Lost Girl

geekgrrllurking: speaking of fetching evil ones, who else is in love with Tamsin?

the_dhamphir: THAT one is TROUBLE!!

the_dhamphir: lol

fsc_ralst: But cute

geekgrrllurking: big TROUBLE and I cant wait

the_dhamphir: Gotta say i like her better now thann when she was on Bird of PRey!

Cherokee62: lol

the_dhamphir: she’s gotten better with some age

the_dhamphir: *G*

geekgrrllurking: yes the character was annoying on BoP, I sat there the first episode this season and went where the hell have I seen her before

geekgrrllurking: thank god for google

fsc_ralst: Also, she was a teenager on BoP, and they’re never as interesting

the_dhamphir: Rachel Skaarsten, right?

geekgrrllurking: yes, also from toronto I believe

the_dhamphir: or something like that

fsc_ralst: That reminds me, where is LG meant to be set?

the_dhamphir: she quit acting for a few years to go to college

geekgrrllurking: I really need to find out shooting locations and go be a good stalker

Cherokee62: yeah  one ‘a’

geekgrrllurking: I don’t think they’ve ever said for sure, but the skyline you can tell is Toronto

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I assumed Canada, but then Lauren said she went to Yale, and that’s US, isn’t it?

the_dhamphir: ralst, do you want us panelists in red, like other times?

the_dhamphir: yes, Yale is US

Cherokee62: yeah Yale is US

fsc_ralst: I guess so… the red isn’t very fetching, but it is see-able

geekgrrllurking: yes Yale is in the US but Canadians can still go there as foreign students I believe

the_dhamphir: Correct

geekgrrllurking: I think the show is leaving it vague though, so it can be anywhere USA

the_dhamphir: I don’t think they’ve ever indicated where it was set, US or Canada

Cherokee62: I always assumed it was US, mainly cus I wouldn’t recognize Canada

fsc_ralst: Okay, so I’m gonna go with Toronto, as I’ve been there on holiday and know where it is

Cherokee62: no offense

fsc_ralst: Scratch that, I’ve been to Vancouver… doh!

geekgrrllurking: no offense dear, a lot of folks might recognize the CN Tower which is prominent on the skyline

the_dhamphir: I recognize the tower because of watching Flashpoint

Cherokee62: obly been there once and I think I was 6 so….

geekgrrllurking: you could see it clearly this last episode when the morrigan was sun bathing on the rooftop

geekgrrllurking: I was trying to figure out if she was on the east side or west side of the city

fsc_ralst: It makes a nice change to have a show set in Canada, too. At least for this non-Canadian

geekgrrllurking: we’re like US light, lol

Cherokee62: lol

geekgrrllurking: Flashpoint was good too, but I found it a little jarring with all the guns

geekgrrllurking: then again they were a swat team, so you know, lol

Cherokee62: well they were a swat team…

Cherokee62: lol

fsc_ralst: Was Flashpoint the one with Zoie Palmer?

geekgrrllurking: no, I don’t think so

geekgrrllurking: although Jules was pretty cute

the_dhamphir: no

Cherokee62: i think I would ave notice Zoie

the_dhamphir: the Guard had Zoie Palmer

fsc_ralst: I’m obviously thinking of something else… police and boats or something like that

Cherokee62: dont know The Guard

geekgrrllurking: actually there was an episode of Murdoch Mysteries where Zoie played a cross dressing woman trying to go into private mens clubs

the_dhamphir: The Guard was a Canadian Coast Guard show *G*

fsc_ralst: Hmm, and now I want to watch Murdoch Mysteries

Cherokee62:   yes  that sounds fun

geekgrrllurking: sadly only one episode, but my little femslash brain starting going hmmm

the_dhamphir: Teryl Rothery also happened to be on that as a nudist as well 

Cherokee62: 2 good reasons then

fsc_ralst: Time travel stories!

the_dhamphir: hello

fsc_ralst: Hey mondo

Mondoshawan555: hey

Mondoshawan555: not many people, huh

Cherokee62: i

Cherokee62: Hi

fsc_ralst: Not yet

the_dhamphir: they’ll wander in, they always do

geekgrrllurking: this is my first mini con, how often do you run them ralst?

fsc_ralst: people seem to take the fashionably late principle very seriously with these mini-cons

fsc_ralst: This is only our second, but we were aiming for one every couple of months – suggestions for the next one are very welcome

Cherokee62: This is my first time attending one…is it the same subject every time or you rotate?

geekgrrllurking: what was the topic of the first one?

fsc_ralst: Warehouse 13 … different fandom each time

Cherokee62: oh man I love WH13.  Dang

geekgrrllurking: Once Upon a Time is hot right now

fsc_ralst: Yeah, OUaT was the one we were hoping to do before Christmas, but schedules got in the way, so hopefully we can do one soon

fsc_ralst: I love W13 too… which may or may not have factored into us choosing it first

Cherokee62: well if you do it again…call me!!

geekgrrllurking: Lol, always a good plan when you run these things

Cherokee62: brb gotta get some hot tea or juice.

fsc_ralst: Will do. Plus it’s bound to have a panel in this year’s FemSlashCon

Cherokee62: cool

fsc_ralst: Yes, running these things does have its perks

the_dhamphir: I just posted a reminder in the comm that the mini con has started

Mondoshawan555: ralst, when I clicked the link in your post it told me the room isn’t open even though it was

fsc_ralst: Cheers

fsc_ralst: Hmm, I think we had that problem last time, too, but I can’t remember how we solved it.

geekgrrllurking: Ruh-roh

fsc_ralst: Anyways, am I right in assuming that all or most of you are Bo/Lauren shippers?

the_dhamphir: I definitely am!

the_dhamphir: But I fear that since they’ve given us Bo/Lauren off the bat this season, that we’re in for a REALLY bumpy ride

fsc_ralst: Definitely

fsc_ralst: Still, I’m hoping for a bumpy ride that finishes with a doccubus ending

the_dhamphir: I can deal with bumpy, i just hope they don’t cockblock them in the end

the_dhamphir: agreed

geekgrrllurking: the question really is can a succubus be truly monogomous, even if she wants to be

Mondoshawan555: I’m for Bo/Lauren but I don’t mind Bo and Tamsin having something between them

fsc_ralst: That might depend on how they use the term monogomous

the_dhamphir: exactly

the_dhamphir: monogomous emotionally?

geekgrrllurking: yeah, bo/tamsin is tempting me too

the_dhamphir: defnitely

the_dhamphir: but what about if she get severely hurt?

fsc_ralst: Yeah, I mean sex for healing or whaatever, with no emotions involved, is one thing, but sneaking around with wolfman or someone else is different

geekgrrllurking: true monogomous emotionally would make sense

the_dhamphir: Lauren can’t give her enough chi to heal her

the_dhamphir: and tamsin is bisexual in canon

fsc_ralst: and in the past Lauren has acknowledged that, so as a doctor, I think she’d understand… so long as it wasn’t Dyson

fsc_ralst: Yeah, Bo/Tamsin is tempting

geekgrrllurking: if Lauren is on board with Bo having healing sex with someone, then it seems fine in my mind

the_dhamphir: i agree

the_dhamphir: there’s a lot of tension between bo and tamsin

the_dhamphir: but i’ve never been able to get into hate!sex

fsc_ralst: I see Bo being the one to mind, because she’d still feel like she’s cheating

geekgrrllurking: and if Bo is going to the dark side, then it might be good for her to have a dark fae ally

the_dhamphir: yeah, i can too, ralst

fsc_ralst: The last episode proved that there’s a non-hate option for Bo and Tamsin, but I imagine it’s angst-ridden

the_dhamphir: i’d like to know more about the valkyrie

fsc_ralst: It would be interesting to see a good Dark Fae person – goodish

geekgrrllurking: there are spoilers that hint that we may get to see the dark fae elders this season

the_dhamphir: and why Tamsin said that when she cares about some she has to send them away

fsc_ralst: Yeah, they sound interesting

fsc_ralst: Maybe love is death to a Valkyrie? that would be the ultimate angst

geekgrrllurking: Valkyrie sound cool, like the Amazons

the_dhamphir: Does anyone else not like what they did with the Amazons?

the_dhamphir: Making them man-haters

geekgrrllurking: sorry I was thinking Xena amazons, not Lost Girl amazons

avidbard2525: the amazon thing was whack and insulting. like they couldnt tell she was a he iit is insulting

fsc_ralst: I think we got to see the corrupted by the warden Amazons, but from how Lauren described them they’re not usually like that. So maybe we’ll get a second chance to meet the real them?

avidbard2525: ah hopefully

the_dhamphir: to be fair about that, he was a fae Lidirc

the_dhamphir: Lidirc can fool anyone

avidbard2525: and well um i did actually think the warden was hot….in a mommie dearest way…until they said he was a male whore LOL

fsc_ralst: And he looked like a she with bad makeup

the_dhamphir: If they can impregnant someone without their knowledge they can certainly fool someone about their appearance

avidbard2525: yes!

fsc_ralst: Yeah, and he was half-Amazon too

avidbard2525: yeah the whole impprego thing was gross…..kind of like some of the kokopeli myths

fsc_ralst: but I did like Bo’s ‘ew’ at the magic sperm idea

avidbard2525: lol

geekgrrllurking: I sort of got stuck on the Bo scrubbing the floor and have blocked out most of the rest of the ew-ness of the ep. Oh that and the big kiss. Take that wolfboy, ha!

the_dhamphir: LMAO

avidbard2525: yep tru dat

the_dhamphir: I actually got a little irked at Kenzi in that ep

fsc_ralst: lol – in fairness though, wolfboy took it with dignity, which is a nice change for him

the_dhamphir: she was all team Dyson

geekgrrllurking: yes but she made it up with the kick ass stick action with Lauren this week

the_dhamphir: Yes, he was

the_dhamphir: but Kenzi wasn’t

fsc_ralst: She’s always been team Dyson, but I’m very glad they addressed it in the last episode, because it was getting old

the_dhamphir: exactly

the_dhamphir: she was going overboard with it

fsc_ralst: It was jealousy, plain and simple

geekgrrllurking: Am I the only one who kind of ships Kenzi/Bo?

fsc_ralst: I’d actually like to see more Lauren/Kenzi – not in a romantic way

avidbard2525: no i remember times when k was anti wolfboy

the_dhamphir: I can’t ship them…. their like sisters

the_dhamphir: they’re

fsc_ralst: I’m all about Lauren, sorry, but I can see why people would like Bo/Kenzi

avidbard2525: true too sistery but……then again….

the_dhamphir: which is why I was SO surprised as the liplock Kenzip planted on her in the prison… lol

the_dhamphir: i found it funny rather than sexy

geekgrrllurking: Lol! Kenzi was so over the top, it was great

fsc_ralst: Yeah, before the idea of kissing Bo had given her the ‘just ate a worm’ face, but she was all for it in the prison

avidbard2525: that was pretty awesome

the_dhamphir: but it done out of necessity

fsc_ralst: Yeah, she was acting a part

the_dhamphir: I do see why some people ship them

the_dhamphir: but I can’t

fsc_ralst: I kinda like Kenzi with Hale

the_dhamphir: Yes!

the_dhamphir: I do too

avidbard2525: yep

geekgrrllurking: Kenzi with vex was interesting as well

fsc_ralst: It would be interesting to see now he’s the Ash too, as he’s really starting to step up

fsc_ralst: Vex and Kenzi were very funny, but Vex was pretty funny with everybody, so I’m gonna miss him

the_dhamphir: She doesn’t kowtow to “The Ash” either

avidbard2525: yeah i really like vex i think he is more nuetral than purely evil and v/k would be interesting

the_dhamphir: she grew on vex

fsc_ralst: Vex seemed more interested in the guys though, sexually, but that might just have been his way of messing with them

fsc_ralst: What’s been really weird this season is that, so far, Dyson hasn’t annoyed me.

the_dhamphir: i agree, ralst

avidbard2525: yeah you never know with him but he could be a 3 on the kinsey scale, as Nolan would say

the_dhamphir: so far he’s been pretty cool with the bo’s choice

fsc_ralst: Who’s Nolan?

geekgrrllurking: I loved Dyson in the latest episode

geekgrrllurking: the naughty boy look as he set up the spin the bottle rules, lol

avidbard2525: the writers have annoyed me….he conveniently gets his yayas back just as bo/lauren heat up and “commit”!? lame!

avidbard2525: nolan from revenge

geekgrrllurking: well, bo has to have some speed bumps to navigate, and temptations

fsc_ralst: Yeah, at the end of the last season it looked like he was going to try and push Lauren away – in the guise of a not-in-love-with-Bo friend – but they’ve moved him past that quickly

the_dhamphir: yeah. i rewatched the last eps of last season last night

the_dhamphir: he made a point of saying w the ash dead, it was a good time for lauren to leave

the_dhamphir: since she had her freedom

fsc_ralst: The writers have too much invested in the love triangle to let it fizzle out that easily, but at least they seem to have taken notice and given Lauren equal time

the_dhamphir: of course that was after he’d gotten his love back

avidbard2525: is anyone else tripping on the fact that his new dark partner is sweet littledinah from BoP?!

fsc_ralst: Yeah. Although I can see the option to leave coming up again, especially if Bo and Lauren break up, although not necessarily from Dyson

the_dhamphir: Yeah, we talked about that earlier

fsc_ralst: It makes me want to read a BoP/LG crossover/AU

geekgrrllurking: Tamsin can mess up a lot of things, if she hooked up with Dyson would be hard for bo too I think

geekgrrllurking: I think the character has a lot of potential

fsc_ralst: Yeah, but Bo came to terms with Ciara, so I think there would need to be more to make it a major issue

avidbard2525: im sorry tamsin is just such a weird name i cant get used to it it is like tasmin or tasmanian devil LOL or tamarin

geekgrrllurking: I think Bo’s struggle with good and evil could be played out with Tamsin

the_dhamphir: With regard to comment about the writers having too much investes in the love triangle, ralst… I’m really hoping that they producers and writing are actually paying attention to the polls that they’ve posted on their website.

fsc_ralst: But I agree, she has a lot of potential

fsc_ralst: Tamsin seems like a much more normal name to me that Bo or Kenzi

fsc_ralst: Oh, those polls are always pro-doccubus and pro-Lauren. I love those polls!

geekgrrllurking: really? I’d never heard it before

the_dhamphir: yeah, and by a very very wide margin!

avidbard2525: well kensi is close to the actess name ksenia so there is that

fsc_ralst: Maybe it’s more common over here… never heard of a Kenzi and Bo is pretty much Little Bo Peep

geekgrrllurking: perhaps that’s why they introduced another female love interest in Tamsin, to cater to the fanbase

fsc_ralst: Unless they pull a left turn and have Tamsin be an alternative love interest for Lauren… I like the unexpected

avidbard2525: damn i like that

avidbard2525: two hot blondes dont know if i could survive the sparkage

fsc_ralst: That would definitely put Bo in fighting mood

the_dhamphir: Well, here’s the offical bio of Tamsin from the website:

the_dhamphir: A kick-ass cop with trust issues and a generous anti-authorative streak. She’s bi-sexual, up for anything and running from everything. A warrior (literally; she’s a Valkyrie), Tamsin is a tomboy with great instincts and an infectious lust for life – though she shuts down when questioned about her dark past. A sexy, beer drinking, bar brawling, fiercely loyal anti-hero.

geekgrrllurking: or a threesome *evil grin*


avidbard2525: wink

fsc_ralst: Lovin’ the bio

Cherokee62: I like how you think Geek

geekgrrllurking: lol

geekgrrllurking: well it would solve problems, wouldn’t it? lol

Cherokee62: you gets no complaints from me. lol

fsc_ralst: So, how has the beginning of this season compared to the beginning of season two?

the_dhamphir: Well, this season has really delivered on what the fan want, I think

geekgrrllurking: well happy bo is a good thing, vs eating ice cream moaning about dyson bo

avidbard2525: way sexier….especially if you accidentally watched the second ep first. it was cool just a little confusing

the_dhamphir: LOL

the_dhamphir: beginning of ep 2 was hot!

the_dhamphir: lol

fsc_ralst: Very.. and funny

the_dhamphir: yup


avidbard2525: right!?

fsc_ralst: This season also has the dark-Bo and Tamsin threads, which sound promising

the_dhamphir: Lauren wasn’t in that ep for long, but boy she made an impact in that opening scene *G*

avidbard2525: *swoon*

fsc_ralst: Yeah, if we have to have a Lauren-lite episode, that’s the way to do it

the_dhamphir: *fans self*

geekgrrllurking: she wasn’t the only one looking for a cool drink after that scene, lol

the_dhamphir: i’m tell ya!

the_dhamphir: whew

fsc_ralst: I also loved Bo’s threat to Vex if he disturbed her girlfriend

avidbard2525: ROFL

the_dhamphir: LMAO

avidbard2525: love how territorial Bo is very sexy

the_dhamphir: oh yeah

fsc_ralst: Absolutely

geekgrrllurking: yes, territorial bo is definitely sexy

the_dhamphir: Zoie and Anna play sexy together very well

geekgrrllurking: and that she called out Kenzi for being a jerk to Lauren, nicely done

fsc_ralst: That’s another reason Tamsin going after Lauren would be interesting

the_dhamphir: yep

the_dhamphir: oh my

the_dhamphir: I see sparks flying over that

fsc_ralst: Definitely

avidbard2525: claws coming out mroewr

fsc_ralst: Everyone was calling out Kenzi about her treatment of Lauren during the first and third episode… so good

the_dhamphir: yeah, Kenzi had gone too far

avidbard2525: yeah it’s a ltiile weird how bitchy Kensi is being what gives she has always been my fave for her witty reparte

geekgrrllurking: Kenzi is jealous of losing her bestie

fsc_ralst: Kenzi’s always been bitchy where Lauren is concerned. Jealous of the only other human female in Bo’s life

the_dhamphir: that still doesn’t quite make sense to me

avidbard2525: yeah that makes sense

the_dhamphir: she wasn’t like that with wolfboy

the_dhamphir: when bo committed to him

fsc_ralst: A male, fae lover doesn’t threaten her special place in Bo’s life, but a human female is a little too close for her comfort

avidbard2525: i think first season she was willing to support either pairing she just wanted bo to choose but i think she has flip flopped a lot

the_dhamphir: seemed that way to me too

avidbard2525: i agree with ralst though she sees bo as maybe more deeply connected to lauren like she would get lost in her and kensi would lose out a litle but dyson is ya know just a “boyfriend” thing not a soulmate

geekgrrllurking: having a best friend and a boyfriend is more normal, where as with Lauren Bo has both and that could make Kenzi more insecure

avidbard2525: yep agreed

the_dhamphir: i suppose… but then i just don’t have the patience for that kind of behavior.

avidbard2525: LOL

the_dhamphir: which is why i was glad to bo call her on it

fsc_ralst: One thing, now we have Bo and Lauren together, does that make fanfic writing/inspiration more difficult? conversely, is video making easier?

geekgrrllurking: yes, Bo needed to be the one to say something to her, and I’m glad she did and that Kenzi seems to have listened

the_dhamphir: i don’t do vidding, but i can only imagine it would be a WHOLE lot easier now. *G*

fsc_ralst: yeah, I would have thought so too, but I haven’t seen an increase – although it might be too soon

geekgrrllurking: half the fun of fanfic is fixing the rl storyline, so when the couple is together in the maintext, its a different challenge

the_dhamphir: you have to rmemeber, ralst, only 1 episode has been seen in the US at this point

geekgrrllurking: You may see an increase of Tamsin/Bo fic though

fsc_ralst: Oh, I thought you were on 3

the_dhamphir: only in canada

geekgrrllurking: *kicks plot bunny off ankle*

the_dhamphir: correction, ep 2 has shown in the us

fsc_ralst: I think ep 3 might see a Bo/Tamsin surge

geekgrrllurking: one can only hope, lol

the_dhamphir: lol

the_dhamphir: seeing Lauren a little territorial was fun too

the_dhamphir: *G*

the_dhamphir: she wasn’t too happy about that spin the bottle game!

geekgrrllurking: lol

geekgrrllurking: definitely

geekgrrllurking: and just what happened when she got that sample? lol

the_dhamphir: THAT’s what I want to know

fsc_ralst: Oh, I’d have loved to read the sample taking scene

  *** deathmolisher has joined the room ***

the_dhamphir: there are some wonderful possiblities with that scene

geekgrrllurking: I do love the doc’s brown leather jacket *sigh*

the_dhamphir: too bad the sleeve got torn

fsc_ralst: and the little tear

geekgrrllurking: I’m sure Bo can make it up to her *g*

the_dhamphir: but was Bo the one to tear it?

fsc_ralst: lol oh yes

the_dhamphir: or was it Tamsin?

geekgrrllurking: Lol, good point

the_dhamphir: or both of them?!


fsc_ralst: Someone – looks pointedly – needs to write the scene so we can find out

the_dhamphir: Don’t look at me!

the_dhamphir: the plot bunny was humping geek’s leg

fsc_ralst: Too late!

geekgrrllurking: I think she’s lookin at you *g*

fsc_ralst: I’m looking at both of you

geekgrrllurking: LOL

geekgrrllurking: I’ll take Tamsin, if you want the doc

the_dhamphir: I’ve got a redhead yammering at me

fsc_ralst: Redhead?

the_dhamphir: blame geek

the_dhamphir: it’s her fault

geekgrrllurking: always

the_dhamphir: Scully is demanding my attention right now

the_dhamphir: she’s been neglected for too long

geekgrrllurking: Hmm, maybe a valentines day challenge fic, with Bo lauren and Tamsin. Playing pool.

the_dhamphir: see? the bunny’s got a hold of geek

geekgrrllurking: apologizing for ripping Lauren’s jacket

geekgrrllurking: offering to rip other things off instead this time…

geekgrrllurking: hmm

Cherokee62: *my attention suddenly pulled back*

Cherokee62: I heard leather…ripping…bo/lauren

Cherokee62: woke me from my haze

geekgrrllurking: see you could write the missing scene too!

the_dhamphir: just wave a piece of leather in front Cherokee

Cherokee62: if I had until Valentine’s day…maybe

Cherokee62: lol

Cherokee62: hey

geekgrrllurking: see there you go, challenge gauntlet thrown

the_dhamphir: valentine’s day leather fic from cherokee… *G*

Cherokee62: huh?

the_dhamphir: bo/lauren

Cherokee62: what did I just agree to?

geekgrrllurking: make a note

geekgrrllurking: leather

geekgrrllurking: and ripping

the_dhamphir: bo and lauren

Cherokee62: bo/lauren…leather…ripping…

geekgrrllurking: we could toss in black lace for sport? thoughts?

Cherokee62: please…as if I wouldn’t on auto pilot

the_dhamphir: Cherokee?

the_dhamphir: watch Lost Girl Monday night

Cherokee62: hmmm?

Cherokee62: I missed this pass monday but I have it on dvr

the_dhamphir: if nothing else, watch the first 3 minutes of that episode!

Cherokee62: ok

geekgrrllurking: you’ll need a drink

Cherokee62: will you remind me of what I just let myself be talked into during my drugged haze D?

the_dhamphir: then watch monday’s episode and you’ll know what we’re talking about — the torn leather jacket

Cherokee62: gotcha

the_dhamphir: sure thing

geekgrrllurking: LOL, I forgot you’re sick C, poor thing

Cherokee62: yeah right…

Cherokee62: lol

the_dhamphir: LEATHER

geekgrrllurking: Maybe I could have Tamsin show Lauren a few pool moves, bent over the table, snuggled close, Bo all territorial watching it all happen…

Cherokee62: and I assume the rating will be of my choice….  

fsc_ralst: YES!

geekgrrllurking: damn it Ralst, you do this all the time to me with the smexy plot bunnies

the_dhamphir: or have BO show up late and suddenly walk in and see Tamsin all snugged up and showing Lauren pool moved… LOL

fsc_ralst: I’ve found my gift in life then

geekgrrllurking: wench!

the_dhamphir: LMAO

fsc_ralst: lol

Cherokee62: I’m loving all of these ideas…oh the fun that could be had on that pool table

the_dhamphir: it’s only fair geek… since you’re responsible for the one i’m wrestling with right now

fsc_ralst: the pool table of lust

geekgrrllurking: hm, good point. But it’s better when you get the bunny instead of me D

Cherokee62: lol  mmhmm

geekgrrllurking: Lol, PToL

fsc_ralst: There are enough plot bunnies for all

Cherokee62: D has work to do…lots and lots of work…

the_dhamphir: pbbbbt

Cherokee62: lmso

the_dhamphir: *sigh*

Cherokee62: lol

the_dhamphir: i’ve prompts to fill… then to get back to my nano novel

Cherokee62: i’m still trying to do ralst’s epic thingy…lol

the_dhamphir: and i’m only on the first prompt!

fsc_ralst: How about a Valentine’s Day Challenge fic? Surely you can all fit one of those in?

Cherokee62: i think I just agreed to one with geek

fsc_ralst: the epic thingy is not to be ignored *g*

Cherokee62: no no not ignoring…it just hates me right now

geekgrrllurking: Yes, that Epic thingy is tormenting me as well. I think I’m switching to a OUaT fic, with Evil Snow White

fsc_ralst: I haven’t even started mine yet

Cherokee62: I have 5k words…

fsc_ralst: A very good start

Cherokee62: and I’ll prob still have 5 k words march 1st.  lol

fsc_ralst: Still gives you another month *g*

Cherokee62: I should have talked D into it…

Cherokee62: she helped me with Nano

the_dhamphir: *ducks and hides under bed*

geekgrrllurking: D hasn’t signed up?

fsc_ralst: Not too late

geekgrrllurking: *looks at twin*

Cherokee62: yeah I do best when the deadline is running out.  *g*

Cherokee62: Nope D is just ignoring me

geekgrrllurking: *shines flashlight under bed* I see you under there

Cherokee62: Though she could fill 3 of my request and do it in no time flat

the_dhamphir: *blink blink*

fsc_ralst: lol

geekgrrllurking: yes you. Sign up and finish up that WitK for Epic thingy

Cherokee62: Heck Nano was 50 k this is ONLY 30…piece o’cake

fsc_ralst: Yes, D, epic thingy

geekgrrllurking: actually you can choose different levels

Cherokee62: yeah WitK!

Cherokee62: More Dana and Jess is what the epic thingy needs

the_dhamphir: *whimpers*

fsc_ralst: You can do as little as 10,000

geekgrrllurking: Listen to C, she knows. She’s on the good drugs today.

the_dhamphir: you’re gonna scare my muse away

Cherokee62: that’s right

Cherokee62: nah…your muse loves me

Cherokee62: we have an understanding

the_dhamphir: I’ve barely gotten her to come out of hiding as it is

fsc_ralst: just bribe the muse with Pool table of lust images

Cherokee62: *nods*

the_dhamphir: it took months of prep to get her to work on the nano story

geekgrrllurking: mmmmm…PToL

the_dhamphir: so it wasn’t really just a matter of 30 days

fsc_ralst: So she’s limbered up now…. PToL!

Cherokee62: epic thingy is months

Cherokee62: PTol!!!

Cherokee62: epic thingy is due in April…lots of time


the_dhamphir: I put the prompt meme up 3 weeks ago… it’s taken me that long to write 4200 words

fsc_ralst: 10 whole weeks

Cherokee62: maybe even use that story…flesh it out.

the_dhamphir: and that’s with already knowing what i wanted to write

Cherokee62: ther’s a 10k level right?

fsc_ralst: Yes

the_dhamphir: the story IS fleshed out

Cherokee62: so 6800k to go…heck almost there

geekgrrllurking: hey ladies, Mrs Geek just got home and I must go get ready for tonight. This has been fun! Thanks for having me along on the panel today. The PToL alone was worth the price of admission!

the_dhamphir: lol

geekgrrllurking: Just go ahead and sign D up for the Epic thingy, she’ll be fine, lol

the_dhamphir: are you gonna stop by tomorrow?


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