The Committee: Panel Schedule

From: Seven of Nine []
To: IDF Committee []
BCC: B’Elanna Torres []; Captain K. Janeway []

Re: Panel Schedule 2012

The executive committee has finalised the schedule for this year’s convention, and the details will be published on the earth website in forty-six point two minutes. Familiarise yourselves with the timetable and, should questions be unavoidable, please direct them either to myself or another executive committee member.

Panels that have been designated unacceptable are as follows: lawyers, lawyers and yet more lawyers; femslash fashion dos and don’ts; romancing the un-dead; how to put the butch back in your lover; femslash characters sing Elvis.

Unacceptable panel suggestions can, with the exception of ‘femslash characters sing Elvis’, be submitted for consideration for Femslash Radio.

Please be advised that executive committee members cannot be bribed, and all ‘presents’ – with the exception of the twenty-eight bags of blood and two severed heads – will be auctioned on ebay. The proceeds from the sale with go to the Femslash Benevolence Fund.

Seven of Nine