Rizzoli & Isles

quietheartedfsc: And welcome to R&I

quietheartedfsc: our guest today is the wonderful CNWinters.

Xenavirgin: OMG!!!!!!!

quietheartedfsc: who I don’t see in the list. You hiding under another name out there?

quietheartedfsc: perhaps she’s just running a bit late.

quietheartedfsc: So how about that last episode. I thought Bass did his part well.

Xenavirgin: And are you telling me that CN is writing for Rizzles?

quietheartedfsc: Yes, xv

BetweenLove_n_Hate: It was nice to see Bass and see Joe Friday. I felt like they weren’t even seen last season.

Xenavirgin: HOLY, damn I need to pick up my reading in this fandom. lolol

quietheartedfsc: I’m going to change this to a bit of a round table discussion until CN gets here.

quietheartedfsc: I agreet Bet.

quietheartedfsc: Even though they did use a fake turtle. *G*

quietheartedfsc: I knows my Bass

Xenavirgin: LOL.  And so you do QH. Love your Bass fics.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I do not doubt that you do. lol

Xenavirgin: :


BetweenLove_n_Hate: my friends and I bought a tortisse for another friend of ours. He hasn’t been as helpful as the Bass in your stories though.

quietheartedfsc: and Joe Friday did not look like the same dog. I don’t recall her having a breed before. Some Soaps actor switches going on.

quietheartedfsc: Bass is one of a kind and he’s been talking to me about the whole Jane My Hero arresting Moira thing.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: maybe that’s why they weren’t in the last season. Looking for replacements?

quietheartedfsc: I’m thinking more the grassroots Bass Face Time campaign has gotten seen.

quietheartedfsc: The Bass fics are the most read and commented on stories I’ve ever written.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: with him talking to you does that mean another addition will be showing up soon in your series?


Xenavirgin: Major Puppy Dog Eye at QH.

quietheartedfsc: he’s thinking about it. Has a few things to work out with Q-Butt da muse grrl, has to get on her schedule and all.

quietheartedfsc: I guess you could say they’re in negotiations right now. *G*

Xenavirgin: Hehehh.

Xenavirgin: Does anyone know what the actresses think of Rizzles?

quietheartedfsc: By what I’ve heard/read, they love it, though Angie still steps around the les thing as usual.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I believe there was some pro-Rizzles comments by Sasha while Angie isn’t as pro it.

Xenavirgin: Well that’s why I asked because I know she was quite disparaging of the femslash fic from her days in L&O

quietheartedfsc: Thanks, Bet. That’s what i meant. Totally spacing out here.

Gin Akasarahsmom: since Sasha has played lesbian before I wouldn’t think she’d be opposed…

quietheartedfsc: No, Sasha embraces it.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: she posts teasing comments to her Rizziles fans, they’re cute

quietheartedfsc: She definitely knows how to work her audience.

je-taime618: agree with BetweenLove_n_Hate. i’m sure that everyone has seen the video of angie harmon on conan

Xenavirgin: Cool. heheh

quietheartedfsc: Angie on the other hand, even when she tries to say someting semi-pro she screws it up. The woman shouldnt be allowed near twitter.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Oh boy, I hate to say that I haven’t seen that video.

je-taime618: its on youtube.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’ll be looking it up. Man, I have a long list of things i’m looking up after this con.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I am curretnly sitting here with QH’s new Devil Wears Prada fic trying to convince myself NOT to read it while R&I is in session.

Xenavirgin: LOLOL

Xenavirgin: Read it, read it! lololol

quietheartedfsc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbKhFXoSP0Q

quietheartedfsc: There ya go. I can post links. *G*

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Don’t tempt me! I’m already trying to see if I can read two things at the same time.

quietheartedfsc: lol

quietheartedfsc: It’s been interesting this weekend to find so many of hte people who’s fic I love like mine too. *G*

quietheartedfsc: Everyone watching the vid now? lol

BetweenLove_n_Hate: lol I am, but it’s splitting my screen between that and this chat.

Xenavirgin: I’m a split personality in two rooms at oonce.

quietheartedfsc: I don’t know. I’m not as sure she’s being disparaging. Woman wants to be on the bottom now and then. Can’t blame her for that. *G*

Xenavirgin: Pervert. lololol

quietheartedfsc: Whaaaattt?

quietheartedfsc: I’m all about giving the benefit of the doubt. And this is exactly what I was talking about over her messing it up even when she tries.

quietheartedfsc: She didn’t deny. She was actually pretty accepting of the online content. Just irked at being portrayed as overly butch.

quietheartedfsc: Still I can see where it didnt’ come across that way.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes, she didn’t outright say anything negative about the couple itself, just about her portrayal in the couple. And really, they could have picked something a lot prettier then THAT manip. Just sayin

Xenavirgin: LOL

quietheartedfsc: which is the show’s fault, not angie’s

quietheartedfsc: it is true, she’s generally the top (man)

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @GH, and this is late to the game but you refering to me as Bet has me thinking of TLW.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and true, it was not.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I like fics that have her as the bottom though. Cause honestly she’s so whipped.

quietheartedfsc: lol easier than trying to type the initials.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and Maura having a dark side in fics is always interesting.

quietheartedfsc: yeah, but even as the bottom she gets the butcher role.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Lol yes it is, and it’s fine! You can call me that or Meg, same amount of letters. One a bit more accurate then the other.

Xenavirgin: @QH it’s her heeeiiighttt ddddrrrroooolll

quietheartedfsc: pffft. it’s that Rizzoli wardrobe. They dress her butch.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: That is still true. But her character is a butch like one. She still enjoys the feminie aspects of life outside of work but the majority of the time we see these two women together they’re doing something related to their work and thus she’s not in dresses or skirts, she’s in pants and suits and ‘sensible shoes’ because she’s working

quietheartedfsc: Yes, it fits the character, as she said, but they could fem it up and still fit the character.

alannasky: i love that…thanks for the vid

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I hope they don’t. I adore her outfits.

quietheartedfsc: We all do and that’s exactly the point. Like a V-neck T that shows a little valley between would be bad. Fem for her, eyecandy for us. It’s all good. *G*

BetweenLove_n_Hate: If she came into work looking any more dolled up she’d get slack for it from the cops around her. I mean everytime Korsak or Frost see her in a dress or out of her work outfits they always comment on it and crack jokes.

quietheartedfsc: Totally TPTB nods to us.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: but I do agree, they could still keep it within character and practical.

Gin Akasarahsmom: Jane can’t wear heels to work.. she’s a cop.. sometimes she has to run

quietheartedfsc: Yep, we’re being set up to think of Rizzoli a certain way.

quietheartedfsc: but she doesn’t have to wear biker boots either.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: @Gin exactly! and @QH, also very true.

Alkmaion: *sigh*

BetweenLove_n_Hate: there is a happy medium they can toy with.

quietheartedfsc: what’s wrong alk?

Alkmaion: kicked out like a beard of Jane Rizzoli *g*

Gin Akasarahsmom: Angie should be used to this though.. because Women’s Murder Club was the same character.. only better.. Lindsay Boxer would have ran rings around Jane Rizzoli

Xenavirgin: lol

quietheartedfsc: that would actually make a cute fic, Jane trying to girl it up over always being the butch one.

quietheartedfsc: brought on by Korsak and Frost’s teasing.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: that would be a cute fic!

quietheartedfsc: True gin. Lindsay was way more rounded overall.

quietheartedfsc: I think the writers are somewhat limited by Tess Garrison’s world.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and @Gin, I agree about Lindsay running circle around Jane. That would be a cute crossover. If Lindsey showed up in Boston and Maura kinda fell madly in lust with her.

quietheartedfsc: ooo, like that one

BetweenLove_n_Hate: poor Jane getting all jealous.

quietheartedfsc: yep

the_dhamphir: that would be a good fic!

quietheartedfsc: moira not understanding it at all.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: any takers for it cause lord knows I can’t right it.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: write it right*

quietheartedfsc: lol

BetweenLove_n_Hate: not understanding Jane’s jealousy? or not understanding how she could be in lust with someone who looks just like her best friend but is oh so different?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I mean, could you imagine a scene where Angela walks in to see Lindsay and Maura kissing and thinks it’s Jane and sufficiently freaks out over how happy she is that the two of them FINALLY got together?

quietheartedfsc: not understand how Jane could be upset by her “friendliness” with Lindsay

quietheartedfsc: after all Jane has never said a word about any of Moira’s other hookups

BetweenLove_n_Hate: even when they’re creepy serial killers or murderers

quietheartedfsc: yep…lol Moira got some serious bad taste in men

quietheartedfsc: Tell me something, how do ya’ll think this season is going femslash wise?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes she does. Maybe it’s all her subconscious way of attracting Jane’s attention, and allowing Jane to be put in a situation to save her which would raise the whatever levels in their blood and result in a rigorous evening in bed together.

quietheartedfsc: I feel like there’s been a drop in the subtext, with the exceptio of the last ep.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: The last episode alone was so covered in (-sub)text I could hardly handle it.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: though the two of them walking down the asile together in the church like it was their wedding day was cute.

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah, doing her duty was totally eating Jane alive.

quietheartedfsc: true. I had to laugh when she got all “hand off my woman” in the holding tank.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: yes! and her staying in the room while Maura stripped completely

BetweenLove_n_Hate: her resolve to go to jail for a year only if it meant Maura would be free.

Gin Akasarahsmom: LOL.. I thought she was gonna rip those gals apart… poor Jane… imagining the horrible things happening to Maura

quietheartedfsc: Voyeur, or making sure no one put a finger where they shouldn’t?

quietheartedfsc: Jane’s protective instinct was definitely up.

quietheartedfsc: She totally did not like seeing Maura that subdued and vulnerable.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: No she didn’t, I didn’t.

quietheartedfsc: Yeah, it came with a def ick feeling, but Sasha nailed it.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: though I thought it was cute how Jane got the answers she needed from Maura by making Maura frustrated during that video conference

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Completely agree.

quietheartedfsc: OH, yeah, Jane definitely knows which buttons to push.

CN Winters: Finally I might be in! Sorry I’m tardy!

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I think your guest has arrived.

quietheartedfsc: and Moira just so accepting and support of Jane doing her duty

quietheartedfsc: Hello, CN and welcome.

quietheartedfsc: We’ve talking about the last episode.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes, even if it meant she needed to stay in jail. Though my thought processes with that video of Maura breaking the wood was…hello, maybe THAT’s where the marks came from on her arms. Not her fighting someone.

quietheartedfsc: After a somewhat disappointing series of eps subtext wise, this one was definitely more sub than text.

quietheartedfsc: That’s a definitely thought

quietheartedfsc: CN how do you feel about how this season has gone?

CN Winters: I think they missed a great opportunity for a face caress in the last ep – a little hurt/comfort subtext they let get away. LOL

CN Winters: I also thought Jane would have gone a little more Apeshit about a banged up Maura.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: well we can imagine how well she took care of Maura once they got home.

quietheartedfsc: She came close. I was sure she’d pull her gun at one point.

quietheartedfsc: I’ve had the feeling this season that the subtext was waning, then wham they slam us with this.

CN Winters: overall I’m a little disappointed this year on the subtext scale. They seem to have pulled back from it than in seasons past. Maybe I’m the only one who feels that way though.

quietheartedfsc: no, I agree totally.

quietheartedfsc: was definitely feeling a bit ignored til this one.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I’ll second that point, too. There has been a lack of it this season.

quietheartedfsc: were it not for them filing way in advance, I’d wonder if the numbers dropped resultin in this last ep.

Xenavirgin: AHhh Ms Winters, I still managed to catch you.  May I quietly fangirl to you…. SSSSSSSSSSSSQQQQQQUUUUUUEEEEE.  You rock.

CN Winters: I know if Xena walked in a saw a banged up Gabby, someone would be losing a hand… or a head… LOL But I know it’s not ancient Greece. I’ve seen Jane get more worked up over not having her morning coffee.

quietheartedfsc: xv’s version of quietly is other’s version of nuclear explosion. lol

CN Winters: Why thank you Xenavirgin. I wanted to go to the Xena panel yesterday but I was out of town.


Xenavirgin: Well you would have been mobbed.

quietheartedfsc: oh, yes.

CN Winters: What do you all like about Rizzles? What drew you in if I may ask?

CN Winters: i’m curious to know what you look for in the show AND in a fanfic.

quietheartedfsc: totally follow Angie harmon in spite of herself. Plus this is a lot like Bones, which I love,  done right.

Xenavirgin: Ummm Hot Brunette and and hot blonde solving problems together….um it’s my trope.

quietheartedfsc: I like the way Moira stumbles over her own intellect and the way Jane is so tolerant of it.

CN Winters: I agree. Angie and Sasha are both women who get more beautiful the older they get – at least I think so – and that’s not easy to pull off… wish I could. LOL

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I like the chemistry between Jane and Maura on the show. And in fics I adore when Angela sets them up.

CN Winters: what is it about the chemistry you folks like?

quietheartedfsc: I’m all about the “get them together” fic.

Alkmaion: hm

CN Winters: To me it has that xena gabby vibe. My late ‘Xena’ friend Norma always wanted me to watch and I never made time. When she passed away I thought, “Ok, Norma. I’ll watch”. I saw immediately why she loved it. I’m going to assume there are a few Xena fans here too, correct?

quietheartedfsc: It’s there. It’s never awkward. They never question it. Just going along being work wives that spills over into off duty.

CN Winters: ” being work wives that spills over into off duty.” that’s a great way to put it.

Xenavirgin: UUmm yup.

CN Winters: LOL

quietheartedfsc: love xena. First time I ever saw true subtext being shoved in your face. *G*

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes, there are a few Xena fans.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and yes, work wives that spills over into their personal lives fits it very well.

Xenavirgin: And I do see a X&G dynamic of sorts in Rizzles, but more like if they’d met when they were older.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I like the competitive nature between them just as much as I love the protective nature of their relationship as well.

quietheartedfsc: and that Jane is totally whipped.

quietheartedfsc: I can see the X&G dynamic, but no one could ever say Xena was whipped. *G*

quietheartedfsc: Not to say Gabby didn’t try.

quietheartedfsc: So, CN, what got you started with Rizzles?

CN Winters: Yeahhhhh, I think Xena was whipped too. LOL But not in a under her thumb kind of way.  She had her self-respect still…. Okay, althought this is femslash I have a question – Dean or Casey for Jane? And no, Maura isn’t one of the options. LOL Which one do you like Jane with more since it’s obvious they’re pushing her that way to avoid the show being toooooooo lesbianoic.  

CN Winters: My friend Norma – when I saw it there were very strong comparables to the dynamic in X/G that I liked on Xena.

CN Winters: I even roped my girlfriend into becoming a Rizzles fan. LOL

Xenavirgin: LOL

quietheartedfsc: I’m not thrilled with either. They both treat Jane like dirt. They’ll have to come up with a third option for me.

Xenavirgin: I made sure I did that with my own Lady Wife. heh

CN Winters: I like Rizzles too because,  for me, it has shades of Cagney and Lacey (I KNow I’m dating myself by saying that). I didn’t see C&L as lovers, but I did seem them as best friends and opposites – they have a push and pull like Chris and Marybeth had.

quietheartedfsc: I think they can keep going with the flavor of the month and achieve the same goal.

CN Winters: In fact, when I have the time, I’ve got a Rizzoli/Cagney crossover in my head that takes place in the present day.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I have to say that I like Casey more then Dean but would prefer they come up with a third option as well.

quietheartedfsc: I definitely get the C&L vibe from then. Always thought it was a pity Harve was such a good guy. Just couldn’t do it to him.

quietheartedfsc: Question for writers. How hard to you find it when there’s a het couple with a sympathetic male to just split them up?

CN Winters: I’ll answer after someone else does first. LOL

quietheartedfsc: I can toss HelmBoy out an airlock in a second, but not so easy with some others.

quietheartedfsc: there ya go, CN

CN Winters: That doesn’t count quietheartedfsc! LOL

CN Winters: ask…. shaych who writes some Otalia LOL

quietheartedfsc: Call me qh. Everyone does.

quietheartedfsc: pffft. no sympathy for frankenfurter

CN Winters: Frank Coopers a great guy!

CN Winters: lol

CN Winters: ~ CN ducks and covers~

quietheartedfsc: not for our girl though

Xenavirgin: LOL

quietheartedfsc: Yes, he was a great guy, just wrong for our girl.

CN Winters: Really I don’t have an issue with Frank. I know I’m one of the few people that kinda felt sorry for the guy.

quietheartedfsc: I did too. You weren’t alone.

quietheartedfsc: somewhat cruel move on Natalia’s part there.

CN Winters: Good! I thought I was. It bothers me when I see people really bash other characters bad – Frank, Casey, Ares. LOL Those poor guys didn’t do nothing wrong. Okay, Ares could be a major ass, but still. LOL

Xenavirgin: I had trouble with it in Voyager where I thought Tom and Belanna were a great couple. Probably why I never liked 7/B fics.

quietheartedfsc: I’m the same, My exception to that is Oak Head.

Gin Akasarahsmom: we can discuss Fran in the Guiding Light panel… because I can’t stand him

quietheartedfsc: I’m sorry, Chakotay needed to be spaced.

  *** girlwithuglyshoes has left the room ***

CN Winters: If I might ask a Rizzles question again… What type of fanfiction do you like MOST? Romance, erotica, first time stories, future fics? What’s your preference?

quietheartedfsc: lol my bestie and I seldom agree on these things.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Chakotay was such a dud. Even my dad didn’t like him when we watched the show.

Xenavirgin: HUMOUR.   the poor cousin of fanfic.

quietheartedfsc: Humorous, romantic first time stories.

Gin Akasarahsmom: First time/Get together/hurt-comfort stories…

quietheartedfsc: some angst thrown in is always good.

Xenavirgin: Yes QH you do combine those so well.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I think my personal preference is romance/advenure. I can’t just sit and read a whole romance if there isn’t something ELSE involved, you know? There needs to be SOMETHING else for me. In Rizzoli and Isles a case they’re working on WHILE falling in love.

quietheartedfsc: PWP leaves me cold.

quietheartedfsc: I don’t need gratuitous sex in my fanfic. I have skinamax for that.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes, angst being invovled is good. Some kind of conclict that needs to be resolved.

quietheartedfsc: oh, yeah, love my angst. If I’m not writing angst, it’s humour. my entire repertoir

CN Winters: What’s the best Rizzles fic you ever read and what made it so memorable?

quietheartedfsc: That’s a tough one.

Xenavirgin: I haven’t read very many…yet.  But love QH’s Bass fics…see Humour.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I think the best fic I’ve read for Rizzoli and Isles is Twist Tie by LileyKigoSpashelylover

CN Winters: why?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: It was after the season one finale and it was the first ‘fix it’ fic I’d read for the couple

BetweenLove_n_Hate: and it always left an impression with me, even to this day. I think because it was the first R&I fic I’d read at that point. There’s another fic written where Angela tries to set the girls up but I can’t recall the nape

BetweenLove_n_Hate: name*

CN Winters: I’m horrible with names too. I can’t even remember my titles let alone anyone elses. LOL

quietheartedfsc: The Mating Habits of Dr. Maura Isles by theFutilitarian

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I feel bad but that’s why I mark all the fics I like and my favorties file is compliled into so many different folders and genres and such.

CN Winters: what did you like about that one QH?

quietheartedfsc: I like her writing style. She does humor well. It was the first one I read, cause she’s a friend.

quietheartedfsc: she also did a Bass fic that turned me on to the whole Bass POV thing.

Xenavirgin: Oh oh QH, looks like I’ll have to do a Spreadsheet for Rizzles.

quietheartedfsc: You are the master archive for spreadsheets and we are in awe of you, xv.

quietheartedfsc: in fact, she did the first Bass fic. I’m a copy cat. lol

Xenavirgin: lol. Well, I umm have started one for Bering and Wells so I will for Rizzles

CN Winters: For the writers out there, where do you get your Rizzle ideas for fanfic?

quietheartedfsc: Over 4k Rizzles stories on ffnet

CN Winters: BTW, am I doing this right? I know I’m asking a lot of questions. I’m not steping on your toes am I QH? Just tell me to shut the hell up if so. LOL

quietheartedfsc: I only write the Bass pov, but I got the idea from the finale in season 1. Bass under fire in the lab.

quietheartedfsc: Are you kidding? I now wish all the guests would host too. I’m having a ball and not having to wrack my brain while doing it. *G*

quietheartedfsc: Want to be on all my panels next year?

CN Winters: I’ve never been on a panel online so I don’t know what I can or can’t do. LOL

CN Winters: If you’re in my fandoms, sure!

CN Winters:

quietheartedfsc: On my panels, whatever you like.*G*

Xenavirgin: Um CN, YOU can do anything.

CN Winters: Awww someone who believes in me, that’s rare. Thanks!

CN Winters:


tjemd: Apologies for the lack of experience — is this (and/or will this be) a SQ panel in circa 24 min?

quietheartedfsc: pfft, believing in you is not isolated to XV.

quietheartedfsc: OUaT is next, yes.

CN Winters: SQ – star gate, sea quest? See? I’m so dumb. LOL

tjemd: Tank you!

quietheartedfsc: SnowQueen

tjemd: Thank you, rather.

Xenavirgin: SWANQUEEN

quietheartedfsc: yw

tjemd: BTW, for the record, Rizzles ftw!

CN Winters: lol

Xenavirgin: But it’s general Once Upon a Time next. heheh

quietheartedfsc: I totally agree

CN Winters: i second that

quietheartedfsc: and you know I suck at acronyms XV. I’ve asked you to translate enough of them.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it may be a general OUaT next but we know the couples that will be spoken about.

CN Winters: New question…

quietheartedfsc: we all have our faves in every fandom

quietheartedfsc: even when we don’t write them

BetweenLove_n_Hate: Yes we do.

quietheartedfsc: fire away, CN

CN Winters: Are there any writers here that didn’t do a story because they didn’t think they could do the pairing justice? For example, I’ve never done a Cagney and Lacey fan fic althought that’s my favorite show ever.

CN Winters: again, I never saw them as a couple. they’re just friends to me. But still, I’ve never taken that leap yet.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: *rasies hand*

CN Winters: anyone else?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I haven’t written for them in fear that I couldn’t do them well. Which has also stopped me from doing Warehouse 13

CN Winters: what stopped you?

quietheartedfsc: not so much that I didn’t think I could do justice as always being hesitant to break into a new fandom. I only did Bass on a dare.

CN Winters: for those that did ‘cross fandom lines’ was it a hard journey?

CN Winters: i started in Xena at the DAWN of the internet for those who might wonder who this mouthy broad is.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I feel like I couldn’t protray Maura accurately. I’ve taken several script writing classes and the first thing my professors warn you about is the lingo and tone of a crime show. And if you can’t mimic that, then learn how to mimic it first.

Xenavirgin: Nope, tumble from one hot fandom to the next, But NEVER leave the old one behind.

quietheartedfsc: before or after the posting. lol

BetweenLove_n_Hate: so I read a lot of the fics hoping I could mimic how to accuratley do it but never seems to work.

Xenavirgin: CN, you are a constellation in the Xenaverse firmament.

quietheartedfsc: about the same time I started reading you, CN. I’m a long time fan.

Xenavirgin: What I find interesting sometimes, are the people and writers who seem to hop to the same new fandoms as I do.

CN Winters: that’s true XV. I’ve had people post to my other fics asking “Are you the Xena CN person?”

CN Winters: lol

Xenavirgin: LOLOL

quietheartedfsc: SEE, you’re a star.

Xenavirgin: That, problem i usually don’t have, lolol

CN Winters: they see you in other fandoms and ask if you’re the same one. But I think there are a lot of common threads in many of the shows I like. So it’s a bit of a natural progression, for me.

Stacicle: Heh.  And hi

quietheartedfsc: never happened to me either *W*

quietheartedfsc: Hey, pup.

quietheartedfsc: and welcome

CN Winters: Hi Stacicle!

qayyum khan_2: Hello girl

Stacicle: Hi CN!

CN Winters: we’re talking about crossing over to other fandoms…

Stacicle: Hey QH!

quietheartedfsc: hey qay

CN Winters: we’ve got 14 minutes for Rizzles right?

quietheartedfsc: yes

qayyum khan_2: Hello how r you girls

Xenavirgin: Yup.

BetweenLove_n_Hate: it was the opposite for me. People who read my newer stories for Once went and ended up reading my stories for All My Children, which was cool.

CN Winters: how do you (writers and readers) feel about original characters in the Rizzles verse?

BetweenLove_n_Hate: I personally like them as a reader

quietheartedfsc: I never have a problem with an OC, unless you try to break up my OTP for them.

CN Winters: what if one of them is with Jane or Maura?

quietheartedfsc: better to say succeed in breaking up

Stacicle: Statuepup here. I’m okay with original characters, esp if they bring something new to the fic.  But the show lacks depth for its own characters, so I like it when fic writers fill in those gaps, too.

tjemd: Personally, with the lack of character continuity within the show, a well-written character in a fic is preferable to a “wait, what?” character in canon.

quietheartedfsc: yep, can’t turn around without tripping over a wait, what.

Xenavirgin: @ TJ, ooo can I steal that phrase.  “wait, what?”

tjemd: lol, go ahead

quietheartedfsc: tj, you’ll be trending soon now.

CN Winters: Are there any traits the main characters show on the series that you’d like to see Jane and Maura express more in fanfics? For example, I love when Maura goes off on one of her intelectual rants but you don’t see it much in fan fic (at least I don’t)

CN Winters: maybe it’s the stories I read.

quietheartedfsc: intimidating to write cause of the mega research

BetweenLove_n_Hate: more interactions between R&I and Angela in fanfics

quietheartedfsc: no, it’s actively avoided

CN Winters: you know what I do? I cheat. LOL

quietheartedfsc: lol

CN Winters: I find a pointless fact on the internet, save it and then work it into a story because it’s something maura might discuss someday

quietheartedfsc: everyone knows what I want. More Bass Face Time.

tjemd: lol

Gin Akasarahsmom: I would like people to recognize that Jane’s hands are still scarred

Gin Akasarahsmom: and use that

tjemd: ^  This.

CN Winters: yeah and who would take care of bass if Maura went to prison?

Gin Akasarahsmom: like in the first episode… when it was about to storm

quietheartedfsc: I’ll even settle for the fake tortoise cutaways.

quietheartedfsc: yep

Gin Akasarahsmom: Jane’s hands were hurting her… because of the impending storm… people should mention that in fics

quietheartedfsc: Bass says Jane did, but it wasn’t pretty.

Gin Akasarahsmom: the injuries didn’t go away when she killed Hoyt… they’re still there

BetweenLove_n_Hate: that would be something interesting to see mentioend. I like it when writers pay close attention to detail like that.

quietheartedfsc: true, gin. they only come up when it’s necessary to script in the show.

tjemd: I don’t see it mentioned much on the show, either, though.

Gin Akasarahsmom: right.. they need to at least acknowledge it

e_m_praetorian: seems it is never stormy in Boston…lol

CN Winters: lol

quietheartedfsc: I think when Jane first touched her, Moira would be aware of them, not rejective, just aware.

CN Winters: or snowy. I would like to see them do a ‘christmas in july’ ep. but I know that won’t happen

tjemd: …unless it’s super hot and therefore inspires a killing spree (or, wait, was that a fic?  *grin).

quietheartedfsc: oh, please, it was stormy yesterday in Boston Linda Hill told us so. *G*

e_m_praetorian: Yeah just not a little further south…we barely saw any of it

michelle_2011: thanks

quietheartedfsc: 3 minutes left. Any words of wisdom for all the current and potential Rizzles writers out here, CN?

CN Winters: Have a thick skin but remember, it’s all in fun. NO one gets paid to do fanfic. Show love, share love and the Rizzle universe will be a happy place.


Xenavirgin: It was sooooooooooooooooooooo ccoool shatting with you CN.   

quietheartedfsc: Thanks so much for being a guest with us today, CN.

CN Winters: Im glad I got a chance to make it out here. Next I’ll head out to Guiding Light at 5 Pm so I hope some folks can make it there.

quietheartedfsc: And thanks to all of you who jumped it to keep things going earlier. It’s much appreciated.

quietheartedfsc: I shall be there.

Stacicle: ‘Welcome!  And thanks all.

CN Winters: cool! It should go smoother this next time. LOL Thanks everyone!


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