Creating Graphics

quietheartedfsc: Let’s find out how many names are actually attached to people.

quietheartedfsc: who’s here for graphics?

shaych03: i’m here

grumpybear1031: i’m here

quietheartedfsc: and I’m here.

fsc_ralst: Me – until I get bumped

the_dhamphir: i’m also here

Kayryn: And I am, too

quietheartedfsc: so with a small group like this let’s dispense with raising hands and just have a chat about creating graphics.

quietheartedfsc: grumpy, you want to tell us a bit about how you make the average graphic

je-taime618: me too

quietheartedfsc: which software do you use

fsc_ralst: Okay, with so many different sized monitors etc. these days, how do you decide on the size of graphic/wallpaper to create? Do you just go with fitting your desktop?

grumpybear1031: lately I’ve been working large so it’s usually not too much of an issue.  I figure design for the biggest and they can be resized for any desktop

quietheartedfsc: agreed.

Kayryn: pretty much

grumpybear1031: it’ll also sometimes depend on the source materials though

Kayryn: sometimes for me it depends on the quality of the available pictures

fsc_ralst: Makes sense. I’ve seen some lovely wallpapers but they’ve ended up marooned in the middle of my screen

Kayryn: right

shaych03: i guess i’m just selfish – i design to fit my current monitor size

quietheartedfsc: There’s also something new with the advent of tablets and phones. That lets you create and design sites and graphics that automatically resize according to screen size.

grumpybear1031: icons are easy 100 x100 don’t have to worry about it lol

shaych03: i’d go blind designing that small

quietheartedfsc: cntl + Z

grumpybear1031: yeah and i work at that size not big then shrunk down

quietheartedfsc: makes it huge to look at

Kayryn: I haven’t done icons since I pretty much left LJ

grumpybear1031: Honestly I’ve been on a kick with the funky desktop views lately

grumpybear1031: haven’t been doing too many icons either.  Now and again i get in a modd

grumpybear1031: mood

quietheartedfsc: I tend to create sets with all the most used sizes for each.

shaych03: and your desktops are awesome, gb.  they tell a great story

shaych03: kayryn, i love the stuff you’re doing over at tumblr.

Kayryn: thank you

grumpybear1031: i’ve been in kind of a rut lately with fandom stuff.  started doing stuff like matte paintings. 

Kayryn: I was just about to say that the kinda stuff that I do is usually not the wallpaper kinda thing, so I just make them in one size and be done with it

shaych03: i had started a wallpaper for idf, but i just got distracted – too many other things to do

mandygirl78: now grumpty, are you doing pure graphics, or photo manipulation?

fsc_ralst: tut tut

grumpybear1031: i do a bit of everything though it’s more graphics

fsc_ralst: Do you have go-to places for your images?

mandygirl78: cool.

Kayryn: google, lol

quietheartedfsc: There’s a lot time involved in just one graphic.

grumpybear1031: I tend to cap my own stuff though there are a few sights out there with screencaps available

grumpybear1031: sites

shaych03: i go to grumpy for caps  

grumpybear1031: now stuff like the desktops i do is hours of finding just the right angle and cutting them out

grumpybear1031: i’ve created quite a few pieces from scratch for those too

Kayryn: I find that making graphics is kind of like photography. People often assume you just magic it out of thin air in five minutes

fsc_ralst: Do you have a favourite fandom or character to graphic or does it just depend on what you’re into at tht time?

Kayryn: I have two main fandoms at the moment, Warehouse 13 and OUaT, but I do what inspires

grumpybear1031: i think it depends on what i’m into at the time.  i do love my Myka/HG though

quietheartedfsc: It depends on what Ralst and Doc want next for me.

shaych03: having been an earwitness to how long it takes gb to put together some of her amazing pieces, i can say for certain that i know it’s not just a “bang, done” thing

grumpybear1031: i’ve been considering some defiance stuff lately had a piece started but somehow lost the folder along with a matte painting I’d been working on for months

Kayryn: do any of you ever get requests that make you just go “really?”

shaych03: yeah.

Kayryn: @grumpy – so sorry to hear that

grumpybear1031: no, i don’t get many requests, though I did recently do a final fantasy LJ theme for someone

grumpybear1031: thanks kayryn I was a bit peeved

shaych03: a bit?  i think you ranted for half an hour straight

fsc_ralst: Orange is the new Black, Q

grumpybear1031: love love love that show

Kayryn: I don’t get requests that often, but when I do, they’re usually always a het pairing (which is fine), but usually also of a fandom I’ve never even posted about

quietheartedfsc: Almost done watching the first season, ralst. Which pairing? McAndrews, McBond or McWitham?

grumpybear1031: yeah, that happens to me too I’m like okay but you better tell me exactly what you want

shaych03: i had one recently for stahma/kenya but i didn’t want to do anything about it until i saw how that was going to play out on the show

the_dhamphir: OitNB was better than I expected

fsc_ralst: Bomb Girls? McWitham

quietheartedfsc: Oooo, me too. THat’ll be an easy one to concept.

fsc_ralst: Will you be doing any Orange graphics, gb?

mandygirl78: with video/dvd capturing, how much does video quality determine how to process the graphics. Let’s say film quality vs video quality and analog recorded quality vs digital recorded.

grumpybear1031: if I can get caps i likely would

Kayryn: I had someone once requesting me Emily/Hotch and I worked on it for maybe three hours before I figured why I just couldn’t get it right. I changed Hotch into JJ and that was that. 😛

mandygirl78: i had a request for grumpy 2 years back, but she told me she couldn’t do it…

grumpybear1031: lol@ kayryn

shaych03: lol

quietheartedfsc: mandy, unless it’s just destroyed, with the right software, time, patience and skill, you can clean up a lot of resolution problems.

fsc_ralst: i shall hunt for caps

grumpybear1031: yeah not having good caps makes it tough

mandygirl78: QH – But from what my brother does, he does a lot of video capturing, have a good cap can make a HUGE difference.

grumpybear1031: but then too you might be able to clean it up but it might not be great for a wallpaper.  I’ve cleaned up a good number of N&N caps but they’re only really good for icons or banners

mandygirl78: i mean he captures a lot from VHS

quietheartedfsc: Yes, good caps make things a lot easier as well as saving mass amounts on time. That said, I’ve never not tweaked one in some fashion.

grumpybear1031: oh me too I modify everything for example one icon can have forty or more layers

shaych03: gb: layer queen?

fsc_ralst: tumblr seems away with animated graphics right now. Do you dabble?

grumpybear1031: i have

grumpybear1031: i’m not a big tumblr fan though

Kayryn: I’ve tried a bit, but for some reason I find making gifs with PS difficult… So I use another program

mandygirl78: i’m not a big tumblr fan myself.

the_dhamphir: you and me both gb

quietheartedfsc: My bones are too old for tumbling.

quietheartedfsc: I might break something

grumpybear1031: it’s mainly why I haven’t been posting graphic lately no one’s on LJ so why bother

shaych03: i like tumblr mostly for the crafts blogs.  i get inspiration from them.

Kayryn: I’m just not that familiar with making gifs as I am with manips, I don’t get new ideas for them that much

the_dhamphir: ahem… there are TOO some us still on LJ, gb… lol

grumpybear1031: and for me it doesn’t seem like as much of a challenge oh let’s take some stock film make it icon sized and there ya go

shaych03: there are some creative gif makers – i’ve seen some from the warehouse fandom that are nifty

grumpybear1031: or whatever sized mostly if anything it’s some lighting changes and that’s it if anything on a gif  or maybe some text

mandygirl78: tumblr’s terrible with their tagging.

Kayryn: I need to find a “how to” vif on YT for that

Kayryn: *vid

shaych03: there’s a lot of source issues, too – people not crediting creators

shaych03: just reposting

Kayryn: Do NOT get me started on that LOL

mandygirl78: I’m more on deviantArt anyhow

grumpybear1031: not that it doesn’t take time…just that there’s not much “art” to it for me

grumpybear1031: for the most part anyway, there are exceptions

shaych03: kayryn: i’m not as active, so i don’t see it happen, but i hear about it via race

grumpybear1031: yeah I get a bit irritated with that too.  I found one of my hg/myka walls has been made into a firefox theme with no credit

Kayryn: @shaych – I had a bad week a while back. Just inside one week I had four different cases of someone reposting my stuff.

grumpybear1031: I think we’ve all dealt with that I did a big post on my LJ about it once

shaych03: there’s someone at DA who tried to take credit for my work, for Pink Rabbit’s work, and i think, for something of GB’s – they’re gone, now, but it was headachy

Kayryn: someone told me to take it as a compliment…

shaych03: is that same someone one of those who thinks graphics is “easy”

Kayryn: lol, no

quietheartedfsc: translation: stealing graphics is easy

grumpybear1031: yup shay gets mad when I forget to sign my stuff

mandygirl78: shay – it’s easier to spot people stealing, and others on DA would point that out, unlike tumblr…

Kayryn: I’ve gotten pretty good at that, rarely ever forget to sign them anymore

grumpybear1031: so on the desktop views I try to sneak it in where no one notices.  In a note or a sheet of random paper

shaych03: that’s because it’s your stuff, gb and you deserve the credit for awesomeness

fsc_ralst: where do you all sign?

shaych03: lower corner, almost always.  one side or the other.

grumpybear1031: I try to keep it somewhere not too noticeable never the same place twice usually and it’s only my initials

Kayryn: mostly lower right corner

grumpybear1031: I figure if I move it around but keep it small it’s harder to cut it off.  I’ve seen a lot of stuff where people just crop the bottom off

Kayryn: I used to do just “K” with a bit of a different font, but now that I’m on tumblr, it’s kind of an unspoken rule you sign your whole ‘name’ and add tumblr at the end

Kayryn: @grumpy, I’ve seen the cropping too, and I’ve even seen cases where the name was just blacked out

grumpybear1031: yeah that too or a crappy attempt with the smudge brush

Kayryn: absedarian sometimes signs her name somewhere in the middle of the graphic… and it’s gotten covered and reposted

shaych03: then there’s the ones who stick your art up with their story saying, “i loved this piece, i don’t know who did it, but it fits my story, so here’s my cover.”

quietheartedfsc: So how do you address those issues?

Kayryn: I’ve had one of those and they didn’t even tell me

fsc_ralst: attack bees!

Kayryn: I found out when someone reblogged the fic with my manip attached

Kayryn: I’m still pissed off

shaych03: i asked them take it down, they did, after telling me it was a compliment

Kayryn: In my case I wrote to the fic writer, very polite and all… and got an answer that cos it was for a ‘submission’ fic, she couldn’t reblog my pic and could only repost it

Kayryn: she didn’t take it down, no credit, no nothing.

Kayryn: she’s hugely popular and I guess she feels she can do that

Kayryn: but there’s a line, though, isn’t there… if they ask you “I really love that graphic and could I please use is as a cover for my fic” you’d most likely say you would, right?

shaych03: so she couldn’t give credit or ASK, FFS?

Kayryn: nope

Kayryn: and it’s still up

Kayryn: with over 1400 notes on tumblr

shaych03: see, this is stuff i don’t see because i don’t follow a load of tumblr stuff.  i only see when people i follow repost about it

quietheartedfsc: plus one that says she’s a graphics napper?

Kayryn: while my original post has about 380

Kayryn: yeah

shaych03: i kind of dislike tumblr because you can “like” something to death, but actually interacting with the poster is like trying to decipher heiroglyphs – unless you speak icon, it’s crazy difficult to figure out.

fsc_ralst: yeah

shaych03: maybe i’m just old.

quietheartedfsc: nah, it’s the software

Kayryn: @shay, ITA

fsc_ralst: tumblr is pretty but it’s also pretty anonymous in a way

quietheartedfsc: I can program for computer, but have to have my niece set up my not-so-smart phone.

Kayryn: it’s a great way to share stuff like graphics, but it’s not a place where you can discuss stuff like you can on LJ ie

Kayryn: thanks everyone!


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