Revive a Fandom

Passion & Perfection is organising a fandom revival in time for the International Day of Femslash.

The idea behind the challenge is to resurrect neglected fandoms. No ouija boards or candles needed, just three or more people who still love a fandom, despite it having gone quiet, and want to produce something for IDF.

By joining the revival you promise to produce a minimum of two pieces of femslash (story, graphic, video or manifesto) for the fandom in question – there is no maximum number – all of which then need to be submitted for the Passion & Perfection IDF update. On the day – 20th July – you can also start posting your pieces to all the relevant communities, archives etc. that you can think of and hopefully spark off an avalanche of femslash for your particular fandom.

Murder in Suburbia ralst
Women’s Murder Club demeter94
Sarah Connor Chronicles soulja_of_love olli
Birds of Prey soulja_of_love geekgrrllurking
Nikki & Nora Docwho2100
The West Wing

If you wish to nominate another fandom or sign-up to the Revival please e-mail the details to:

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