Hot Topics day two

quietheartedfsc: The Hot Topic panel is called No Accounting for Taste, or is there?

ariestess: LOL!

curlytops20: lol

quietheartedfsc: Why are some fandoms considered to be full of femslashy goodness and others are completely ignored?

AlexReading: @QH, what no afterglow?

quietheartedfsc: That comes after this, Alex

AlexReading: lol

curlytops20: think it depends on the interpritation of characters

quietheartedfsc: If you think about it, if a show/film/book/etc has strong lesbian characters that get together and live happily ever after, few write femslash for it.

the_dhamphir: I write to fix what I don’t get in canon a lot of the times

quietheartedfsc: Femslash fandoms are predominantly made up of us getting together the women that TPTB won’t.

ariestess: That’s very true.

curlytops20: if it aint broke dont fix it type of thing

quietheartedfsc: so what attracts us to those women…as opposed to others.

quietheartedfsc: yep

the_dhamphir: Smart = Sexy *G*

Shatterpath: jeez, ask the easy ones…

Alkmaion: @qh You mean femslash is sort o an ‘anti-movement’…away from the canon that displeases?

quietheartedfsc: Alk, that could well be

quietheartedfsc: but shows like Desperate Housewives are full of strong women and we’re not rushing off to pair them up

quietheartedfsc: so why others and not them

Shatterpath: we each have our own definitions of strong women

ariestess: There are some female characters that just DO NOT give off a femslash vibe.

yurianimeotaku: @QH On-screen chemistry?

Shatterpath: and when TPTB ruin said strong women

the_dhamphir: I agree aj. Some characters are just SO straight. ; )

ariestess: Shatterpath and I have a joke about the various female African American MEs on the various crime procedurals as being unslashable :: SVU, WMC, CSI:M…

quietheartedfsc: like Miranda and Janeway weren’t…lmao

Gin Akasarahsmom: Miranda had a definite appreciation for Andy in Chanel

AlexReading: @Aj yes, and how is that, i noticed that too.

curlytops20: mmmm those boots lol

ariestess: @alex :: It’s the strangest thing…

quietheartedfsc: I adore DWP, but honestly, the subtext is thin at best.

Shatterpath: lkjlkj

yurianimeotaku: @aj I didn’t see M.E. Melinda Warner as femslash material, until I saw the actress in a lesbian role.

the_dhamphir: yeah, it’s thin, but there’s still chemistry between the characters

shesgottaread: it’s all in the glances, QH

AlexReading: maybe coz they were all married?

Shatterpath: alex@ glad it’s not just us

Alkmaion: Well, it´s all in the eye of the beholder. ‘Mean Girls’ femslash mostly circulates in Ca/Reg or Reg/Jan, both of which never gave the fuzzies, while I found Cady/Gretchen believeable…

ariestess: @yuri :: Oh, the actors aren’t in question. Just the characters.

curlytops20: surely if the subtext is thin then that gives u more freedom to explore or is that just my thinking

Shatterpath: that depends

quietheartedfsc: I mean Janeway doesn’t give off the les vibe usually….well, if you don’t count when she’s carrying that huge phaser rifle of hers

yurianimeotaku: @aj Yes. Before I saw her play a lesbian, I never thought of her for femslash. Now, I can slash her in my head.

Shatterpath: it can be inspiration or a roadblock

quietheartedfsc: and face it, she runs like a girl!

the_dhamphir: heh, but i love janeway’s voice. *G*

Shatterpath: ah, Bessie the rifle

AlexReading: not when she stood beside 7of9?

shesgottaread: to me, after the haircut, Janeway always came across a bit butch

yurianimeotaku: @Shatter Janeway named her phaser rifle Bessie?

Shatterpath: @ Yuri- *lol* No, we did

quietheartedfsc: fanon, rather than canon

yurianimeotaku: @aj I find it more difficult to slash non-Caucasian actresses in any role.

ariestess: Oh, I always got les vibes off Janeway.

yurianimeotaku: @Shatter Oh…thank you.

Shatterpath: Janeway would have been WAY more interesting with some lez threads

ariestess: @yuri :: I don’t have that issue in at least one case. My beloved Alex from PtL is my favorite non-Caucasian to slash.

shesgottaread: she def. had f/f chemistry w/B’Elanna in the 2nd episode of the show

quietheartedfsc: I didn’t until 7 showed up, which is why I have trouble writing B/J

Shatterpath: @Yuri- it’s an old trope I haven’t been able to use in many years

ariestess: I saw J/T from the start.

Alkmaion: @ yuri Never got that problem with Ally/Renee

the_dhamphir: I’m with you, sgr. It was there between Janeway and B’Elanna

yurianimeotaku: @Alk Who?

ariestess: Janeway and B’Elanna… *swoons*

Shatterpath: SGR- You are SO right! Then it petered out

Alkmaion: Renee Raddick from Ally McBeal

Shatterpath: Stupid Paris. *shoots him*

ariestess: I was never sure which one I wanted to be in that pairing. LOL!

shesgottaread: yup, it totally did peter out, then I pinged it again in Barge of the Dead

ariestess: @SGR :: YES!!!

ariestess: *blushes* ahem…

Alkmaion: @shatter We´ll always have (not) Paris, huh? *g*

shesgottaread: a lot of folks saw that as mother-vibes but not me

quietheartedfsc: and poor Scully…woman had not one person to pair her with, but set off my femslash buzzer from episode one


ariestess: I *could* see the maternal vibes, but chose to see it in a different light.

the_dhamphir: Which is why so much Scully Slash was written with OFCs

ariestess: I think my first foray into BDSM fic was with J/T

shesgottaread: true, ari. I chose to see it as f/f

shesgottaread: writing or reading, ari?

ariestess: Writing

Shatterpath: B’Elanna was one of hte characters I loved, but couldn’t write to save my life

quietheartedfsc: yuri has a question

Shatterpath: and if I can’t write them well, I’d rather not write them at all. My version of respect

yurianimeotaku: I think if there is "eye-sex" between the two characters, then it’s easy to slash them. IMHO, Miranda has that honed to a fine razor edge.

quietheartedfsc: eye-sex or disdain? *is playing devil’s advocate this panel*

Alkmaion: The X-Files had some interesting one-ep. characters in their earlier seasons. Like Lauren Kite and Maggie Holvey.

curlytops20: eye sex once andy had makeover

Liberty Stewart: Just came back. Someone mentioned Desperate Housewives. That’s on show TPTB were actually good to us.

yurianimeotaku: @QH Sorry…got kicked out again.

quietheartedfsc: sokay, yuri…wb

shesgottaread: I agree w/yuri, the eyesex def. helps slashing characters

darandkerry_1: umm

shesgottaread: and disdain could help as well, for hot hate!sex… lol

yurianimeotaku: @QH When I see Miranda giving Andrea the "once over," it sends tingly feelings up my spine.

curlytops20: ‘@she lol

quietheartedfsc: I’ve been watching Breaking Point and there’s one bi character and one lesbian…but I could femslash the lot of them….they’re really good fanfic characters to me.

darandkerry_1: Just popped in. Is this room working? Um, I mean, are there technical problems?

quietheartedfsc: Yet, I couldn’t write for L Word if you put a gun to my head.

quietheartedfsc: working fine, dar

yurianimeotaku: @QH Do you think there will ever be a volume of femslash for web series, as with tv?

quietheartedfsc: I think there could be, yuri

Alkmaion: I never understood/saw what ‘eye sex’ meant…until Rizzoli&Isles

Liberty Stewart: @qh: some will need a gun to their head to even watch L word.

the_dhamphir: hey dar

quietheartedfsc: we tend to drive each other for that a lot though

darandkerry_1: Hola!

Alkmaion: hello

quietheartedfsc: you get one writing femslash and if it’s good, you get another and another….

curlytops20: i read some venice the series fics

quietheartedfsc: we’re somewhat pack animals that way

Alkmaion: …and lone wolves the nex time

Alkmaion: next

curlytops20: webseries fic might catch on would like to see some written for anyone but me and out with dad

quietheartedfsc: Alk, yes…sometimes one sees something others don’t and can’t let it go

quietheartedfsc: muses are like that…lol

Shatterpath: true dat!

Alkmaion: @qh true, qh, so true

darandkerry_1: Muses can be fickle bitches!

quietheartedfsc: what always amuses me is great fanfic off a sucky show.

Shatterpath: yes!

quietheartedfsc: and it exists, we read it, write it, etc. but the show sucked louldy

quietheartedfsc: loudly

Breaking Point Caryn: Yes, BP fanfic! You know wanna, Qh! If you write it, they will come!

curlytops20: its strange of fic for nikki and nora sorta took off yet all that was ever aired was the first ep

quietheartedfsc: lol CAryn

Breaking Point Caryn: that sounds dirty…

raiderl_1: hi everyone. qh and others; would you say Voyager was a sucky show? or a great show with sucky writing?

ariestess: Okay, speaking of muses. Do y’all have a single muse or multiple muses?

ariestess: I’m taking an informal poll.

darandkerry_1: I hear many voices.

quietheartedfsc: a potentially great show that was strangled by TPTB on a regular basis…

shesgottaread: strong women characters, sucky male characters, mediocre writing

ariestess: @raider :: It was a decent show with sucking TPTB

Liberty Stewart: @ariest: mutliple muses easily

yurianimeotaku: @curly I had to watch it online, because I missed the broadcast of the pilot.

Alkmaion: well, sometimes it is a blessing in disguise, as with a sucky show, you can/have to break it down to the basics to be able to write with that. this leaves often a big unmapped territory

grumpybear1031: we know dar… many many voices…lol

geekgrrllurking: @aj multiple muses, I think

docwho2100: yay N&N sorry had to say that

raiderl_1: And it had such potential

Breaking Point Caryn: i have multiples

quietheartedfsc: the interview llink that was given out yesterday with the guy that played Harry Kim explains all about Voyager to me….

ariestess: May I just say thank you to everyone who has said they have multiple muses/voices?

raiderl_1: I’m not sure about the multiple muses; hold on, I’ve got to ask them all what they think…

curlytops20: @yuri me too stumbled accross it one evening was hooked and gutted when i realised they had only ever done 1 ep

geekgrrllurking: lol @doc

yurianimeotaku: @raider I’m sorry, but I didn’t see the chemisty between N&N.

quietheartedfsc: aj, if you write…you hear voices….it’s a given…lol

ariestess: Every time I’ve EVER mentioned my multiple muses before, I’ve gotten stared at like I’m some sort of weird medical experiment gone awry. Almost everyone says they have only a single muse.

Shatterpath: oh, me and AJ hear LOTS of voices

raiderl_1: uhm yuri, wasn’t me

ariestess: In fact, Shatterpath and I SHARE muses/voices.

ariestess: How’s THAT for a dedicated couple?

Shatterpath: teamwork!

curlytops20: lol

quietheartedfsc: but do you share medication, AJ? *W*

shesgottaread: *g*

ariestess: We’re so married, we share voices.

Shatterpath: drugs are for quitters

ariestess: @QH :: Only when absolutely necessary.

yurianimeotaku: @aj Shared muses…interesting.

darandkerry_1: AJ: That’s because they have one muse who is dominant. The other muses are hiding in the shadows… laughing.

ariestess: @yuri :: It is…

quietheartedfsc: I have one muse, but she speaks in the voices of all the characters….so I can see where you’d interpret it the other way

the_dhamphir: i’m the same way as you, qh

ariestess: @Dar :: [Is that you, Ann?] Well, I kinda feel sorry for the single muse/single voice people, because they miss out on SO. MUCH. fun!

Shatterpath: before I knew Ariestess, teh font from which I write was like water, it formed whatever I needed it for. And I was mediocre. Then she taught me to see each character as a seperate muse and I TOOK OFF

the_dhamphir: 1 muse, but takes on the guise of diff characters

geekgrrllurking: Mine like to hang at the beach and frolic, dragging me to the Tiki Bar to try to woo me into writing a fic for them. Evil wenches

yurianimeotaku: @aj In that case, I have three. One for Yuri. One for Femslash. One I shared with my gf/writing partner.

darandkerry_1: I know! (Yes, it’s me… Ann)

Alkmaion: @Shared muses…a panel for next year?

Shatterpath: yay!

quietheartedfsc: lol could be

the_dhamphir: i think mine ran off to be with qh’s.. lol

shaych03: my head is full of so many voices, i might be mental.

darandkerry_1: DH: I hate to break it to you, but your muse as multiple personalities.

ariestess: @alk :: I don’t know if we have enough material re: shared muses

raiderl_1: I like it!

geekgrrllurking: at least they’re having fun @D

yurianimeotaku: @geek Mine disappear to Club Muse for extended periods of time.

quietheartedfsc: Mine’s back and getting demanding

darandkerry_1: has even

the_dhamphir: well tell her send mine home… lol

darandkerry_1: I think mine is in an institution somewhere.

Shatterpath: and, if there are very distinct multiple versions of hte same character, there are more than one muse. IT’s gets pretty crazyu, Particularly with a dragon in charge

the_dhamphir: i have work for TDM

ariestess: Our muses live in a pair of interconnected muse caves. Quite fascinating when the dragon comes to visit. *veg*

jazwriter: I have different muses, depending on the fandom I am interested in "visiting"

ariestess: BRAINSHARE!

Shatterpath: *dies laughing*

Shatterpath: that was awesome

ariestess: I love doing that

raiderl_1: Jazzy, so it’s like SP above, each character is a muse of sorts?

Shatterpath: so, yeah, I can totally see that some have a single muse that ‘changes costumes’. It is simliar

Liberty Stewart: mutliple muses can be the product of an ADD mind or atleast mine is

quietheartedfsc: I serve but a single mistress, but her needs are many.

ariestess: @lib :: The funny thing is? I’m not ADD at all.

yurianimeotaku: I’d like to know how some authors write for six or more fandoms at the same time?

ariestess: @yuri :: I’ve done it before…

darandkerry_1: Me, too

raiderl_1: I think I’d get lost if I wrote for that many at once

ariestess: It takes discipline, insanity, and a LOT of caffeine.

yurianimeotaku: @aj Really? How?

geekgrrllurking: I’d also say my muses vary it type of story, I’ve got smutty muse and fluffy muse and dark vengence is mine muse

Shatterpath: six? HA! six times six gets closer for me

darandkerry_1: And multiple muses, too, AJ

raiderl_1: Too many voices in my head!

ariestess: Also the fact that the muses have VERY different voices.

darandkerry_1: Geek: that sounds like me! The seven dwarfs of muses.

ariestess: Oh, if I could write what teh muses want written? Y’all would be inundated.

yurianimeotaku: @raider Me too. I’d get so lost, I’d probably stop writing.

jazwriter: @raider–yup, I agree with SP, a different muse for each fandom, but when I write a crossover, they bicker

geekgrrllurking: @Dar lol!

Shatterpath: lol

raiderl_1: LOL jaz

geekgrrllurking: I even have a het muse that keeps trying to get my attention

geekgrrllurking: And Castle keeps knocking at my door

darandkerry_1: Whoa! Now that is scary.

Liberty Stewart: @arie: I don’t act like a ADD person either. Multiple muses interested in different things just have a way of constantly fighting for attention

ariestess: For example, I have *thinks* at least 2 different Janet Fraisers in my head.

curlytops20: brb

ariestess: @lib :: Mine like to mingle and create new things for me, which sometimes leads to the birth of a new muse for the new AU/AR/whatever.

Shatterpath: and at least 4 JorjaFox characters

darandkerry_1: I miss my muses.

Liberty Stewart: @arie: atleast these multiple muses are good when it comes to crossover ideas.

ariestess: @lib :: Yes, except for when they fuck off to Bora Bora and don’t actually help me write any of it.

raiderl_1: sp – Jorja is interesting; she’s probably one of the most flexible. so many ways she can go.

shesgottaread: oh, there was a great JorjaFox fic, that crossed over her shows with a letter. wish I could remember it.

ariestess: I want a data jack, damn it!

Shatterpath: amen to that

ariestess: @SGR :: You mean CSI and ER?

shesgottaread: and westwing and something else in between

jazwriter: @Liberty not so much with my strong-minded, argumentive betas–they all want their own way in a crossover and let me know it

ariestess: Oh, and I have a minimum of 4 Calleigh Duquesnes in the Muse Cave.

Shatterpath: I do get bummed when a fandom runs its course for me and I can rarely, if ever, write for it again

geekgrrllurking: *glances at Ruth muse wallowing in Muse Cave*

jazwriter: @Shatter that happened to me with STV

Liberty Stewart: arie: I know the feeling. A constant writer block problem of mine is another muse would emerge and want to dive into another franchise and drown the muse that’s suppose to be helping me write the story I’m working on.

ariestess: lib :: *nods* It can be quite disconcerting.

Shatterpath: Geek, you and I need to wrestle Ruth down and use her as a hostage to get Jamie to behave

Shatterpath: or, the dragon could do it

ariestess: Then again, having a character with multiple muse versions [including some that are het] can be daunting.

Liberty Stewart: @jaz: betas wanting in on a crossover story can be another on its own

Liberty Stewart: another problem that is

ariestess: Oh, Doggie! Geek’s Ruth MUST meet the dragon. Rachel demands it. *veg*

Shatterpath: heh

geekgrrllurking: @doggie, should I be afraid?

ariestess: @geek :: *vel*

Shatterpath: ask me about Rachel and the dragon later. it’ll make your ears BURN

geekgrrllurking: @aj, Ruth has a gun and she knows how to use it

ariestess: @geek :: Rachel has the Cantwell cursed magic. She’s not afraid of a gun.

geekgrrllurking: drat

ariestess: LOL

Shatterpath: and hte dragon is bulletproof. That was proven the hard way

yurianimeotaku: Has anyone had their long idle, unfinished fic taken, either with or without permission, and finished by someone else?

geekgrrllurking: hm, how about chocolate? Are they above a bribe?

Shatterpath: no, but I’d like to try that at some point (@ Yuri)

quietheartedfsc: Yuri, 1. they wouldn’t dare. 2. I don’t have anything unfinished out there for anyone to take.

Shatterpath: the dragon is fine with abject worship

geekgrrllurking: @doggie, lol

ariestess: @yuri :: Not that I know of. and if they took it without my permission, I’d be pissed.

geekgrrllurking: with permission is one thing I think, but to take without permission, yikes. I don’t think I could let anything unfinished go to someone else. I’m a control freak that way

geekgrrllurking: now co-writing something is a different thing

quietheartedfsc: somewhere there’s an LJ you can throw unfinished stuff on and folks can take it to finish up.

quietheartedfsc: but that’s implied permission.

yurianimeotaku: @QH Do you have a link?

Shatterpath: Geek, whatever happend to our BW tagteam?

jazwriter: I never leave stories unfinished long enough for anyone to take, but there are some stories I’d love to finish! I would ask permission first, though, since otherwise it’s basically stealing

geekgrrllurking: my Otalia muse hit with a vengance and the BW muse is still pouting by the palm trees

Liberty Stewart: arie: how do you handle you multi-muse problem? I just try and say to them "I can’t write 7 fics at a time, get in line"

Shatterpath: we need to find out which of us has the most current copy and I shall start browbeating

Alkmaion: @yuri Well, there were a bunch of people that thought they had the right to finished stories. And if a story was called abandoned, it was fair game in their eyes. That was a HP thing a while back

geekgrrllurking: I thought your ponies were stealing your mind atm Doggie

raiderl_1: @yuri – katrina knows this and it’s cool plus I would never put it out there for anyone as it wasn’t the point, but her and Lachlin’s "Wonders of house Presba" was how I started writing again as an exercise only. I inserted my own characters within her story and by the time I got through two of the books I figured I was ready to try a hand on my own ff.

ariestess: @lib :: It really depends. I’ve had multiple stories going at once. And I’ve had the muses offer me all sorts of ideas, but I know they’re not going to act on it, so I "ignore" them.

darandkerry_1: I liked having multiple stories going on.

shesgottaread: @raider: did you publish any of that? I’d love to read it, as I *love* the Presba stories

Shatterpath: I’d love a big pot of abandoned femslash. I’ve been inspired by far stranger

raiderl_1: No. And I won’t.

raiderl_1: But thanks for asking; it was fun.

geekgrrllurking: I find I bounce arount to several unfinshed fics, which is annoying to readers, but I get burned out on a fic and need a change, and away I go

Shatterpath: *idly* Definatley gotta kidnap Ruth…

raiderl_1: sorry SGR – wasn’t going for snarky there, it was a bit abrupt!

Shatterpath: and possibly have the dragon steal your Otalia muses, dammit

Liberty Stewart: @arie: at times I literally have like 5 stories up on my computer similutaneously. Then I just let the strongest muses go at it.

shesgottaread: *g* no problem, raider. Just thought I’d ask since they’d offered folks to write in their ‘verse.

ariestess: @lib :: Yep. I’ve done that, too.

ariestess: When I go to my nephew’s house, I bring my entire fic folder.

Shatterpath: Lib, if youcan keep track of multiple stories, that sounds like a ton of fun!

geekgrrllurking: hm, well the Evil Queen is giving Otalia a run for her muse money

ariestess: @geek :: Oh, Regina, never change, bb…

raiderl_1: I never actually finished what I put in and Katrina’s never read it. I’d feel weird sharing it without her seeing and I know she’s got tons on her plate.

Shatterpath: @Geek- I need a good OUaT fic, but gotta finish the damn ponies first or I’ll never move on

raiderl_1: But I loved it too! Presba was great fun!

shesgottaread: I keep waiting for the 5th book, but Llach’s apprarently been very busy for a while

quietheartedfsc: and I need to find some dialogue….grrr….

Alkmaion: laters

shesgottaread: and I will patiently continue waiting.

ariestess: @QH :: dialogue for what?

Liberty Stewart: @shatter: keeping track of all those stories is probably why I’m good at continuity.

raiderl_1: SGR – it was massive so hard to continue as well I bet

shesgottaread: thanks for an interesting panel everyone!

Liberty Stewart: @shatter: it could be fun. its just hard to get anything done.

raiderl_1: thanks guys

geekgrrllurking: thanks all! this was fun

quietheartedfsc: the last bits of dialogue from an episode and I’m so not liking the site it’s on…can’t run it back and forth to make sure I got it right…have to play it from the beginning to the end.

Shatterpath: Lib, that’s a good strenght. I have a 30+ timeline for our saga

ariestess: Thanks for a great panel, everyone!

ariestess: @qh :: Ahh… That sucks!

Shatterpath: tht was fun!

yurianimeotaku: ty panelists

AlexReading: thank you all.

ariestess: 30+ page timeline

jazwriter: *waves goodbye*

Alkmaion: thanks to all

Liberty Stewart: this was definitely fun

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