Lost Girl

the_dhamphir: I’d like to welcome everyone to the Lost Girl Panel.

lonejaguar: hello!

the_dhamphir: Would the panelists please change their fonts to bold red to look like mine, please?

lonejaguar: I’m coming from mobile and am not able to change the text, unfortunately

the_dhamphir: that’s okay

the_dhamphir: is heathers here?

hbomba: right here

the_dhamphir: ah, there you are

the_dhamphir: would each of you please introduce yourselves please?

lonejaguar: i may type in several short bursts since I’m on mobile, so i apologize in advance!

the_dhamphir: that’s fine, jaguar

hbomba: I’m Heather, I’ve been writing femslash since X-Files and got into Lost Girl at the mid-point of the second season.

lonejaguar: I’m Nic/lonejaguar. fic writer for ages. lover of Lost Girl of course

the_dhamphir: what got you interested in the Lost Girl fandom?

hbomba: tbh it was the women. The canon relationship that I had hoped for in many fandoms before.

Gin Akasarahsmom: fae… the idea of the supernatural series has been overdone, but this seemed to be a new take on it

lonejaguar: I’ve always sought out fandom since I knew it existed. the Lost Girl fandom was so new and so friendly.

lonejaguar: it was easy to fall in love with it!

the_dhamphir: I agree with all of you.

the_dhamphir: What’s been your favorite pairing?

lonejaguar: Oh Bo/Lauren, no contest.

hbomba: I’m a real throw-down Doccubus fan since I started watching

the_dhamphir: so you’re not a Bo/Tamsin shipper?

hbomba: No, I’m more of a bramance fan of the BoTa ship

the_dhamphir: I’ll agree with you. I rather like the bromance feel of their relationship

Gin Akasarahsmom: Bo/Tamsin is interesting.. but I’m Bo/Lauren for sure

lonejaguar: If Bo and Tamsin every slept with each other I wouldn’t shut it off, but not a relationship

the_dhamphir: but the at the same time, there was definitely some sparks flying between them

lonejaguar: yes, the bramance is awesome

the_dhamphir: that’s a good way to put it, jaguar

hbomba: I definitely think they are kindred spirits but not in a sexual way for me at least

the_dhamphir: i think they could have sex, but not a relationship

lonejaguar: Tamsin totally had the hots for Bo, i don’t doubt it.

lonejaguar: has, too

the_dhamphir: what about Kenzi? any subtext going on between Kenzi and Bo?

lonejaguar: Bo’s harder to pin down because sex is in her nature

lonejaguar: Not in my Lost Girl. love Kenzi to pieces, but as everything but lover for Bo

hbomba: Again, I think this is a sisterly love sort of thing

the_dhamphir: i think there were some Kenzi/Bo shippers born after that prison kiss scene, though

the_dhamphir: that was no peck on the lips

lonejaguar: I’m speaking in terms of the show we see on TV not AU fic, though

lonejaguar: ah yes but you can’t sell the cover with a peck on the lips either

lonejaguar: Kenzi’s a matter con after all

lonejaguar: master, not matter

the_dhamphir: that she is

lonejaguar: hahaha

the_dhamphir: does anyone here have thoughts about what’s going to happen in the next season?

lonejaguar: i just think the guards wouldn’t have bought it otherwise. besides, that’s how she passed on the contact

lonejaguar: i try not to lol

lonejaguar: because i usually get riled up for nothing

the_dhamphir: riled up?

the_dhamphir: why?

lonejaguar: I’ve realized I need to be prepared for it to be nothing like I ever think it will.

hbomba: I have high hopes for it, but specifics, I do not have a clear arc or anything

lonejaguar: I’m always surprised by this show

the_dhamphir: well, what are your hopes heathers?

lonejaguar: I’m excited for it, though, that much I know

the_dhamphir: as long bo doesn’t end up with Dyson i’m cool

the_dhamphir: though ultimately, i’m a bo/lauren shipper, so i do hope they are endgame.

lonejaguar: lol yes

lonejaguar: i hope that too!

lonejaguar: i don’t believe they’re done at all

hbomba: I was hoping to maybe start making sense again–to the end of Karen Beattie, Afghanistan etc and Doccubus reunion for which I am not expecting them to be unimaginably monogamous either

lonejaguar: yeah that would be nice

mandygirl78: yeah, the series won’t be complete for me unless it ends with Bo/Lauren.

Gin Akasarahsmom: they can’t be exclusive though… Bo will starve… Lauren isn’t enough for her… sad to say…

the_dhamphir: agreed

lonejaguar: Lauren is Bo’s lobster that’s all there is

lonejaguar: no they can’t be exclusive of course

mandygirl78: Then Lauren better get used to 3somes for the rest of her life…

lonejaguar: or rather, Bo can’t be exclusive anyway

lonejaguar: they can still be in a relationship though.

the_dhamphir: do you have a favorite episode?

lonejaguar: Confaegen probably made me laugh the most

hbomba: I think 3×01 is something that will always be high up on my favorite list

lonejaguar: Food for Thought made me fangirl the most. still.

lonejaguar: yeah 3.01 was really good

lonejaguar: i loved pretty much 2.06-2.10 at least

the_dhamphir: i have to admit i liked the one where they switched bodies, and the one where they were regressed to teenagers.

lonejaguar: I’d say vexed but i feel like it’s a given

the_dhamphir: if you could meet one of the characters in person, which one would you choose?

lonejaguar: Probably Bo… I’d have the most in common with her

lonejaguar: though i do have an unhealthy love for nerds

mandygirl78: bo

hbomba: I gotta go with Vex b/c I don’t imagine there would be a dull moment with him around

the_dhamphir: lol

lonejaguar: and Lauren and i could talk about history and Egypt.

the_dhamphir: i’ve always said smart is sexy, so… i’d have to go for lauren

hbomba: If you want a female answer tho, I’d say Bo b/c she can be very chill

lonejaguar: i change my answer, Lauren. I’m meeting Lauren

lonejaguar: there’s a good chance they’d be together anyway

the_dhamphir: lmao

the_dhamphir: can you tell us about some of the stories you’ve written?

lonejaguar: personally or together?

the_dhamphir: either… both.

hbomba: ha

lonejaguar: okay lol

lonejaguar: personally I’ve written a few exploring things I wondered about. like what Bo & Lauren did in the lab during all those appts

the_dhamphir: that sounds interesting

hbomba: I have written quite a few post-eps or missing scenes

lonejaguar: or Lauren finally confronting Dyson about Bo

lonejaguar: or how Lauren got to this point in her life

lonejaguar: i try to challenge myself in that way. to write something i haven’t written before

the_dhamphir: did you take some cues from the show to write the Lauren background stories?

lonejaguar: which makes writing love scenes very challenging

lonejaguar: yeah for sure

lonejaguar: it was confaegen when she mentioned Afghanistan that i started thinking about it

hbomba: I tend to write within canon though there are some glaring exceptions in my repetoire.

lonejaguar: canon is hard to ignore sometimes

hbomba: But then there is our Human Condition series

hbomba: It’s sort of an alternative S4

hbomba: We deal with all those things that niggled at us after the finale

hbomba: dealt

the_dhamphir: where are your fics posted?

lonejaguar: fanfiction.net right now. trying to start up an AO3 one too

hbomba: I have some posted to my tumblr but for the most part they are all at ff.net

lonejaguar: our combined fics are under hbomba

the_dhamphir: and the others are under lonejaguar and heathers?

hbomba: I also take prompts at my tumblr

lonejaguar: the history of Lauren is under lonejaguar on ff.net

hbomba: Nope, heathers isn’t my penname in Lost Girl fandom

the_dhamphir: what is?

hbomba: hbomba or h-bomba

lonejaguar: Heather’s and the combined are under hbomba on ff.net

the_dhamphir: ok

the_dhamphir: do you have any favorite Lost Girl stories written by other people?

hbomba: Organic Chemistry by hitherto11 (I think that is the pen name) a great Lauren character study with a big helping of sexual revolution

lonejaguar: I’m really enjoying skeeterbug’s first fic Savage Mercies

lonejaguar: really dark and foreboding

lonejaguar: it’s a WIP which I’m not normally into but it’s engrossing

the_dhamphir: what would be the ultimate crossover for you? This fandom and what other?

lonejaguar: oh… orphan black might be cool.

lonejaguar: or X-Files too

the_dhamphir: heh heh… i wrote a short scully/bo fic *G*

lonejaguar: that’s a bit more organic a crossover

lonejaguar: hahaha awesome!

hbomba: There’s this comic by Bender/Maleev called Scarlet about a girl who starts a revolution in Portland, Oregon. I could see Kenzi becoming involved with the cause and Bo would fight the hell they brought down on them

lonejaguar: ohh now that’s cool.

lonejaguar: an anti-hero human revolution

the_dhamphir: this came up in a another panel… and BTVS/LG crossover

the_dhamphir: pairing Bo with Buffy or Faith…. imagining Bo with a slaying… lol

lonejaguar: for sure and OUAT makes sense too. I don’t watch it though

the_dhamphir: *slayer

the_dhamphir: and Lauren with Willow maybe

lonejaguar: that would be interesting!

the_dhamphir: I could easily picture Faith trying to out sex a succubus… lol

lonejaguar: lol

the_dhamphir: and can imagine the chi of a slayer?!

the_dhamphir: if anyone else has a question, don’t be shy

the_dhamphir: are there any stories you’re currently working on?

the_dhamphir: anything you’d be willing to share with us?

hbomba: We are currently working on part 3 of our trilogy

lonejaguar: planning planning planning

the_dhamphir: what is your trilogy?

hbomba: Pretty excited about what we have blocked out for scenes so far but it’s a slower process than the last 2

lonejaguar: The Human Condition and Inhuman Conditions are the first two

hbomba: pt 1 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9276593/1/The-Human-Condition

the_dhamphir: and what’s the title of part 3?

hbomba: pt 2 http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9357387/1/Inhuman-Conditions

lonejaguar: a look at Light Fae, Dark Fae, and Human views

lonejaguar: not sure of a title for part 3 yet

the_dhamphir: that’s cool

lonejaguar: it has to be better than the last two that’s the problem

lonejaguar: and i readily liked them too so it’s a challenge!

hbomba: It’s a bit early to call it our opus but it’s def the biggest thing either of us have written

the_dhamphir: I can understand that feeling

the_dhamphir: do you always plot things out in advance?

lonejaguar: i always do

hbomba: with a story this big we had to just to keep it all straight in our heads.

hbomba: I usually write one-shots so rarely do I plan it out.

lonejaguar: for continuity’s sake

lonejaguar: plus it’s hard to write the middle when you don’t know where you’re going

the_dhamphir: by big, do you mean really long?

lonejaguar: long for us!

the_dhamphir: lol

lonejaguar: it’s not 50 parts or anything

lonejaguar: maybe combining all three it would be

the_dhamphir: it’s not the number of parts/chapters, it’s the total number of words… lol

lonejaguar: fair enough!

minarobins: ^I agree with that

lonejaguar: each were between 20 and 25k

minarobins: Per chapter O_O

the_dhamphir: parts? or stories?

minarobins: *Is always floored by writers that write epics*

lonejaguar: no words per story lol

the_dhamphir: that’s still a healthy lengthed story

lonejaguar: thanks  it’s a wonder to me still

lonejaguar: I’ve been sitting on 500 of 1000 words and i can’t finish it lol

minarobins: May I just ask, how do you keep going. I mean when I write long anythings at all I always have to reread the whole thing because I’ve forgotten what in the world I’ve done

the_dhamphir: I’ve found the longer I write (as in as the years pass) the longer my stories seem to be getting.

lonejaguar: that’s a good point

minarobins: I found that true as well

lonejaguar: i always read from beginning to end at least twice when i write

lonejaguar: to make sure it all makes sense together

minarobins: There was some point in time when my stories only ever hit a couple hundred and then I get all proud of myself and now it’s at 3kish but gosh, can’t compare to 20k O_O

lonejaguar: i print out hard copies and edit that way too several times

minarobins: That’s what I do too now, I always reread and fix any grammatical errors each reach through

the_dhamphir: I do. I’m in the middle of long fic now. and I’ve reread it more than once already

lonejaguar: it definitely depends on the scope of your story though

hbomba: lonejaguar is a fierce editor as well.

minarobins: Do you find it easier to have a printed copy. I’m just horrified that someone’s going to find it

lonejaguar: some stories don’t need that many words

minarobins: I personally find one shots the easiest. whenever I expand, things get a little odd

hbomba: printed for sure. plus there’s more satisfaction marking it all up.

lonejaguar: yes I’m a big believer in hard copies

lonejaguar: i catch things i don’t catch on the computer

minarobins: hbomba: I agree with that entirely, but what if someone Finds it

lonejaguar: i usually read the story out loud too. you’ll catch other things that way too

minarobins: I can just see myself leaving something around work

the_dhamphir: i don’t… but i do sent it to my beta’s and they mark it all up… lol

lonejaguar: as long as someone does! lol

minarobins: I always read my work outloud because when you read normally you tend to correct your own mistakes, or just set it aside for a time

hbomba: For us it’s not a problem b/c we are married so there is nobody to find it but I say be proud. you created something.

lonejaguar: Mina, I’ve decided recently not to be ashamed of fic writing

lonejaguar: it’s new and working so far

minarobins: I’ve never been ashamed of it, in the summer time I just live with my parents. Let us not venture into that plane of horror. When I’m living with my roommates I leave random femslash notes everywhere

lonejaguar: lol ok

hbomba: lol awesome

minarobins: There’s like sticky notes on the fridge that just say. “would ice cream be too cold to put there?”

lonejaguar: my mom actually read my Lauren story

minarobins: And my two guy roommates are just like O_O

lonejaguar: totality unsolicited

the_dhamphir: LOL

lonejaguar: she sent me a text telling me how she didn’t understand all of it, but she really loved it.

lonejaguar: and loves Lauren lol

minarobins: Your mom is all kinds of awesome

lonejaguar: it’s the fae stuff that confused her

minarobins: Mythology use to be my favourite thing ever so when Lost girl came out I flipped a crazy amount of happy

lonejaguar: oh me too

lonejaguar: i still bore my wife with documentaries

minarobins: Gosh documentaries are the best though!

minarobins: I think what’s the best about Lost Girl is that everyone is actually very chill

minarobins: Other than humans being the bane of all evil

minarobins: All the fae just accept the ever living everything out of everyone

lonejaguar: lol yeah, but i love that dynamic in lost girl

lonejaguar: the human-fae thing is so rich with drama

the_dhamphir: so do i

minarobins: Though some of the fae are just hilarious

minarobins: Really a rabbitcat?

minarobins: Cabbit?

lonejaguar: mythology is weird man

minarobins: Indeed it quite is

the_dhamphir: i think lost girl and grimm would be a natural crossover

minarobins: I’ve actually never watched Grimm

minarobins: Supernatural and lost girl would also possibly work

lonejaguar: me either but it makes fae the bad guys yes?

the_dhamphir: i couldn’t get past the first episode of SPN

the_dhamphir: not all them on Grimm are bad guys

lonejaguar: ah ok

the_dhamphir: there are good guys and bad guys

the_dhamphir: and some are ambiguous

minarobins: What is the premise for Grimm, is it set in current time ?

the_dhamphir: yep

minarobins: And a hunter type kind of thing then?

the_dhamphir: the main character finds out he’s grim when his aunt (also a grim,) is killed

minarobins: Umm, and Grimm I’m guessing means he’s a hunter?

the_dhamphir: yeah. but he turns out to not be a kill all of them on sight grimm

the_dhamphir: and makes friends with a werewolf

minarobins: Awesome

the_dhamphir: or bludbaden as it’s called on the show

the_dhamphir: all but the current season (i think) are on netflix

the_dhamphir: he actually makes friend with a number of them creatures… who are very wary of him at first

the_dhamphir: because they grew up with horror stories of the grimms killing their kind on sight

minarobins: Oh man. I kinda want to watch it now :<

minarobins: Women, give me some women characters

the_dhamphir: check it out on netflix

the_dhamphir: there’s his gf and the women/creature who runs the apothecary shop

minarobins: lol, I shall slash them in my mind

the_dhamphir: some “bad guy” female creatures too

minarobins: “Bad”

the_dhamphir: villianous

the_dhamphir: I can easily imagine a crossover between those shows

the_dhamphir: maybe someone will get inspired to write one

minarobins: I think out of all the powers in Lost Girl, Vex probably has the most useful ability

lonejaguar: unless he’s tied up

minarobins: Well until he gets faepowersdysfuntion

minarobins: They have some weird levels of power in that show

minarobins: I mean Dyson is more powerful when he’s a wolf than when he’s a wolf

minarobins: I kinda expected him to be bigger O_o

lonejaguar: i also wonder how that helps vex survive. feeding off controlling people?

minarobins: well how would Dyson feed off humans

minarobins: I suppose not all Fae feed on humans?

lonejaguar: the things we gloss over

minarobins: I mean vex could get off on controlling people *suspicious face*

the_dhamphir: not all fae do

minarobins: Most are capable of it though. And in all actuality Bo says that Fae taste better than humans anyways

the_dhamphir: Do you have any idea when you’re opus will be ready for the masses to read?

minarobins: opus?

lonejaguar: before S4 starts ideally. before the playing field changes

the_dhamphir: jaguar and heathers conclusion to their trilogy

the_dhamphir: I look forward to it.

lonejaguar: me too!

hbomba: thank you

lonejaguar: it’s shaping up will so far

lonejaguar: well, too

minarobins: Sometimes I wonder if people write their long stories all in one go and then edits through it all

lonejaguar: i edit as i go. i don’t always have the mojo to write, so that’s when I’ll read what we have in hopes of sparking something

the_dhamphir: yeah, same here, jaguar

lonejaguar: but we always have major plot points figured out

the_dhamphir: i’ve sometimes set something aside for months and then gone back to it

hbomba: we write complete stories before we post the parts so the editing is done informally along the way and in a few waves when it is finished

minarobins: I have plot points I wish to reach and then sometimes I write a smut scene and realize I have no way of reaching it

lonejaguar: reaching what? the plot point afterwards?

lonejaguar: or reaching the sex?

minarobins: No

minarobins: I have the sex

minarobins: but then I can’t reach it

minarobins: because as the story progressed the things that happen in the sex scene nolong apply

lonejaguar: you could rewrite it?

lonejaguar: i mean there are scenes ive written and loved and had to scrap

minarobins: I could. I could

minarobins: Perhaps I’ll try tonight

the_dhamphir: i hate when that happens, mina

lonejaguar: there first scene of A Christmas Faeble was a scene that sat on my computer for months

lonejaguar: the, too

lonejaguar: it sucks to have to, but you can probably use some of it at least

the_dhamphir: there’s about 8 minutes left, ladies

minarobins: Just a question, since people abhor epithets so much, do you guys have any tips on writing a scene with a four characters without overdrowning in their names

minarobins: I could possibly

lonejaguar: i try not to go too crazy on either

lonejaguar: male and female?

minarobins: all females

lonejaguar: oh dear

lonejaguar: well

minarobins: yes

minarobins: It’s just an assortment of

hbomba: I use mannerisms, physical attributes and alternate titles to help break up the name frenzy

minarobins: It’s a 7k smut scene. There’s only so much I can do with their attributes

minarobins: With four people there’s too much happening

minarobins: *Throws my hands in the air*

lonejaguar: also try to separate actions with descriptions and dialogue

minarobins: Check on that tjaguar

lonejaguar: bit if they’re all naked and all in one spot, boy howdy

lonejaguar: but, too

lonejaguar: hair color, fae species?

the_dhamphir: I want to thank lonejaguar and heathers (hbomba) for being our panelists today and to everyone else for being here.

minarobins: Agreed

minarobins: It’s not fae

lonejaguar: thanks so much!

minarobins: well it kinda is

minarobins: cheers to heather and jaguar. Adopt us all

minarobins: It’s more like four shifters

michelle_2011: thank you for the panel

lonejaguar: hit me up on the twitter if you have any others questions

minarobins: Thank you for hosting!

minarobins: Do you have tumbr because I do not have Jaguar

hbomba: A commune coming in the spring 2014 when Lost Girl goes on hiatus again

minarobins: I DO NOT HAVE JAGUAR

minarobins: Twitter*

minarobins: tumblr*

hbomba: my tumblr is h-bomba.tumblr.com

lonejaguar: tumblr = eatyourcheckers if you have that?

hbomba: thanks for having us everyone

lonejaguar: thanks again!

minarobins: All the thank yous



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