Creating Video

fsc_ralst: Hello and welcome to our first room three panel of this year’s FemSlash: Creating Video

fsc_ralst: Would the panelists please ensure their text is set to red and introduce themselves.

cabenson: Hi. I’m CB

cabenson: I pretend I know what I’m talking about when it comes to mak’ing videos

fsc_ralst: I’m not sure if readthesubtext is here yet, so let’s get the ball rolling and she can jump right in when she arrives… any questions?

fsc_ralst: Doc, your question?

docwho2100: Hello and jumping into video creation, what file format would you say is the best?

cabenson: Doc, I have really only dabbled with .wmv and that works very well with my editing program, Corel. I am learning Final Cut for work, so I may have a different opinion in a few months

docwho2100: awesome, thank you

fsc_ralst: geek?

geekgrrllurking: Hello ladies, glad to be here today, and thanks for putting this all together. My question would be what programs do you like to use, which you’ve answered slightly already. Are some better than others.

cabenson: I am a huge fan of Corel- very user friendly and has a low learning curve. It does lack in some transitions tho. As I mentioned I am also just getting into FinalCut Pro and I already like what I have seen.

cabenson: FYI- I cannot type when I am sober…so excuse my typos

geekgrrllurking: lol, no prob

fsc_ralst: What about Movie Maker, is that useless or a good learner’s tool?

cabenson: It is an excellent learning tool. I made my first vid on using that program. Get an idea of what you want by using something already on your computer then you can expand on your needs with a more upscale software

fsc_ralst: That’s a relief, it’s the only one I can make work

fsc_ralst: PersicaC, your question?

persicaC: yeah, I’m very new to all of this so forgive me of my newb-ness. But are we going to see a demonstration tutorial with Paltalk’s video?

cabenson: Sorry, I don’t have a tutorial prepared. I strongly suggest searching on Youtube for tutorials in whatever program you are using. I have hit these up on more than one occasion.

fsc_ralst: No worries, and once a question’s been answered, feel free to jump in with comments etc.

cabenson: iff you can’t find what you need, feel free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can

fsc_ralst: Video tutorials, for graphics and videos, is something we’re looking into for future events, but we haven’t had much success so far… so stay tuned

mandygirl78: Final Cut Pro 7, not X

persicaC: got it, thanks for answering!

fsc_ralst: Artemis?

ArtemisFire: Very newbish question, but do these software programs provide a method to capture the video segments from a solid format (dvds), or to you obtain the video pieces via other means?

cabenson: I have “aquired” my media through various sites, but I have also used a dvd ripper from ImToo to get DVD media. I don’t think you can rip vid from editing software

fsc_ralst: There are some good and free DVD ripping programs out there

ArtemisFire: Okay. Thank you.

cabenson: And I have not yet tried a ripper for BluRay although I am looking into it for my OUAT vids

fsc_ralst: We’ll put together some links to ripping programs and add them to the end of this panel’s transcripts, for anyone interested, as I cannot remember the names off-hand

ArtemisFire: That’d be great.

fsc_ralst: geek, did you have a question? (being booted is messing with my side panels)

geekgrrllurking: do you find yourself inspired by a song and then create a vid or do you have a story in mind and then hunt for music. Perhaps expand on your creative process a little.

cabenson: Usually it is the song. I like to take the lyrics and interpret them in a way that tells a story with the media I choose to use. I get a bit particular in making sure that I don’t interpret too literally because that is something I can’t stand in music vids.

cabenson: It is time consuming, but when I can complete a vid that tells a story while maintaining the canon of the show, I am quite happy with the effort

geekgrrllurking: do you find a song can work for more than one fandom pairing, and are you tempted to use it more than once in that case

mandygirl78: I would think the music sets the tone for the videos.

geekgrrllurking: I agree Mandy, the music is always key in my mind too

cabenson: Oh hell yes. I Did “Song to Sing” for Callica and I find it would work so well with Swan Queen too. And if someone has already made a vid with same pairing and same song, I usually don’t want to step on toes , so I pass

fsc_ralst: Is it easier to create videos for canon pairings?

cabenson: The music is key. And it has to be something I don’t mind hearing 1000 times as I edit

geekgrrllurking: lol, I bet

geekgrrllurking: any songs on your mind lately that you are toying with and what fandoms are you playing in

cabenson: Ralst, I think it is the same. I love making for non-canon to show off subtext, but as a H/N fan, canon is fun to mess with as well

cabenson: I have a couple Swan Queen vids in the planning stage which is fancy talk for “when I have time”. Luckily, I start a staycation today, so they might come out next week.

mandygirl78: Well, I haven’t finished a vid yet, but I like to use the same music for the same era the show is. Like for Bomb Girls, I would want to use 30s and 40s music.

geekgrrllurking: where do you post them?

cabenson: I have to have watched the show before I can vid. I need to know the characters and their stories

cabenson: Mandt, finish that shit up!!!

geekgrrllurking: I’d love to see that Mandy

cabenson: Geek- I post to my YT and usually put them on my tumbr and the old LJ

geekgrrllurking: I’m a big Bomb Girls fan

cabenson: me to!!!!!

fsc_ralst: Doc?

fsc_ralst: Me three!

geekgrrllurking: is tumblr the place you see most vids going to now

cabenson: too even…someone get me a drink so I can type please!

docwho2100: Talking about music, I use SoundCloud a bit, do you have any resources or places to go for music?

mandygirl78: Sorry, but I’m not good at finding the right scenes for the videos. Or is it because I’m too much of an impatient perfectionist… LOL!

cabenson: Geek- yes

cabenson: Doc- I purchase CD’s or MP3s. Old skool style

docwho2100: : )

geekgrrllurking: whats SoundCloud Doc?

docwho2100: – lots of sounds and music – all levels of use

fsc_ralst: CB? Do you have a question for yourself?

mandygirl78: Spotify, since I have a premium account.

cabenson: I have a quesition for the group

fsc_ralst: Get to it

cabenson: What do you like to see in fan vids? I see a lot of clip manipulation to create scenes that never happened. What do you enjoy?

geekgrrllurking: I like just straight footage from the show, no manips. Often there is enough subtext to get what you want through on the video

fsc_ralst: I like when the video emphasizes things you’ve seen on the show, but by editing rather than manipulation

docwho2100: I like the footage, but perhaps rearranged in different sequential order to create a different set of events

geekgrrllurking: yes rearranging sequence is good

cabenson: I am not a fan of inserted pron scenes from other shows meant to be the pairing of choice

docwho2100: and the music is often key for me too, I would like to see the same video set to two different songs and bet I get two different stories : )

mandygirl78: I like it when it goes well with the music.

geekgrrllurking: that pulls me out of the story, I end up going, “Hey, that didn’t happen”

fsc_ralst: I’m thrown out of a video if there’s one long scene that isn’t cut to reflect the music or mood

cabenson: I think it is a bit gratuitous and meant not for telling a story, but for getting clicks

geekgrrllurking: Although with Otalia, you can pull images from Guiding Light, Venice and Grove, so I suppose that works

ArtemisFire: I too am not a big fan of manips. Music is key, but also a unique spin on a certain view is really fun to see.

cabenson: if it is canon, hell yes, add it in there.

fsc_ralst: So would you use other shows the actors have been in? (not together but seperately)

geekgrrllurking: I think it all is source material, as long as it isn’t jarring

cabenson: I did once with SVU and Conviction for an Alex/Olivia vid.

cabenson: It complimented the story I was telling, so I went with it

geekgrrllurking: Lucy Lawless as Xena or from BSG is a bit jarring put together

cabenson: although it was technically the same character

fsc_ralst: I have a fondness for phone call edits, where you see each talking on the phone and it’s edited to form their conversation

fsc_ralst: Yeah, different hair, different century *g*

fsc_ralst: Do you look out for songs with the right pronouns or do you just gloss over the hims and hes?

cabenson: I find that lately, some videos are thrown together to get posted quickly when a new pairing arises. These don’t have a lot of thought put into them

cabenson: I try to go for correct pronouns and if the song is right for the pairing, but sung by a male, I will use it anyway.

cabenson: I try to find songs by female singers, but ultimately, the song is the base for all my vids, so I go with what works

fsc_ralst: It’s the fine line between wanting something NOW and knowing it will be better if you work on it longer, I guess

geekgrrllurking: it could also be the editors talent, or lack there of

fsc_ralst: Pers?

fsc_ralst: Oh, yeah, talent willout

persicaC: what mediums do you guys mainly pull from to make your videos? TV Shows? Movies? Even texts from books combined with fan art?

cabenson: I use tv shows primarily but I have this song I always wanted to use for a Terminator video

mandygirl78: DVDs are the best

fsc_ralst: Most femslash seems to be TV-based, so the majority I’ve seen have followed that trend

cabenson: Yes, I need to rip all my Xena and Xfiles…

fsc_ralst: Combining art and video can work really well though

persicaC: I think video games would make a really useful way to make shipping vids. For ex. In final fantasy games, you can combine three out of any of the characters for your team and can manipulate camera angles or make your main character walk towards the other computer controlled characters.

cabenson: That would work. I have seen some gaming shipper vids out there.

persicaC: I wondering if anyone could take advantage of the interaction video games give you.

cabenson: gaMing…seriously, where is my drink?

fsc_ralst: There are a growing number of Mass Effect videos that take advantage of that very well

geekgrrllurking: how do you rip a game image?

cabenson: If you use google chrome, they have extensions for ripping

persicaC: i think there are some free software for capturing video game footage on PC.

fsc_ralst: What sort of things can you rip with that?

geekgrrllurking: really? See, its the ripping that I have trouble figuring out

persicaC: If you want to capture video game footage from a console and transfer it to your computer, that’s a  lot more complicated and you would have to buy some hardware to accomplish that.

fsc_ralst: I downloaded a program that does screen capture – haven’t quite figured it out yet – but I guess you could use that too

cabenson: I was able to rip a show from

geekgrrllurking: I’m not a gamer, I know sacrilege, but I didn’t think it stored anywhere. At least with a dvd or online video, you have something to rip

persicaC: I know several Let’s Players who have a tutorial for that sort of thing.

persicaC: A quick search on youtube should do the trick.

fsc_ralst: TubeDigger is good for capturing shows

mandygirl78: What’s Tubedigger, that’s a new one to me.

docwho2100: look up tutorials for making a video game walkthru

fsc_ralst: It allows you to download BBC iplayer and that type of thing. It’s pretty good

persicaC: interesting. Welp, I learned something new, yay!

cabenson: Check Chrome store for some plug ins that will help with streaming vid capture too

cabenson: Anther note:

docwho2100: firefox has many as well

fsc_ralst: Does it capture sound too?

persicaC: I’m thinking… could you use that streaming vid capture to record TV Shows on Netflix?

cabenson: if you are interested in a video editing program, many of them have a free trial you can dl and play with to see best what fits your needs

fsc_ralst: Screen capture works with Netflix

cabenson: not sure about Netflix, but it worked on That was a while ag…

mandygirl78: I used a program called Flash Video Downloaded, my brothe suggested to me.

cabenson: If you have other questions after this panel, feel free to contact me at, I’m cabenson on twitter, abd cabenson66 on tumblr

geekgrrllurking: I’ve picked up a Corel’s VideoStudio but haven’t had a chance to really play with it yet. Chomping at the bit to do some Swan Queen though

cabenson: Geek, I just dl’d the trial version 6 and will be playing with it this week

geekgrrllurking: and now Mandy’s put that Bomb Girls idea in my head too


fsc_ralst: Five minutes until the end of the panel

cabenson: Shots time!!!

fsc_ralst: Do you find it easier to work with fast or slow paced songs?

geekgrrllurking: what’s your name on youtube so we can hunt you down there too?

mandygirl78: @Geek

mandygirl78: slow paced songs

cabenson: Artemis, please contact me for a cbus meetup

cabenson: youtube is good old cabenson

ArtemisFire: will do CB

geekgrrllurking: Thanks for letting us pick your brains, CB

fsc_ralst: Do you have a favourite video? either one of your own or someone else’s?


cabenson: Nah, I love then all because it lets me see fandoms and shows I wouldn’t normally see

cabenson: Thank you all for your questions and comments. Enjoy the con, great panelists out there!!!! Thanks ralst for inviting me!

fsc_ralst: Thank you to cabenson and everyone else and let’s hope for more videos after this… now it’s time to make way for scripts!

fsc_ralst: You know you’re my go-to-girl

docwho2100: thank you

geekgrrllurking: thanks!


ArtemisFire: thanks all!

persicaC: thank you!

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