Warehouse 13

quietheartedfsc: we’re just waiting for illustrious leader

quietheartedfsc: and there she is

Redlance: who has just arrived

samandjanetfan: Cool! Gotta get snacks and I’ll be back in a few…

Redlance: Hi Ralst!

girlwithuglyshoes: appeared like Mrs. F?

fsc_ralst: Hello

girlwithuglyshoes: *waves*

fsc_ralst: How’s everyone’s day going?

Redlance: As slowly as expected, given that tomorrow is Monday.

girlwithuglyshoes: I’ve been waiting for this all day so excited

slave2free: Hello, it’s bright and sunny in the Carolinas today.

fsc_ralst: For me, it’s Mondays that seem to last forever

Redlance: Oh, point. That means tomorrow is going to be even worse.

Redlance: how is it possible that waiting 7 days can feel worse than waiting 9 months?

fsc_ralst: and it’s been raining all day… so, yeah, this is definitely the highlight

samandjanetfan: It is indeed. Hot as blazes in Cola, SC Where u at @slave2free?

quietheartedfsc: slave, after raining all night you mean…*G*

slave2free: Charlotte

slave2free: Every rain shower ends with a rainbow

girlwithuglyshoes: it’s a pleasant day with a bit of rain here in central europe

samandjanetfan: That right. QC. BTW your ficlet on Tumblr… feels

quietheartedfsc: I saw 2 on the way home yesterday…lovely sight

slave2free: Monday now has something nice going for it – gotta love Syfy.

the_dhamphir: I just wish they would stick w/sci-fi and dump all the wrestling and other druggery

fsc_ralst: It’s time to begin – others can join in as and when they arrive – so panellists please introduce yourselves…

Redlance: bless bubblenubbins for posting that link… i might have died without it.

quietheartedfsc: you’re right…wrestling is more fantasy than scifi

Redlance: Hi. Redlance. Jenny. Bering and Wells enthusiast.

samandjanetfan: @dhamphir I second that emotion!

slave2free: Hi, seeing the names of the other panelists, I must be here to represent the fans of their WH13 fiction. I hope that by the end of the hour Ralst isn’t regretting giving me a RED pen. Woo Hoo!

Shatterpath: Made it!

Shatterpath: How is everybody doing?

Redlance: Good thanks! You?

fsc_ralst: So, I’m guessing I know the answer to this, but did you enjoy the season premier?

Redlance: no

Redlance: i hated it

slave2free: Doing great. Oh, and if S2F is too long to write, you can refer to me as Dee.

Redlance: worst season opener ever

Shatterpath: Glad I made it. Rolled over and fell back asleep and woke just a few minutes ago!

samandjanetfan: Meh.

slave2free: I LOVED the premier

Shatterpath: I think it worked as a two-parter from the finale

quietheartedfsc: can’t say it was terrible, we got HG back.

Redlance: I’m also kidding. And I’m pretty sure it was the best thing my eyes have ever seen

the_dhamphir: not happy about Claudia apparently becoming a baddie though

samandjanetfan: HG Lives and Myka will always love HG. Nuf said

fsc_ralst: @red yeah, I figured

Shatterpath: but it does seem that some more complicated things could have been done. That said, is it just me or was the pilot a giant teaser for the rest of the season?

quietheartedfsc: she ain’t bad…just misunderstood

slave2free: I liked that it began exactly where the season 3 finale ended. The scene with the three agents standing in the midst of ash was so devastating because the tragedy was so beautifully portrayed.

Redlance: @ralst I didn’t want to risk the chance of being cyber-stabbed

fsc_ralst: lol

Athena-Mou: hello

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I think it was part season trailer, and a giant set up for Claudia’s arc

Redlance: how can a show just totally render me as mad as a bag of cats within the first minute though?

Shatterpath: the explosion was amazing, but not as amazing as their reactions

fsc_ralst: Hi Athena, we’re talkign premiere

samandjanetfan: don’t worry @Red, I think this group understands what a smartass you are

Redlance: hi Athena!

Redlance: @samandjanetfan how DARE you

Shatterpath: My roomie thinks Artie’s little ‘vision’ or wahtever it is (does he get those?) is a massive red herring

samandjanetfan: Hi Athena

Athena-Mou: having some computer issues. trying to do this from my phonee

samandjanetfan: and @red you now I ‘m right…

fsc_ralst: The trio’s reactions – especially Myka’s – at the beginning were excellent

Shatterpath: I’m really , relly new to the show, so I don’t know details

Redlance: Does Artie get visions? Is that like.. his power? Because his Claudia vision seemed really similar to the ones he got in season 1

Kauschi: hello everyone

Redlance: @shatterpath are you all caught up with the show?

Redlance: Kauschi! Hi!

samandjanetfan: I thought it was just Artie having a nightmare.

Shatterpath: oh dear, NO

fsc_ralst: Perhaps Artie’s vision is a side-effect of the watch?

grumpybear1031: I think he’s just paranoid he’ll be having visions of everyone turning on him

Shatterpath: I caught the rerun of the last 2 eps of last season and the premire

Three Of Eight: Lurkylurklurk

slave2free: No, Claudia is going dark. At least it’s not H.G. AGAIN

Athena-Mou: I found it odd that they left Jane Lattimer on the other side

Redlance: @shatterpath Holy crap, you’ve got a hell of a lot of awesome to catch up oon

Redlance: THREE

Redlance: stop lurking

fsc_ralst: Yes, HG gets to be the hero

fsc_ralst: @Athena I was just glad they’d left her out

Redlance: maybe Kate Mulgrew just wasn’t around for filming that day

Shatterpath: I’ve caught a few eps here and there, and read femslash (my GOD they lay it on thick, don’t they?) and seen a few vids, so I have a bit of knowledge

Redlance: off being awesome somewhere else

Athena-Mou: but will they keep HG on the team? does she want to?

slave2free: Yes, they must

Redlance: @shatterpath that’s awesome!

Athena-Mou: I suspect KM is $$$

samandjanetfan: I’m actually looking forward to Dark!Claudia, as long as they don’t drag it out too long. I liked the Dark!Willow arc in BtVS.

the_dhamphir: That’s tru s/jfan

Shatterpath: I admit I like Kate more than I thought I would

girlwithuglyshoes: anyone ever wonder what happens to Emily Lake?

Redlance: I’m a bit nervous about HG’s curiosity and persistent badgering of Artie. Brent Spiner’s character was very adamant that no one else know. What happens if HG figures it out?

fsc_ralst: I really dislike Pete’s mum

slave2free: Athena, think that from the time H.G. walks out of the bronzer in anonymity, the writers planned for her to betray the other agents and for her character to exit the series at the end of season 2. But her character was so popular they brought her back. They will continue.

Shatterpath: theough when she started chewing up the scenery when Sykes threatened her baby, i wanted to slap her

Kauschi: i’m thinking we won’t see much of HG this season

Kauschi: am i the only one?

Redlance: i’m thinking that too.

Shatterpath: Kau@ I unfortunately agree

samandjanetfan: @ralst It’ll be interesting to see what happens between her and Claudia in tomorrow night’s ep.

fsc_ralst: HG’s curiosity, and everyone else’s is going to play a big part, I think

Redlance: frightens me a little

Redlance: what does it mean?!

Redlance: definitely

Athena-Mou: @s2f I think you’re right. also with the spinoff potential it makes sense to keep her alive

fsc_ralst: I’m hoping we’ll get another batch of HG eps. maybe four or five

Redlance: and as freaked out as I am over what’s going to happen, I trust the writers on the show.

Redlance: that would be amazing

fsc_ralst: At least Artie and Peta are now on team HG

Shatterpath: Ralst, I would bank we’ll see her. Thre’s no way they wouldn’t use that cahracter!

samandjanetfan: The folks at SyFy are being very tight-lipped about future HG storylines right now.

Redlance: legit nearly cried when Artie was defending HG

Redlance: that episode was far to fucking emotional

Athena-Mou: I think JM was not on another show earlier this spring or at least not as a reg character

Redlance: i was just a puddle of feels by the end of it

fsc_ralst: Myka’s little speech about losing people you loved is the bit that got to me

samandjanetfan: Artie defending HG was my favorite moment in the premiere.

slave2free: Not to get all philosophical, but how cool is it that the key to saving the warehouse and H.G. Wells was to neutralize hatred. Let us not forget that in addition to the persecution of Jews, Nazi hatred was also directed toward homosexuals. No Hate!! Oh how I love you, Warehouse 13.

Athena-Mou: so she wouldve been available

Shatterpath: excellent point!

slave2free: Ralst: YES, Myka lsot someone she LOVED

girlwithuglyshoes: I think productuion of Defiance just started so she could have been filming for Wh13 all along

Redlance: oh dear god

Redlance: between that and the montage at the beginning

miekhead: helloooo

Redlance: you made it!

Stacicle: Agree, Ralst – Myka’s declaration held a lot of weight to it, and had an effect on Claudia

Redlance: It’s been interesting to see the "is bering and wells canon or not" discussions after her decleration.

Three Of Eight: *legit just needs popcorn to watch this*

miekhead: I made ittttt… The link didn’t work but I searched for femslash xDDD

Stacicle: And hi all!

slave2free: Red: Because it never happened since they turned back the clock?

Athena-Mou: Myka’s tears and talking about losing someone you love was excellent

girlwithuglyshoes: hello

Redlance: *hands three popcorn*

miekhead: …….c’n I have popcorn?

Redlance: @slave That and whether or not the distinction meant what the Bering and Wells fans want it to

slave2free: Hi Stacicle, so glad you enlightened me last year that WH13 was not a children’s show and that I should watch

Redlance: @miekhead Yes, yes you can.

miekhead: stupid frikking show and its feelings

slave2free: , all those commercials with Artie taking in the Farnsworth didn’t help the series

Stacicle: Red & Slave: I think it was a "safe" reveal of Myka’s feelings – non-shippers can ignore it, we can revel in it.

Redlance: definitely

Redlance: totally agree with you

miekhead: I don’t think it’s over yet

Redlance: it’s like.. early Xena and Gabrielle

miekhead: I think we’ll see more

Redlance: it’s there if you want it to be

Stacicle: ‘welcome, Slave.

samandjanetfan: @red unfortuntely the way it was written it’s still a bit generic, ever if we know the truth…

fsc_ralst: But they certainly laid on the connection – whatever your interpretation – between Myka and HG in the opening few scenes

Athena-Mou: I personally feel that WH13 is on of the most intelligent and brilliantly written shows on tv right now

miekhead: very early Xena xDD

miekhead: Agreed

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena: tots agree

Redlance: @ralst. Defitely.

Stacicle: A Xena ref! Love it!

slave2free: Red: I also thought Xena was a children’s show because it aired on Saturday mornings. Stacicle enlightened me there as well – yes, living a cave.


samandjanetfan: @athena wholeheartedly agree on that point

fsc_ralst: They know how to do their subtext/maintext juggling

Redlance: @slave …. we need to have words. 😛

slave2free: Athena: Yes WH13 almost as good as your WH13 fiction. ALMOST

Redlance: @ralst Freaking masters of it. Pulling out fangirl’s hearts all over the place

Kauschi: @ralst…but thats what it will always be…just subtext…

Stacicle: Happy to help, Slave.

fsc_ralst: I’m somewhat saddened that Myka doesn’t remember Helena’s sacrifice, because that was another big moment for them, but if it means keeping HG I’m fine with it

miekhead: ughhhh I wanna/don’t wanna watch the ep tomorrow

samandjanetfan: that’s why we have all you fab fic writers, to handle these oversights

slave2free: Ralst: Very sad

fsc_ralst: @kau maybe, maybe not

Redlance: @Kauschi I never thought they would make it maintext. But I never thought they’d do something as obvious as that montage either…

Redlance: @Ralst Same. It kills me a little that no one will remember

Athena-Mou: @s2f aren’t you sweet. would you support my effort to writhe for the spinoff?

the_dhamphir: and considering how much the actors are open to the ship… you never know

Shatterpath: Artie remembers

miekhead: I dunno, I guess I had lots of faith and trusted them

samandjanetfan: @athena IN A HEARTBEAT!!!!

Redlance: Because in my head, that’s totally where Myka realised how much she loves HG. And so without it…

Stacicle: Ralst: yes, sad. I don’t think the reboor is going to stay a secret forever, though. MRs. F is already suspicious.

miekhead: if TPTB talk about it endlessly, I assumed it wouldn’t be a big deal to put the montage… it didn’t surprise me at all

slave2free: If anything like Dusty Footprints, I’m there. It’s everything I love. It’s long. It’s well written. It has romance. It has Helen Magnus as a trusted friend of Helena and Myka AND everyone lives happily ever after. <sigh> It’s perfect.

girlwithuglyshoes: @ralst: that’s also why the reset of the 24h was a bit underwhelming IMO because noone remembered except artie

fsc_ralst: I think the coin destruction scene, last season, was another ‘Oh’ moment for Myka, so she at least remembers one

Shatterpath: and the preist clearly knows something happened

Shatterpath: i want to know where the pieces of the astrolabe went

Redlance: @ralst Yeah, i’m clinging to that

slave2free: Yes, that whole speach about losing the one person who understands you.

girlwithuglyshoes: are we allowed to talk spoilers here?

samandjanetfan: @red I think she actually realized it after the chess lock, so I’m good with the reset. Welcome to my personal headcanon ladies.

Redlance: haha

Stacicle: Miekhead: yes, Artie remembers, and I think his change of heart – as seen with Mrs. F and Kosan – and how it may be viewed in the next eps, will raise questions for all.

fsc_ralst: All okay for spoilers?

slave2free: Fine with me

quietheartedfsc: spoil away

darandkerry_1: spoil away

Shatterpath: sure

miekhead: of course… isn’t it a discussion of the ep?

the_dhamphir: sure

samandjanetfan: Sure thing

Redlance: yep

KMLEESON: Go for it

smileysierra: Fine by me

quietheartedfsc: anyone who doesn’t can cover their eyes so they can’t hear it

Athena-Mou: @Spth Artie has the reset artifact now. if he shows it to WH Data he will know something has happens and that it was used

girlwithuglyshoes: I think we will revisit the coin destruction scene this season… there were some pics that were tweeted

miekhead: God I’ve been on so many W13 chats over the last few days I’m trying to keep up xD

girlwithuglyshoes: or just the wood scene

Redlance: yeah, i was wondering what those might mean

Athena-Mou: I’m working on a new fix set on the night after the reset

Redlance: if the time travel isn’t done yet

miekhead: though Claudia was wearing something different

Stacicle: spoilers are fine with me

KMLEESON: Who tweeted them?

Redlance: if Claud will find another way to go back further

fsc_ralst: Are HG or Myka in those wood scene pics?

Redlance: not that I saw

Redlance: just Claudia

samandjanetfan: @ralst I’ve only seen Claudia in the wood scenes so far…

girlwithuglyshoes: I’ve seen them on tumblr and it was Allison with the crew in the woods

Kauschi: what pics?

smileysierra: @KML I believe that Allison tweeted them but it could have been Eddie.

fsc_ralst: Maybe it’s a Claudia/Steve thing?

KMLEESON: @Sierra Ok, thanks

miekhead: I’m not gonna lie, and this may be so unpopular but I just want this whole Claudia/Steve stuff over and done with…

Redlance: Maybe she’ll finally get to say goodbye?

slave2free: Claudia will be the one to suffer most of the "consequences" we’ve been hearing about. She still has that metro thingie

Redlance: assuming they don’t bring him back

Shatterpath: sp both HG and Steve rely on artifacts?

Redlance: @miekhead I don’t really have strong feelings one way or another. Honestly, I think the only reason I had such a reaction to Steve’s death was because of Claudia.

Athena-Mou: he’s on Lost Girl now, isn’t he? (Steve)

slave2free: Miek: I think Claudia will be the focal point of the show this season with or without Steve.

the_dhamphir: I’m completely ambivelent about steve

miekhead: Well I think I saw him in a trailer… but ugh the darkness is so hurty

slave2free: The only reason people like Steve is because Claudia loves him like a brother

grumpybear1031: I’m not a big Claudia fan so I hope not

slave2free: Hi grumpy, love you femslash con WH13 banner

miekhead: I’ve never been so keen on him tbf… I wish I did, but I just didn’t feel that much about him

Athena-Mou: I never got invested in Steve’s character. he did not make a huge impact on me unlike the into of HG

miekhead: but Claudia’s scary and hurty and I don’t like it….

samandjanetfan: It looks like Allison and Saul are being set up for a lot more scene time this season.

Redlance: I mean… he came in to replace Myka. How was I supposed to feel about him?

grumpybear1031: thanks S2F

Kauschi: @red heh

miekhead: Exactly, it was 1 season…and he was thrown into the mix and we were supposed to accept him with open arms… I just thought there were too many mains already

fsc_ralst: I liked Steve but I think they’ll have to kill him off to bring about the Claudia darkness

slave2free: I like it when Claudia is geeky and fun – ie. pooh bear

Redlance: yeah

Three Of Eight: I don’t mind steve in show (But I love him in AU’s? >.>)

Redlance: and I’m excited for DarkWillow Claud.

KMLEESON: I liked Steve because the actor was fom Smallville but other than that he never really inerested me!

Redlance: @three saaame

miekhead: I wasn’t ready for DarkWillow Claud…

KMLEESON: *interested

samandjanetfan: @s2f my wife completely agrees with you. She doesn’t want Dark!Claudia at all.

girlwithuglyshoes: Allison in the woods pic http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7vwffb0dw1rnwtuzo5_1280.jpg

miekhead: maybe in a season later but I didn’t want it, not yet.

miekhead: unf tho

miekhead: but yeah, completely different clothes

Athena-Mou: I am still hoping for some HG Claudia moments. HG mentoring Claud based on her own past and history

Kauschi: am i the only one that thinks that Claudias reaction to Steves death is a bit weird? it just feels too much for me, given their relationship on the show. i mean i know they were close, but…

Redlance: I just think it’ll be a really interesting storyline.

fsc_ralst: at least if they’re focusing on Claudia going bad it’ll mean they don’t tweak the HG-badness storyline

slave2free: H.G. could teach Glaudia how to tame her bad side

Stacicle: I loke what Steve brings to Claudia. Her own brother was saved and then gone again so soon, I don’t feel like she got a lot of the renewed brother-sister time she needed.

miekhead: @slave now that I wana see

Redlance: @Kauschi I think it’s understandable. Given Claudia’s background with losing people.

Redlance: I need HG/Claudia interaction more than I need air

slave2free: YEs Stacicle, and at least we got to see Claudia’s character shift, unlike when H.G. went mental in one episode

fsc_ralst: @kau Claudia seemed to develop a strong relationship to Steve very quickly, but I think that’s just down to TV norms

samandjanetfan: I agree with @athena and @s2f. Would really like more of the HG/Claudia dynamic on screen.

slave2free: Well, WH13 does a good job making us believe that ALL the characters care about one another. Great chemistry and writing

Redlance: Exactly

fsc_ralst: @s2f agree

Athena-Mou: true and Steve was part of the WH family

fsc_ralst: The Regents are a bit shifty though

Stacicle: Slave: It was a quick drop off the cliff for HG there, I agree

slave2free: Oh, those nasty regents. They bronzed H.G.

miekhead: I just hope it doesn’t stay as angsty

Three Of Eight: I swear the regents are akin to Section 31.

miekhead: I don’t think it will because of the trailers I’ve seen… but I hope it doesn’t.

Redlance: I wonder if we’ll see any Regent backlash this season.

Athena-Mou: I wonder if HG will eventually become a Regent

fsc_ralst: I think we’ll have a Regents = Bad storyline at some point

darandkerry_1: Anyone else think it odd that no one called Jane. I know she was going to fly back, but…

Redlance: @ralst I actually hope that happens. I think it’d be cool.

slave2free: Mie: I think we will see angst. Eddie M. said in an interview that they are trying to keep the comedy DESPITE this seasons plotline.

fsc_ralst: @red agreed

miekhead: ooooh I wanna see the Regents buuurn xDD

samandjanetfan: @red it’s about time for them to just give the regents the finger.

Redlance: @darandkerry I’m sure someone remembered to call her.. eventually

fsc_ralst: @dar too glad not to see her to care *g*

Athena-Mou: perhaps HG will take down the Regents? they did bronze her and left her there

miekhead: THen again we saw angst in S3 and I coped. I’ll be good

slave2free: I wouldn’t mind seeing Dark Claudia put Jane in the bronzer

darandkerry_1: lol

miekhead: Bahhahahahhaa

Redlance: I can see both Claud and Myka butting heads with the Regents

Stacicle: D&K: I think it was weird that they didn’t show *any* of the WH core crew except Artie at the end. Glimpses of Leena and Claudia, yeah, but no big reunion scene

girlwithuglyshoes: But HG volunteered to be bronzed…

fsc_ralst: @Athena but she did ask them to bronze her – unlike the coining

Redlance: at least they let her keep her love of literature?

girlwithuglyshoes: not defending bronzing… IMO it’s torture

miekhead: That’s because Myka and HG were having sex -_-

Redlance: although maybe the cat thing nullifies that

slave2free: Stacide: You know where Myka and H.G. were and that they couldn’t be disturbed

Redlance: @Miek HA!

the_dhamphir: @s2f lol

miekhead: and tooootally not complaining about the Claudia & Leena x333

Athena-Mou: true but why we’re they so quick to agree when she was obviously so damaged

fsc_ralst: Jane’s description of the coining made me want to hit her. Of course it was cruel, they’d basically shoved her in nowhere-land except when they want to use her, so its basicallys slavery

Athena-Mou: why listen to her?

Stacicle: Ha!. Yes, S2F, I wonder how long Myka and HG waited until they *excused* themselves.

Redlance: @miek I’ll be honest – i’ve never really seen the Claudia/Leen stuff. But the scene at the end? Definitely made me think Leena had rolled over to find the bed empty and THAT’s how she knew she was gone.

fsc_ralst: There should have been a group scene after Artie’s defence of HG

miekhead: kldjsklfjdlkvjldkfjlkfdfjk

Redlance: @ralst YES

samandjanetfan: @athena maybe they decided to pack her away until the invention of psychotropic meds?

girlwithuglyshoes: also by coining they created another individual who is innocent in all this

miekhead: I think we’ll see a big group scene in the opening

Stacicle: Red: yup, that was the first time I could see C/L evidence, too

Redlance: I hope we do

samandjanetfan: hope so

Stacicle: Ralst, I agree, just a look in on them in the B&B living room wouldhave made me happy

Redlance: ugh, is it monday yet?

slave2free: I still can’t see C/L, but that’s because I’m blinded by the light of Wells and Bearing

fsc_ralst: I’ve never seen Claudia/Leena but I’ll start looking for it now

miekhead: Really? See for me other stuff is so much more C/L-y

Redlance: @slave haha, same!

Three Of Eight: I’ve been casually wanting claudia and Leena to get it on since s1 >.>

the_dhamphir: @slave agreed

Redlance: @three do you do anything casually?

Three Of Eight: lmao

samandjanetfan: @s2f lol, perfectly put.

miekhead: It is so weird people talking about it O_O I’m still a bit out of sorts with this

Three Of Eight: It was like…. You arent my main ship but yeah totz should bone.

Athena-Mou: where was HG? before Sykes took her, she was a prisoner. was she really allowed to just take Myka’s hand and skip off towards the sunset/Myka’s bedroom?

girlwithuglyshoes: @three of eight: those star trek au gifs are amazing!

samandjanetfan: I’m okay with most ships – I’m myself have a fleet at this point

Redlance: @three a casual glance to them and knowing nod as you’re trying to smoosh Myka and HG’s lips together.

Stacicle: About bronzing, early on, when Pete told Artie that HG was aware while bronzed, he didn’t seem surprised. I think that may have repercussions, if not on Artie, then the Regents

slave2free: Atherna: You are right. Those dirty rotten regents have her.

darandkerry_1: Athena: she had to wait SOMEWHERE until the regents made up ther minds, right?

fsc_ralst: @Athena – before the Regents and Mrs F arrived there was just the WH13 crew and they weren’t about to lock HG up

Redlance: @Athena. That’s my head canon anyway

Three Of Eight: @Girl Lmao thank you. /Star Trek Nerd. @Red… Totally an apt description of my cleena appreciation.

Stacicle: @S3F: "light of Wells and Bering" – I love it. And I see you’re a ‘Wells & Bering’ girl

Stacicle: not ‘Bering & Wells

samandjanetfan: @red I like the way you think, darling

slave2free: Stacicle: any you beta’d my comment – I misspelled Bering – so politely. Ha

Redlance: they were saying all the things they never got to say, and Myka gave HG her locket back, and then they got naked.

fsc_ralst: @Stac – I bet they didn’t tell HG that before she stepped into the bronzer

Redlance: the end

girlwithuglyshoes: @red: yeah°

miekhead: Sorry, I’m trying hard to focus oon who’s speaking

miekhead: so much red xD

slave2free: Go Red!

Stacicle: @Athena: well, Jane was still on a plane, and Artie was defending HG back in the Warehouse, maybe they had a little free time for a bit

Redlance: haha

fsc_ralst: a bit of what? *g*

samandjanetfan: Yes! Love ya @Red!

miekhead: as in the color

Athena-Mou: @Red are u writing that story? The Naked Locket

girlwithuglyshoes: agent bering keeping an eye on hg wells for old time sakes

Three Of Eight: I ship Jane/Amanda. Just getting that out there ;D

Redlance: @girl she might have had a hard time keeping her eyes open with what HG was doing to her.

samandjanetfan: @red go on…

girlwithuglyshoes: who is amanda?

slave2free: Red: Not to steal from Jerry Mcguire, but you had me at NAKED.

Redlance: @Athena possibly…

rufustbarleysheaf: @Red you have the best headcanon…

fsc_ralst: Anything about the premiere, that we haven’t already covered, that you didn’t like or would have liked to see differently?

KMLEESON: @eight Isn’t that kinda like dating your daughter!

Stacicle: @Slave: I’m misspelling things all over here – darn typing

girlwithuglyshoes: @red: *giggles*

Three Of Eight: Lmao I have my geeky reasons =p

Redlance: @rufust You’re just too nice

slave2free: Grappling hook, grappling hook, grappling hook!! Loved seeing it again

miekhead: ………….. YES BUT J/7!!

Three Of Eight: Yes!!!!

fsc_ralst: ack

KMLEESON: @Eight Each to their own

Stacicle: @Ralst: no kidding. ‘Here, Henlena, step into the bronzer and have a nice long rest’ Grrr.

Three Of Eight: Janeway/Seven OTP means in the same show = auto ship.

fsc_ralst: the Regents are evil

girlwithuglyshoes: so how about this brotherhood? they were pretty useless right?

miekhead: It’s like if Lucy Lawless played Pete’s mom and Renee played his ex

Redlance: @slave HA

slave2free: As far as "real television" goes, it was as close to perfect as it could get.

Stacicle: @Ralst: a "bit" of anything they wanted

Three Of Eight: "@Miek Lmao yes!


fsc_ralst: The Brotherhood were meh

Athena-Mou: in the story I’m working on HG gets a bit miffed but eventauily laughs when Artie tells her that Myka lost the grappler

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena: hg can always design/build a new one for myka to covet

samandjanetfan: @athena, Lol, looking for to your latest tale of our favorite ladies.

KMLEESON: @Athena I’m looking forward to that!

slave2free: I think Athena has a naughty reason for Myka to have pretended to love it

fsc_ralst: I’m sure HG will invent lots of things Myka will be dying to get her hands on

Athena-Mou: bring on Lucy Lawless and Amanda Tapping (Dr Helen Magnus) as uber Regents

Redlance: @ralst so… many… comments

Redlance: all of them… filthy

fsc_ralst: lol

miekhead: omg too much lesbian

miekhead: 6 degrees of lesbian separation

samandjanetfan: athena: YEEESSSSSS!!!!

Three Of Eight: Hahahaha!

darandkerry_1: I think Helena may have already invented them @ ralst. Credit just went to someone else.

Redlance: @athena MASS FANGIRL DEATH

fsc_ralst: @dar you’re probably right

miekhead: with Jaime too omg

Redlance: @dar like the zipper!

KMLEESON: @head There is never too much Lesbian!

fsc_ralst: Helen Magnus would have to be an anti-Regent

samandjanetfan: And they should so be a lesbian Regent-y couple that completely supports Myka & HG…

girlwithuglyshoes: @sam: yes!

slave2free: I think we have drifted into fanficdom now

Redlance: @sam that would be awesome, haha

samandjanetfan: when do we ever truly leave it?

Redlance: i will never leave it

slave2free: Never

Redlance: you can’t make me

Athena-Mou: I’d like Magnus as the overseer who keeps those darn Regents in their place

Redlance: it’s glorious and beautiful and i want to stay forever

the_dhamphir: @athena… agreed

fsc_ralst: From Claudia’s reaction to Myka’s losing people you love speech, do you think she knows about Myka/HG?

samandjanetfan: LOL, Magnus would eat them for breakfast!

Redlance: i am a firm believer that she does

fsc_ralst: @red is there anywhere else?

slave2free: I still love the "femslash" season 4 premiers where Myka goes back in time for her true love.

darandkerry_1: @ralst. Of course, she does.

Athena-Mou: Magnus kicks ass!

Stacicle: As for the episode, I concur about pretty near perfect. Closing group scene would have been nice. I guess a big effort will be on to collect all of the artifacts that Sykes had.

Redlance: my head canon refuses to believe anything other than them bonding over the loss of HG (because you know CLaudia misses their inventing sessions) and she just… quietly figures it out as Myka goes on having no idea.

Redlance: @ralst Not that i’m aware of…

KMLEESON: @slave Me too!

Three Of Eight: I hope so. I always like to imagine her look when the "lovers were men" line came out was on the lines of "duuuuuude you say it like that infront of pete what the heeeeell"

Athena-Mou: I always felt that Claudia had a bit of a crush in HG and it makes sense that she is upset that HG is dead

Stacicle: @Ralst: I think Claudia and Myka’s buddy moments in the Janus coin woods scene confirms for me that Claud knows about Myka/HG

fsc_ralst: @red exactly. the way Claudia was looking at the picture of HG after she left last time, you knew she knew something

girlwithuglyshoes: so, you guys think we’ll se HG in tomorrow’s episode?

Athena-Mou: remember HG and Claud in the woods?

Redlance: @stacicle Agreed

samandjanetfan: @red your headcanon is magnificant as usual.

slave2free: Claudia knew about H.G. and Myka before Myka knew.

Redlance: the way she hugs Myka is just.. ugh. WORDS WHEN THERE ARE NO WORDS.

fsc_ralst: Yes, I think HG will be in tomorrow’s ep

Redlance: @sam why thank you

samandjanetfan: @s2f totally!

Redlance: i might combust if she isn’t

miekhead: Me too. In bed

Redlance: ha!

Redlance: in bed

Redlance: hahha

rufustbarleysheaf: i feel like we’ll all be combusting whether she’s in it or not. mostly in bed, yes

Redlance: I just need a scene with Myka andd HG

Three Of Eight: @Red. It is your fault I’m going to be disappointed with tomorrows ep now =p You and your text posts.

Redlance: alone

miekhead: I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled it off

Redlance: talking

Stacicle: @s2f: yes, way before Myka knew.

Redlance: @three I’m not sorry

samandjanetfan: @red you never are.

Athena-Mou: they need to at least talk about her and explain where she is if she’s not already back on the team

Redlance: @sam and you love me for it

fsc_ralst: Myka and HG, the morning after, happy and oblivious to all the Artie and Claudia angst, please

Redlance: yes

samandjanetfan: @red forever and forever, my sweet

Redlance: yes yes

samandjanetfan: @ralst a heap ‘o Yes please

slave2free: @sam whole heap

Redlance: @ralst just for like… five seconds! I just need them alone in a room together. They don’t even have to say anything! They never do though… speak fucking volumes with their eyes

Stacicle: They have 20 eps this season, maybe they can take a moment and actually show HG, with help, adjusting to this new century?


Redlance: i’ll settle for that

fsc_ralst: @red yes, we want eye-shagging!

slave2free: Red: H.G. must say something. I MUST hear her voice.

Athena-Mou: DND sign on Mykas door

Redlance: @ralst yes!! so. much. shagging.

miekhead: x333

rufustbarleysheaf: glances of longing powerful enough to kill off every fangirl in a single instance

Redlance: @slave. touche.

Three Of Eight: *Hoping for much more Leena this season*

fsc_ralst: HG and missed century cuteness, yes

Redlance: @rufus they’re like.. masters of that

Stacicle: @Red, or come into the breakfast room together, that would be a nod to where they just were, together

Redlance: I can’t handle Leena’s face.

slave2free: Stacicle: I’d like to see H.G. struggle more with this century – per fics like Athenas one about McDonalds. I think it was Athena

miekhead: her face at the end

fsc_ralst: @three they need to give Leena something to do besides have the odd feeling

Redlance: @stacicle they’re hands lingering close, like they’ve just let go

girlwithuglyshoes: btw I felt bad for Leena in the scene where she was holding up the football for Artie… she was kinda used a prop IMO

miekhead: I was like bby let me hug you she’ll come back

samandjanetfan: @rufus how is that any different from every other time they look at each other? I’ve died a thousand deaths watch those two …

rufustbarleysheaf: warehouse 13: a fandom full of undead fangirls

Athena-Mou: OT: why isn’t Jamie doing PG Tips commercials yet? they would sell a shitload of product if they had her

miekhead: Genelle said she is "SO much more than an innkeeper" and we’ll find out but she can’t say what it is so I’m pretty confident

Redlance: their* ew. gross grammar mistake

fsc_ralst: @girl yes, Leena as prop is not good, give the girl some reason for being on the show

Stacicle: @Slave: yup, some seeing the new world through her eyes kind of thing. But in a calmer way versus the Minoan Trident scene.

Redlance: we’re a zombie fandom!

Redlance: i’d like Myka to take her into Starbucks

fsc_ralst: shudder

rufustbarleysheaf: @red Through plenty of fault on your end 😛 fangirl killer

Three Of Eight: Hey. I am offended by that remark. I was a zombie after all ;D Bad memories dude.

samandjanetfan: @red well, we do have some atypical eating habits …

slave2free: Red: I’d love to see Myka Take her. Period

fsc_ralst: lol

Redlance: @rufus Again. You can prove nothing.

Stacicle: @Red – love the hand holding idea, and definitely ~looks~ across the kitchen table

Redlance: sorry three.

Athena-Mou: yup the McD story is mine. thx for the kind words

Redlance: @slave LOL

girlwithuglyshoes: you guys are cracking me up


rufustbarleysheaf: @red Someday I’ll have proof…someday (don’t hold your breath)

Redlance: @stacicle their looks make me want to claw my face off

Redlance: i hate them

slave2free: Looks, YES, but that voice, that accent, be still my heart. No one talks that way in my neighborhood. Probably a good thing now that I think of it.

Redlance: i hate Jaime and Joanne

Redlance: no one should be allowed to be that perfect. it should be impossible for there to be two of them

Three Of Eight: Their looks make me want to turn straight just to witness a level of gay that would make me so.

Redlance: Jaime Murray and her accent should come with a warning lable.

Redlance: LOL

Redlance: hahaha

samandjanetfan: @red that’s why you’re constantly trying to kill us with your angst!fic. Sharing the pain

fsc_ralst: @red and you’d absolutely hate it if they turned HG/Myka into maintext, I know

rufustbarleysheaf: Clearly they’ve teamed up merely to test the theory of spontaneous fangirl combustion

KMLEESON: @slave Where abouts are you from?

quietheartedfsc: *spreading towels on the floor to catch the drool*

Redlance: @sam What else am i supposed to do with it?

Redlance: @ralst I would. It would be awful. I wouldn’t be able to look at it.

slave2free: The red neck outskirts of Charlotte, NC

slave2free: Ya’ll

Athena-Mou: @Red aren’t you glad that Jaime defied her dad to become an actres?

Stacicle: lol

samandjanetfan: @slave All Y’all

rufustbarleysheaf: @red I can’t imagine them maintext, they’re both just so terrible facewise

Redlance: @Athena. No. I hate her. I wish she’d never set foot in showbiz. She’s ruined my life.

slave2free: QH: Better than towels, just sitting by the pool with my laptop

Stacicle: As for Leena, any more info about her connection with Mrs. Frederic?

miekhead: nope

Redlance: @rufus Same. Can you imagine having to look at them being overly adorable? Awful.

miekhead: think were gonna find out this season

KMLEESON: Ah right, I thought you were English for a minute then!

quietheartedfsc: then you ain’t redneck…now if you were sitting by the pond

Redlance: i’m super excited for that!

Stacicle: No, please, no maintext. Just overboard subtext please.

slave2free: QH: lol

miekhead: f that, I want maintext

Redlance: i’m so torn between the subtext and maintext

fsc_ralst: A while back there was rumours that Leena was Mrs F’s daughter or granddaughter, but I don’t see it

Redlance: it’s like sex

Redlance: foreplay is AWESOME

Redlance: but sometimes you just need more

slave2free: maintext is never as good as fanfic

Three Of Eight: Nope. Maintext wanted. I want s6 Xena going on =p

samandjanetfan: @red Perfectly put as always!

fsc_ralst: How about subtle maintext?

quietheartedfsc: maintext kills fanfic. It’s a proven fact.

miekhead: I want S6 Xena too

rufustbarleysheaf: i’m a fan of subtle maintext

Athena-Mou: main text, just normal maintext

miekhead: 4 even… that would still kill us

fsc_ralst: @q not always

Redlance: @ralst. Yes. That. I’ll take that please.

Stacicle: OK, good point – subtext vs maintext. Yeah, I want to see it, but fade-to-black might be our friend here.

Well_007: Hello we can start a conversation by phone

miekhead: Maintext didn’t kill Xena fanfic

Stacicle: QH! Hi!

Redlance: killing Xena killed the fanfic

Three Of Eight: LOL

the_dhamphir: nor has it killed GA or Lost Girl fic

quietheartedfsc: *waving by to phone boy*

quietheartedfsc: hey stace

Stacicle: Yes, maintext does tend to destroy fanfic. Look at this premiere, not a ton of stories afterward.

fsc_ralst: Bad Girls revelled in the maintext

Athena-Mou: one big smooch and them closing the door behind them

slave2free: Ralst: Subtle maintext? As opposed to the knock you in the head with "I can’t believe they are flying through the air together on a grappling hook" maintext?

Redlance: oh god

Redlance: ralst

Redlance: don’t

Redlance: don’t talk about Bad Girls

Redlance: i will conbust

Redlance: combust*

Redlance: see, too excited to type properly

fsc_ralst: @red I loved Bad Girls

quietheartedfsc: Bad Girls is the exception that proves the rule. They could never recreate the first pairing.

samandjanetfan: @RED UMMM… Drew

Stacicle: Heck, I want S7 Xena, X&G honeymooning in Mykonos

fsc_ralst: @s2f Oh, I think we should still get Tarzan style grappler action

Three Of Eight: I well want a Bering and Well version of Xenas Many Happy Returns. (Maybe minus the poem for those subtext lovers =p)

slave2free: Artie’s watch could make that happen Stacicle

Redlance: @ralst I actually don’t think there is any thing more perfect than the Nikki/Helen relationship and how that was handled

darandkerry_1: I think the WH13 writers might be up to the task, but I don’t think I’d want to take the change. RE: Maintext

Redlance: @three crying over that visual

fsc_ralst: @red yes, I’ve been waiting years for something as good to come along

quietheartedfsc: @Red agreed

slave2free: Not to spoil the Xena maintext love, but I recall the ending and well . . . it still hurts.

Redlance: @ralst It won’t. It can’t.

miekhead: OH GAWWWD

Redlance: Unless they did something amazing with Bering and Wells.

Redlance: then it might be close

quietheartedfsc: hmmmmmmmmm *eyeing ralst*

fsc_ralst: I want maintext, I can’t help it, I just need that on my screen

Redlance: in terms of how long it took to develop and stuff

Redlance: naked

Stacicle: Slave: if only… that happened much longer than "Ten Winters Ago"

Redlance: port to HBO

miekhead: I’m sorry I’m quiet I have a hard time articulating my feels

Redlance: just for five minutes

fsc_ralst: @ q me?

Redlance: please

Three Of Eight: Lol just like the C/7 relationnship in voyager I have offically replaced the Xena finale with fanfic and headcanons so they no longer exist.

Redlance: oh dear god

quietheartedfsc: ralst…we’ll chat, darlin

Redlance: C/7 get it away from my eyes!!

fsc_ralst: @three good call

fsc_ralst: @q k

Athena-Mou: I hope that some writers are doing what I’ve done. kept writing but not posting due to how HGs storyline would pan out

slave2free: Athena – POST,

rufustbarleysheaf: @athena I was wondering where you had gone

fsc_ralst: @Athena but we like the writers to post and post and post and you get my drift?

Redlance: @Athena I think a couple of us have held stuff back

slave2free: Athena POST POST POST

samandjanetfan: @athena FSS Post already, woman!!!

miekhead: why is everyone in red?

Stacicle: @3of8: yes, my mental defense mechanisms hit tilt, and I switched completely to fanfic for Xena, and for J/7.

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena: i think the modern fangirl is trained to keep these things apart.

the_dhamphir: people in red are panelists

rufustbarleysheaf: @mieks nooot a clue

miekhead: ohhhhhh ok

slave2free: It’s just me. It’s my first time to get to use it and I’m over excited.

Redlance: @miek the panelists are red.

Stacicle: POST.. please?

Athena-Mou: computer issues and phone issues. think my laptop is fried. installed Norton update and now it won’t boot up

quietheartedfsc: or Red is a panelist….several ways to look at it

girlwithuglyshoes: haha

slave2free: Norton – ummm, not a good sign.

rufustbarleysheaf: Norton is basically the worst

darandkerry_1: I thought people turned red getting all hot and bothered thinking about Myka/HG pairig and soon we woud all be re.

fsc_ralst: @athena tell us it didn’t eat the unpublished fic!

the_dhamphir: hmmm. norton’s always done me well

darandkerry_1: all be red, dammit!

Redlance: @dar the font colour is actually a physical manifestation of that, yes.

the_dhamphir: only computer i lost to a virus was when I used mcafee

Stacicle: is Norton bad? That’s all I use. Bad mojo with McAfee in the past

fsc_ralst: @dar we’ll be burning red

Three Of Eight: And everyone in green have basically been assimilated.

miekhead: blegh Norton

miekhead: AVG all the way

Redlance: @three I’m scared again

darandkerry_1: lol!

Redlance: I used avast

Three Of Eight: It wasn’t me >.>

slave2free: AVG

Redlance: @three don’t lie to me

Athena-Mou: hoping not… worried now

darandkerry_1: I was just showing my jealousy to the red peole

slave2free: I think Ralst let me be a panelist and type in red because Eddie McClintock retreated a tweet by me during the premier. Now I have a man crush on him.

miekhead: DARANDKERRY ls\kjflskfjldksf

samandjanetfan: @athena as are we all…

girlwithuglyshoes: haven’t used norton for a while but I remembered it as a big clumsy software that ate all the resources of the pc

darandkerry_1: and apparently I can’t type today

Three Of Eight: Ok you caught me. I was trying to give the room a borgasm. It backfired.

Stacicle: lol, Slave

girlwithuglyshoes: borgasm lol

Redlance: @slave I have the biggest man crush on that dude. Not even funny.

miekhead: @slave same

Redlance: @three oh. That’s what’s been going on in my pants since you got here. Makes sense now.

slave2free: He is pretty awsome – for a dude!

fsc_ralst: I like Eddie and Pete – didn’t think I would

Three Of Eight: Hahahahaha

samandjanetfan: @ralst they’re basically the same gut

girlwithuglyshoes: @ralst yep

fsc_ralst: Oh, so do we think Pete knows about HG/Myka? Or is the fact his head is still attached proof that he doesn’t?

rufustbarleysheaf: @ralst Same here

Redlance: My youngers sister finally listened to me and started watching the show – she LOVES Pete. Pretty sure the season 4 premier will break her. More than HG in teh finale. Maybe.

miekhead: yeah… I think most know

fsc_ralst: @sam yeah

samandjanetfan: @lol, I mean guy….

slave2free: I think he "gets" that he is not supposed to get romantic with the ladies on the show.

the_dhamphir: i think pete knows

Stacicle: Claudia or Pete need to work in the word "borgasm" at some point now; that word has got to become canon

Redlance: @ralst I don’t think he does. I think he maybe suspects… but doesn’t know

slave2free: Oh, Pete dying. It broke my heart.

darandkerry_1: I think Pete knows but is i denial

darandkerry_1: is in denial!

miekhead: Leena is a fangirl along with Claudia

rufustbarleysheaf: @red I think you need to continue to get transcripts of your sister watching, she’ll be #1 shipper by the time she’s through

Stacicle: I think Pete knows, that whole best buds talk

Athena-Mou: I tweeted Jamie my iPhone autocorrect (sex, wet and pancakes) She must have found it funny because she responded! Thanks iPhone!!!!

the_dhamphir: i think he knows, but also knows not to give them any kind of a hard time about it

samandjanetfan: @s2f tho I’d like Pete to actually have someone- other than Kelly, cuz there was zero chemistry.

Redlance: @rufus Dude, she already is. It’s so funny.

slave2free: Stacicle: during episode 2 we could all add the hashtag "borgasm" after the WH13 hashtag. Writers may take notice. Eddie would.

fsc_ralst: The Borgasm Campaign!

Three Of Eight: What have I done?

samandjanetfan: @athena THAT WAS YOU! Totes cracked me up!!!

Stacicle: Uck…Kelly. Really didn’t work for me, at all

slave2free: Sam: Yes, Eddie should have a shallow playmate

Redlance: @ralst where do I sign up?!

fsc_ralst: @red right here!

Stacicle: #Borgasm Yes, Slave, great idea.

slave2free: Athena: I SAW the retweet – SO COOL

samandjanetfan: @s2f exactly! shallow and hot….

Athena-Mou: I think Pete finds the thought of Mykes and HG together HOT

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena: that was awesome!

slave2free: Sam: Yes, hot too! Tee Hee

Redlance: who wouldn’t find it hot?

fsc_ralst: zombies?

Redlance: with the exception of Artie

Redlance: and now i’ve grossed myself out

samandjanetfan: @athena who doesn’t? I mean SRLY…

Redlance: haha

girlwithuglyshoes: remember when pete said "we’ll get back to that?" after the "many lovers" comment? They should work that in this season

Redlance: and they NEVER got back to it

slave2free: I TRY to like Artie, really I do.

Redlance: so mad

rufustbarleysheaf: I feel like even those Donner Party zombies wouldn’t have trouble finding them hot

Stacicle: @Athena – YES! And he has problem with it, as he sees Myka as a sister

fsc_ralst: @girl that would be fab

Three Of Eight: I cannn vouch that Zombies do… though i’m not sure Borg count as zombies =p

Athena-Mou: yup my tweet – guilty if bad taste tweets to hot celebrity woman with MBA (magnificent British Arse)

Redlance: @three I

Redlance: ‘m doubting your borg credability. You should know that!

fsc_ralst: Artie is much more likeable now he likes HG

Stacicle: @girl, yes, "get back to that" in a quiet inventorying moment in the Warehouse.

the_dhamphir: agreed

slave2free: Athena, I thought she replied to you all time, like you were best buds or something.

Redlance: haha, yeah

miekhead: god Saul in those last scenes

miekhead: I was dying from laughter

darandkerry_1: He really did look like Pooh Bear, too.

miekhead: With Kosan and Frederic omg… the way he just stands there

Redlance: what do you guys think Mrs F’s grey streak means?

rufustbarleysheaf: Artie’s Gut=#1 Shipper

samandjanetfan: @athena Lol, MBA!!!

miekhead: he really really did.

Three Of Eight: @Red Lmao tbf I can tell you the BQ gets drones to act out femslash scenes and fanfic in U01.

slave2free: Yes, I think his hatred of H.G. was definitely holding me back.

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena you should totally create this MBA award and give it to JM

darandkerry_1: Red: I think it marks one of her ‘9 lives’.

Redlance: @three … oh dear god. Why do I want fic written about this?

girlwithuglyshoes: @rufus: yep, who knew Artie’s gut was a fangirl

fsc_ralst: @red the grey streak is very worrying

Redlance: it’s seriously making me super nervous

slave2free: Red: Gray streak is due to trauma of dying, then back again.

samandjanetfan: @girl Best idea ever !!!!

Stacicle: Like rings in a tree trunk, Mrs. F’s gray streak means an time has passed, in this case an alternate timeline

Stacicle: ???

Redlance: i feel like they’re going to undo everything. HG, Mrs F, Steve. Like they’re going to have to take it all back for some reason and they’ll be gone again.

miekhead: I think she’s getting older

rufustbarleysheaf: @red I’m seeing it as a sign that the warehouse being destroyed wasn’t undone so much as revised.

samandjanetfan: @red YOU SHUT YOUR HOLE!!!! NO TAKE BACKS!!!

Athena-Mou: @Girl I will but someone needs to make the graphic for it!!!!

miekhead: or at least time’s catching up to her and it ‘shouldn’t’

slave2free: The mother on Polterguist had a gray streak in her hair at end fo that movie. No one knows what I’m talking so I’ll shut up.

fsc_ralst: @red I’m holding onto the thought that if they do rewind the rewind it will mean no more warehouse and you can’t have a show without it

Redlance: wonder what she thought when she got home and noticed it in the mirror.

slave2free: Red: You are just trying to make us sad.

Redlance: @sam I can’t help worrying!!!

rufustbarleysheaf: or that perhaps it’s a sign that it’ll eventually catch up to the others as well? even if they don’t die, maybe they’ll remember the other timeline

Three Of Eight: Lmao cause you haven’t lived till you see a psuedo race of cybernetic organics act out "For the Team"? "Oh what are you going to do? Rapidly accelerate me towards the stratosphere?"

Redlance: @ralst Same. Desperately clinging to it.

Redlance: @salve I’m not!!

samandjanetfan: @Red My lil angsty bb *hugs*

slave2free: Ralst: Yeah, who’s gonna watch warehouse crater?

darandkerry_1: No do-overs!!! Um.. just Artie do-over.

rufustbarleysheaf: @red: STOP FEEDING US ANGST

Redlance: @three hahahaha

miekhead: omg I can not deal with these angst feels

Redlance: @rufus! I’M SORRY. I can’t help it.

fsc_ralst: @slave I’d watch Warehouse Crater if it had HG and Myka and eye-shagging, but then I’m very shallow

Stacicle: And Rogue in the X-men movie got that white streak in her hair after Wolverine brought her back

Stacicle: @ralst : LOL

slave2free: We all need to send all our positive rainbow energy to Red so she’ll stop thinking those terrible thoughts.

Redlance: Nancy in Nightmare On Elm Street got it scared into her hair…

slave2free: Rast: LOL

samandjanetfan: @red You are officially now the Angstmeister General!

Redlance: @sam Do I get a badge of some sort?

girlwithuglyshoes: angstmeister… lol

fsc_ralst: @red, quickly, think of something positive! Eye-shagging and kittens and kisses and ponies

Redlance: perhaps a plaque?

samandjanetfan: @red I believe there’s a patch… and epaulets.

Redlance: nope. sorry. all i’ve got it Myka clinging to Helena’s locket as she cries herself to sleep.

Redlance: @sam I will accept this.

slave2free: Red: A grappling hook award

miekhead: ;_;

rufustbarleysheaf: @red oh for fucks sake. i’ll just sit here, crying into my dinner, it’s fine

Redlance: @salve I want THAT

fsc_ralst: @red you do realise that if the season ends with that, we’ll track you down, right?

Athena-Mou: frak. got kicked out and lost the entire thread

Stacicle: @Red: a pin, like the variety Claudia wears "Angstmeister General"

Redlance: and she’s put in a picture of helena to lie alongside Christina… so that she can ccarry with her the one person who means the most to her the same way HG did.

slave2free: Welcome back Athena. You missed Red being angsty

miekhead: I’m gonna have to go peeps

Stacicle: And the 2012 "Grappler Award" goes to…

Redlance: @ralst I’m good. I live in the middle of nowhere. You’ll be looking for a while.

Redlance: @stacicle Oh dear god, I REALLY need this.

miekhead: byeee

fsc_ralst: @red never underestimate the femslash horde

samandjanetfan: @s2f when isn’t Red angsty?

slave2free: I live there too. And I have hound dogs.

Athena-Mou: @Red stop it! the show is angst enough girl

Redlance: bye miek!

fsc_ralst: bye miek

Three Of Eight: Race I swear to particle 010 I’m going to assimilate you. Stop making my optical node rust. BYE MIEK.

darandkerry_1: bye miekh

Stacicle: OMG, Red, stop… sniff…

slave2free: bye miek. Enjoyed chatting with you.

girlwithuglyshoes: bye

rufustbarleysheaf: bye miek : o

samandjanetfan: bye miek

Redlance: @ralst I made that mistake once before. Wont’ again. I have a bunker now

fsc_ralst: Do you think we’ll ever see Christina or Christina related storylines again?

Redlance: @three BRING IT.

slave2free: Three: Race? Is Red – Race?

Stacicle: Hound dogs? Really, Slave? Me, too.

Athena-Mou: Jaime’s Fangirl Army

Stacicle: bye miek

Three Of Eight: OH LOL I am on her page sending a pm ;D My mistake =p

Redlance: ha, no. i’m not. hahaha. Can I wish I was?

Redlance: because i do

Three Of Eight: I clearly meant Red =p

Redlance: clearly

slave2free: I didn’t know. Sometimes the folks in these chat rooms have other little nicknames for one another.

Three Of Eight: Trying to flail over AUs and condemn angst gets confusing ;D

Redlance: keep you and your perfect manips and AU away from my face.

fsc_ralst: Anyone know if Vanessa is scheduled to be in this season?

Athena-Mou: It would be nice to see HG get some sort of closure. perhaps moving Christina’s remains to London to rest next to Charles or something

Three Of Eight: LOL

Redlance: or i’ll puke rainbows and love all over them

the_dhamphir: SAZ! *huggs*

slave2free: Sorry Red. I sometimes get confused with Pooh Bear.

samandjanetfan: @ralst there can never be enough Lindsay Wagener, so let’s hope so.

sazmojo: hey d!

Redlance: @slave haha!

fsc_ralst: @sam and Jaime being named after Lindsay’s character makes me want to see them together for some reason

the_dhamphir: @saz long time to see, hon

Three Of Eight: I am terribly sorry =p But plus side this AU wasn’t going to be maniped =p It was just a dream I had. (Why Yes I dream of Bering and Wells AU) >.>

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena: well closure could mean that HG gets written out

slave2free: I wouldn’t mind seeing 7 of 9, um, I mean Jeri, back on WH13, just so Eddie can make out with her – because I have that man crush on him.

Redlance: Was anyone else ridiculously happy to hear Jaime talking about her Lindsay connection in the dvd extras?

Stacicle: Maybe since the spinoff isn’t happening yet, we’ll get more flashbacks to the 1890s and Christina?

samandjanetfan: @ralst any reason to see those two!!!

Redlance: @Three don’t we all?

Athena-Mou: though I like the idea of them finding Christina in the bronzer. though that would probably set HG off again

Three Of Eight: Noooo 7 cant make out with anyone but girls. I decided a long time ago after her hideous choice in men…. coughchakotay

Redlance: @athena I don’t need that kind of angst in my life!!

rufustbarleysheaf: @red It just made me laugh because my mother named me after Lindsay Wagner

Stacicle: Vanessa can be in charge of Helena’s debronzing therapy

samandjanetfan: @red insanely so. The Bionic Woman was one of my first big crushes….

Redlance: @rufus That is amazing.

fsc_ralst: @three she didn’t chose chuckles, she was brainwashed by idiots

sazmojo: @dhamphir aye, dipping my toe back in the web and gandom again

Three Of Eight: Lmao preach.

Redlance: @ralst CHUCKLES

Redlance: hahahaha

Athena-Mou: @girl not complete closure just enough to be able to move forward as an agent and full member of the team to show that she’s healed

Redlance: crying

Stacicle: @Red, yes to Jaime showing her own fangirlishness!

girlwithuglyshoes: @athena ok, that’s ok

the_dhamphir: @saz still gotcha on my YIM list. *S*

slave2free: I apologize to all for typing anything that lead to remembering CHUCKLES

fsc_ralst: which season does Jaime talk about that?

Three Of Eight: Lmao you are forgiven =p

Redlance: the Lindsey connection?

fsc_ralst: yes

samandjanetfan: @ralst It’s on the S3 DVD extras.

Redlance: the season 3 dvd extras

Athena-Mou: @Stac I wrote that fix ‘Hour of the Wolf’

fsc_ralst: cheers – not out here yet

Redlance: the guest stars spot. I think.

Redlance: @ralst I just died inside for you

samandjanetfan: @red correct

fsc_ralst: @red I know, but at least I have copies of the eps

slave2free: I’m afraid DATA is going to have a major role in WH13 this season and I’m not really looking forward to that.

Three Of Eight: Not out here either =[

slave2free: Hour of the Wolf – <sigh>

Athena-Mou: haven’t got S3 DVDs yet

slave2free: Happy memories

Redlance: i’m actually devastated for those of you who don’t havee the dvds yet.

fsc_ralst: I loved data as Data but I’m not so sure about Brother-data

Athena-Mou: I have ch 9 mostly written (HotW)

samandjanetfan: The S3 extra are chock full of Jaime awesomeness

Three Of Eight: I am devestated for me too.

girlwithuglyshoes: well i have youtube


fsc_ralst: @red you need to write us all fic to keep us going

slave2free: The whole "brotherhood" was creepy.

Redlance: Brother-Data weirded me out a little

Three Of Eight: I have the spot reserved next to my 1 and 2 dvds

KMLEESON: I’m not sure when it comes out in England

rufustbarleysheaf: I’m devastated for myself as well. At least I have Netflix, I guess

Stacicle: @Athena: ‘Hour of the Wolf, thanks, I’ll put that on my reading list.

Redlance: @ralst Hey. I’m trying. I legit have smutfic open while I’m in here.

Three Of Eight: Play had it down in september i think

fsc_ralst: @red Ahhhh

samandjanetfan: @red you are such a tease -.-

slave2free: @Stacicle @Athena which means she will have finished reading it 10 minutes from now.

Redlance: @ralst That’s funny. Cause that’s kind of the sound HG just made….

KMLEESON: 2 Months to wait

Three Of Eight: "Pre-order Due for release on 17 September 2012" From that site at least.

Athena-Mou: get US version and decode your DVD player. I play European DVDs here in the US (hard to find region1 Swedish movies in Swedish)

fsc_ralst: Season 3 doesn’t come out until September! Ack!

slave2free: Ahhhhh

Redlance: @sam and THAT’S kind of like what HG’s saying now.

sazmojo: @dhamphir good to know, i’ll try and say hi more often *s* hope all is well with you

samandjanetfan: @red JUST FINISH IT ALREADY!!!!

fsc_ralst: My Region 2 Swedish dvd came yesterday

Shatterpath: so, as a newb to this pairing, what should i read? Not a huge fan of heavy angst though.

the_dhamphir: @saz quite a bit of news since we last talked. *G*

Athena-Mou: @Stac & S2F then I expect reviews!

Stacicle: @Slave – heh, not today

Three Of Eight: A pirates life for me >.>

Redlance: @sam i’m trying! It won’t end! 7k+ words and I just got to the sex!

Three Of Eight: cause pirate HG

rufustbarleysheaf: @red you don’t even understand how much I’m looking forward to this

fsc_ralst: Agree, about pirate HG

slave2free: Dusty Footprints by Athena

KMLEESON: Taht is a good story

sazmojo: @three, i agree, i love that story


Redlance: @shatterpath Immediately go and read "Classification Error" there’s angst but.. it’s perfect

Shatterpath: ok, i worote that down

samandjanetfan: @red ok, ok. Wouldn’t want to rush you at this point, cuz I know you like to take your time …

Shatterpath: anyting else?

Stacicle: @Athena: ha. Um, soon, and I’ll give feedback when I’m done.

Redlance: it’s by Harper_m

slave2free: Shatterpath: Dusty Footprints by Athena and Wish You Were Here by mysensitiveside AND

Athena-Mou: I meant I get Swedish movies and stuff (in Swedish) all in R2 format since they would never release them here in the US

Redlance: @rufus I think I have a small idea…

slave2free: Shatterpath AND A Kiss in Sunlight by Racethe wind AND

Shatterpath: i love HArper!

Redlance: @sam I do. I really, really do.

Redlance: me too!

Three Of Eight: I quite enjoy the smut fic Catalysis by winged_mammal

Redlance: @three I was JUST going to rec that

Redlance: epic fic is epic

fsc_ralst: @Athena – Ah. I like my Swedish and Danish stuff, so glad I’m in region 2

Athena-Mou: thanks for the Dusty Footprints shutout

Redlance: @shatterpath Then read "Hemmingway’s Typewriter" also by Harper

slave2free: Shatterpath: Oh, and if you haven’t seem much of the show, there is always A Pirate’s Live for Me

samandjanetfan: @three just re-read that last night – highly reocmmend Catalyst.

Redlance: I’ve seriously read Catalysis more times than I can count

Redlance: kind of embarrassing

rufustbarleysheaf: I’ve read The Game by Red here like six times

Redlance: i don’t care

fsc_ralst: @red or sam is Catalyst on lj or somewhere else?

Athena-Mou: just lost everything again

Redlance: shut up you have not

Redlance: @ralst it’s on AO2

rufustbarleysheaf: Shut up, I totally have

slave2free: Athena: Yea Helen Magnus!

Redlance: AO3

Athena-Mou: @ralst will u do a transcript?

samandjanetfan: @rufus re-read The Game on Friday… Also to thumb’s up on this one.

fsc_ralst: @red anywhere else?

girlwithuglyshoes: guys if you have fanfiction accounts, would you mind posting your urls?

KMLEESON: I do love the Titanic(story)

fsc_ralst: @athena Yes

Three Of Eight: I totally quite like the adorable fic Of Stars & Snow & Mistletoe too. I’m not sure why. It just gives me warm fuzzies.

Athena-Mou: @ralst smoooooch


Redlance: @shatterpath http://archiveofourown.org/works/376520/chapters/614451 link to Catalysis

Redlance: because I have it bookmarked. haha

Shatterpath: swweet

Redlance: @ralst not that I know of

Three Of Eight: Myka getting stuck under the original mistletoe and making out with HG though… probably makes me biased ;D

KMLEESON: http://www.fanfiction.net/~kmleeson

Redlance: @girl there any place you prefer? fanfic.net/lj/ao3?

samandjanetfan: @km awesome! thanks for the link!

fsc_ralst: @red right-ho, I’ll have to work out how to put a skin or whatever it’s call on the site so it doesn’t give me a headache

girlwithuglyshoes: THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

KMLEESON: @sam You’re weco

rufustbarleysheaf: i haven’t written fic in years, and none of it has been for warehouse 13

KMLEESON: welcome – sorry

Redlance: @ralst I can just badger winged_mammal to submit it to P&P if you want?

sazmojo: @dhamphir i’ll make sure to say hi properly soon then, i want to hear all about it!

girlwithuglyshoes: Well I prefer FF but LJ or AO3 is good also

Three Of Eight: I have w13 bering and wells on FF and AO3 open in my browser tabs at all time. I like to read new fics asap ;D

Redlance: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1665147/Redlance_ck I think that’s me.

the_dhamphir: @saz sure thing

samandjanetfan: @km no worries! Really enjoying summer of ’89 right now.

rufustbarleysheaf: @three Same XD

Athena-Mou: I think I need to get going. need to figure out if I can save my hard drive (HG stories etc). it’s been a lot of fun ladies! be good my darlings

fsc_ralst: @red In that case I might just have to award you a medal or PG Tips

Redlance: I never click on my own page

Redlance: @ralst challenge accept!!!

Stacicle: Bye Athena!

Redlance: pmin her right now

Redlance: bye Athena!

fsc_ralst: Bye Athena

rufustbarleysheaf: Bye Athena!

slave2free: Athena: May the Force be with You. Don’t lose those stories!!!!

darandkerry_1: bye

KMLEESON: @sam Aww, thank you, i’m writing chapter 11 now

samandjanetfan: @athena bye! All my good thoughts are focus on the HD right now!

girlwithuglyshoes: bye athena, good luck!

the_dhamphir: bye athena

Three Of Eight: Live long and prosper!

fsc_ralst: Stories must never be lost!

samandjanetfan: @km WooHoo! Very happy now

Athena-Mou: thanks for positive vibes sent to my laptop

Redlance: @ralst And I actually went over a fic to send to you like… last week. And then didn’t send it.

Redlance: But i WILL

slave2free: Athena: Thanks for the wonderful fiction you put out into the universe!!

KMLEESON: @sam Is there anything you would like me to add?

Athena-Mou: awww :: smooches::

fsc_ralst: @red Send, send! And I repeat, Send!

slave2free: ‘Cause Ralst NEVER has any issues with her computer.

fsc_ralst: My W13 section is woefully inadequate to express the wonder that is Bering and Wells

Redlance: @Ralst I wiiiiiiill. I need to format it properly though. Because I’m an idiot and decided it would be fun to change how i write my shit and start indenting everything.

samandjanetfan: @km Hmmm, let me mull that over a bit. Generally speak I prefer to be surprised…

fsc_ralst: @red don’t worry about the indents, they come out as soon as it goes to html anyway

Redlance: @ralst well it’ll have the semi-angst of "Only Yesterday" to accompany it soon. Ish.

Redlance: Oh, well then

slave2free: KM: Writing chapter 11, how did I miss that. Darn, too much typing and not enough reading.

Redlance: I just need to space out the paragraphs and i can send it

fsc_ralst: While we’re talking recommendations, any video or graphic recs?

KMLEESON: @sam Ok, any way i’m glad you’re enjoying it


Redlance: i just tumblred one yesterday

Redlance: don’t have the link

Redlance: but youtube "She’s Electric Warehouse 13"

Redlance: EPIC

Three Of Eight: It’s one of my favs.

KMLEESON: @slave Hehe, there is a lot happening on er


Redlance: graphic recs – just go to Three’s tumblr page

Redlance: and bask in the beauty

Three Of Eight: Annd not just cause it doesnt send an arrow of angst into my knee ;D

Redlance: and your drool

Three Of Eight: LOL

fsc_ralst: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xn9SqDVxTx4 She’s Electric

Redlance: @three I know right? give me more happy!

Redlance: @ralst thanks!

rufustbarleysheaf: Oh god, that Wanted: Love Interest kills me every time.

Redlance: yes!

Redlance: i was just looking for a link to thhat

rufustbarleysheaf: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTvgKN3xqaQ

rufustbarleysheaf: Whabam

Three Of Eight: It is amazing. I made a J7 version of it cause it was so effing epic that I couldn’t even can and I had to go express otp feels.

Redlance: how dare you

rufustbarleysheaf: Very carefully and with lots of flair

Redlance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTvgKN3xqaQ Also, if you just want to cry a million tears

samandjanetfan: @rufus Yes! Wanted: Love Interest is the best!

Redlance: wait

Redlance: that’s the wrong link

Redlance: too excited

rufustbarleysheaf: @red XD thaaat’s not right

Three Of Eight: Yes. Yes it is =p

slave2free: Okay, Ralst is posting transcript. I WILL NOT be tempting to click on the links. I will not!!

fsc_ralst: Link clicking is inevitable

samandjanetfan: @s2f Oh go ahead, you know you want to…

Three Of Eight: Resistance if futile….

Three Of Eight: and is DARN

girlwithuglyshoes: i’m sorry is the maker of "wanted: love interest" here?

Three Of Eight: well i lost my borg membership

girlwithuglyshoes: *prepares to squeal*

Redlance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luLk8bIsU7I&list=FLe6g9ThKftGwDvYoT-eJEBQ&index=4&feature=plpp_video there we go

slave2free: @sam you are a bad influence on me – – – but YES, I MUSt click, be back soon.

samandjanetfan: @red YOU"

rufustbarleysheaf: I have somehow not seen this. Should I be preparing tissues?

Three Of Eight: URGH RED NO. That video. Why.

Redlance: yes

Redlance: yes you should

Redlance: everyone go cry

Redlance: right now

samandjanetfan: @red YOU JUST TORE MY HEART OUT WITH THE VID!!!!

Redlance: and then watch this again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHkvan-NFnM&list=FLe6g9ThKftGwDvYoT-eJEBQ&index=3&feature=plpp_video

Redlance: AND CRY MORE

rufustbarleysheaf: NOPE, APPLES ARE RUINED AGAIN

fsc_ralst: No, we need happy video to follow the eat your heart out video

slave2free: The pool will not hold my tears.

slave2free: Walking to the pond.

fsc_ralst: Oh, that reminds me, can Helena still smell apples?

Three Of Eight: I quite like http://youtu.be/ZNTBuZ3WrFM

slave2free: Ralst YES

Redlance: okay fine.

Redlance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHkvan-NFnM&list=FLe6g9ThKftGwDvYoT-eJEBQ&index=3&feature=plpp_video have some crack

Redlance: and some giggles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-RDPaXZX6w&list=FLe6g9ThKftGwDvYoT-eJEBQ&index=2&feature=plpp_video

slave2free: Red: Junkie Love

rufustbarleysheaf: Plot twist: Helena never stopped smelling the apples, she just to revealed it to Myka in the end to help soften the blow

slave2free: Rufus: Awww, so sweet

Redlance: @ralst SOMEONE posted some fucking heartbreak head!canon where Helena is walking the aisles and can smell apples again

Redlance: doesn know what she’s done to deserve it.

Redlance: and then i died.

fsc_ralst: Aw

slave2free: If you die for someone, they really should remember it.

fsc_ralst: i think Helena needs that kind of Warehouse validation

rufustbarleysheaf: Or of Myka purchasing some kind of apple-scented body spray/lotion/perfume and Helena crying over it

slave2free: LOL

rufustbarleysheaf: Pre-season3/Post-A New Hope

samandjanetfan: @rufus Instead of Axe — Apples!

girlwithuglyshoes: thanks for the evening, it was a pleasure chatting with you

girlwithuglyshoes: bye! *waves*

Three Of Eight: Lmao why is that both hilarious and depressing =p

darandkerry_1: Better yet… Myka WEARING said body lotion

Redlance: bye girl!

fsc_ralst: you too, girl

Three Of Eight: BAI

slave2free: bye girl. It’s bee fun.

samandjanetfan: bye girl!

rufustbarleysheaf: Bye!

darandkerry_1: bye girl

Three Of Eight: Fyi

Three Of Eight: I am imaginging all these byes

Three Of Eight: as "BAI GUUUUUURL"

slave2free: I feel like I’m on the set of "Cheers" Hi Norm, Bye Norm.

Redlance: hahaha

darandkerry_1: lol

fsc_ralst: Nah, more like the Waltons

samandjanetfan: G’night John Boy

slave2free: John Boy, don’t get me started

Redlance: right then, this has been wonderful but I must love you and leave you.

Redlance: and i do love you all

Redlance: ~sexually

Redlance: because this fucking fandom is amazing

fsc_ralst: and now I want a W13 goodnight Johnboy scene, and everyone wondering why HG’s voice is coming from Myka’s room

Redlance: @ralst oh dear GOD

quietheartedfsc: lol

samandjanetfan: Bye @Red You Evil Ansgty Tease

darandkerry_1: night red

the_dhamphir: LOL

fsc_ralst: Bye Red

slave2free: Righty Ho, nighty night Red

Redlance: @sam and I’d apologise. But I wouldn’t mean it.

Three Of Eight: Night! Although 10pm I should head off too =p So Night everyone!

Redlance: bye everyone!

samandjanetfan: @ralst THAT!!! Walton’s 13. Yes!

rufustbarleysheaf: waugh, wait, i got knocked out, who is leaving now?

darandkerry_1: night 3

Three Of Eight: That’d be me ;D

Three Of Eight: Night!

fsc_ralst: Night Three

rufustbarleysheaf: XD ah, bye!

slave2free: rufus: It’s those darn addictive video links.

samandjanetfan: Night Three. And you will be assimilate as you sleep…

rufustbarleysheaf: Apparently! I clicked the lates one and it ate the chat

slave2free: Nighty night 3 of 9, um, I mean 3 of 3

slave2free: Oh, Ralst said to channel H. G. Night Darlin

fsc_ralst: Channeling HG’s voice is what we need

slave2free: My nightmare has come true. It’s just like when I’m tweeting and not one tweets back. Am I left in the chat room all alone?

rufustbarleysheaf: Echo echo


rufustbarleysheaf: Does anyone know if there will be some sort of livestream tomorrow evening?

samandjanetfan: Sorry, had to take a moment while pondering HG’s voice…

fsc_ralst: Thanks to everyone for a great chat, we’ll keep the room open for a while longer if you want to keep on keeping on…

darandkerry_1: Still doing te math. 3 of 9 and 3 of 3

slave2free: @sam bwahahaha

darandkerry_1: Ralst, will you post the transcript on FemslashCon website or LJ?

slave2free: Dar: Apparently I can’t add – my mind goes fuzzy when thinking of 7 of 9

samandjanetfan: I’m ok now. The wife’s calling be to dinner, so night, ladies!

the_dhamphir: bye sam

rufustbarleysheaf: Haaa. Bye!

slave2free: Good Night Sam

fsc_ralst: Transcripts go up on the IDF website. Q has just finished doing all the FemSlashCon ones and they’ll go up either tonight or tomorrow and then the transcript for this will follow

darandkerry_1: I’m so far behind on my reading and vid watching, I need to start from the beginning but would like to have access to all links provided today

fsc_ralst: night sam

darandkerry_1: Ah.. okay, Thanks to you both.

darandkerry_1: nght sa

darandkerry_1: sam!


Stacicle: Gotta run too, guys. Thanks so much!

darandkerry_1: Later Stacile.

rufustbarleysheaf: Bye

fsc_ralst: night stac

Stacicle: Bye!

slave2free: Since Ralst is posting transcript, I will shamefully add "follow me" http://twitter.com/slave2free

quietheartedfsc: night stac

slave2free: See you Later, Stacicle, I will never say goodbye

rufustbarleysheaf: Alright, I think I’m going to head out as well. tumblr is calling my name

KMLEESON: Followed

rufustbarleysheaf: Was lovely chatting with you folks

fsc_ralst: night rufus

darandkerry_1: Night rufus

slave2free: Rufus: Tumble Away, bye

quietheartedfsc: night

the_dhamphir: nite

rufustbarleysheaf: Night!

KMLEESON: I better go too, this chapter ain’t going to write itself!

fsc_ralst: Yes, go write! everyone, go write! or vid! or edit!

the_dhamphir: lol

slave2free: Bye KM, already looking for next chapter

darandkerry_1: Night KM

quietheartedfsc: lol

the_dhamphir: nite km

quietheartedfsc: night


slave2free: Ralst – the obewon of fanfiction

darandkerry_1: lol

fsc_ralst: Doesn’t that mean I’m dead halfway through the first film?

slave2free: Ralst: No, but I didn’t think you’d like a Yoda reference

the_dhamphir: no. you live on, on a higher plane of existence. *G*

fsc_ralst: I aspire to R2D2 status

darandkerry_1: a little taller, you mean?

quietheartedfsc: grrrr…the only problem with reading tv is you can’t take your eyes off it.

the_dhamphir: ??

slave2free: Searching for a princess if I recall correctly.

fsc_ralst: @dar exactly!

fsc_ralst: @s2f sounds about right

slave2free: r2d2 should guest on WH13

darandkerry_1: @ralst Island first, princess second; although, the princess might come wih the island

darandkerry_1: r2d2 should be an artifat!

the_dhamphir: LOL

slave2free: dar YES

fsc_ralst: Oh, the Star Wars artifacts, Helena wouldn’t have a clue

the_dhamphir: so, are you tempted write some Myka/HG, dar?

slave2free: Ralst: Myka could "educate" her

darandkerry_1: Tempted, but not quite ready

fsc_ralst: @s2f about so many things

the_dhamphir: *G*

slave2free: Exactly

fsc_ralst: I’m currently in a lure-out-darandkerry’s-muse program. I shall put W13 on the list

the_dhamphir: @dar, just glad you’re writing again. *G*

slave2free: Dar: Resistance is futile – write

darandkerry_1: Let’s just say I’m playing again.

slave2free: dh: agreed. Any fandom, happy to read it.

the_dhamphir: also hoping to see something new from saz sometime. *G*

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