Nikki & Nora

docwho2100: Hello everyone and welcome to the Nikki & Nora Panel. We have an awesome panel lined up.  We’ll start off by having our panelists introduce themselves, then we’ll jump into some questions.

Nancylee: Nancylee here

Xenavirgin: LOrdy.  On behalf of my mate Debs who loves your SCC stuff Inspector…. SSSSSqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  

inspectorboxer: Hey there, Nancylee.

Whedonist: Hi everyone, I’m Whedonsit, aka, 1shinyboat on LJ.

Gin Akasarahsmom: IB does fantastic work no matter what the fandom… SCC… WMC… Firefly..

Nancylee: Hi Boxer — I’m in CA today, not NOLA so greetings from the west

inspectorboxer: Heh. Thanks, Xenavirgin!

Gin Akasarahsmom: oh.. and Nikki a& Nora..

docwho2100: If you have questions for the panelists, please raise your hand and we’ll get to those questions as quickly as we can

Nancylee: Pepito — boxer worked on N&N with us in NOLA — scripty

Nora Delaney: Well Hello!

inspectorboxer: Hi there!

Nora Delaney: im in NorCal surrounded by tiny humans…


docwho2100: So many places to start, especially as Nancylee Myatt recently took time to answer Nikki & Nora questions from fans (take a look at that here – We’ll start with a question for Nancylee – why did you answer those questions? A lot of creators lock up their story, releasing it only in measured bites. You instead took fanfic writer’s questions and really took the time to return answers that we can use

Nancylee: Don’t get any germs!

Nancylee: Huh…

Nora Delaney: Tiny petri dishes

Nancylee: I answered them because it’s because of you who have been writing N&N for years that we were able to do a new version

Nancylee: Oh and CC is here under her character name Nora Delaney

docwho2100: Sparent617 go ahead with your question

docwho2100: Thinking about the way a story comes together, this question is for Christina – how much input have you and Liz had in the upcoming N&N Files web series?  And, when you stepped back into Nora Delaney’s life, how much has her story and her character changed since the pilot?

Nora Delaney: Well, because the parameters of their lives have changed, we (Liz & I) had input on how the shift from police to PI’s would impact them personally. And its post Katrina, and they’ve moved- and managed to stay together!

Nora Delaney: but the story has always been Nancy Lee

Nora Delaney: I did a LOT of research on what PI

Nancylee: Thank you… If you all want more info. on how their lives have changed since the pilot — check out the Q&A that docwho posted.  Lots of answers there.

Nancylee: Totally — CC was our go to to make sure their new jobs were real and interesting and would motivate new stories

Nora Delaney: Sorry, PI’s can and can’t do legally for their clients – and its a lot of very crestive work to get ehat you need as a PI without going to jail

Nora Delaney: creative

docwho2100: awesome

docwho2100: For all panelists, a two part question.  Part 1 – what is it that draws you most to the N&N story?  And Part 2 – what piece of the original pilot is your favorite line, shot, moment, twist in the plot, etc…… 

Nora Delaney: Mardi gras chase scene!!!

docwho2100:  Car sliding

Nancylee: We tried to give some nods to the pilot and the moments, lines, etc. that you guys made videos about.

tristianmakhai: That slide was pretty impressive

Nancylee: Spoiler — she does it again

Nora Delaney: Why thank you! My butt was less impressed however.

Nancylee: In fact the bruises you saw in the bathtub scene were real for CC

Nora Delaney: With less booty damage. Note to self: Never Hoodslide a car with a lot of chrome trim.

docwho2100: How many times did you have to do that take?

Whedonist: Less the action, the conversation between N&N and Bobby when they were getting ready…there’s a lot of information there if you pay attention

Nancylee: Some of Liz’s as well — she took a fall during that chase scene.

Nora Delaney: 6 or 7 I think? And probably 10 practice runs.

inspectorboxer: I’m hoping that first butt slide also involved less bugs than the new one…

Nancylee: Whedonist — I love that scene too

Nora Delaney: Yes, that was a great scene to do. Chaney was a doll, may he rest in peace.

Nancylee: It was the only other scene of them in their house.

Nancylee: Yes, RIP Chaney

tristianmakhai: I think what was a huge factor in drawing me to Nikki & Nora was the characters.  Cops shows are everywhere, but with Nikki and Nora, these were happy, professional people.  The biggest thing was the happiness.  Angst is great for drama and all, but happy couples?  That was amazing to see.

Nancylee: I really wanted to show the ballet that is living together.  How they help each other with zipping up a dress, choosing clothes all while carrying on a very important conversation

Nancylee: You’ll get a lot more of that in the new episode

alannasky: meow i love the dialogue of the shopping and its follow of the bath scene

Whedonist: Agreed, it was how we were introduced to them and where they were at in their lives, you don’t see that a lot on TV and you def. didn’t see two women like that in ’04.

Nora Delaney: Sadly, yes. Too rare.

tristianmakhai: It’s even hard to find alomst ten years later.  That seems really sad to me, so media that breaks that and says ‘be happy and thoughly in love with your partner’ that is always a big win in my book

Nancylee: So here’s my question to you writers — did you break them up at all?

Nora Delaney: PLus its creates a social belief that relationships must be full of angst and heartbreak to be “real” and thats “normal” – when its not

Nancylee: Because they never broke up in our new world — survived a hell of lot and came out still holding each other.

Whedonist: Sadly, yes, there was break, albiet short, in a story, where I’d placed them, they needed the time and space to kind of reasses with Nora still being in the closet and pressure from work.

Nora Delaney: I believe the word is “cradling” NancyLee – lol

docwho2100: I had them fight and move apart but come back together in the end

Nancylee: ha!

Nora Delaney: I had them hot oil wrestle out all their issues.

Nancylee: I get the time apart — take a break.  It’s real

docwho2100: I like that solution

Nora Delaney: no. Hot oil wrestling is real.

Nancylee: CC are you drinking?

quietheartedfsc: lol

alannasky: hahah

Nora Delaney: Pina Coladas by the pool baby!

Whedonist: Nancylee I think she’s just giving you material for more episodes…use it…

Nancylee: Such a fem drink

Whedonist: please?   

quietheartedfsc: PC”s are not fem.

quietheartedfsc: Margaritas are.

Nancylee: I promise you guys will get a lot of new places to jump off from in the new EP.

Nora Delaney: There’s something not right about a scotch when one is wearing a bikini and smelling like Hawaiian Tropic.

Nancylee: You’re right — it’s Cosmos that are fem

alannasky: meow i was wondering where can i watch the new eps?

tristianmakhai: Honestly, in everything I ever plotted out or worked on, breaking them up never came into my head.  It didn’t feel right to either the characters or the story.  I can understand there’s always a time and a place for every story, but, eh.  I like them happy and together more.  From what I’ve seen in fandom though, I don’t think it’s a big convention used for us.

docwho2100: Off of that – since the web series will pick up many years from the pilot, will writers be more likely to want to fill in the blanks, or to just pick up stories from where the web series picks up.

Whedonist: Must be sunny NoCal, down here, we’re overcast…enjoy it, CC

Shatterpath: I have a mild allergy to angst, so I’m with Tris on this

Nancylee: You’ll be able to watch it as a webseries first on and then we will cut it together as one pilot episode and it might go elsewhere in series.

Nora Delaney: You can have PLENTY of drama between lovers and have them stay in the room. Not every problem requires a UHAUL

Nora Delaney: But I get it makes good drama

Nancylee: haha!

quietheartedfsc: No, dear, we’re lesbians. The U-Haul comes first.

Nancylee: I gave you guys a lot of info in the Q&A about what went on during the ten year “hiatus”

inspectorboxer: I loved your responses to the questions, NL. I think writers will have a lot to play with there – and even more when the eps come out.

Whedonist: You did, and thanks for that…

Nancylee: Good.  I tried.

tristianmakhai: That Q&A was amazing, by the way.  Thank you to everyone involved in that.

Alsike: um, what happened with the drive-by shooting at the end of SoN?

Nancylee: We’re going to have a trailer for y’all to see next week, I hope.

Nora Delaney: My bad.   

deba_55: of course many of them need to finish up their current stories

Nancylee: SON — we didn’t show who actually got shot. Set it up as if anyone could have been.  Then contract negocitations started for the next season.

Whedonist: Sweet!  Are you going to post the trailer to Tello?

Nancylee: When the cast came into to do looping I had all of them scream “I’ve been hit!”  Torture!

Nancylee: But at the end of the day they all knew I was fucking with them.  But everyone was on good behavior when they came back.

Alsike: oh man

Nancylee: Yes, trailer on Tello


Nancylee: Ha…

alannasky: silly

docwho2100: Regarding next seasons, do you have a second season for N&N Files mapped out?

Nancylee: season 2?  No.  Not yet.  Dreams that there will be one.  We gotta get some $$

docwho2100: Would you consider another crowdfunding campaign?

Whedonist: I’lll start saving now then…good to know.

Nancylee: I hope we won’t have to.  Part of the plan is to try to set it up on a network or some place like Netflix or Amazon

docwho2100: N&N becomes the new Black

Nancylee: But we gotta dance with the ones who brung us — the amazing gals at Tello

deba_55: I thought once it premieres it would get picked up and an emmy – isn’t that the plan NL?

inspectorboxer: If it’s not too big of a spoiler, what would each of you say was your favorite scene from the N&N Files?

Nancylee: CC – tell them a little bit about swarmaggedon and filiming in NOLA

Nora Delaney: oh boy.

Nancylee: deba_55 I worship you

Nora Delaney: umm, anyone ever been in a termite mating season swarm?

alannasky: nope

alannasky: for me

Whedonist: No, Run, CC, Run away, or you know get some OFF!

Nora Delaney: well, imagine a million flying termites with big sticky wings flying into your eyes, lips, ears, down your shirt, up your pant legs…

Gin Akasarahsmom: Swarmaggedon sounds like one of those terrible Saturday SyFy movies…

inspectorboxer: There was no bug spray powerful enough for that swarm…

Nora Delaney: up your nose…and then they BURROW!!!!

Nancylee: It was disgusting.  And we had to stay and get the shot (webseires schedule and budget)

deba_55: yuck

Nora Delaney: when i got in the shower at the end of the night the tub was filled with wings. Shudder.

alannasky: ouch

tristianmakhai: I was going to say, pretty sure I’ve seen that movie, Gin. Only with Lucy Lawless.

Shatterpath: That is far more hilarious than I suppose it should be.

Nora Delaney: Screamed. Like. A. Pansy.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL

Nancylee: And the cast and crew actually didn’t quit.

ariestess: I am dying from laughter here and having a hard time keeping track of the panel I’m supposed to be hosting.

alannasky: i think i would scream, cry and passout

inspectorboxer: If anything, NL, I think it brought everyone closer together.

quietheartedfsc: pansy screaming is perfectly allowable in that situation

tristianmakhai: Hell, I’m surprised nothing was set on fire to escape it!!

docwho2100: So we will see some termite cameos then?

Katiepult: Better wings than filled with actual whole termites 😛 You have to think positive

Nancylee: Fave of the new ep — I have a couple.  I love the teaser — it’s sexy and weird and soooo New Orleans.

tristianmakhai: I suppose you could go so far to say as ‘millions have seen the pilot?’ (another positive)


alannasky: true

alannasky: i saw it through ralst

Nancylee: I also love the scene with Aasha Davis at Tracey’s bar.  So real and sweet and sad.

sparent617: LOL

Nora Delaney: es. Aasha is amazing.

Nancylee: Yeah, over a million views and fan videos. We’re going to use that to help sell us in this time

Nora Delaney: yes.

docwho2100: Who does she play in the series?

Nancylee: Aasha plays a local artist who has had some tough times — she brings the case to N&N

Nancylee: I also really love the stuff between Christina and Tess Harper

inspectorboxer: You guys have a great cast

docwho2100: I am looking forward to those scenes

Nancylee: The mother daughter stuff is hard in life and on the stage

Nora Delaney: I like the stuff between me and all the poboys I got to eat.

Nancylee: Hahaha!

grumpybear1031: lol

deba_55: maybe a DVD, NL with out takes?  please

Nancylee: Yes, the cast and crew had a blast in NOLA — food, music, food, cocktails, food

docwho2100: I second that

docwho2100: Would you say the location was a cast member?

alannasky: i have no idea what that is but i know the moment that scene shows up i will be laughing

Nora Delaney: Me running in circles swatting termites. Me stuffing poboy numebr 768 in my face. Liz eating a salad.

grumpybear1031: Screencaps for artwork would be lovely too.

Nancylee: Hmmm, outtakes.  I like outtakes in comedy but I think in drama they make it hard to come back to the moment

cubaseboy: Yep, NOLA has great food! You think you will film in other locations?

Nancylee: N&N will always be in New Orleans.

tristianmakhai: Unless of course you do get to do a Rome or Paris ep.

Nora Delaney: And we can’t share it now but there was a special hidden guest star we’ll announce much later.  

Nancylee: by NOLA I meant New Orleans LA — but yes, NOLA is a great restaurant.

docwho2100: not even a hint

Shatterpath: tease

Nancylee: no hints!

Nora Delaney: Paris Shmaris. Do they have pobiys?

ariestess: Why are there not like buttons in PalTalk?  I’d be hitting every one of CC’s comments.

deba_55: i hate when you do that

Nora Delaney: Poboys. Dammit.

Shatterpath: must be the PCs

Nancylee: breathe Pepito

Nora Delaney: not my computer- wonky keyboard

inspectorboxer: Might need to slow down on those pina coladas.

docwho2100: This is for Christina, was it easy walking back into the role of Nora Delaney?

Nora Delaney: Hic.

ariestess: lol

Shatterpath: lolx2

Nora Delaney: Actually, I moonwalked back in to the role and it was swell.

sparent617: sure blame it on the keyboard

shaych03: fabulous mental image, that…

docwho2100: For the fanfic writers, many had already created fics with them as PIs, now that we have the new series coming, do you think this will inspire more case fics?

Nora Delaney: Seriously, she was always so real to me that it was easy to reconnect- It wasn’t like I was trying to revisit my 16 year old performance of “The Elephant Man” or something…

Nancylee: I loved you in that

Nora Delaney: I. Am. Not. An. ANIMAL!

Nora Delaney: (slurp)

Nancylee: I. Am. Not. An. Animal. Eater

Nora Delaney: Liar!

Nancylee: I know, but it was a good joke

alannasky: heheh

Nancylee: I’ve eaten animals I’ve named

deba_55: are you seeing monkeys yet?

Nora Delaney: Yes, yes it was.

Nora Delaney: NO, I try to only marry within my own species.

quietheartedfsc: Yes, but don’t you find that gets harder every year?

Nancylee: Ah monkeys — we did a nod to all the monkey talk during the crowdfunding campaign.  Look for a monkey in all the interior sets.

Nora Delaney: Well, truth be told, I have dated a few jackasses…

Nora Delaney: ANd maybe a few dirty rats…

Whedonist: I was wondering if you were going to work that in.

deba_55: ha

quietheartedfsc: lol

docwho2100: Any other hidden gems to watch for in the series?

Nora Delaney: Monkeys! Nothing says great fanfic like monkeys! Come on people!

Shatterpath: only if they fly

alannasky: i will check out the Q&A after this but i was wondering….have u covered the backstory/past of each character or will do that later in series that does not include the 10year hiatus?

quietheartedfsc: you realize you’ll now get buried in fanfic about mnkeys

shaych03: are they named davy jones?

docwho2100: I shall name her new car the Winged Monkey

tristianmakhai: Well, I think I now know one of the day themes for a Nikki&Nora Tumblr/LJ week I was going to suggest.

Nancylee: Yeah, I talked a little bit about backstory for the original pilot.

cubaseboy: You’re married aren’t you Nora? Outside of husband, what personality traits did you look for dating? What would the Nora character look for?

Whedonist: Monkey’s fling poop, are you sure want Nora to have to go through that? I’m just picturing a trip the zoo gone awry now.

Nora Delaney: Well, I’ll keep this “Noracentric”…

Nora Delaney: I think that Nora craves acceptance, for who she is, exactly as she is. But at the same time has been a little afraid to ask for that…

Nancylee: Speaking on behalf of Nikki — she better not be looking for anyone else.

tristianmakhai: Forget the Maltese Falcon.  The Nawlens Monkey, a Nikki and Nora Noir thriller.

inspectorboxer: So I’m curious. What happened to make you guys decide this was the time to bring the series back?

Nora Delaney: And she found that, as well as someone who champions her in Nikki, because Nikki is so much more outgoing

Nancylee: For me it was a combo platter.  The climate was right for the couple to be primetime.  And all the new opportunities to get it seen.

Nancylee: And I needed to write them again, so I could get on with my life!!!  Seriously, the one that got away never left the building.  It influenced everything I do and did.

Shatterpath: there are many writers here who can sympathize with that

docwho2100: And is that need filled, or has this just created more of a need?

Nancylee: Plus Liz and Chrisitina and I are still friends and we knew it was now or nevermore…

quietheartedfsc: Very glad you picked now.

Nora Delaney: We could always do a Golden Girls version…

deba_55: I wouldn’t’ say it got away NL; you were ahead of your time!!

deba_55: oops away

Nancylee: In that cool retirement home by the river.  They take the street car to Harrah’s everyday

Nora Delaney: N&N now in sensible shoes…discovering corruption at the assisted care facility

docwho2100: I am very glad too, I also have to give a big nod to how much you have involved fans in this

Nora Delaney: We wouldn’t have been able to revisit this if it weren’t for the fans.

Nancylee: I think after we see what we have — and we show it around will help us decide what’s next.

Nancylee: true CC.  it’s the only reason we’re here today.

alannasky: we wouldnt let you guys go silently in the night without a fight to come back

quietheartedfsc: I think it’s a chicken/egg concept since your efforts have us here today.

inspectorboxer: Thanks to both of you for taking the time out of your days to do this… and for suffering through swarmaggedon to bring N&N back.

Nora Delaney: Sometimes I enjoy going silently in the night. With my UHAUL.

tristianmakhai: After watching the success here and with the Veronica Mars film, I think we’re in an interesting time: where viewers and creators have more of a say in what programs they want then ever before.  And I think it’s brilliant, so thank you for not closing the door on this project.

Nancylee: We just hope we give you something that makes you happy to see these characters again.  I realize it might not be exactly what you expected or wrote toward — but I sure liked spending time with N&N again.

Nora Delaney: Me too!!!

docwho2100: Actually, after reading your answers and going back to look at the fanfics, a lot of them really I think kept the flavor and I doubt we’ll be disappointed in any way

Shatterpath: it’s very cool that interest never completely waned and led to the webseries

cubaseboy: I’m sure we’ll see swarmageddon on SYFY soon! Should have kept quiet! lol

tristianmakhai: I think the best thing about fanfic is it does make you very maleable and open to other interpretations.  I am pretty confident we are all going to enjoy what you have put together, regardless of what we’ve already written or will write.

Whedonist: It’s a safe assumption that we’re just happy you all came back to the characters.

shaych03: it’s just a joy to see creators reaching out to their fans, not slapping them away, so thank you

Nancylee: No bathtub this time… sorry

docwho2100: : )

Nora Delaney: OK, my Pina Colada is officially empty. Thank you all for the questions and the feedback. I’m ever so grateful that this project resonated with you and I hope you’ll enjoy N7N’s latest adventure. xoxoxo

Nora Delaney: Sweet baby jesus. N&N.

docwho2100: Thank you for coming!

cubaseboy: Will be looking forward to N&N.

Nancylee: Bye Pepito — see you when you’re back in SoCal xo

Nora Delaney: Ciao!

cubaseboy: Thanks for taking the time!

docwho2100: In the last few minutes, any final thoughts from our panelists?

alannasky: thank you and grateful for your show

tristianmakhai: Would anyone be interested in a Nikki & Nora week on Tumblr (and seeing if we can do it on LJ as well)?

docwho2100: Yes!

anomalys_1: absolutely!

cubaseboy: Yes, of course!

Nancylee: Thank you all!  See you on Twitter and Tello.  nl xo

Whedonist: Thank you, Nancylee, and the everyone involved with the N&N it’ll be great to see it come to life again and not just in fanfic.

Whedonist: hell yes

alannasky: yup though lj for me since that is only what i have

Whedonist: I’ll have to figure tumblr out but it’d be worth it

alannasky: thanks nancylee

inspectorboxer: Thanks, NL!

tristianmakhai: Thank you, both of you, for believing in this project

cubaseboy: Thanks for the chat!

sparent617: lol

docwho2100: Thank you Nancylee

docwho2100: Would it be better to schedule that week before or after the premiere of N&N Files?

inspectorboxer: Week before. Drum up more viewers.

tristianmakhai: I’m thinking about trying to get it cross-platform so that non Tumblr Users can play as well, especially as LJ has been the home of Nikki&Nora for a while.

Nancylee: boxer I like the way you think.

tristianmakhai: That’s was my next question: Timing.  I think  before to pull people in is a great jumping point.

inspectorboxer: It’s that damn promo brain. It won’t turn off.

alannasky: ps….i know this is not the xena thing but would anyone like to see a movie of it?

docwho2100: I think cross platform would be good as well

docwho2100: yes and a full length movie of N&N too

deba_55: yes yes

tristianmakhai: Refresh my dodgy memory: what’s the rough date for premiere? (just to plot out how much time we have to organise)

michelle_2011: thank you for the panel

deba_55: and a DVD

Whedonist: I thought it was in October?

tristianmakhai: Excellent. Definitely doable.

docwho2100: I am up for helping you Tristian

Whedonist: I’m on bored, let me know what you need

tristianmakhai: [laughs[ that’s good.  I think you know just how bad I am at this sort of thing.

Whedonist: *board, damnit

sparent617: thanks everyone for keeping N&N alive.

alannasky: lets make that possible….making these two series into a movie

docwho2100: And as we end up, thank you to our panelists and looking forward to the N&N Files debuting at tellofilms

docwho2100: Whedonist is having PCs too

alannasky: yeah [trhows confetti]

Whedonist: I don’t have the alcohol to blame though…damn h=0(

tristianmakhai: If anyone is interested in a N&N week, hit me up at either LJ or Tumblr (this username) and we will get a feel for both interest and if you want to help organise, definitely tell me that too.

tristianmakhai: Some of you have my email, so use that if you prefer.  And if I don’t answer: kick me.

inspectorboxer: Looking forward to October, that’s for sure!

docwho2100: me too!

alannasky: oui

tristianmakhai: I always do, but I’m looking even more forward to it now.

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