlittle: i agree

mayIreadtoday: Alsike, are you nike_ravus?

Alsike: Yep, that’s me

mayIreadtoday: Hi!

Ceridwyn2: if ever there was a character to slash, it’s Emily

Gin Akasarahsmom: I’ve only just started watching the shows on A&E… but I like Emily… and JJ… and…

Alsike: Hi

Ceridwyn2: Garcia.

Ceridwyn2: nerdgasm

Meneldur: Emily. On should always slash Emily

Gin Akasarahsmom: yep.. and Garcia

Gin Akasarahsmom: I would like to see some Garcia/JJ fic

fsc_ralst: For those that saw the first season, did the femslash urge only strike with Emily’s arrival or was it there for you with Elle too?

sunsetwriter: For me, it started with Em

Kaqlittle: Emily

Gin Akasarahsmom: Elle kinda creeped me out..

sunsetwriter: Not a big Elle fan either

Meneldur: Emily

fsc_ralst: I never took to Elle either

Alsike: Never watched the first season. The fic picked up when Emily arrived, and I follow the fic.

fsc_ralst: Emily really did bring the gay

darandkerry_1: Emily

Ceridwyn2: I was watching one of the eps on Bravo Canada recently and there was one part where Spencer was going on and on, and Emily pokes him in the cheek and goes, "is he real?"

Gin Akasarahsmom: rofl

mayIreadtoday: Emily with her non-English speaking — so sexy.

Ceridwyn2: not an Elle fan, either. JJ & Garcia were fun to watch in S1

sunsetwriter: At one point, I was convinced they were going to have Emily come out as gay, then…

Ceridwyn2: yep.

Alsike: It would clearly be an anticlimax

mayIreadtoday: Am I the other one who doesn’t see Emily/JJ at all?

mayIreadtoday: I might only one

Ceridwyn2: that and that voice. Emily. For god sake, gah

mayIreadtoday: I meant

sunsetwriter: JJ’s pregnancy brough the Em/JJ ship to a screeching halt for me

the_dhamphir: no, mayI, you’re not the only one.

Alsike: I was totally on board with the Emily/JJ until the baby debacle too

Gin Akasarahsmom: and I hate that guy she’s with… married to?

fsc_ralst: @may – season two and three I could see Emily/JJ easily but not so much lately

sunsetwriter: I wish they hadn’t written the pregnancy into the show

Gin Akasarahsmom: he mumbles

Ceridwyn2: I just figured it was a sperm donor, and ditched the guy.

Alsike: @ sunset – would you rather the Otalia method?

Kaqlittle: yeah

Gin Akasarahsmom: ewwww

mayIreadtoday: I have never seen Emily/JJ even before the pregnancy

Gin Akasarahsmom: gross… now I have "Frankshudders"

fsc_ralst: Will is a terrible character, and that’s not even my femslasher’s side talking

sunsetwriter: Sorry, not up on Otalia…?

Ceridwyn2: LOL. BTW, if any of you have been reading S3 of OVS, we have Shemar Moore as the new police chief for Springfield

Gin Akasarahsmom: oh…

Alsike: I meant the pre-Frank incident – They made the actress carry baskets and wear heavy coats to try and distract from the babybump.

sunsetwriter: I could go with the Olivia Benson method of hiding behind folders, etc

sunsetwriter: Yeah, like that!

Gin Akasarahsmom: bump? Natalia had a MOUNTAIN!

fsc_ralst: Producers really should just credit the audience with some intelligence, and just assume we’ll turn a blind eye to the baby bumps

the_dhamphir: agreed

sunsetwriter: Benson couldn’t really hide it either, but it was better than make her character pregnant

Ceridwyn2: LOL. True dat. So did HC’s Maca & Esther with their pregnancies that were written in

Gin Akasarahsmom: there was a really weird few episodes on Castle when they had Beckett kinda hiding behind tables, doors, folders, clothing… it was weird.. because she wasn’t pregnant! LOL

Alsike: In the end, I’m happy that they did write it in, because without it, I would have never started writing in the fandom.

mayIreadtoday: I watched The Cosby Show when I was a kid and never noticed that Phylicia Rashad was preganant. And she was a number of times.

fsc_ralst: The pregnancy, without Will, would have been tollerable, but adding him made no sense

sunsetwriter: Then something good DID come out of it

sunsetwriter: I just didn’t buy JJ being in love with Will. At all.

Gin Akasarahsmom: me either… no chemistry

Ceridwyn2: no, neither did I

mayIreadtoday: Yes, Alsike wrote her Vegas hooker fic.

fsc_ralst: No, she looked ready to dump and then ‘wham’ they’re together? Made no sense

Alsike: That was one thing.

Ceridwyn2: ralst, I emailed you the two HC fics with html markings added

fsc_ralst: okay, ta

sunsetwriter: Since he was the ONLY love interest JJ ever really had, so I guess he was the only choice

mayIreadtoday: I believe you have Emily refer to JJ as "repulsively heterosexual" in that fic

Alsike: It was a one night stand, and making it more than that was really submitting to middle class values

Alsike: i do

Ceridwyn2: yep. ONS

fsc_ralst: @Alsike yes

Gin Akasarahsmom: I think she actually DID break up with him right… then by the end of the episode they were back together?

fsc_ralst: And Emily didn’t look happy about it

Gin Akasarahsmom: I hate things like that… it’s just bad planning

Alsike: "repulsively heterosexual" was how I felt about the whole incident

Ceridwyn2: nope. Emily did not like it

Alsike: It really put a wrench in a lot of the fic at the time as well

fsc_ralst: Thankfully, they use Will sparingly, but still far too much for my liking

Alsike: because people were trying to deal with it, and it was really hard to read

mayIreadtoday: Alsike, and now you write awesome Emily Prentiss/Emma Frost

darandkerry_1: I liked the fic where people just pretended it never happaned.

sunsetwriter: Do you think he will have a bigger role, now that they are married?

Alsike: I wanted Emily to move up in the world.

fsc_ralst: @dar me too

Ceridwyn2: Mind you, Emily around JJ when she was pregnant, there was still chemistry

Alsike: Pretending it never happened was the best option.

fsc_ralst: God, I hope not suns

Alsike: But the ones where they placed the blame on Emily for it were not okay.

Kaqlittle: I haven’t read any of ur fics Alsike but I am planning on it.

Ceridwyn2: And with Prentiss gone again

mayIreadtoday: Emily is so perfect for crossovers because she’s traveled the world.

Gin Akasarahsmom: I hope not… he butts in on the BAU’s cases too often already in my opinion… he seems kinda like a jerk who can’t let his wife just do her job

fsc_ralst: Criminal Minds without Emily is not a good idea

Alsike: @ Kaqlittle – I hope you do! I like them, but of course, I’m biased.

Kaqlittle: I like the Emma/Emily crossover

Alsike: Tamoline’s?

Meneldur: Iworship at the Emma/Emily altar

Kaqlittle: yep just read those

sunsetwriter: Anyone know any scoop on her ‘replacement’? As if she could BE replaced

Meneldur: Then again, I worship Emma and like Emily, so it’s not surprising

fsc_ralst: Are there a lot of CM crossovers? Besides those already mentioned?

darandkerry_1: Replacement is Jean Tripplehorn (sp?)

mayIreadtoday: I like Emily/Ziva David (NCIS) and I want to see Emily/Diana Barrigan (White Collar)

Ceridwyn2: No idea who replacement might be. But seriously, that year that Emily & JJ out was just bad

Kaqlittle: is Emily leaving? I did not watch the latter part of the last season?

Meneldur: Emily/Ziva is awesoem

sunsetwriter: Where do I know her from?

Alsike: There was an awesome Fringe one with Emily/Olivia

fsc_ralst: Emily/Diana would be interesting, both daughters of diplomatic services types

sunsetwriter: I’m still marinating on Emily/Alex Cabot

mayIreadtoday: Yes! That’s why I want to see Emily/Diana especially when they’re young

Alsike: @ sunset – wrote that one

Ceridwyn2: hang on a bit, just going to poke my head over in social media for a minute or two

Alsike: filthy porn

fsc_ralst: @may yes, I can see that

Kaqlittle: Nice pairing

mayIreadtoday: sunsetwriter, did someone write Emily/Alex Cabot?

sunsetwriter: Where???

darandkerry_1: Oh..Oh..Oh… Paget Brewster is going to be on 2 L&O SUVs

Alsike: Mine’s here:

Alsike: it’s a little nuts

fsc_ralst: Damn, but that will mean I’ll have to watch SVU again

sunsetwriter: What??? Emily on SVU?

Kaqlittle: really. that is awesome

sunsetwriter: Thanks alsike!

darandkerry_1: Not as Emily… I don’t think, anywy

mayIreadtoday: Oh that one.

Alsike: Np

Alsike: but she’s a spy

Alsike: it’s totally possible that she’s Emily in disguise

fsc_ralst: When AJ was on SVU she played a lesbian… lets hope for Paget

sunsetwriter: But, wouldn’t that be cool?

sunsetwriter: Emily Prentiss – lesbian spy

fsc_ralst: lol love it

darandkerry_1: lol

mayIreadtoday: …kissed the girls and made them cry


sunsetwriter: But, usually the guest stars are the killers…

fsc_ralst: There could be a whole series of Emily, lesbian spy, travelling around the world and visiting all the different femslash fandoms

Alsike: Spy. She can totally be the killer.

sunsetwriter: Oh, ralst, you’re on to some there… something really big

mayIreadtoday: YES! to ralst’s idea

fsc_ralst: It would be a Virtual Emily Series, wth a difference

Alsike: It would be awesome.

Kaqlittle: I like the idea

mayIreadtoday: I prefer fics to "Virtual Seasons"

Alsike: I’m thinking a round robin sort of thing

sunsetwriter: And so it begins…

fsc_ralst: A fic, crossover, each sort of thing?

Alsike: yeah, make them one-shots so you get good results

darandkerry_1: Paget did an interview (kind of long, but worth listening) and she talked about Criminal Minds and her new ‘adventures’. Here’s the link:

mayIreadtoday: racethewind did a short Emily/Myka Bering (Warehouse13) fic

fsc_ralst: Or we could have Emily Prentiss, lesbian matchmaker – have her go from fandom to fandom, getting the OTP of that pairing together

sunsetwriter: There’s also a great Emily/Stella? (from one of the CSIs) – anybody remember that one? I can’t remember who wrote it

fsc_ralst: Or mix and match

mayIreadtoday: Nay, Emily needs play herself

*** calliopes_muse_2 has joined the room ***

Alsike: I think what Emily is good at is rescuing all the lonely girls from non OTP worlds

mayIreadtoday: Yes to Alsike!

sunsetwriter: Love em and leave em?

fsc_ralst: Clarice starling sort of person

mayIreadtoday: Cuddy from House, Ainsley Hayes from West Wing, etc.

Alsike: oh

darandkerry_1: lol

Alsike: ainsley hayes

Alsike: I could see that one

mayIreadtoday: I adore Ainsley Hayes.

Alsike: me too

Alsike: This is where Emily’s mother is useful

darandkerry_1: I think I wrote an Emily/Sofia Curtis. Talk about 2 women who could save women everywere!

fsc_ralst: Any types of fandoms that you’d find it hard to insert Emily?

mayIreadtoday: Write it Alsike! *evil grin*

sunsetwriter: I still have to chuckle everytime I think about Sabrina Duncan being Em’s mom

fsc_ralst: Ah, Sofia, she’s the Emily of CSI

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s Brilliant… because they look alike

Gin Akasarahsmom: lol

sunsetwriter: they really do

mayIreadtoday: darandkerry: What’s the link to your fic, please?

Alsike: Can we AU? Because you’re talking to the one who wrote Aladdin, 1984, SPN, and Barbie’s Mermadia crossovers

Alsike: fusions?

sunsetwriter: oh my..

fsc_ralst: crazy-fics? sure

mayIreadtoday: Actually, the actress didn’t work for me who played Emily’s mom

Alsike: I love crazy fics.

sunsetwriter: Why, mayI?

mayIreadtoday: I don’t think Emily would fit into Harry Potter or Buffy

fsc_ralst: Add in Charlie’s Angels for mommy dearest

Gin Akasarahsmom: Kate Jackson…

Gin Akasarahsmom: she was my favorite on Charlie’s Angels

Alsike: now I’m going to have to try to prove you wrong.

Gin Akasarahsmom: and I loved her in Scarecrow and Mrs. King

mayIreadtoday: She didn’t feel like the woman I pictured in Alsike’s fics.

darandkerry_1: Kate Jackson… *sigh* Mayl: I’ll see if I can find it.

sunsetwriter: Definitely my favorite angel

fsc_ralst: Emily finds out her mother has a secret double life with her girlfriend Kelly

Alsike: I ruin television for people. Sorry

mayIreadtoday: Before my time…

fsc_ralst: I loved Scarecrow and Mrs King

sunsetwriter: ralst, you’re on a roll!

Kaqlittle: I like that ralst

fsc_ralst: *g*

mayIreadtoday: Of course Emily in St. Trinian’s works wonderfully. There’s a few on AO3

fsc_ralst: There’s Emily/St T fics?

mayIreadtoday: Yes, hold on ralst, I’ll see if I can find them for you.

sunsetwriter: St. T?

Alsike: seriously? OMG?

fsc_ralst: St. Trinians

fsc_ralst: Lena Heady’s character?

sunsetwriter: Doesn’t help me…

Alsike: Go read all of these:

mayIreadtoday: ralst:

mayIreadtoday: Amen to reading language escapes work!

Alsike: How could I have missed those! Thanks MayI!

Gin Akasarahsmom: sigh… Lena Heady…. *drool*

mayIreadtoday: You’re welcome

darandkerry_1: Mayl:

Kaqlittle: I agree Gin

Gin Akasarahsmom:

fsc_ralst: What pairing?

mayIreadtoday: darandkerry: Thanks

mayIreadtoday: ralst, what’s the q in reference to?

fsc_ralst: the links you posted

mayIreadtoday: No Emily pairing, just her in St. T’s

Alsike: but set in the Chosen & Defined verse? Excellent!

fsc_ralst: So Emily can pretty much be inserted anywhere. She’s like a Swiss army knife

mayIreadtoday: Different author, sorry Alsike

Alsike: still, I like intertextuality

mayIreadtoday: ralst, yes she is because she’s so awesome

fsc_ralst: So is the future for CM femslash in crossovers or is there life in the mother fandom too?

Alsike: (I would have found it already if it had been the same author. I read all of her St. T fics in like 24 hours.)

Meneldur: Emily just… fits

Alsike: Well, I’ve written exactly half a fic in the mother fandom. So not for me.

Meneldur: Although thanks to Alsike, I find it hard to get beyond Emma/Emily.

sunsetwriter: Will have to wait and see about Tripplehorn’s character, but it seems that Em’s taking the CM femslash with her

mayIreadtoday: Crossovers

darandkerry_1: I think crossover, too

Meneldur: But she does have this great quality that she just works in practically any crossover

fsc_ralst: Poor JJ and Garcia

Alsike: JJ needs to be crossed over more too

mayIreadtoday: Absolutely this is not the panel of the Emily/JJ shippers

darandkerry_1: They’ll just have to comfort each other.

Gin Akasarahsmom: it’s easier to cross shows like Criminal Minds because of their mobility… they go anywhere

Alsike: Wycynic has a great backstory where JJ is a hunter, as in Supernatural

fsc_ralst: No, this is the ‘Emily Prentiss, Lesbian Spy’ panel, obviously *g*

Alsike: I see no problems with this.

mayIreadtoday: I’ve read one Emily/Garcia fic and it was interesting but didn’t fit my head canon.

sunsetwriter: It’s also ironic to me that I’ve never seen Garcia to be gay when the actress actually IS

darandkerry_1: I have to admit that I hung in there until the bitter end with Emily/JJ

Alsike: I totally just finished my Emily Prentiss lesbian spy in WW1 fic too, today.

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I like Garcia and her boys

mayIreadtoday: Is she gay or bi? And is that rumor or confirmed?

Gin Akasarahsmom: i would like to see some good Garcia/JJ fic

Meneldur: Alsike,on’t forget: and it was awesome

sunsetwriter: Me too, dar, until JJ’s wedding dammit

fsc_ralst: She has a girlfriend and is getting married to her

Alsike: Garcia/Morgan is just really cute

Gin Akasarahsmom: I love Garcia’s banter with Morgan… but really with everyone..

sunsetwriter: Confirmed.

mayIreadtoday: Interesting

Alsike: I think team crossovers would work too. Emily can bring her family on her jaunts.

mayIreadtoday: The Emily/Garcia fic (not mine) for the curious:

sunsetwriter: Garcia could be a big help on her ‘missions’

Alsike: Garcia is a very useful person to have around.

fsc_ralst: And as serial killings can happen anywhere, the whole team can suddenly descend on any fandom

mayIreadtoday: Alsike, that’s why Emma calls her.

Alsike: I enjoyed writing one which was shifted back in time a couple years, and Emily needed assistance, and called Garcia, when she was still a hacker

fsc_ralst: Garcia could be Emily’s Charlie (Charlie’s Angels)

sunsetwriter: And the roll continues!

Alsike: @mayI: And they’re buds

mayIreadtoday: Well, since Garcia sends Emma porn — of course, they are.

Alsike: you understand

darandkerry_1: lo

Gin Akasarahsmom: I love it when Garcia calls one of the team "my love"

darandkerry_1: lol even

mayIreadtoday: I second Gin

fsc_ralst: Garcia is kinda flirty with everyone, she’s fab

mayIreadtoday: Any thoughts on whether Garcia isn’t actually interested in f’ing just beauty?

Meneldur: Yeah, she’s fun that way

Alsike: She is. (But i have some readers who hate her every time she shows up in one of my fics. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.)

fsc_ralst: I thought everyone loved Garcia?

Gin Akasarahsmom: It grosses me out that she is with that Kevin dude…

Gin Akasarahsmom: she can do SO much better than him

Meneldur: Yeah, everybody love Garcia

Gin Akasarahsmom: Garcia is awesome

fsc_ralst: At least he didn’t shoot her *g*

Gin Akasarahsmom: He’s gross though

Alsike: what low standards we have

Kaqlittle: I’ve always disliked Nicholas Brandon

sunsetwriter: One of the funniest scenes ever was when she answered the phone with "talk dirty to me" and it was Strauss calling

Gin Akasarahsmom: that is probably part of it for me too Kaq.. LOL

fsc_ralst: I like Strauss, she brings the added tension

Kaqlittle: lol

mayIreadtoday: Anyone have a clip of Garcia saying that to Strauss?

Meneldur: Although thanks to Alsike (again), I would totally dig Garcia/Tessa

sunsetwriter: I’m not sure that was the exact quote, but it was close. The team reactions were priceless!

mayIreadtoday: How can we forget Strauss?! I think she’s so hot. I’d like to see Emily/Strauss

darandkerry_1: I loved that scene!

mayIreadtoday: meneldur, who’s Tessa?

Meneldur: She’s from Xmen

darandkerry_1: I wrote a Emily/Strauss ficlet for a friend.

Meneldur: Sage

Meneldur: From the Hellfire club

mayIreadtoday: I just know her by Sage

Meneldur: Back on top, Strauss/Garcia would be fun

fsc_ralst: I can see Strause/Emily’s mum

Meneldur: Oooh, yes

Kaqlittle: yeah me too

mayIreadtoday: darandkerry: So cool! Link again please.

darandkerry_1: oh my, Ralst!

mayIreadtoday: Maybe Strauss and Emily’s mom were together after Emily’s father died

fsc_ralst: @dar – tempt you to write it?

sunsetwriter: wow… squinting… yeah, I think I see it

Alsike: Someone should totally write it.

fsc_ralst: Emily, back from the dead, walks in to her mother’s house, only to find Strauss and elizabeth in an embrase

Meneldur: Emily’s mom was totally in the Hellfire Club (again – Alsike’s fault/suggestion)

Alsike: (I keep on hooking Elizabeth up with Winston Frost – and she could totally do better.)

sunsetwriter: And the roll turns into a hot streak

fsc_ralst: lol

Alsike: I could see Strauss in the Hellfire club

Meneldur: That would be awesome

Meneldur: Write that – Emma and Emily encountering those two in the Hellfire Club

Alsike: I was just thinking that!

Alsike: hilariously embarrassing for all parties concerned!

Meneldur: Emma is the White Queen, Elizabeth’s reaction would be priceless

mayIreadtoday: I have an AU in my head of Emma being a DC prostitute who is frequently hired by Elizabeth. And then Elizabeth sets up Emma with Emily

Alsike: this is a good AU

Alsike: I believe in it

Meneldur: As would Emily’s at finding Strauss with Elizabeth, and Strauss at beign found

Meneldur: Does this mean you’ll write it?

Alsike: there is a strong possibility

fsc_ralst: And the Lesbian Spy series?

Meneldur: Well, I’ll await it, then

Alsike: So many crossovers…

sunsetwriter: Prentiss sure can make time fly around here…

Meneldur: So much femslashy goodness…

Alsike: and to think I was running out of inspiration

fsc_ralst: Inspiration is good

mayIreadtoday: Glad we could help, Alsike,

Meneldur: Any female Prentiss ahs a +10 sexiness modifier

Alsike: it is my drug of choice

darandkerry_1: Mayl: Can’t find the damn story.


darandkerry_1: Not sure I posted it anywhere. Maybe my journal

Ceridwyn2: hello ladies

mayIreadtoday: Well, if you find it I’d love to read it. I’m mayIreadtoday on LJ

sunsetwriter: Thanks for a fun chat ladies!

thebronzey: *creeps around excitedly*

Alsike: Thanks for hosting us, Ralst!

darandkerry_1: Was a great panel!

Kaqlittle: thanks

fsc_ralst: Thanks to everyone for a great panel

Meneldur: Thsnk you, and thank everybody

mayIreadtoday: This has been awesome!

Meneldur: Great panel all around

Ceridwyn2: heya all

Alsike: thanks for coming, guys.

fsc_ralst: I hope to see many CM crossovers from this and if anyone wants in on the Lesbian Spy series, let me know

ariestess: @Geek :: Oh hush, you!

Meneldur: Have a good time with the panels

Alsike: have a good sleep!

mayIreadtoday: Bye everyone!

Alsike: Bye!

Meneldur: Farewell, and until next time

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