ariestess: Will all of the Glee panelists please change your font to bold red like mine. All non-panelists, please don’t use this font.

ariestess: Okay, so let’s get this started.  I’m your host, ariestess, aka AJ, aka A. Magiluna Stormwriter.

Alkmaion: hmm

ariestess: Our panelists today are grdnofevrythng and whedonist.  Please feel free to introduce yourselves.

Whedonist: Hello all, I’m Whedonist aka 1shinyboat over at LJ

grdnofevrythng: Hey, I’m Grdnofevrythng over on LJ or noonesaidaword over on tumblr

ariestess: All right, so let’s get this started. Does anyone have a question for our panelists?  If so, raise your hands.

ariestess: I’ll start this off by asking both of you what pairings you write.

Whedonist: I’ve written the standard Santana/Brittany and one small implied Rachel/Quinn…

grdnofevrythng: I started the fandom writing Rachel/Quinn

grdnofevrythng: I’m now mostly Quinn/Santana and Santana/Rachel

Whedonist: grdn, why the shift? I’ve been reading a ton of Quinn/Santana and have to say it’s a preferred pairing…

ariestess: Now Quinn/Santana became “canon” this season, didn’t it?

grdnofevrythng: Well I stopped writing fanfiction all together for about a year and a half. I was still in fandom, but I didn’t read or write, but what brought me back to writing was this idea that I didn’t have to leave the fandom to find that “new fandom” feeling

grdnofevrythng: Glee has the been the place where I’ve experienced true “multishipping” feelings for the characters.

Whedonist: It did become canon this past season, which, was interesting, but to be honest, I don’t like canon touching my characters, they tend to screw up my head canon

grdnofevrythng: I’m in agreement about that.

ariestess: I’ll admit that I actually stopped watching the show early on in this last season because the new crop of students wasn’t as interesting to me.

grdnofevrythng: I enjoy subtext without it becoming maintext. I found that to be a very big issue when Brittany/Santana became canon.

ariestess: Alkmaion, you have the next question.

Alkmaion: So, untreaded paths are preferable…?

Whedonist: Interesting, grdn, it’s funny Glee seems to bring that out in a lot of people.

grdnofevrythng: I’ll let Whedonist go first

Whedonist: It’s not so much untreaded paths, it’s that because its TV there are certain things, tropes if you will, that they are forced to do, but let’s be honest, TV hasn’t treated lesbian characters well, and they usually get screwed over, unless you’re watching ABCFamily, so…

grdnofevrythng: For me, I do love untreaded paths. It’s usually what has brought me into the fandom, that same love subtext and the sitting around with friends discussing the little “moments.” When it comes to a show like Glee, this is especially important.

grdnofevrythng: We get so little background on how couples have come to be. So we started in the middle with Brittany/Santana. We don’t know how it began and yet we were expected to “take sides” on their fighting during season 2

ariestess: *nods* That actually makes sense.

grdnofevrythng: and we weren’t really sure how to feel or sympathize with either when Brittany “chose Artie” or when Santana confronted her with her feelings and then two episodes later couldn’t bring herself to come out.

Alkmaion: Grd: I can understand that

grdnofevrythng: And to a certain extent, it can be reasoned that that is real life

ariestess: I actually found the progression of that relationship as both plausible and utterly out of whack.

grdnofevrythng: that sometimes a girl like Quinn is going to decide “hey I know Santana’s single now and I’ve always been curious about her and why everyone wants to sleep with her. So, I think I’ll go for it at this wedding.”

grdnofevrythng: But it would’ve been nice to maybe know more about how they became friends and even just Quinn’s thought process when she came back from Yale and said “why not?”

Whedonist: That’s the funny Glee, they get it right on a lot of levels, which is why I sometimes watch through parted fingers, but if they get it right, they do an amazing job.

grdnofevrythng: That’s why I’m still watching it.

grdnofevrythng: lol

ariestess: They do tend to have a lot of “hit and miss” with the show, don’t they?

Alkmaion: grd: I think you just gave me a plot bunny seed…

ariestess: Now have either of you written fic for any of the “adults” on the show?

grdnofevrythng: EXCELLENT! I hope you write it.

Whedonist: No, I have a hate/hate relationship with Shue. Sue is perfect as is and I don’t know enough about the rest to feel comfortable enough to find the character voice needed

grdnofevrythng: Um..I have been thinking of dabbling in Cassandra/Rachel and I loved the idea of Shelby/Quinn, but I’ve never written it. I also shipped Terri/Emma for a long time.

Whedonist: oh Casssandra July, best edition to the cast this past season

ariestess: *nods* I actually shipped Sue/Emma for a while there, then shifted off that when Emma got SO Will-bound.

Whedonist: and is it just me or does Rachel like emotionally abusive blondes?

grdnofevrythng: LOL yes

grdnofevrythng: I think Rachel likes “winning people over”

grdnofevrythng: Look how far she and Santana have come.

ariestess: This is very true.

Whedonist: Sue/Emma would be an interesting pairing, I’ll have to check that out.

Whedonist: Rachel does, that’s probably one of the funniest aspects of her character to me, she makes being obnoxious and perky entertaining to watch.

grdnofevrythng: And now the old cast has kind of shifted into the “adult” roles and I find it hard to write the newer kids.

ariestess: I wrote a couple of Sue/Emma pieces back when I started watching the show.

grdnofevrythng: I feel like you either love Rachel as a viewer or you hate her.

Whedonist: Does anyone like the ‘new’ kids?

grdnofevrythng: I tried very hard not to

ariestess: grdn: I totally agree re: love/loathe Rachel. I’ve never liked her.

grdnofevrythng: But dammit if Marley’s earnestness doesn’t just get you.

grdnofevrythng: and they even managed to make Kitty somewhat redeemable, but I don’t love her.

ariestess: I actually tried to like the new kids, but couldn’t.

grdnofevrythng: I believe that it’s Santana protective of Marley when she was her mentor that probably made me pay attention to her.

ariestess: Okay, geekgrrllurking, you have the next question.

geekgrrllurking: Sorry room hopping slightly, with the recent death of Cory Monteith, how do you think this will affect the show and the fandom in general

Whedonist: go for it grdn, i’ll answer after

grdnofevrythng: HOPEFULLY, people will stop making Finn an abusive asshole in fics. It’s probably my least favorite trope in femslash writing. I get not liking him. I’m not from that same school of thought, but I do understand why people didn’t like him.

geekgrrllurking: so you think Finn will be seen in a more sympathetic light going forward. I suppose it depends on how they deal with it in the show itself

Whedonist: agreed. He wasn’t a fav. for me on the show, but I’m hoping the writers of the show don’t mess up Finn’s absence. There was a thing on msnbc asking people what should happen to the character and the majority of them were saying they should kill the character, which I don’t agree with.

grdnofevrythng: I feel like there’s no other choice

grdnofevrythng: It just feels like Rachel wouldn’t be able to move on with her life without him being gone.

grdnofevrythng: I also can’t see any other way of writing him off of the show that wouldn’t seem completely random and out of character, even for Glee.

Whedonist: What do you think that would do to Rachel? Being respectful of the current goings on to the actors, if you kill off Finn, that could destroy Rachel, which I don’t trust the writers to handle

ariestess: I don’t agree with killing him off either.  The ONLY way they might be able to do it is have him go back to the military and do a KIA plot.

Whedonist: I like the qualification “even for Glee”

geekgrrllurking: lol

grdnofevrythng: Oh, I think it’ll be awful to watch. I think it’ll be awful for Lea as well as the rest of the cast to have to relive, but I think it might give Rachel more gumption than she’s shown, especially since she moved to NY. I think it would give us some of “Old Rachel” back.

grdnofevrythng: She’d be using Finn as “strength” because the last thing he said to her was he couldn’t wait to see her on Broadway.

Whedonist: ah “old Rachel” i actually miss her.

grdnofevrythng: And again, I do think that in this instance, I trust the writers to be respectful. I don’t think we’d see a love interest for Rachel for at least a year if Finn is dead.

ariestess: Oh, that’s actually a good point re: using Finn as strength.

grdnofevrythng: Which I think would be great for Lea, because I’m realistic the show much go on, but having another love interest would probably be terrible for her.

ariestess: Yes, I definitely agree.

grdnofevrythng: Not to make Cory’s death about Lea.

ariestess: No, and it shouldn’t be.

Whedonist: I don’t think the writers will do that and if they do troll the fandom as hard as it appears, maybe they can use your idea, grdn, and make it good.

ariestess: All right, let’s take a slightly different turn here. Panelists, what do you think you’d do differently if Ryan Murphy hired to you head up the writing dept?

grdnofevrythng: My gf is saying that this would also mean that no one will have to keep talking about him like “calling Kurt” or “showing up at a thing for Mike.” We won’t have the constant reminders.

grdnofevrythng: LOL go for it Whedonist

Whedonist: Wow, uhm, consistent characterization would be put up in neon in the writers’ room

ariestess: LOL! Yes, that would be a given.

Whedonist: as for story lines, focus on the shows strongest characters to anchor the show, the NYC crew mainly

Whedonist: I’d like to bring Unique up to NY and Tina, Quinn would transfer to Columbia and then all out shannanigans

ariestess: In other words, get them all centralized again?

Whedonist: Grdn?

Mapsnika: I like that idea


Whedonist: yep

grdnofevrythng: lol

Whedonist: YES

grdnofevrythng: um

ariestess: I think that’s one of the biggest flaws from this last season: everyone being so spread out, but trying to include them.

Whedonist: Agreed, the teleportation between Lima and NYC was phenonmenal though, if I could get the deals they were getting on airfare I’d a millionaire.

grdnofevrythng: I think I wouldn’t want to tie the old cast into a contract, but I would definitely focus more on the NY stuff. No offense to the new kids, because they’re good at their jobs, but Glee’s flaw was they didn’t do what Degrassi does, which is bring in the new and fade out the old. So if I couldn’t go back and maybe fix that, I’d focus on NY and find a way to still include the music.

Mapsnika: THere was always talk to have the orignal crew grow up

ariestess: Honestly, I think they needed to do one of two things: either introduce the new kids a year sooner as freshmen/sophomores or completely phase out the old guard.

Whedonist: That wouldn’t have been/be a bad way to go with the show. Although, I think there seemed to be that shift in the last bit of the season where they started to realize that they needed to shift to centralized location/characters.

ariestess: This weird “some are there, some aren’t” crap is one of the reasons I actually stopped watching the show.

grdnofevrythng: Glee this season has been all about storylines you wished the old kids had and like an afterschool special when it came to Lima

grdnofevrythng: all of the comedy is in that loft with Kurt/Santana/Rachel

Whedonist: Glee this season came off like a first season in a lot regards, the lima cast, i think, had lot to do with that. the Chemistry between them all seemed off.

ariestess: Yes, exactly.

Whedonist: and then to put that against the kurt/santana/rachel was sort of unfair

Whedonist: I fangirl pretty hard for santana so there wasn’t much of a contest as to who I want to see on my screen

grdnofevrythng: Same

grdnofevrythng: And the thing they got right was the NYC Loft

grdnofevrythng: I can’t say I saw that coming s1, but that also makes sense in a weird way. Those three are perfect for each other.

Whedonist: LOL they are which, is crazy, it’s brilliant but crazy

ariestess: That triad just needs a spinoff series of their own.

Whedonist: that I’d write for all day

ariestess: I agree! I’d watch and write for that.

Whedonist: Grdn, are there any of the new characters you’d do more with?

ariestess: All right, we have 15 more minutes. Are there any more questions for our panelists or shall I come up with something? *g*

grdnofevrythng: Jake Puckerman, he’s so dynamic and I just love him

Whedonist: Interesting. When they intro’d the character I was rolling my eyes because it felt like they were going to make him Puck Jr. What’d you think of him settling in with Marley?

ariestess: What episodes would you give to people as examples of why they should watch this show? Whether for a specific ship or in general.?

Whedonist: I’m horrible with epi names…uhm, I would actually tell them to start at the beginning, there’s a charm during the first season that sort of hooks you in even if you’re not a fan of musicals.

grdnofevrythng: s1: Just all of the first 13 and maybe Journey, s2: Brittany/Britney, Duets, Born This Way, Sexy, Blame It On The Alcohol, S3: Hold Onto Sixteen, The Whitney Ep, Nationals, Props, and Goodbye

grdnofevrythng: Also, Whedonist, I like Jake with Marley even if it is Puckleberry 2.0

Whedonist: LOL, got it.

Whedonist: and nice epi list

grdnofevrythng: Whenever I want to remind myself of why I love this show so much, those at the eps I watch.

ariestess: That actually is a nice epi list.  And from what I remember, that’s about right for what I’d consider in general.

grdnofevrythng: It’s the funnier eps, I realize, except Sexy, but it’s when they band together and show they don’t always get along, but they’re a family

ariestess: Nine more minutes until our panel is over. Any last questions for our panelists?

grdnofevrythng: Whedonist, do you want Brittany/Santana to get back together?

grdnofevrythng: Also, how do you think Heather’s pregnancy will affect Brittany’s role.

Whedonist: No, I think Brit’s last epi was perfect and I want Santana to grow, she can’t with Brit. Naya’s been pretty vocal about that and i agree.

Alkmaion: Ah, has the NY apartment dynamic made the Rachel/Santana fic count grow?

ariestess: Okay, last question from Alkmaion.

Whedonist: I don’t know. Grdn, do you?

grdnofevrythng: It has for me and my group of writer friends. LOL there’s so many fics with them in the loft, especially after Rachel thought she was pregnant

grdnofevrythng: and also when Santana tried to convince her that Brody was up to no good

grdnofevrythng: if you need recs, I have a list

Whedonist: ’cause Brody was a douche…Snix was right. and yes, please

grdnofevrythng: lol just hit me up on tumblr. I don’t want to take panel time.

Whedonist: sure sure

ariestess: All right, do either of you have any new fics coming out?

grdnofevrythng: I have a few that are either already WIPs or yet to be released

grdnofevrythng: including one that is Rachel/Quinn/Santana

Whedonist: none for glee right now   .

Alkmaion: @grdn: I might do that, thanks

grdnofevrythng: what fandoms are you writing for now?

Whedonist: Nikki & Nora mainly, I have WIPs for Buffy and SVU.

grdnofevrythng: What pairings in Buffy and SVU?

ariestess: All right, as we wind down to our last 2 minutes here, I’d like to thank both of our panelists, grdnofevrythng and Whedonist, as well as our attendees for a fascinating look at Glee.

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